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How To Make A Wine Bottle Fountain

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Make Wine Bottle Fountain Easily

WINE BOTTLE waterfall fountain BUILDING MAKING 🙂

Wine bottle fountain is as easy to make as to relax besides it having a cup of hot coffee on a foggy evening.

Many people style gardens with luxurious fountains or waterfalls that are quite common and lack uniqueness.

If you want to style your garden uniquely with no expense, you can do with little creativity.

You just need few things depending upon how much you want to decorate the fountain.

So, go in your storeroom and collect all the empty wine bottles or simply glass bottles to make new out of them.

You can use as many wine bottles as you want to make eye-catching fountain. Simply one bottle can also help to make wine bottle fountain. The rest of the decoration depends on your taste.

So, let us begin our creativity!

Make Your Own Wine Bottle Garden Fountain

Wine bottle fountains really simple to make and can become the center of your garden. If you have a power source it’s as easy as drilling a hole and plugging it in. I took longer to think out how I wanted my fountain than it took to put it together and it has been a conversation piece for everyone who enters the yard. I actually have another wine bottle I am waiting to empty so that I can make another one for the front of my home.

Totalpond Md11045 45 Gph Fountain Pump

This is the perfect pump for a small fountain like the one I am building. I like this one because it has a flow control that you don’t get on a lot of them. This will allow you to adjust things so the water flows out of the bottle properly. Since I added a glass under the flow from the bottle I appreciated being able to keep the splashing to a minimum.

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Cut Hole Then Insert Pump

Flip barrel over. On bottom of barrel, cut a square that is slightly larger than fountain pump with circular saw. Insert the pump into the bottom of barrel and attach the hose. Drive the cork/hose assembly into the top hole as tightly as possible. Trim cork flush with top of barrel if left protruding the bottle will not sit properly.

Waterfall Wall Wine Fountain

Wine bottle fountain, DIY

If you dont have empty bottles right now, start collecting and make this fountain at the front that will give your garden wall a great running water look.

Stack all the empty bottles in a corner with

In this style, you dont need to drill holes in all bottles. Instead, decide how much fountain water flow you want. Maximize or minimize as per your wish and make holes in desired bottles.

Stack them all at your desired place and hold firmly with any sealant or sassing to prevent bottle slip. Next, take a basin, fountain pump, and do the same to make this fountain.

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Here Is The Video Of How To Build A Wine Bottle Waterfall Fountain For Your Backyard

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We hope that you liked it and that you will try to repurpose the empty wine bottles into a waterfall fountain. thank you for reading and dont forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other DIY ideas for your home and outdoor space.

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Diy Wine Bottle Fountain

credit: HGTV

Its a mesmerizing wine bottle fountain which will make your outdoor living space look way more elegant in a very simple way. You just need one bottle fountain and one barrel as its main materials.

Materials that you will need:

  • Used wine bottle
  • How to Make a Wine Bottle Fountain:

  • Using the glass drill bit, make a large hole in the bottom of the bottle.
  • Using the wood drill bit, make a hole in the top of the wine barrel. The size of the small is a bit smaller than the cork. The hole will be used for plumbing for the pump to create the fountain. Make sure to center the hole properly. Make the hole 5/8 through the cork for accommodating the 5/8 splicer.
  • Using the circular saw, cut a square on the bottom of the barrel. The size is a bit larger than the pump.
  • Insert the fountain pump and attach the hose. Drive the hose into the top of the hole tightly then trim cork flush with the top of the wine barrel.
  • Place the wine barrel on top of the reservoir then fill it with water and plug in the pump into the electrical housing. Check out the flow of the water, it should flow evenly off all sides of the wine barrel. You can use the wood shims to level the barrel.
  • Place the wine bottle over the hole on top of the barrel.
  • Enjoy your wine bottle fountain!
  • Base for the fountain that you can make from barrel, drum, or big vase
  • How to Make a Colorful Wine Bottle Fountain

  • Make hole on the bottom of each bottle by using the drill.
  • Attach each hose to the bottle carefully.
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    Drill Hole In Wine Bottle

    Drill as large a hole as possible in the bottom of wine bottle using ceramic or glass drill bit. Tip: To prevent the drill bit overheating, it’s helpful to have a second person spray the rotating bit with water while drilling. Another option is to fill the dimple in the bottom of the bottle with water to keep drill bit wet. Drilling a hole in glass can be tricky and will require patience you may not be successful with the first bottle. Always use safety glasses and gloves in this process.

    Best Wine Bottle Fountain Ideas 5 Amazing Fountains To Style Garden

    Wine Bottle Fountain

    Do you have Wine Bottle Fountain in your yard? What? You havent heard or ever seen bottle fountain?

    This is something you really missed!

    Know about it and design your yard.

    Wine bottle fountain is a DIY fountain that is a unique element of the garden and you can make it easily. Using empty glass, metallic or plastic bottles, you can design a fountain and add required details with decorative materials to make it elegant.

    Here is all about how you can make wine bottle fountain with one or multiple bottles, stunning bottle fountain designs and many more ideas.First, you will get things needed and know the detailed procedure of making a DIY wine fountain. Next are 5 amazing ideas, and in the end, youll find fountain pump purchase guidelines.

    So, dont make a delay and lets start exploring this pro guide.

    Key Learning Points

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    Easy Tutorial To Make Diy Wine Bottle Fountain

    Water feature is one of the beautiful décor items that you can add to enhance the beauty of your beloved home. Its a nice addition that will never fail to style up your interior or exterior of your house.

    Besides it works to beautify your home, the water feature like pond, fountain, or waterfall also gives a relaxing atmosphere around. The moving water of a water feature is very enjoyable to watch and the sound of splashing water relaxes your mind peacefully.

    Therefore, adding a water feature is always a good idea to consider. It gives you a lot of benefits that you can enjoy every time.

    However, the price of some water features can be so pricey, especially if you want to have the one with sophisticated design. You have to spend a lot of money to purchase it.

    So, making your own water feature at home by using easily-available and cheap materials totally sounds much better. You can have a unique water feature without any need to have extra budget.

    Below, I share you a fun tutorial to make a water feature which is made of a used wine bottle that you can make easily all by yourself!

    How Do You Build A Garden Waterfall


  • Dig the Pond. Excavate the hole into which your liner will be inserted.
  • Build the Waterfall. With the pond complete, that means one of your two structures is out of the way.
  • Lay the Rocks and Work With the Tubing. Invert the flower pot and thread your tubing through the hole in its bottom.
  • Fill the Pond.
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    Solar Powered Water Pumps

    These pumps utilize sun solar energy to flow water in the fountains. Solar-powered water pumps give a considerable advantage of no electricity cost with easy to install features. They are also inexpensive and require low maintenance.

    There are batteries with solar pumps to make the process smoother and store excess power received during the day.

    When the sun hardly arises on cloudy or rainy days, these batteries help to work in such conditions. Although it is for a limited time, still incredibly assist in low days. You can also supply solar power to the bird feeders.

    Above all, a single investment for buying a solar water pump gives comfort forever, and you forget the electricity bill.

    Here you can find multi-featured solar-powered water pumps:


    How To Create A Wine Barrel And Bottle Fountain

    DIY wine barrel fountain

    Create a one-of-a-kind focal point for your backyard or patio using a wine barrel or cask and an empty bottle of your favorite vintage.

    • electric water pump
    • A large cork such as a champagne cork
    • hand-held drill
    • ceramic or glass drill bit
    • circular saw
    • reservoir that is wider than barrel
    • spirit level
    • 5/8″ plastic tubing
    • 5/8″ plastic splicer

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    Submersible Vs External Water Pumps

    Generally, fountain pumps are of two types, Submersible, and External water pumps. As the name suggests, submersible pumps can be used in a moist environment without affecting performance. But external pumps motors must not come in contact with water.

    Some other differences between Submersible and External water pumps are:

    Submersible Water Pump

    How Do You Make A Wine Barrel Fountain

  • Drill as large a hole as possible in the bottom of wine bottle using ceramic or glass drill bit.
  • Drill Hole in Barrel and Cork.
  • Using a wood drill bit, drill a hole in top of barrel slightly smaller than the cork.
  • Cut Hole Then Insert Pump.
  • Flip barrel over.
  • Place Barrel in Reservoir and Check Level.
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    Drill Hole In Barrel And Cork

    Using a wood drill bit, drill a hole in top of barrel slightly smaller than the cork. Plumbing for the pump will come through this hole, creating the fountain, so be sure to center the hole exactly or the completed fountain will look off-center. Drill a hole 5/8″ through the cork to accommodate the 5/8″ splicer.

    More Ideas Of Bottle Fountain

    How to make a Fountain using a Glass Bottle / DIY

    So, now you are able to make bottle fountain easily on your own by using empty glass bottles or wine glasses.

    You can position it at a most visited place or in center as it attracts everyones attention.

    In addition to this simply easy fountain idea, here are some more ways to decorate the garden with glass bottle fountains.

    Just have a look and decide which one you are going to use!

    Designing bottle fountain with colored water flowing out and splashing on glasses gives an exclusive fountain look.

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    What Are Wine Barrels Made Of

    OakOak is the gold standard when it comes to making wine barrels. However, not all oak is the same. Most of the wood used to make wine barrels comes from two countries: the United States and France. Due to dramatic climate differences between the two countries, American and French oak trees grow differently.Mar 31, 2019

    How To Create The Glass Grapes

    I didn’t buy store bought grapes for the fountain. I bought a decorative box at a yard sale for a dollar and in the box was a bag of glass marbles. I knew someday I would use them and they were perfect for the grapes.

    I took around 18 inches of 14 gauge aluminum wire and some old marbles. I hot glued the marbles to the wire to form grapes. Once I was happy with the result I added some silicone glue to the grapes to hold them together. Hot glue is good for fast tacking, but doesn’t hold on glass for long. You will need a drop of clear silicone over the hot glue. To get into the center I used a toothpick.

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    These Plans Let You Build Your Own Backyard Wine Bottle Fountain

    Date Published:

    If you love wine and want the world to know it, chances are you already have a wine bottle Christmas advent calendar, but now you may want to look into building this incredible wine bottle fountain for your back or front yard! It’s a DIY project that pumps water through a wine bottle that pours into a stationary wine glass to create an amazing ambiance that’ll surely make you want to guzzle down some wine!

    The DIY wine bottle fountain was initially made by Leslie Tortez, who posted a video of the fountain online and it instantly went viral, which today it has over 40 million views. She then posted plans for anyone to make the wine bottle fountain on Etsy for just under 7 bucks.

    The instructions to make the backyard wine bottle water fountain come with simple step by step instructions, a list of all the materials you’ll need to build it, plus there’s pictures of each step, and videos to help you along the way. Purchase of the project includes the instructions and an instructional video, but of course no materials are included so you’ll need to purchase them on your own.

    If you’re more of a whiskey drinker, the same Etsy shop also offers a whiskey bottle version that’s much smaller. This mini water fountain is perfect for at home or at the office on your desk!

    They also offer another wine bottle fountain that features dual wine bottles that pour onto a light-up orb in the middle of the barrel planter.

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    The Fountain Is Finished

    My fountain is finished and I love it. I used silicone to put it all in place. I added the grapes and then buried the bin into the ground so it was level with the rocks. Now it looks like it flows directly into the rocks. The water turned slightly yellow because some leaves fell in. This added color to the wine that drips out the bottle. I love the look. In fact I love everything I did with this fountain.

    It sits right outside my kitchen doors and I can hear the running water from where I cook. It’s very relaxing. In fact today I sat on one of our lounges out there and the water put me to sleep for nearly 2 hours. I am looking forward to the one I am going to build in front of my house.

    All that stands between me and that one is the amount of wine in the bottle. I have to wait for people to come over because I couldn’t possibly finish all of that.

    Diy Wine Bottle Fountain Ideas With Tutorial For Your Outdoor Space

    Having a patio, deck or just simply a backyard is not really complete without any water feature installed. The water feature will bring your silent or grave-like outdoor space comes to life. You will be more joyful to spend a long time out of your living room.

    Pond and fountain or the combination of both of them are the most popular water features which are installed by many homeowners. The sound of moving water with the colorful running fishes swimming around is very relaxing. It is a good investment to ease your stressful mind.

    credit: HGTV

    But if you dont want to be bothered with feeding the fishes or taking care of those aquatic plants, having a fountain is just enough for you. Water fountain creates a focal point to your patio and obviously enhances the style of the outdoor space. Many homeowners choose to install fountain to beautify their property.

    Today, you can find thousands of water fountain designs which are made out of various materials. They are totally attractive and enhance the style of the outdoor spaces look. Some are sold directly, in kits, or prefer to build their own water fountain to give a creative sense to their home.

    Many homeowners have tried to used surprising material to create a unique and creative garden fountain. Here, we share you some DIY Wine Bottle Fountain ideas with tutorial that you can try at home and prove your creative skill to all coming guests. Lets check it out!

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