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How Do I Sell Wine Online

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Instructions Feed Specification For Vivino Product Data

How To Sell Wine Online

When creating a new feed for Vivino, you will need to include a few specific data in the right format.

Normally, the feed structure is as follows:

< vivino-product-list> < product> ---PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES AND DATA HERE--- < /product> < /vivino-product-list> 

Now, let us look at a list of the required product attributes that you should include on your product feed, and I will provide an example for each attribute for you to understand how to include the product data.

Later, I will show you an example of the complete structure of the XML feed and guide you on how you can generate the feed real quick.

Required Product Attributes To Submit to Vivino

The following are mandatory attributes that you must submit for every wine you want to list on Vivino.

You may include an image of the wine. < image>< /image>

Apart from these, there are several other extra attributes that you may include to optimize the feed.

To submit the extra attributes, you normally need to submit them by cascading them within the Extra tags.

Take a look at the example feed structure below to see how a Vivino XML feed looks like with all the mandatory attributes and a few recommended extra attributes.

Now Is The Time To Separate Yourself From The Pack

There are well over 10,000 different wineries all over the country trying to do exactly the same thing you are trying to do which is sell wine online.

The good news for you is MOST of them will NOT do anything differently than they have always done.

YOU, however, now possess the guidance to take your ecommerce sales to the next level.

None of the recommendations in this article are expensive. But, they do require a firm commitment to learning new things.

At Salisbury Creative Group, we have over 60 articles on our website and 80 videos on our YouTube channel that are FREE and will assist you in your journey.

We also offer an array of self-paced, online courses to fit every budget and need. Click here to visit our online school.

If you are interested in something more personalized in order to fast-track your goals, simply to see how you can instantly generate new leads and sell more wine or spirits online!

Good selling!

Best For Small And Medium

Shopify offers wineries the chance to sell wine online and boost their sales by giving them access to multiple sales channels such as Facebook, POS, and Instagram.

Wine sellers can efficiently manage sales, fulfillment, orders, and inventory. Besides that, Shopify has an excellent mobile-app that allows wineries to manage every aspect of their online store on the go. Sellers also have access to the HTML and CSS code of their website which provides them with endless ways to customize their storefront.

Wineries that have a large customer base can benefit greatly by using Shopify, as the platform makes wine club management a breeze. Wineries get comprehensive access to their customers profiles and purchasing history.

Wineries can choose from some of the specialized wine templates that Shopify offers and create a unique wine online storefront.

With Shopifys MailChimp integration, clients can completely automate their email marketing and send personalized emails. When it comes to storefront management, Shopify excels as there are numerous ways in which wineries can boost their online sales. For example, sellers can create customer groups, offer targeted discounts, and sell members-only products.

Additionally, Shopify integrates with over 100 payment gateways.

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Sell Your Stored Wines With Cru 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1 Select the Wines to Offer

Go to Account then Investment Centre and click Sell Wines.This shows the wines you can sell .

Step 2 – Set the Selling Price

Set the selling price in the Sale Price box. The price you receive will be Sale Price minus our standard commission, shown in You Receive column.

Step 3 – Set Live

Slide the red toggle to the right and Save. You will see a confirmation screen to check the Selling Price and the price you will get after commission.

Thats it!

Your wines are now available for sale on Cru .

After the Sale Account Credit

As your wines sell you will receive daily email confirmations. The proceeds your sales will be credited as Account Credit which you can see in your Account Credit section.

Spending and Redeeming Account Credit

This can be used at the checkout to buy more wines. Or you can request redemption in cash by emailing us at . Payments can be made 30 days after wines have sold.

Cru is one of the worlds leading fine wine retailers. We have experts working across the globe serving customers in over 40 different countries. We operate from four major hubs in London, Hong Kong, Bordeaux, Singapore, Beijing and San Francisco, from which we offer advice and impeccable service through both traditional and digital channels. We are very focused on using technology to make the experience of fine wine buying more fun and convenient.

Get Into The Right Mindset

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Winery Website and Increase Online ...

One of the first things you will need to do to sell wine online like a pro is to shift your mindset.

And here is the mindset:

You find and attract email subscribers using SEO and Facebook/Instagram lead ads you SELL using email marketing.

This is a big shift from how most people attempt to sell wine online. The vast majority of wineries use email to send out boring newsletters that very few people read and they run self-glorifying Facebook and Instagram ads that invite users to shop now or buy now. These strategies are doomed to failure.

The foundation of this NEW mindset is accepting the truth that people do not come to Facebook to research products and services to purchase. That is the realm of Google and Amazon. People come to Facebook and Instagram to be entertained and to engage with their friends and family.

But, while they are on their feed wine drinkers WILL engage with wineries ads IF those ads entertain, inform, and educate.

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How Do I Get Paid For My Wine

How you get paid for selling your wine online is a key detail! In our experience, it has been a fairly quick and easy process.

After the conclusion of the auction, you will get an email outlining either your sales or the entire auction catalog and the sales price of each wine at auction. Within a couple of weeks you typically receive and email with a list of your wines and their selling price, as well as an indication of when your payment is coming. Within 30 days or so of the auction, you will receive a check for the amount owed you, minus any pre-agreed-upon commission.

Add Payment Options For Your Customers

Shoppers are wary of fraud and identity theft. How do you establish immediate trust? Simple: add payment providers that shoppers are familiar with, like or PayPal Checkout. These engines are popular across the web. Learning how to build a wines ecommerce website the right way means learning how to build trust with your customers.

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How To Sell Wine Online In Just 7 Steps

Wine consumption in the US has been continuously increasing since the 90s. Up to now, not only the US but this market in many countries, including the UK, Canada, Germany, Mexico, China, etc., are very developed. Especially when there is the appearance of eCommerce, the sale of wine online has really boomed. Is this the time to find out how to sell wine online?

Starting an online wine shop can be an excellent method to introduce wine to many people. This is a terrific alternative if you own a small wine shop and wish to reach a larger audience or if youre just starting out selling wine online.

This step-by-step guide will lead you through everything you need to know about selling wine online, from obtaining the necessary permissions to starting and marketing your store.

Sell Wine From Home Wine Direct Sales Companies

How to Sell Wine Online: Building an Ecommerce Store with Paperform

Sell wine from home? Wine lovers rejoice! Now you can love your wine and have your very own home business sharing wine with others as well. Most direct sales companies that offer wine, also offer wine accessories too. Bottle openers, wine glasses and more.

Wine direct sales companies have grown in popularity and numbers in the past few years. These companies show their reps how to start an online wine business and more. Below is a list of the wine companies that I’ve seen offering a home business.

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How To Sell Wine Online With The Woocommerce Product Table WordPress Plugin

Building a successful online store requires designing it around your specific niche. If you want to run a wine or beer store, for instance, you need to optimize your WooCommerce site to showcase your drinks perfectly. This means finding the right tool to sell wine online with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Fortunately, the WooCommerce Product Table plugin offers the perfect solution. It adds the layouts you need to sell wine and other alcoholic drinks from a user-friendly one-page order form.

In this post, well talk about why WooCommerce Product Table is a smart way to create your wine store. Then well walk you through the process of setting up your shop and start selling wine online in minutes. This simple method works equally well for selling wine, beer or any other type of food or drink. Lets jump in!

Best For Growing Businesses: Squarespace

If you want to sell wine online and offer your customers excellent user experience, then Squarespace is the ideal fit for your winery. This is a popular website builder known for its devotion to design.

Wineries can benefit greatly from Squarespaces amazing wine templates as they allow them to create unique wine storefronts thatll stand out from the competition. With the extensive image features, wineries can display a number of wine product images and showcase their winery in the best light. The templates are also fully responsive on mobile phones.

Wineries can create personalized email campaigns and manage discounts. This type of personalized marketing encourages customers to try and buy more wine. The platform also provides sellers with the opportunity to add rich product descriptions, create gift cards, and manage customer accounts.

Wine sellers can use Shopifys effective inventory management that tracks wine production and wine sales history. Plus, they can sell an unlimited number of wine bottles which is rarely the case with wine ecommerce platforms.

All websites created with Squarespace are hosted on the company servers and the costs for hosting are included in their monthly plans. This type of ecommerce solution can help wineries save valuable time as self-hosting can be time-consuming, particularly for businesses that experience high volume sales.

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Using WordPress With An Ecommerce Plugin

Whereas an ecommerce builder sets some creative boundaries through its templates, WordPress when equipped with its top ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce offers unlimited creative freedom, but only if you know how to code. WooCommerce is less of a ready-out-of-the-box solution than a website builder, but it does enable you to create a truly bespoke online store.

WooCommerce is known as an open source software its free to install, but youll need to find and pay for your own web hosting, security, and website themes. Thats really simple to do, however.

If you like the sound of WordPress and WooCommerce, then youll need to find a hosting provider. WordPress itself recommends Bluehost as the best option, and we totally agree. It comes with WooCommerce-specific price plans to make your life much easier, and it boasts a brilliant server uptime to ensure your alcohol website never has any performance hiccups.

Do you wish someone would just tell you exactly which online store builder you should use? Youre in luck! Our quick and easy quiz gives you a personalized recommendation, so youll know exactly which one is best for your needs. Click below to get started

Why 2021 Is The Perfect Year To Launch A Wine Business


We all knew that soon every business would be selling its products and services online. Some adopted this trend early, while some tend to catch up after their sales started to drop. 2021 was a disastrous year in terms of health and economic factors. Weve seen loss of countless lives as well as money, but theres always a silver lining to every gray cloud.

A quick adaptation of digitization in businesses has been the silver lining of 2021. Businesses have understood the importance of being present for their customers at the touch of a button. Several stores and small businesses were late to upgrade and have now closed for good.

If you own one of the lucky alcohol wineries or stores that are still alive or are yet to start your business journey, make sure digitization is the first thing on your mind. Although the year may seem very gloom even to try, it is still the perfect year if you plan to launch an on-demand wine delivery business.

An alcohol delivery service app does a lot more than just being a new channel of sales for alcohol drinks. It enables wine merchants to collect information about wine consumers that can be used to categorize their customers into small groups. Then these merchants can create hyper-targeted marketing strategies, offer customized deals, and give them a personalized experience via the liquor delivery app.

So, as I said earlier, make sure that digitization is the prime objective on your mind when you launch your wine business this year.

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Embed Checkout Page In Site & Sell Wine Online

You can use the code given under Embed Plan Link pane to embed a checkout page on WordPress. For this, copy the complete code given.

Edit the Page & Paste the Copied Link

And then paste it in the text area of any post or page.

Save & Publish the Checkout Page

Publish the post or page afterwards & a checkout page will get embedded on your site.

Check out the Final Look of your Checkout Page on WordPress Site

Where Can We Go To Learn More

Thanks for this opportunity to tell you a little bit about The Wine Spies. Were super proud of what weve built here, and we love every opportunity to meet new folks. If you and your readers would like to give Wine Spies a try, please use this coupon code for an additional 10% off on your order: STARTERSTORY


If you have any questions or comments, drop a comment below!

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Create Your Ecommerce Platform

Setting up an attractive and user-friendly eCommerce platform is a must for any business owner. Your website is responsible for almost everything in your business: receiving traffic, generating leads, order processing, offering content, displaying products, and accepting payments through an eCommerce payment gateway.

BlueCartâs eCommerce platform is a simple, SEO-friendly option for food and drink sellers. Customize your site with just a few clicks and use our built-in eCommerce marketing automation tools to generate sales. Schedule a demo today to see the convenience of our platform for yourself.

Best For Wine Shipment Within The United States: Vinoshipper

How to Sell Wine and Alcohol Online: eCommerce Local Delivery Software and Strategy

Wineries and breweries face a number of administrative problems when they try to ship wine across a number of states, which limits their sales and the overall success of the company. This is where VinoShipper steps in and eases the process of selling wine online across the United States.

Companies that collaborate with VinoShipper are provided with shipping permits for over 40 states. The company manages all reports, shipments, and orders on behalf of the client. Plus, it does a great job of taking care of the payment of taxes for wineries.

VinoShipper allows clients to streamline the process of selling wine online by providing them with a platform where they can manage all their members and clients in one place. Whats more, the platforms shipping options offer clients exceptional service. Every order is managed by the VinoShipper UPS account, so the client doesnt even need to have an account to process the orders.

Apart from that, wineries get to set their own shipping rates and discounts and change them at any given moment by using a real-time rate feature. VinoShipper is the perfect fit for wineries within the United States that want to start selling wine online and expand their customer base.

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Some Of The Best Online Alcohol Delivery Services

We began with the research process, and I cannot stress enough how the importance of this step. Lets look at this from another angle. There are a few alcohol delivery services in the world that have achieved a lot in local and international markets.

The best way to start a wine business and sell wine online is by learning from what your competitors did right and wrong when they started. So, here are the most popular eCommerce alcohol delivery platforms and the best alcohol delivery apps that carved a big piece of pie for themselves.

Best eCommerce Alcohol Platforms

  • Thirstie
  • Buttery

Study these online alcohol sales platforms, how they began their startup journey, what they did right, and what they did wrong. After studying them to extend, sketch out a business strategy that applies their best points, and avoid their weaknesses.

Best Places To Sell Wine Offline And Online

Do you run a wine store and need tips on how and where to sell your wine and liquor fast? If YES, here are 20 best places to sell wine online and offline.

People love to drink wine, especially fine wine. Since the late 90s, wine sales in the U.S. have steadily increased. One research conducted by the Wine Institute, has it that the U.S. has been the highest consumer of wine in the world since 2014.

With wines still being very much accepted for people, its sale has gone ahead to be more profitable than ever. This is regardless of whether you are selling the wine at a restaurant, in a liquor store, or from your own collection. To be a success in the business of wine selling, you must know that each type of wine takes a slightly different selling approach, so you need to read up on the type of selling you want to do.

The correct mode of selling your wine is going to depend on a few things. Most importantly, the type of wine you have collected, the amount of wine you have for sale, the provenance of your wine, the value of your wine cellar and how quickly you need to sell.

If you run a winery or you a wine collector who has decided to start selling your wines, we are going to show you some of the best places you can sell your wine both offline and online.

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