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How To Buy Red Wine

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Madrigal Family Winery Estate Petite Sirah 2017

How to Buy Red Wine!

If you want to choose a wine with a beautiful history, Cohen recommends this Petite Sirah, the flagship product of the Madrigal Family Winery Estate.

“The Madrigal family was one of the first, if not the first, Mexican families to settle in Napa Valley in the 1930s. They have farmed in Napa for almost 100 years,” she explains. “In the 90s, they decided to make their own wine.”

She describes this wine as “deep, dark, and brooding,” adding that its big flavor would pair well with lamb or a chocolate souffle.

Storing Wine To Drink Now

Of course by now we mean now-ish wine for drinking at the weekend, saving for a party in a few weeks time or your stash of anytime bottles. Basically anything youre likely to drink in the next six months . These bottles wont need quite as much TLC as your ageing wines but taking time to make sure your wine is happy will reap rewards with every delicious glassful, so keep them out of direct light and away from extreme temperatures.

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Hirsch Vineyards San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir

This is another pinot noir that exemplifies the true beauty of the coastal Sonoma climate. In fact, the chewy fruit of this rich wine adds a fine touch to this acidity. If you are looking for a fine balance between fruity flavor and acidity, then you will love this option for sure. The acidic flavor wont get in the way of the other fine blends. So, if you are in the mood for some awesome dinner, drinking this superb fine later wont be a bad choice at all.

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Domaines Barons De Rothschild Lafite Lgende R 2017

Yes, Bordeaux can be delicious and affordable! YESSSS! This bottle has all the things you want in a wine from this region, such as a soft fruit core balanced by moderate acidity. It also has earthy notes of dark berry fruit that bring comfort to the senses. Its a nice weeknight red to drink with herbed buttermilk chicken or braised duck.

How To Store Open Bottles Of Wine

How To Buy A Good Red Wine For Under £10
  • There are various methods for storing opened bottles of wine using a bottle stopper/vacuum pump is the most popular method.
  • Vacuum pumps and stoppers arent that expensive and mean you can enjoy your favourite wine a day after youve opened it.
  • We recommend that you dont leave a wine open for more than 3 /4 days.

What do you do with your bottle of wine after only having a glass? This is often the case you have one or two glasses of wine, then the rest of the bottle is left. Therefore we have produced this guide to help you know the best way to keep your wine after it has been opened. You will never waste a single drop again!

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Where To Buy Red Wine Glasses

Red wine, being the chief of all wines, demands to be treated regally. This include where you order your full-bodied nature of red wine. offers a selection of red wine glasses that cannot leave you wanting more, and are available at pocket-friendly prices. also provides free delivery of products over $99 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 7-day easy return.

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What Is The Smoothest Kind Of Red Wine

The smoothest red wines are the ones that have lower tannins or are made in a style where the wine has an ideal balance of fruit, alcohol, and tannin.

Some of the smoothest red wines are Pinot Noir, Grenache, Sangiovese , Beaujolais, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot, and Malbec. We also love Amarone, a very smooth and concentrated style of dry red wine from Valpolicella in Italy that is like drinking chocolate-covered cherries. And of course, sweet red wines such as Port, Lambrusco, and Brachetto d’Acqui are very smooth and easy to enjoy.

Making the transition from sweeter red wines to dry ones can be tough at first because dry red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon have a very noticeable amount of tannin. Any red wine will seem smoother if you drink it along with food that has a high-fat content, such as cheese, a hamburger, or a steak.

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Famille Perrin Ctes Du Rhnenature 2018

Sometimes, Côtes du Rhône at this price is oaked heavily, leaving little room for subtlety. This wine is not crazy complex, but it does have a nice earthy vibe and smells like blackberries right off the vine. Its balanced, easy, and would be a fun wine to pair with a cheese board and some cured meats.

Educate Yourself So You Can Find The Best Places To Buy Wine

How to Buy Your Boss Wine as a Gift

You want to buy the best wine for the money online, but how? Where can you find great value wine? Which online wine stores deliver quality without big markups?

If youre reading this article, its a safe bet that you have purchased a bottle of wine at some pointperhaps at a restaurant or wine shop, or even at a winery. Its also a safe bet that at some point youve wondered if youll have to take out a second mortgage to support your habit .

Given that the more wine we drink, the more refined our palates become, we have to ask several important questions if we are to be fiscally responsible wine consumers: why is this grape juice so expensive? Who decides what I will pay? And how can I continue drinking delicious, quality, interesting wine without losing my shirt? . To sum it up, you want to find the best wine at the best price. We want to help you with your quest.

Let’s start with the easy part. What are the costs associated with making wine?

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Speedy Mulled Wine Recipe

Much as we love mulled wine, it isn’t the most sociable of drinks if you have to hover over the hob to wait for the spices to slowly infuse.

If you’re hosting a Christmas party and you don’t want to have to stay in the kitchen, we have some tips on how to make a speedy mulled wine in no time at all…

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Best Australian Red: Penfolds 2017 Bin 389 South Australia Cabernet Shiraz

Region: South Australia, Australia | ABV: 14.5% | Tasting Notes: Black cherries, Cassis, New leather, Fruit cake

Penfolds, unquestionably the greatest winemaking estate in Australia, is best known for its iconic wine, Penfolds Grange. Chief winemaker Peter Gago made it his mission to produce well-structured wines with deep flavors and, as he puts it, a propensity to age.

While Grange is primarily shiraz, with a splash of cabernet sauvignon sourced from specific sites in South Australia, Penfolds’ Bin 389 combines 54% cabernet sauvignon with 46% shiraz and is often referred to as Baby Grange. Plus, this wine comes at a more approachable price tag than the Grange.

Region: Mendoza, Argentina | ABV: 14.5% | Tasting Notes: Cherry compote, Salty dark chocolate, Cedar spice

Achaval-Ferrer’s Quimera blend is a wine of remarkable precision: Co-founder Santiago Achaval, one of the most respected winemakers in Argentina, and winemaker Roberto Cipresso comb the vineyards, tasting grapes and hand-selecting vines specifically for this blend. In 2014, they conceived a dynamic and complex blend of 50% malbec, 24% cabernet franc, 18% merlot and 8% cabernet sauvignon.

Region: Ribera del Duero, Spain | ABV: 14% | Tasting Notes: Spiced plums, Forest underbrush, Cigar box

Good to Know:

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Know The Variety Of Glass You Want To Purchase

Just like wines go beyond the traditional variety of red and white, to sparkling, rose, dessert and fortified wines, the basic wine glasses have also been modified with different variations to fit your wine type. All these modifications are to make your wine experience more enriching. And just as the tannin level, dryness, and tint of wine help differentiate one from the other, the cup, foot, and stem of a wine glass help make it unique and ideal for a particular kind of wine.

How To Choose A Good Wine


When dining in a restaurant, a sommelier, or certified wine specialist, can assist you in selecting a perfect wine, even if you do not know much about wine yourself. By asking about your taste preferences, they can recommend a wine that pairs well with your meal, while complementing your likes and dislikes. But what happens when youre browsing the shelves or web pages of seemingly endless choices of bottles, wondering how to select a good wine? For those who are not familiar with wine, the label on the bottle or product description complete with descriptions of flavor notes, characteristics of the wine and origin of the grapes may only make selecting a bottle even more difficult.

The good news is, understanding some basic information about wine can help you learn more about which wines are likely to be a good fit for you and which ones youll probably want to avoid. By learning about your tastes and the general characteristics of wine, you can become a wine expert in no time and feel confident in selecting a delectable wine to pair with your meal!

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Tenuta Tascante Ghiaia Nera Etna Rosso 2017

Say it with me, because youre about to fall in love: Nerello Mascalese . This amazing grape grows on slopes and surrounding hills of an active volcano in eastern Sicily. It is its own unique kind of wonderful, but if you like Pinot Noir or Sangiovese, this wine is your dinner tables new bestie. It bursts with juicy fruit that smells like cherries and has a slight tannic edge. The balance in this wine is awesome and would even benefit from a quick chill.

The Best Dry Red Wines Under $20 By Country

Wine retailers working on commission will insist that price correlates with quality, but, the truth is, spending a little extra doesnt guarantee youll end up with a better bottle of wine. In fact, if you know where to look, you can find considerable value in the $10 to $20 range.

To help you find the best value bottles, VinePair compiled a short list of widely available dry red wines from around the globe. After blind-tasting an expansive selection, we whittled it down to these 20 bottles. Our picks include aged, Old-World classics, emerging varietals with consistent value, and pioneering New-World producers, each at less than the price of two movie tickets .

Broken down by their country of origin, here is VinePairs list of 20 best wines under $20.

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Gary Farrell Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

If you were to ask, What is it about Russian River Pinot Noir that sets it apart from the rest of the Pinot on the planet? I would shove this wine in your face, then take it away and drink it myself. Just kidding, Id share think. Cherries, cinnamon, and earthy mushrooms rush up and into your senses, leaving you all swoon-y before you sip. On the palate, the wine is dense, crushed velvet, with supple, chewy fruit that soaks into your palate. It would jive with some legit cheeses, but you might find me just sipping it at cellar temp with just a glass and a sunset.

Antinori Villa Toscana 2015

Top 5 Red Wines under 1000 | How To Buy The Best Wine On A Budget?

Tuscan-based Antinori is one of Italys largest wine producers, but dont let the quantity of its output trick you into thinking theres any sacrifice on quality. This non-traditional Tuscan blend combines French varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with local staple Sangiovese. The result is a succulent and complex red blend that mixes dried fruit, earth, and mineral notes with juicy cherry and red-berry flavors. Price: $18

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Two Italian Red Wines To Buy For Tonight

9. Lambrusco

Ask your local wine merchant for a dry Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna to pair with your next antipasti. Slightly fizzy with a pleasing bitterness, these red wines are delicious on a hot summer day.

10. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Montepulciano is Abruzzos answer to Piedmonts Barbera. Showcasing juicy, grapey flavors with soft, supple tannin, this is Italys quintessential pizza wine. Be sure not to confuse the grape Montepulciano with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is a Sangiovese-based wine made near the town of Montepulciano.

Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Cabernet from Chile comes in many forms from soft and structured, to grippy, dense, and age-worthy. When done right, it can also be easy-drinking and crowd-pleasing. This is that wine. Its not too heavy, but it still shows some depth and is ready to drink. I mean, the price is nuts for the quality. Buy it by the case in the name of spontaneity.

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Approach Sales And Discounts With Caution

There’s usually a reason things are on sale: They didn’t sell at full price. While you can find some good bargains in the discount bin, be careful about buying whites or rosés that are more than a few years old.

One deal you can take advantage of without any worries: case discounts. These tend to offer 10% to 15% off a dozen bottles, so you can stock up by mixing and matching your favorites, as well as a new bottle or two. “That adds up,” Isle says.

Thacher Winery 2019 Cinsault

Two Chocolate Wines: #Wine

“This wine is a ton of fun and perfect if you’re looking for something interesting and different,” says Cohen. “Although it is a natural wine, it still tastes like wine and not sour beer or kombucha!”

She recommends serving this winewhich comes from a boutique, family-run winery in Paso Robles, Californiaslightly chilled, adding that it’s a very drinkable option.

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Aslina Umsasane Red Blend 2019

Pioneering winemaker Ntsiki Biyela is the force behind Western Cape gem Aslina, which has become a favorite among global fans of South African wines. The country’s first Black female winemaker, Biyela has received countless awards for her work over the years, with her signature Bordeaux-style blend Umsasane taking home the bulk of Aslina’s recognitions . The 2019 release is full and round in body with a warming bouquet and palate of ripe dark fruits, cocoa, baking spices, aged vanilla, and subtle tobacco.

To buy: $30,

What Are The Types And Styles Of Red Wine

There are hundreds of types of red wine varieties in commercial use, from light and finessed to bold and structured, however, only about 35 varieties contribute to the majority of red wine production. The most grown grape varieties are:

  • Tempranillo. Red and black fruit, earth and herbs.
  • Syrah. Dark fruit, pepper, spicy and savory.
  • Grenache. Ripe red fruit and sexy texture.
  • Pinot Noir. Earthy, silky and complex.
  • Sangiovese. Red fruit, earthy and herbal.

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/ Keep Your Wine In The Fridge

Because theyre usually best enjoyed chilled, putting opened white wines in the fridge feels instinctive. When it comes to red wine, because its characteristics are better expressed in warmer temperatures, any form of chilling might seem like a faux pas.

But you shouldnt be afraid of storing opened red wine in the fridge. Cooler temperatures slow down chemical processes, including oxidation. A re-closed bottle of red or white wine in the fridge can stay relatively fresh for up to five days.

Some light-bodied reds can actually be very enjoyable while served slightly chilled .

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Best Chilean: J Bouchon Pas Salvaje

How to buy wine

Courtesy of Plonk Wine Club

Region: Central Valley, Chile | ABV: 12.5% | Tasting Notes: Red fruits, Cherry, Wild Strawberry, Floral

Never heard of País before? If you love earthy, medium-bodied reds with tons of acid, then this historic grape needs to be on your radar.

Produced from organically farmed vineyards in the heart of Chiles Central Valley, this flavor-packed wine jumps with notes of wild strawberries, red flower petals and wild herbs. For a crowd-pleasing red that promises to satisfy the masses, look no further than this tasty, budget-friendly option.

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Best Value French: Chne Bleu Ablard 2011

Region: Rhône Valley | ABV: 14.5% | Tasting Notes: Black cherry, Red licorice, Earth, Warm cinnamon

From an ancient property at the cornerstone of four appellations in Frances Southern Rhône, near the town of Gigondas and situated in Mont Ventoux, comes this absolute marvel of a wine. Owners Nicole and Xavier Rolet are incapable of making a bad wine, and incredibly, they’ve taken the extraordinary step of aging their wine for a generous amount of time prior to release. The vintage they currently have on the market is the 2012, but its terribly hard to find. Luckily, the 2011 is up for grabs: A decade-aged Rhône red consisting mostly of grenache, it is a testament to the efforts of these renegade vintners.

Wild red berry fruit, blackberry jam, French vanilla bean and garrigue layered with cigar box spices. Silky soft, elongated tannins support a panoply of flavors, from warm cinnamon and brown sugar spices to curry powder-dusted red berry fruit, with generous dollops of black cherry and red licorice. It finishes with grippy acidity and vivid earthy notes.

Region: Douro, Portugal | ABV: 13.8% | Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Raspberry, Blood Orange, Cedar

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