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How To Build A Wine Rack In A Cabinet

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Diy Old Alarm Clock Cabinet

How to Build a Wine Rack

If you have a back in the day alarm clock turn to the liquor cabinet.

First, open it and remove all its components then dust it. Add a metal frame to make it raised then paint it with your favorite color.

Use wood to create a glass holding door such that you can see the contents of the cabinet. Proceed to making a liquor rack and putting some lighting.

Place your liquor inside.

What Else Can You Put In A Wine Rack

The great thing about building a rack for all of your wine is that it can double as storage for other things. While you never want to be low on vino, if you find yourself with some extra space, here are a few other things you can store in your wine rack:

  • rolled up towels
  • craft pens, markers, and crayons
  • beer bottles
  • kitchen storage
  • kids school crafts

Wooden Freestanding Wine Rack

Just in case you loved the way the wine bottles were anchored at different angles in the idea above but youd rather not mount your piece right onto the wall, heres a standing alternative that will actually let you store even more bottles at once! Check out how Woodwork Junkie made this vertical wooden wine rack with perfectly angled holes step by step.

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Diy Wooden Wine Racks

Wood has a rustic charm. It is also strong and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. It can be very easy to make a wood wine rack and I have a number of easy ideas for you.

I know I said PVC was really easy, but with wood, you can make some really simple wine racks just by drilling a few holes in a board.

Free Printable Wine Rack Plans

Storage Solutions Details

Not every wine rack is right for every home. Pick the plan below that suits your needs and space. The freestanding model is perfect for a large space, while the tabletop one is great for small storage areas. The rounded top on the oak rack is a lovely alternative to the two rectangular options. Each plan will open as a pdf document and includes a materials list, tools list, illustrated directions, and 3D image of the model.

Oak wine rack plans

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Triangle Countertop Wine Holder

Meet your next must-have project with this easy to create triangle wine rack.

It provides a very minimalist design while also being a nice decorative way to display your wine.

You only need two pieces of wood, both of which you will cut to create this wine holder. It is made to sit on the counter, so no wall mounting necessary.

Out of all the easy, beginner projects that made our list, we think this is probably the classiest of them all.

Take a look at this great design:

Diy Conversion Fire Wood Rack To Liquor Storage

In this tutorial, you require a drill, circular saw, sandpaper, hack saw, wine rack, and paint.

After you have found the firewood and wine rack make adjustments on the racks, cut, sand, and paint the wood used for shelves.

Attach the top shelf to the wine rack and lastly attach a handle on the cabinet though this is optional.

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How To Convert A Cabinet Into A Wine Rack And Glass Holder

A premade wine rack, complete with storage for glasses, may prove to be a pricey addition to your home. There’s also no guarantee that the selection of racks in a local shop fits into the intended space. Rather than searching far and wide for the ideal rack, make your own from a cabinet you no longer need for other uses. Bottle-storage kits slide into existing cabinets for simple transformations that involve little carpentry.

How To Build A Wine Rack In A Kitchen Cabinetdiy Guides

Super Easy to Build Wall Cabinet Wine Rack
    To assemble the wine rack inside the cabinet, measure the placement of wine racks shelves on each side of the inside of the kitchen cabinet. Attach the brackets securely to the sides of the inside of the cabinet with glue and wood screws. Make sure the notched edges are up and the 6-inch lengths are toward the front of the cabinet.

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Kitchen Cabinet Fitted With A Kit

A deep kitchen cabinet, such as a cupboard that formerly housed plates or baking pans, becomes a wine-storage cabinet with little effort. Remove the shelves, if any, and then insert a premade lattice- or cube-style wine bottle holder that fits inside the cabinet opening. Add an under-cabinet stemware holder to an overhead cabinet, or leave space inside for glasses to hang from trim strips installed to the cabinet top’s underside. Remove the cabinet door, if any, filling the hardware holes with putty and repainting or staining the front to match the rest of the cabinet.

Diy California Wine Rack

This DIY idea is perfect for people who want to wow their visitors. This DIY wine rack idea would make a great wall decor for your kitchen. I love the method of storage, its one of a kind. Making this wine rack isnt going to take a lot of your time. Even beginners can comfortably make this wine rack idea if the steps are followed correctly.

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Additional Wine Rack Plans Online

There are many other fantastic resources on the Internet that offer access to no-cost design plans that yield outstanding results. Browse through this list to find your ideal project.

  • Woodworkers Workshop: This is an excellent online resource that offers projects ranging from a single wine bottle holder that consists of a piece of wood with a specially positioned hole to stellar alternatives to traditional wine cellars.
  • Wine Intro: This site offers directions to make an inexpensive rack that uses PVC pipe for a super simple design.
  • Dempsy Woodworking: Dempsy features a large plan that has the capacity to hold 172 bottles. This design is very flexible and uses a simple diamond cross pattern.
  • Free Wood Woodworking Plans: This site displays a list of options ranging from wine boxes and caddies to a wine buffet cabinet.
  • Craftsmanspace: This site offers a free, downloadable pdf file that contains plans for a modular wine rack that you can customize to your needs.
  • Unique Projects: The free plan offered here will help you create a wall-mounted rack, and you can choose between several variations in the design.

Repurposed Metal Rake Wine Glass Holder

8 Great Ideas for Making your Own DIY Wine Rack

If youre going to aim for making a DIY wine rack that has a slightly rustic aesthetic, would you rather go all out and create something explicitly farm themed, to suit the rust of your farmhouse inspired decor? Then we have a feeling this very simple upcycled rake hanger for wine glasses might be right up your alley. Wisconsin Homemaker shows you how its done.

Have you made other kinds of homemade wine racks before that you were very happy with indeed but that you dont see on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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Homemade Wine Rack Part : Design And Materials

Heres a YouTube channel that teaches you how to DIY everything to do with wine including making the drink itself! This video is the first part in a series that shows you how to make your own rack, focusing on the materials you should use. If you then want to find out how to put the wine rack together, you can also watch the other videos in the series. This is a detailed plan for wine aficionados, so if you want something high-quality and professional, this is the video for you.

Modify The Wine Rack To Fit Your Cabinets

You can use any of the bays under the upper cabinets you wish. The wider the bay, the more wine you can store. Our instructions will work for any size cabinet bay. Most cabinets have a 3/4-in.- deep lip surrounding each bay so the plywood will be hidden. If you have lips that are deeper than 3/4 in., shim down the plywood. If your lips are shallower, use thinner plywood.

This wine rack will hold the most common bottle diameters, but not all. If youre a serious wine collector, measure the diameters of the bottles in your collection. Select a hole saw at least 1/8 in. larger than the largest bottle. If you need to drill holes larger than 3-1/8 in., substitute 1x6s for the 1x4s.

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Diy Plywood Wine Rack

The racks youll learn to build in this tutorial are also inexpensive models, this time made from plywood along with a few other materials that will cost you next to nothing to obtain. These racks have a large capacity, too theyre designed to hold up to 118 bottles each, so if you plan on building a wine cellar in your home, this kind of rack will be ideal.

Step 14 Attach The Leg Plates

Making a Wine Rack Cabinet – Wall Unit Build Series

Measure 20mm from the edges to position the plates at the corners and secure with the supplied screws. Drill into the centre holes with a 4mm drill bit, being careful not to go right through the pine.

TIP Check the plates are positioned across the corners of the box and evenly spaced before drilling.

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Copper And Wood Standing Holder

Elegant, classy, industrial elements this wine rack has it all and then some. It would look great on any countertop or table. The base and top are made from wood that has been painted white to give this wine holder a more modern look.

Along with step by step instructions there is also a video and patterns that you are able to to help you with measuring and cutting the wood. A good sander will also come in handy for smoothing out your cuts.

See the plans here:

Diy Wine Rack From An Ex

Nowadays, there are quite a few plans online that teach you how to repurpose Ikea furniture so much so that its almost become a sub-genre of DIY in itself. With this one, youll learn how to make a wine rack from Ikea shelves so if you have something like this that youre just going to throw out anyway, attempting a project like this is a far better solution.

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Diy Pallet Wood Cabinet

Pallet wood is readily available and is the main component for this tutorial. You will require a hammer, nails/screws, and woodcutter.

Prepare the pallet by cutting it into two equal pieces and mark the shelf placement area. Create a lower shelf to place bottles and an upper shelf for glassware.

Stain/ paint the cabinet to your desired color then place the liquor cabinet in a strategic location.

Wall Shelf With Metal Accent

10 DIY Wine Racks Anyone Can Make

This wall mounted shelf shows off your favorite vintages without looking too modern, thanks to the wood stain color.

You can of course paint it any color to match your home and personal style.

We love the different little touches to this DIY shelf. From the little metal pegs that keep the win in place to the longer shelves that extend the length of the bottle, while the shelf backing leaves the area open behind.

See the easy step by step instructions:

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Upcycled Hutch Or China Cabinet

A hutch or china cabinet, already intended to display items within, becomes an attractive wine rack with plenty of storage for stemware, corkscrews and coasters. Add planks in an X shape spanning one open area of the hutch, and then stack bottles in each of the four partitions. For a different look, add terra-cotta pipes or roofing tiles to separate wine bottles from one another. Install a glass holder under the top of the cabinet. Stash corkscrews, spare synthetic corks and coasters inside the hutch drawers.

Diy Dresser Wine Rack With Ken Wingard

In this short video from Hallmarks official YouTube channel, youll learn how to make a Parisian-style dresser wine rack with Ken Wingard. As with many of the plans weve seen, the final result is deceptive it looks like the kind of piece that would require advanced carpentry skills whereas in truth, anyone with even just a little woodworking experience will probably be able to pull it off. So if you want a wine rack like this, what are you waiting for?

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Matching Wine Perfectly With Every Meal

When entertaining guests or just alone with your thoughts, consider matching your bottle of wine perfectly for each meal. If youre not sure how to choose the right wine for each meal, then this article from the Wine Spectator is going to be extremely helpful to you.

Whats key is finding a balance between how acidic or sweet the chosen wine is and how it enhances the prepared meal. Complementary flavours will add interest to the taste of the meal.

Enjoying wine at home is much better value than ordering expensive bottles at a pricey restaurant. When you choose well and take the time to sample good vintages, itll provide much more pleasure with every glass.

Wood And Chain Hanging Wine Rack

How to Build a Wine Rack

Just in case you were quite intrigued by the idea of an inspired wine rack but youre not sure the leather aspect of the copper idea we showed you really appealed to you, heres another design for your consideration! Dremel Europe paired metal chains and wood instead, making a hanging rack that has space for bottles on top and glasses along the bottom.

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Wood And Leather Upside Down Wine Rack

Speaking of leather, heres a design that lets leather lovers use their favourite material but with wood instead of metal, for a slightly more handmade look! Elizabeth Logsdon guides you step by step through the process of making a wall mounted rack that features a solid wood backing and leather pockets that your wine bottles can slide snugly into upside down.

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Diy Conversion Of Old Suitcase To A Liquor Cabinet

You will require a suitcase, cutting tool, screws/glue, and cardboard.

Begin by cutting the upper part of the case, seal the sharp edges with leather. Measure the size of the shelves you want to construct.

Use the plywood to make shelves and attach them to the suitcase using glue or screws. You can choose to apply varnish on the shelves to match with the suitcase.

Wine Bottle And Stemware Rack


We love this simple wine rack that also doubles up as a wine glass holder. Its not the kind of rack that is designed for storing lots of bottles it only holds four or five but as a decorative element, it will add a classy touch to any classic or contemporary interior. The plan itself is well written, and it includes detailed measurements as well as a step by step guide for recreating one at home so why not give it a try?

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The Basics Of Pairing Wine With Food To Make You A Better Cook

Many people are confused and intimidated when it comes to wine. Unfortunately, wine experts have taken a lot of the fun out of enjoying wine and have created this atmosphere. The reality is that wine isnt just for the upper crust to enjoy, anybody can and should be able to get wine they like and enjoy without the pretension surrounding it.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your wine is to pair it with the right foods. This isnt as complicated as it may seem. And always remember that the best way to pair wine with food is to simply drink the wine that you enjoy the most whether it follows pairing rules or not.

In this post, well go over some of the basics to remember when it comes to pairing wine with food. However, we repeat, you should feel free to break any of these rules.

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