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How Much Is The Most Expensive Wine

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This Is The Most Expensive Wine Ever Sold

The Most Expensive Wine in the World $ How Much & WHY!?

It smashed all previous records.

Ultra high-end whiskies have been getting all the glory lately. Collectors recently gobbled up the worlds most expensive whiskey bottle for $1.1 million and the priciest Japanese whiskey, a $300,000 Yamakazi single malt.

But now the wine world has clapped back with the blockbuster sale of the five most expensive bottles ever sold.

At a Sothebys auction in New York last weekend, a bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti sold for an unheard-of $558,000, smashing the auction houses estimate of $32,000.

The wine, a red Burgundy from Cote de Nuits, is insanely coveted because only 600 bottles were made in 1945, and the vines were removed and replanted after that vintage.

Rare and wonderful, Serena Sutcliffe, head of Sothebys international wine department, wrote on Sothebys auction site. The best bottles are so concentrated and exotic, with seemingly everlasting powera wine at peace with itself.

A second super rare Romanee Conti bottle from the same year sold for $496,000, despite scuffed, torn, and partially missing labels. Three more bottles from the 1937 vintage sold for $310,000 each, even though they were estimated to sell for just $40,000.

The previous record of worlds most expensive wine was held by a bottle of Cheval-Blanc 1947, which sold in Geneva in 2010 for $304,375.

Combined, all five bottles from the personal cellar of wine producer Robert Drouhin brought in $1.98 million. So yes, it was a very good day for the luxury wine market.

# : Cheval Blanc Saint

Another mythical property of Bordeaux. This time we are on the right bank, in the Saint-Emilion appellation. The mythical Château Cheval Blanc has particularly distinguished itself with the 1947 vintage which has become legendary. Indeed, this unusual wine was offered at auction in an unusual format: in 6 liter imperial, for a price of 304 000 dollars in 2010!

Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992

Yes, the Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992 was sold for a whopping half a million dollars, making it one of the most expensive wines ever. The bottle originated from vineyards in Oakville, California and was sold at an auction in Napa in 2000. Rarity is the primary factor behind the bottles hefty price tag.

The Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992 is slowly aged in 60% new oak and is bottled unfiltered, giving it a unique taste. The bottle was reportedly purchased by Chase Bailey, a former executive at Cisco Systems.

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Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 $500000

This was a six-liter bottle and only fetched this high price because it was being sold at the 2000 Napa Valley Wine Auction. All of the proceeds went directly to the charity, so many lists choose to leave this out of the ranking, but generally, you can pick up a bottle for less than $10,000. It is obvious that whoever bought this bottle felt strongly about the charity and wanted to be a philanthropist that evening, as any sane person would never spend that much on a single bottle.

Who Buys Expensive Wine

12 Most Expensive Wines in The World

There are basically two categories of individuals pertaining to buying expensive wines. Firstly, you have the rich and elite who really just want a taste of something nice, or have a thing for quality wines.

Individuals like this tend to purchase expensive wines and drink them to satisfy their wants.

However, on the other hand, we have those that are wealthy but looking to wine purchase for business reasons. These individuals purchase expensive wines only to hold them for a while and resell at a higher price for profit.

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How Much Does The Most Expensive Wine Cost

The Screaming Eagle Cabernet costs a jaw-breaking $500,000 per bottle, which is over $100,000 more than its nearest competitor as per price.

Its high cost is due to a number of factors, especially in its making process, which would be discussed later in this article.

Basically, the product goes through a blend of complex aging processes using extracts from the finest vineyard. Although the price looks outrageous at first glance, many queues in line to get a piece of this work of art.

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Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru 2012 $14436

The Musigny vintage is described as magical with layered minerality. Some describe it as a sumptuous cornucopia of flowers, gentle and delicate with silky tannins.

Although 2012 wasnt the perfect harvest season in Burgundy with a few spring frosts, irregular flowering and late-spring hailstorms, the dry, hot summer tail-end provided created a robust flavor for this vintage. Going by the estates reputation, this wine is no doubt worth its every drop. Not the least it carries the Domaine aura of our next wine producer the owner parting ways with DLC years ago when they became direct rivals.

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Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon: $8052

The 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon is the tenth most expensive wine in the world. The wine has sold for $8,052 per bottle, though that price conceals a much higher sale. Technically this is the most expensive vintage ever sold, since a bottle of this wine went for $500,000 at a charity auction in 2000. However, theres some evidence that the price of this wine had nothing to do with either rarity or quality. Rather, the price is said to have been paid by a wealthy philanthropist who wanted simply to make a large charitable donation.

The wine is still rare and expensive. 175 cases were produced, sold only by exclusive mailing list and at auctions. The waiting-list-only sales technique has created something of a cult status for this wine. The wine is said to be juicy and vibrant, with aromas of pomelo and white peach. Medium to full-bodied, the wine is soft and silky in the mouth.

Why Are They So Expensive

How much is a bottle of Petrus?

Other than costing at least as much as a mid-priced car, what do these wines have in common? For starters, all are French, nine are from Burgundy, and eight are various vintages of the legendary Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée-Conti a property that has been growing grapes for the purpose of wine since 1232 so if you shell out for a bottle, youre paying for centuries of excellence and knowledge.

And what’s that we spy? A single wine from Bordeaux? If you’re a big spender who bucks the trend and avoids Burgundy, you can splurge on a bottle of Château Cheval Blanc, which is a Premier Grand Cru Classé from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Saint-Émilion.

No surprise, knowing their reputations, that these wines are exceptionally highly rated. If you are lucky enough to have your wish come true and you get the chance to taste even one of these coveted bottles, youre bound to have a transcendent experience. But we couldn’t help but notice that none of these wines have a perfect 5-star rating from the Vivino community. It turns out no wine can ideally please every wine lover, no matter how much it costs. But while we are on the subject of price, let’s examine why these wines are currently the most expensive bottles on the market.

From The Drops of God, a Japanese manga

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Most Expensive Bottles Of Wine Ever Sold

| Stuff

Wine is some of the most diverse alcohol in the world and comes in numerous varieties and price points. While the stuff you get from the grocery store is perfectly fine, all of the wines on this list are the pinnacle of luxury. All of the worlds most expensive wine cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The wines topping this list are rare and greatly desired by wine aficionados everywhere. Some of these wines have historical importance, two of them might have belonged to Thomas Jefferson. The remaining wines are expensive because of how exceptional they are.

Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck $275000

$275,000 for a bottle of wine would seem ridiculous to most, however, this wine has a very unique and exciting story which easily justifies the price.

In 1916, a ship carrying the wine was torpedoed by a German submarine in the First World War, causing it to sink to the bottom of the ocean for over 80 years.

The wreckage was discovered in 1997 and 2,000 bottles were saved.

So, even if you cant drink it, $275,000 gets you an incredible piece of history and a fantastic story to tell at dinner parties.

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# : Liber Pater 2015 30 000 Euros

Liber Pater is produced in the Graves wine region, in the Bordeaux area. Its creator, Loïc Pasquet, offers a unique vintage, made from free-run vines. So, the vines are not grafted, with the somewhat provocative promise of making you rediscover the true taste of Bordeaux wines. However, you will have to have the means to do so!

Penfolds Grange Hermitage: $38420

Hungaryâs finest wine region owns the most expensive wine in the world ...

The seventh most expensive wine in the world is also the most expensive Australian wine ever sold. A bottle of the 1951 Penfolds Grange Hermitage sold for $38,420 in 2004. The bottle sold at an Australian auction to a private collector. There are only 20 bottles of the vintage left in existence.

The Penfolds Grange Hermitage was primarily a Shiraz with a small blend of Cabernet Sauvignon. The 1951 vintage was the first experimental vintage, laid down in American oak hogsheads. It is said to be Australias most celebrated wine. Created by legendary winemaker Max Schubert, the wine was not at first commercially released. 1,800 bottles were made and given as gifts to Schuberts colleagues and friends. It is now the most sought-after Australian vintage.

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Where Does The Worlds Most Expensive Wine Come From

At the moment, the worlds most expensive wine is the Screaming Eagle Cabernet. The wine originates from the Screaming Eagle Winery and vineyards which is located in California.

The wine estate produces a limited amount of varietal wine which is of top-notch quality and in high demand. Today, this wine is in so much demand that it is considered a cult wine, one of the factors that add to its exorbitant price.

The winery is located in Oakville, California, specifically north of Napa in the Napa Valley.

It displays truly world-class qualities with its intense purity, soft texture, overall balance, and unique quality that make it stand out from its competition.

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Chteau Cheval Blanc: $304000

The most expensive wine in the world and arguably the finest is the 1947 Château Cheval Blanc. Over the years this vintage has assumed mythic qualities for its complexity and a combination of apparently opposing qualities. The wine combines high alcohol content, sweetness and high acidity in a way that is somehow a delight to the palate. Universally acclaimed by nearly every critic who samples it, the wines uncanny excellence was not born of mastery but of accident or miracle.

The summer of 1947 brought record heat, destroying thousands of barrels of wine throughout Europe. Grapes nearly turned to raisins on the vine. A combination of old barrels, too much yeast and a stuck fermentation should by all rights have ruined this vintage. Instead, something miraculous occurred, giving the wine all the earmarks of a disaster yet somehow combining them into a sensory epiphany. Its nose is characterized by hints of macaroon, fig and chocolate. Fat and dense in the mouth, its aftertaste recalls a never ending firework display. Its little wonder a bottle sold at a Christies auction in Geneva for $304,000.

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What Makes Great Wine

Great Grapes The cost of producing a wine that has the pedigree of a true collectible is not cheap. First, you need excellent grapes, and depending on where they come from, wine grapes can cost many thousands of dollars. Older vines do seem to improve intensity, but some vineyards produce highly rated wines after just 10 years.

Oak Despite the environmental movement these days towards less oak, high end wines still emphasize . The top pick for fine wine barrels is a white oak called Quercus petraea from France.

Time A well made red wine is often undrinkable when its young. As it ages, the abrasive tannins and acidity calm down. Some wineries are equipped to age wines for up to 15 years before releasing them. That means some wineries have millions of bottles in storage at any time. Providing an ideal cellar for aging wines is costly. Learn the

Respect All the most expensive wine in the world has some sort of story that makes them truly unique. For instance, Trockenbeerenauslese Riesling in Germany and Austria can only be produced when the vineyard conditions are perfect something that may only happen every 5-10 years.

Expensive Wine #: 1945 Jeroboam Of Chateau Mouton

Top 10 Most Expensive Wines In The World.

If the name sounds familiar, its because it probably is. This bottle comes from the vineyards of one of the richest families in the world, as Nathaniel Rothschild bought the estate in 1853. Today, bottles that come from this vineyard are considered to be among the most valued in the world, and this particular JEROBOAM OF CHATEAU MOUTON-ROTHSCHILD is no exception. The characteristic V in the label represents the victory of the Allied Forces in WWII, in 1945.

Considered to be one of the best vintage wines of the last century, a bottle would set you back $310,700, with a glass being around $8,631. A very expensive wine with an undoubtedly remarkable taste and history.

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Is There A Right Way To Drink Wine

There are many people out there that will say that you need to drink wine a certain way. They will say that white wine can only be drunk with certain foods, and the same with red wine.

However, there is no reason to limit yourself to what you eat with your wine. As long as you enjoy it, that should be enough. Maybe if you buy a $500,000 bottle of wine you need to be more conscious of what you eat, but in most cases, it does not matter.

Where To Buy The Finest Wine In The Philippines

You can buy from cheap to expensive wine in the Philippines through the site Drinkies.PH. Here not only offers a variety of wines but also beer, spirit, Champagne,… Drinkies.PH is the leading cold drink e-commerce site in the Philippines. This is a project in the Drinkies series of Heineken. All orders are freeship and delivered in just 60 minutes. It is convenient during quarantine to have parties with cold drinks delivered to the house. You can find expensive wine for sale here.

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Penfolds Grange Hermitage 1951 $38000

The first Australian wine on the list is the Penfolds Grange Hermitage 1951.

With only 20 bottles in known existence, this is also one of the rarest wines on the planet, therefore its price reflects its limited status.

The Hermitage is regarded by many as one of Australias finest wines and is best described as predominantly Shiraz with a hint of Cabernet Sauvignon.

# : Petrus 2000 Cuve De Lespace 830 000 Euros

The Weird World Of Expensive Wine

And now here is our big winner of the most expensive wines in the world. It is said to be worth $1 million or 830,000 euros. Thats the estimated price of the most expensive bottle in the world! Petrus, vintage 2000 is a bottle that is usually around 5000 euros. The subtlety is that some bottles were sent into space for a period of 14 months. This is a world first and this is what made the estimate jump. We will hardly know if such a price will materialize. Of course, the planned sale will be private and therefore confidential, but such an estimate clearly leaves us speechless!

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The Worlds Most Expensive Wines And What They Have In Common

Some of the most expensive wines ever, mostly from France. Which will come next?

Hi, everyone, how do you do?

Im Breno, coming back with some curiosities you might enjoy about the worlds most expensive wines ever sold and the most sought-after on the market.

After all, fine and rare wines and their investment side are what we do best, right?

I had briefly talked about this in an earlier in this post on fun facts about the wine world, but decided to push it further.

* * *

What do the most expensive wines have in common?, some might ask.

Well, to be honest, there arent so many common traits between them, apart from the well-known notion that the French regions of Burgundy and Bordeaux command the highest prices. But there are some interesting points youll find interesting here.

To get it started, lets define which are the most expensive wines in the world .

Below are the most expensive wines ever sold at auction excluding, for example, bottles based on their historical value such as the French ones owned by an early famed American oenophile: founding father and former president Thomas Jefferson.

This Is The World’s Most Expensive Bottle Of Wine

Whiskey has been grabbing plenty of headlines for its record-breaking auctions as of late. From million dollars bottles of The Macallan Scotch to a 50-year-old Yamazaki that managed to break the Japanese whiskey record by selling for about a third of that price, the collectors market has been paying a premium for coveted bottles. But it turns out it isn’t just brown spirits having all the fun. Over the weekend, a Sothebys auction in New York set a new record for the most expensive wine ever sold.

A bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti, a red Burgundy from Cote de Nuits, sold for an astounding $558,000. Though Romanee-Conti is a renowned producer to this day, this particular wine is especially coveted because reportedly only 600 bottles were produced in 1945, and the vines were removed and replanted after this vintage. Rare and wonderful, Serena Sutcliffe, head of Sothebys international wine department, wrote on the auction site. The best bottles are so concentrated and exotic, with seemingly everlasting powera wine at peace with itself.

Meanwhile, adding to all the excitement, three magnums of 1937 Romanee-Conti also sold for $310,000 apiece, each also rivaling the price for the most expensive bottle of any size. In all, Quartz suggested that this single auction included the five most expensive bottles of wine ever sold all in one place. Sounds like a fun dinner party waiting to happen.

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