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How To Decorate A Wine Glass

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Diy Etched Wine Glasses

Decorating Wine Glasses With Beads | How To Decorate Wine Glasses | Aressa | 2019

If youve never tried glass etching before than we are very sorry indeed to tell you that you are missing out on something extremely fun! Using stencils to make letters and also little images is equally enjoyable, so wed suggest checking out the basic techniques for those things outlined in the useful tutorial from Leap of Faith Crafting. You can still learn how its done even if you dont want to make holiday or winter themed wine glasses specifically!

How To Make Diy Hand Painted Glasses

Painted DIY Decorative Wine Glasses Materials:

  • Newspaper
  • Paint made for glass such as Folk Art Enamel Glass Paints
  • fine tipped paint brush
  • wine glasses

How To Decorate Wine Glasses:

Begin by laying newspaper down for easy clean up. Then make sure your wine glasses are all clean. Use painters tape in areas to make clean lines, such as the rim and very base.

Just before painting, clean surface with alcohol which dries quickly. Paint designs on as you please. If you desire to paint the base, simply flip the wine glass over onto the rim and paint as desired. Allow paint to dry for one hour.

If you have any additional accents such as rhinestones, place with glue and allow to set for about an hour. These types of accents may cause your wine glasses to need hand washing as they may come off in a dishwasher.

If you use Folk Art Enamel Glass Paints, you will want to do the curing process to make them safe for a dishwasher . Place in cool oven. Heat to 350. Bake 30 minutes. Turn off oven and allow to cool in oven for 30 minutes. Remove. Your DIY painted wine glasses are all done:)

DIY Decoupage Decorative Wine Glasses

Another way to decorate wine glasses is with tissue paper. You can use your old holiday or birthday tissue paper to decorate the glass.

  • Newspaper
  • sequins

How To Make DIY Decoupage Decorative Wine Glasses:

Wine Glass Terrariums Decoration Idea

I consider this the simplest wine glass decoration idea ever, and it gives off a pretty feel on the eyes. If you are a lover of gardens or plants, you should consider the wine glass terrariums. The presence of plants brings life to your living space. More so, the wine glass gives you a special connection to the growth of terrariums. You could leave the wine glass terrariums in your study or office desk at work to give you clarity at all times.

To make wine glass terrariums, you should get a wine glass that has enough inner space for the base of the plants. Fill it halfway with any base of your choice. You could use brown soil, fine sand or pebbles, depending on which option suits you best. Get your succulents and place them comfortably in the middle of the soil or pebbles.

Tip: You could use one or more glasses, but one will do just fine for your coffee table or work desk.

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Wine Glass Painting Classes

Earlier this year, I turned the big 4-0. To celebrate this momentous occasion, my good friends and fellow organizers of Womens Service Day threw me a surprise party. They reserved a small private wine room at a local restaurant, brought in chocolate cake, made me a scrapbook of photos from our 14 years of organizing Womens Service Day and found so many ways to make me feel special.

To top it all off, they also brought in artist Carolyn Stich to teach us how to make hand painted wine glasses. Carolyn has a studio and store in Holland, Michigan where she sells her amazing wall art and also puts her beautiful designs on products.

She also teaches art classes and workshops for kids and adults, including parties like a girls night out, bridal shower or other special events. Carolyn is well known in our community so I was incredibly delighted my friends brought her in to lead us in a craft night for my birthday.

Crafting, wine, chocolate, and great friends can a 40th birthday really get any better than that?

How To Decorate Wine Bottles With Clear Stones

wine glass stem decorations

Cover a wine bottle with glass gems for a decorative piece that seems to glow when light shines through it. Use glass floral gems that are not completely uniform in size or buy several varieties so you can fill in the gaps between glass pieces as you decorate the bottle, if you like. Choose a clear-drying hot glue or a silicone sealant to apply the embellishments to the glass bottles this ensures the light travels through both the bottle and the gems for maximum visual appeal.

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Diy Snowflake Wine Glasses

Were you actually very interested indeed in the idea of making snowflake and holiday themed wine glasses specifically but youre the kind of crafty researcher who always likes to see more than one tutorial along the lines of what youre thinking, just to make sure you choose to follow the one thats best for you? Then heres a snowflake wine glass tutorial from Krafting Kreations for your consideration!

Layered Rock Succulent Planter

With the rave on succulents these days, finding a cute planter for the personality of your succulents is a must. The arrangement of this planter reminds you of a cocktail with a straw stuck into it. Choose the succulents that work best for your design. It is better if you can put it on paper to visualize it. Here, the succulents are planted in a separate glass, small enough to be hidden inside the wine glass and the layers of colored rocks. Start by adding a thin of white pebbles, then position the glass in the middle of the wine glass. Finish off by alternating the pink and white pebbles until the top of the smaller glass inside is perfectly concealed by the pebbles.

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Wine Glass Decorating Ideas That Will Blow You Away

If youre just as mad about recycling and upcycling project as us, then youre in for a huge treat! Are there old wine glasses lying around, maybe one that is a little cracked, or the one youre never going to use again? Then whatever you do, dont trash them because then youre really going to regret it. The following is a list of mindblowing ways to reuse wine glasses that will make your home decor look perfect!

Im talking holiday decoration ideas such as Christmas, beach themed decor options, candle holders, and even gorgeous succulent mini terrariums. No worries though because these arent just ideas, weve got a few with step by step tutorials too!

Not only are they easy to make, they definitely turn out really well. Also, if you love the wine glass decorating ideas below, then youll be swooning over these fun wine bottle craft ideas!

How To Make Glitter Wine Glasses

How to Decorate a Wine Glass Stem With Beads : Cute Crafts

DIY glitter wine glasses are easy to make and add a unique, decorative look to parties, special events and holidays. You can coordinate glitter in colors that match your special event, wedding, anniversary or birthday party. They also add sparkle to any holiday! Once youve learned the basic techniques, you can easily use them to create more complex and detailed designs. First, youll need to gather your supplies.


To begin, you will need a few supplies including:

The Basics

Ready to learn how to make glitter wine glasses? Lets get started! First, youll want to wash and dry your wine glasses. Then youll need to decide on your color scheme and pattern. Some designs are easier than others, so well start out with the basics and then you can easily apply the techniques to more complex patterns.

Tip: Things can get messy real quick! I recommend using a shoebox, paper plate or something similar to catch the glitter so that you can reuse it throughout the project. Place a sheet of notebook paper between the glass and the container so that you can easily funnel the glitter back into the container after each use. Youll also want to have a separate sheet of paper when you add the glue so that it catches the drips and doesnt get mixed in with the glitter.

Quickly add a light layer of glue to the base of the glass.

You can add a bit of painters tape to keep a straight edge if youre having trouble eyeballing it.

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Why Wine Glass Decorations

Home decor is a fun and interesting activity I like to do from time to time. Whether during holidays or for special events, like to keep my apartment all shiny and attractive. The unique thing is that I prefer to use the common wine glass rather than leave them lying around. Wine glass decorations are easy to do, and require very little costs. So, rather than inviting a home decor specialist, I use my old wine glasses to make very beautiful decorations that get my guests swooning.

Another reason why wine glass decorations are the best for any apartment is occasion is that theyre quite simple, and give you the opportunity to add your own touch of creativity.

Best Paints For Wine Glasses

We have now established that the best paints to decorate wine glasses with are acrylic enamel paints. There are various brands available, some of which have been designed specifically for glass and others that can be used on multiple surfaces including glass. Below are a few recommendations you might want to consider for your next glass painting project.

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Best Paint Pens For Glass: Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens

These Artistro paint markers will give you a high gloss and opaque finish on a variety of surfaces, including glass. The markers are non-toxic with no odor to worry about, and the set comes in 12 vibrant colors. The marker barrel is transparent, so you will be able to check on how much paint is still available. The paint will only become permanent on the glass once it is baked, however. The pens have a medium-sized tip, which is effective for applying finer details as well as filling in larger areas.

  • Takes a long time to dry
  • Difficulty in squeezing the paint out
  • Must be used on decorative pieces only

What Are The Best Quality Wine Glasses

DIY Flower Bead Decorated Wine Glasses

Whether for drinking wine, or you want to use them especially for designs, I like to recommend the crystal Chardonnay glasses because they have a strong base, a sleek appearance and feel good between the fingers. For other designs, the Williams Sonoma Red Wine glasses are also exquisite choices. They have a good interior both for red wine and for flowers.

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Seashell Centerpiece Wine Glass Decoration Idea

The seashell centerpiece is and amazing design especially for lovers of the beach. It feels like bringing a part of the beach to your center table at home. You dont have to forget everything about your last beach experience. A seashell centerpiece design on your dining table keeps the memory alive.

You would require a large old glass wine. Pour some fine beach side into the glass almost halfway. Place the shells you picked right on the sand in the glass.

Tip: You could add a little candlelight extra to your seashell centerpiece. Get a small burning candle suspended by a candle holder attached to the rim of the glass. The candlelight gives your dining table a cozy experience, and boosts your appetite!

Diy Bride And Groom Wedding Toasting Glasses

Are you actually considering customizing your glasses specifically for a wedding or bridal celebration, so you are interested in Mr & Mrs themed ideas, but you just havent seen the one for you yet? Well, if youve always been more of an embellishment lover than a paint enthusiast, then we think you might get along very well indeed with these awesome string wrapped, rhinestoned, and tulle glad dress and tuxedo glasses featured in detail Bettys Daughter.

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How Do You Paint On Wine Glasses

First, wash the glasses and let them dry. Rub alcohol or vinegar on the surface to be sure its totally clean. Let dry.

Second, paint! Use your acrylic enamels to paint. Foam brushes and pencil erasers or the backs of paint brushes are great for polka dots. For more opaque colors, let the first coat dry and add one or two more coats. Make a mistake? Just erase it with a paper towel or Q-Tip.

Third, let it set. You may either let the glasses sit for 21 days before using OR place the glasses in the cold oven, turn it on to 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and open the door. Let the glasses cool completely in the oven before removing.

How To Decorate Wine Glasses With Hand Painted Confetti Dots

How to decorate a votive of wine glass with glitter *18*

Back in March, I shared this tutorial on some glass bowls that I hand painted with multi-color dots. These bowls now sit on a red table from Target which makes me love them even more I am very glad that I decided to use red in the original color scheme.

I used the same process to make these stemless wine glasses for my mother-in-laws birthday. Her absolute favorite color is red, so I used FolkArt enamel paint in Engine Red and Magenta with a little bit of Baby Pink and White.

I am excited to use this process in the future with other color schemes and see how the look changes.

As I suggested with the glass bowls, I would recommend hand washing only. Also, make sure not to put the paint too far up on the glass. I left a little over an inch clearance. When a person drinks from it, there mouth should NOT be touching any of the paint.

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Giant Wine Glass Aquarium

This is seriously and ridiculously large for a wine glass and Id like to think this is actually a punch bowl but guess what, it served the purpose. A couple of fish is just enough for something this large but if you have a smaller one at hand, choose a solitary, smaller fish like a Siamese fighting fish. Adorn it with just enough aquarium decor to give the fish the space it needs.

Pretty Teacup Wine Glasses

Are you the kind of upcycling and unconventionality enthusiast who will almost always choose the option that involves turning something basic into something new entirely? Well, if you can get your hands on some old teacups, then perhaps making new wine glasses that are custom to your tastes will appeal to you even more than just stencilling or painting the ones you already have! Take a better look at this tutorial from Country Living to see how these were made in more detail.

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Why You Shouldn’t Fill A Wine Glass

The taste of your wine will depend on how much of it is in the glass. If it’s full to the top, you will experience a closed-off flavor that you won’t be able to swirl. It is also believed that wine tastes better when it has had a chance to aerate or ‘breathe’ for a few minutes in order to release its flavors.

Glass Plates Plus Wine Glasses Design

Pin by Hair by Hal on Recipes/Entertaining

This design is awesome for placing extra flowers. If you have a couple glass plates at your disposal, rather than give them out, you could combine them with your wine glasses to arrive at a beautiful decorating design. You would need just a glass glue. Turn your old wine glass the other way round and attach the glass plate to the base with the glue. The surface of the plate could be used for other decorative purposes like carrying flowers, and so on.

Tip: Use a wine glass with enough weight to bear the plate. You could also spice it up by leaving small flowers or fruits such as grapes and apples under the glasses.

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Beginning In Cricut Design Space

Lets go to Design Space. I already downloaded, sized and manipulated all of our fonts that were going to use today but Im still going to teach you how we did it. First, were going to download the fonts and install them on our computer. If you need help learning how to download fonts from Makers Gonna Learn to Cricut Design Space, be sure to check out this post: How to Upload 3rd Party Fonts and Cut Files to Cricut Design Space

Next, were going to Design Space. Hit Text and make sure you go to system fonts. The fonts that were going to use are Muffin and Fast Curve. Were going to type in our words Time to wine down using the two fonts that we would like to use.

Tap on the first text box which is Time to and were going to click Letter space and hit the minus sign to bring the letter spacing down. Select Actions and ungroup. Then we can move the letters exactly where we want them and click Attach. We will do the same thing with the rest of the text.

Once you have your letter placement the way you want it, a great tip is to select all of your layers and go over to align and center. That will make sure your whole file is exactly where it needs to be and all parts are lined up with each other.

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