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How To Drink Less Wine

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Assess Your Current Alcohol Intake


Keep a drinking diary for one week. The most straightforward drinking diaries just record how much you drink each day, but the more you can keep track of, the better you will understand your own drinking patterns, and thus be able to control them. For example, every evening , write down how many drinks you drank, where you were, and with whom.

Also write down any negative effects or situations that arose that you would like to avoid in the future. For example, “After my third beer, I got into an argument with Ben.” This will give you a good idea of the times, places, and people where your drinking tends to become excessive or problematic.

Your safe alcohol limit is based on your blood alcohol concentration and is the amount of alcohol you can drink in a single drinking session. You will need professional assistance to determine what this safe limit is for you.

When you have figured out how many drinks you can drink, write it down, along with the drinking time period.

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Glass Of Wine Every Night

Here at EatingWell, we believe that all foods have a place in a healthy eating patternincluding a glass of wine. Alcohol of many kinds, including wine, has been part of people’s evening routines for centuries, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Whether it’s wine, beer or your cocktail of choice, drinking can actually contribute to some health benefitsso long as it’s done in moderation. But what exactly happens when you drink the recommended one to two drinks per night? We dive into the research to see how moderate wine consumption can affect the body.

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Why Does Wine Taste So Bad

Wine contains alcohol, which can be unpleasant for many people. Dry red wines can be tannic and astringent which can also be unpleasant. Dry wines have no sugar, and may have high acidity which may not be to your liking. There are many other compounds in wine that could be unpleasant for some people.

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It Actually Changed My Drinking And I Liked It

I have thought about cutting back the amount of wine I drink for years but have always been put off by the ridiculous government guidelines of 14 units a week which AFAIK translates into a thimble of wine a day which to someone who enjoys wine amounts to becoming teetotal. This Apps proposition and inherent genius is simply – whatever you drink why not try to have a dry day once a week? I could relate to this and actually am now doing 4 days off a week which for me is amazing. The App reminds you of the hundreds of pounds and calories you are saving which are very satisfying and motivating. I was surprised by how much less wine I needed on my on days to be happy after having a few off days. Simple, effective, life changing!

Tell Family Members And Friends You Want To Get Healthier


Reframe drinking as you would any other health behavior you want to change, such as eating better or getting more exercise, and share it aloud with those closest to you. This social approach can help normalize the change youre trying to make, says Witkiewitz. You dont have to have a problem with drinking to want to improve your health and quality of life by reducing your drinking.

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Avoid Drinking Rounds And Shots

Theres nothing wrong with buying your mates a drink, but if youre with a group of seven, it can quickly turn into a full-on, expensive drinking session. That could derail your plans to not get drunk and may break your bank.

Its also a good idea to stick to drinks you can sip, rather than shots, as its easier to space them out. Tell your mates you dont want a shot, or just conveniently disappear when theyre heading to the bar.

You’re Heart Might Be Healthier

For decades, research has been coming out about the heart-healthy benefits of wine. The antioxidant compounds in wine can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which can lower risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and stroke. Another review cited studies that found wine to improve cholesterol levels, blood pressure and lower risk of heart attacks.

While this might make wine sound like a miracle cure for heart disease, that’s far from the case. In fact, many of these studies also found that drinking more than the recommended limit led to worsened cardiovascular health. So if you do drink wineor any alcoholbe sure to keep your intake light to moderate at most.

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Limit Time Spent In Bars

Does alcohol have health benefits? Possibly, but it is also known to raise the risk of several medical conditions , particularly if consumed in excess. If you want to cut back, there are a number of things you can do to help make that easier. For example, try to meet friends, dates, or business associates at a coffee bar, not a tavern, says James E. Sturm, MD, a family medicine doctor in Columbus, Ohio.

Also, remember, to make sure youre practicing Covid-19 safety protocols by wearing a mask and staying six feet apart. If the point of the get-together is fun, casual conversation in a friendly, loose environment, there are many ways to do that without the alcohol.

What Can I Mix With Wine

How to Drink Wine while on the Keto Diet

15 Ways To Make Cheap Wine Insanely Drinkable Blood Orange Spritzer. Steph / Via Mulled White Wine With Clove and Citrus. Pomegranate Sangria. Sparkling Wine Margarita. Red Wine Hot Chocolate. Rosé With Grapefruit and Gin. Slow Cooker Mulled Wine. White Wine Punch With Cucumber and Mint.

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A Guide To Drinking Less

Whatever the motivation may be, there are ways to cut back on your alcohol consumption. Below are some tips worth trying, according to experts.

1. Journal your drinks. Doing so can be a powerful tool in understanding how much youre drinking and can bring awareness of patterns, according to Ginger Hultin, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

A lot of my clients will say Well, I dont drink that much, but then when they track their intake on MyFitnessPal or another app, they start to see patterns like drinking many more days per week than they thought or having more drinks on a given night than they expected, she said.

The simple act of recording what you drink may help you naturally drink less. It changes the behavior somewhat: Maybe youll have three drinks instead of five if you know you have to write it down, Mariani said.

Its also important to know whether you are accurately estimating the amount of alcohol you consume. A person may record three drinks, but is it three standard drinks each containing 1.5 ounces of alcohol or is it bigger? Knowing what counts as one standard drink can help you accurately determine your intake.

2. Set limits. Try slowly decreasing the number of drinks you consume, depending on where you are starting. Cutting back means having two drinks instead of three or one instead of two, Hultin said.

If You Slip Return To Your Plan

Dont give into shame and regretjust restart your plan. Success really is about how you respond to setbacks and things that are thrown your way, says Moore. If someones strategy to drink less doesnt work, its crucial to recognize and reflect on lessons learned and take actionat least one next, right stepto begin making a change.

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Should We Be Drinking Less

Scientists helping to update the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are taking a harder stance on alcohol.

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Can a daily drink or two lead to better health?

For many years, the federal governments influential dietary guidelines implied as much, saying there was evidence that moderate drinking could lower the risk of heart disease and reduce mortality.

But now a committee of scientists that is helping to update the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is taking a harder stance on alcohol. The committee said in a recent conference call that it plans to recommend that men and women who drink limit themselves to a single serving of wine, beer or liquor per day.Do not drink because you think it will make you healthier, the committee says: It wont. And it maintains that drinking less is generally better for health than drinking more.

That message is a departure from previous guidelines, which since 1980 have defined moderate drinking as up to two drinks a day for men and one for women. Government agencies have also long defined a standard drink as 12 ounces of regular beer, five ounces of wine, or one and a half ounces of distilled spirits , amounts often exceeded in Americans typical drink.

You Might Have Less Stress


Sure, you might have experienced the anecdotal effects of this when you wind down with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. But there is actually some research behind wine’s stress-lowering effects. The compound in red wine, called resveratrol, is responsible for a lot of wine’s anti-inflammatory benefits. Research from 2019 in the journal, Neuropharmacology, found that resveratrol might have anti-stress effects by blocking enzymes in the brain that lead to depression- and anxiety-like behaviors. Another review of studies found that moderate wine consumption was associated with a 32% lower risk of depression.

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What Makes Italian Wine Different

What sets Italian wine apart from the competition is the staggering amount of grapes that Italians use to make their wine. With over 600 different wine grapes, Italy has the broadest grape and wine selection of any country in the world.

Italians also make their wine differently than many other parts of the world. The typical Italian wine will have slightly less alcohol, more acidity, and a lighter overall body than other types of wine. This combination of elements, along with some of the best grapes in the world, means that Italian wine simply tastes better to a majority of drinkers than other types of wine.

Does Icewine Improve With Age

In general, Icewine, Canadas specialty dessert wine, adas specialty dessert wine, generally does not improve with age. For some reason, icewine lacks the je ne sais quoi of, say, great Sauternes, a sweet white wine from Bordeaux that develops magical aromas and flavors when stored for a long period of time.

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When To Seek Help

If youre unable to cut back on your own despite your best efforts, if you get frequent hangovers or if youve had a DUI, then its time to seek help from a therapist or consider going to an AA meeting, says Crews. Other options include SMART Recovery, Recovery Dharma and the 24/7 helpline provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which can connect you to an appropriate treatment for you. Just call 1-800-662-HELP .

Measure Your Drinks And Your Glassware Too

How to Brew Alcohol In 30 Seconds Or Less!

At a dinner party recently, I was handed a gin and tonic that nearly blew my head off with its potency. The host had made a round of them after some wine had been consumed, and she had eyeballed the gin pour rather than measuring. Its a common occurrence and it can easily lead to overconsumption because its easy to rationalise a glass of extra-strong rum and coke as just one drink.

The simple solution is to make like the professionals and invest in a jigger those little metallic or plastic measuring devices for spirits and use it for every drink you make for yourself. You can get a cheap one from your nearest restaurant supply store, but if you want to splash out I can recommend the Leopold model by Cocktail Kingdom.

If you drink wine, it also pays to know exactly how large your glasses are and to what level you should fill them. Wine glasses are now, on average, seven times larger than they were in the 1700s, which can lead to inadvertent over-serving based on the its just one glass principle.

An easy way to find out the ideal fill level is to measure a half-cup of water and pour that into your wine glass. Take note of where the water level lies and use that as a target for your wine pours. As a bonus, youll find drinking wine more enjoyable with smaller pours, as there will be more space in the glass for the wines aromas to express themselves and develop.

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Things You Can Do To Drink Less Alcohol

The more you drink, the greater your risk of diseases, including some cancers. Reducing how much alcohol you drink doesnt mean stopping socializing with friends or giving up a drink with a meal. Here are the top seven things you can do to drink less for your health:

  • Turn down the offer of a drink you dont want. Sometimes peer pressure can cause people to drink more. However, if you dont want another drink, its okay to turn it down. You can always have a non-alcoholic one instead.
  • Switch between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Take a break and have a non-alcoholic beverage, or glass of water. This way, you are also rehydrating between alcoholic drinks, especially if you choose water. And you can still have a glass in your hand in case you feel awkward without one.
  • Stick to low-alcohol drinks. Look at the labels or ask bar-staff about the alcoholic content of drinks. Consider choosing, for example, a lower-strength 4-5% beer rather than a stronger 6-8% one.
  • Count your drinks. Take a look at the drinking guidelines and try to track how much you drink.
  • Eat food while drinking. Take advantage of bar snacks, like nuts, or order something to nibble on while drinking.
  • Ease your thirst with a non-alcoholic drink before drinking. Instead of drinking while thirsty, first have a glass of water or other non-alcoholic drink. Then you can sip your alcoholic drink instead of drinking it quickly because you are thirsty. Often, drinking too quickly can make you drink more.
  • Your Mental Health Could Improve

    When you feel less stressed, it can boost your mood, making it easier to want to socialize. Having strong social support not only can give us a sense of belonging, but also it might significantly lower Alzhiemer’s disease risk. Other recent research has found that wine consumption can have even deeper benefits when it comes to mental health. A large review also found that moderate consumption might reduce depression, protect the brain and lower risk of cognitive declineall of which promote longevity.

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    Is It Okay To Drink When Breastfeeding

    Not drinking alcohol is the safest option for breastfeeding mothers. Generally, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages by a woman who is lactating is not known to be harmful to the infant, especially if the woman waits at least 2 hours after a single drink before nursing or expressing breast milk. Women considering consuming alcohol during lactation should talk to their healthcare provider.1,18

    Never Drink For Solace

    The Difference Between Greek Yoghurt vs. Greek

    Its the old stereotype: downtrodden businessman, sitting at the bar, necktie yanked down, clothes disheveled, muttering, Pour me another one, bartender. Again, we say, drink for joy, not for pain. Avoid drinking alcohol when feeling down or upset, Jones says. Alcohol is a depressant and can worsen mood. Do you know the line before you drink too much alcohol?

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    Take A Few Nights Per Week Off And Have A Delicious No

    While the jurys still out on the effectiveness of long periods of abstention from alcohol such as Febfast and Ocsober, theres merit to giving yourself a few nights per week on the water wagon. The good news is you dont have to stick to sparkling water or sugary mocktails. Thanks to a growing focus on health and wellbeing, bartenders have applied their skills to non-alcoholic drinks, with some delicious results.

    Possibly the biggest news in this sphere has been the development of non-alcoholic distilled spirit Seedlip essentially a non-alcoholic gin analogue that delivers the herbaceous complexity of mothers ruin, minus the ruin. If you can bear the price which can equal the cost of a nice bottle of gin then its worth trying with tonic and an extravagant Spanish-style garnish.

    But you dont need expensive distillates to have booze-free fun: any well-balanced drink with a bit of acidity and tannic grip can give much the same satisfaction. Tea is particularly versatile here: think not just iced teas but also kombucha, or tea-based syrups mixed with sparkling water and fresh citrus. Or, for something approaching a classical tiki drink, whip up a Mister Oxford, invented by bartender Matt Siegel.

    Make it at home: Mister Oxford30ml pineapple juice

    What Is Considered Heavy Drinking In Italy

    The standard for heavy drinking in Italy is similar to standards around the world. Women who consume upwards of 40 grams of alcohol per day and men who drink more than 60 grams of alcohol per day are considered heavy drinkers. To put this in perspective, a small glass of wine typically contains 10 grams of alcohol, while larger glasses contain 15 to 20 grams.

    As of 2016, there were 460,000 Italian men and 260,000 women who were considered heavy drinkers. This means that roughly 5% of Italian adults are considered heavy drinkers.

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