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Glass Of Chardonnay Calories

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Bartles & Jaymes Wine Coolers

Consumer groups want nutrition labels on wine bottles

The Bartles & Jaymes or B& J original wine cooler first hit the marketplace in 1984, according to the Bartles & Jaymes website. Unlike other wine coolers, B& J is made with white wine, along with fruit and other flavors.

Bartles & Jaymes used to come in a distinctively shaped bottle, but is now available in a 12-ounce can. The company has churned out many flavors since its launch, such as blue Hawaiian, fuzzy navel, mojito, kiwi strawberry and mango.

The calories vary from one flavor to the next. For example, there are 120 calories in a watermelon mint wine color, according to the nutrition label.

How Much Alcohol Is In White Wine

Its easy to see how much alcohol is in any white wine – just look out for the Alcohol by Volume which youll find on the label, or ask at the bar.

The ABV tells you what percentage of the white wine is alcohol. The higher the ABV, the more alcohol is in the drink and the stronger it is – for example, a 13% ABV white wine contains 13% pure alcohol.

White wines typical strength means drinking two large glasses in one session could mean youre consuming six and a half units of alcohol, so could be classed as binge drinking .1

Research shows that binge drinking over a three-to-six hour period increases your short-term risk of accidents and injuries by two to five times.2

Clones Crossing And Mutations

As of 2006, 34 clonal varieties of Chardonnay could be found in vineyards throughout France most of these were developed at the University of Burgundy in Dijon. The so-called “Dijon clones” are bred for their adaptive attributes, with vineyard owners planting the clonal variety best suited to their terroir and which will produce the characteristics that they are seeking in the wine. Examples include the lower-yielding clones ‘Dijon-76′, ’95’ and ’96’ that produce more flavor-concentrated clusters. ‘Dijon-77’ and ‘809’ produce more aromatic wines with a “grapey” perfume, while ‘Dijon-75′, ’78’, ‘121’, ‘124’, ‘125’ and ‘277’ are more vigorous and higher-yielding clones. New World varieties include the ‘Mendoza‘ clone, which produced some of the early California Chardonnays. The ‘Mendoza’ clone is prone to develop millerandage, also known as “hens and chicks”, where the berries develop unevenly. In places such as Oregon, the use of newer Dijon clones has had some success in those regions of the Willamette Valley with climates similar to that of Burgundy.

In the 1930s, Chardonnay was crossed with a Seibel grape to create the hybrid grape Ravat blanc.

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Low Carb White Wine Spritzer

This low carb white wine spritzer is such a refreshing drink! It’s perfect for enjoying on a hot day!

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A few weeks ago I wrote about whether it is a good idea to drink alcohol on a low carb diet. I mentioned various kinds of alcoholic drinks and their carb content for a typical serving. White wine is definitely not one of the worst offenders, but you can reduce the carb content further by mixing it with zero carb soda. It makes a longer drink, and for half the carbs of a regular glass of wine!

If you have fresh lime, you could squeeze some lime juice and add a twist of peel or a slice of lime to the drink. Or, if speed is of the essence, using bottled lime juice is just fine!

But Can Wine Be Good For You

How Many Calories in a Glass of Wine

Red wine boasts some pretty impressive health benefits. It contains resveratrol, an antioxidant thats been linked to heart health and can protect you from free radicals.

BUT! Most calories from wine are empty since they lack vitamins, minerals, and other significant nutrients. So, def dont overdo it Bacchus style.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, moderate drinking is:

  • For women: 1 standard drink a day
  • For men: 2 standard drinks a day

A standard drink is a drink that has 0.6 fluid ounces of pure alcohol in it. So, for wine, thats about 5 fluid ounces of wine .

Heavy alcohol use is considered:

  • For women: 4+ standard drinks a day
  • For men: 5+ standard drinks a day

In excess, the #WinoForever lifestyle comes with some pretty risky pitfalls. In addition to a wine belly and a nasty hangover, drinking too much on the reg can cause major damage to your body.

Alcohol is connected with an increased risk of:

  • stroke

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Will Wine Make You Gain Weight

It could â wine contains about 125 calories per glass, so adding an extra 125 calories to your daily menu frequently could result in weight gain.

For comparison, one shot of liquor has around 97 calories while a 12-ounce beer has around 150 calories.

Wine, and other types of alcohol, contain empty calories â that means that their calories don’t come from nutrients that help fill you up. Also, your body metabolizes alcohol before it does food, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

What’s more, drinking alcohol can cloud your judgment and cause you to make poor food choices, which could lead to weight gain in the long run.

How Many Calories Are In A Glass Of White Wine

Calories, the ultimate buzzkill to think or talk about, especially while drinking. Calories are like that friend that you’re not really sure why you are friends, but then they do stuff like always DD and keep you alive, so then you remember why you put up with them. Calories are a necessary evil.

So, let’s get this over with, what should we know about calories and wine?

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What Is The Lowest Calorie Wine To Drink

The Best Naturally Low-Calorie Wines Wines with low sugar content, such as sparkling Brut, have only 110 calories per 5-ounce glass. A banana has about the same amount of calories. Sparkling rosé is even lower in calories, containing only 100 calories per glass. Another low-calorie option is Prosecco.

Lowest Calorie Wines: By Type

How many calories are in a glass of wine?

While the wines below offer some selection, you can also use these general formulas when choosing a wine:

Red Wine = 25 x

Dry White Wine = 24 x

Sweet White Wine = 28 x

Rose Wine = 20 x

Champagne = 19 x

Port Wines = 46 x

While they may not be 100 percent accurate, they can give you a ballpark of roughly how many calories you are consuming.

However, if youre at a party or restaurant and need to choose between several different wines, here are the best low-calorie wine options.

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How Many Calories Are In Wine

Each day, it seems like a new study goes viral referring to the various claims that wine can be healthy. Alcohol lowers heart attacks! Red wine helps diabetes and memory retention! Wine can actually replace going to the gym!

Oenophiles will use any excuse to sip more vino but, in reality, alcohol has calories that are not often factored into the daily diet and they can make a big difference.

Calories in wine come from two sources: alcohol and sugar. Of these two, alcohol adds more calories to the finished product, adding about seven calories per gram, whereas residual sugar adds about four calories per gram. Therefore, its important to pay attention not only to the sweetness of the wine being consumed, but the alcohol content as well. A dry, low-alcohol wine will have the fewest calories, while a sweet, high-alcohol wine will have the most. However, since sugar has fewer calories than alcohol, a sweeter, lower-alcohol option is often a better choice than a drier, higher-alcohol wine.

Which Wine Has The Least Calories

If you’re aiming to drop a few extra pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle this year, you’ve probably contemplated cutting wine from your diet.

However, the good news is that not all wines are detrimental to weight loss. In fact, a study done by Washington State University found that some red wines can actually aid weight loss due to an element called resveratrol.

In fact, Professor Min Du, who authored the Washington study, says, “Resveratrol can enhance the conversion of white fat to beige fat.” As beige fat is much easier to burn than white fat, drinking red wine in moderation can actually help with weight loss.

However, that doesn’t mean that your wine’s calories don’t contribute to weight gain. Therefore, this guide will show you some of the best low-calorie wine options available to ensure you minimize weight gain while enjoying a glass of wine.

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Confusion With Pinot Blanc

Due to some ampelographical similarities, Pinot blanc and Chardonnay were often mistaken for each other and even today share many of the same synonyms. The grape vines, leaves, and clusters look identical at first glance, but some subtle differences are seen. The most visible of these can be observed as the grapes are ripening, with Chardonnay grapes taking on a more golden-green color than Pinot blanc grapes. On closer inspection, the grapevine shows slight differences in the texture and length of the hairs on the vine’s shoot, and the veins of a Chardonnay leaf are “naked” near the petiolar sinus the open area where the leaf connects to the stem is delineated by veins at the edge. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the few other Vitis vinifera grape vines to share this characteristic. This confusion between Pinot blanc and Chardonnay was very pervasive throughout northern Italy, where the two vines grew interspersed in the vineyard and were blended in winemaking. The Italian government did not dispatch researchers to try to distinguish the two vines until 1978. A similar situation occurred in France, with the two vines being commonly confused until the mid-19th century, when ampelographers began combing through the vineyards of Chablis and Burgundy, identifying the true Chardonnay and weeding out the Pinot blanc.

Wine Vs Other Alcoholic Drinks And Their Calories

How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine

Most glasses of wine contain around 120 calories, with sweet wine containing considerably more calories at 165 calories per glass.

When comparing the calorie content of wine and other popular alcoholic beverages, people must consider the serving size. Bars and restaurants may serve wine, spirits, and beer in different quantities.

Here are some example calories for popular alcoholic drinks:

  • A 12 ounce can of beer contains around
  • metabolic syndrome

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Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery

E. & J. Gallo Winery â previously known as the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery â is one of the best-known wineries in the United States, for both white and red wines. This family-owned winery was founded in 1937 and is located in Napa Valley, California, per the E. & J. Gallo Winery website. Since the 1930s, they’ve acquired many brands and wineries.

Expect Gallo’s white wines to contain roughly 119 to 123 calories per 5-ounce glass. Gallo’s red wines have approximately 121 to 129 calories per glass.

âGallo Cafâââ âZinfandelâ

One of Gallo’s popular wines is its vividly pink Gallo Café Zinfandel. It’s a refreshing option, per the Gallo website. A 5-ounce glass of red zinfandel has 129 calories, per the USDA.

Where Do Calories Come From In Wine

Unlike most packaged food and drinks, bottles of wine are not required to include nutrition facts, including the number of calories per serving. So, are there calories in wine? Of course! But dont stress we will dissect what makes up the calories in a glass of wine.

The two primary components that make up the calories in wine are alcohol and carbohydrates from residual sugars. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram. This means the alcohol content of wine contributes more to the total calories than carbohydrates.

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Wines With The Fewest Calories

For those trying to manage their weight, knowing the calorie content of different wines can be useful.

The number of calories a wine contains is dependent on the alcohol and sugar content. Generally, the higher the alcohol, the higher the calories. This is because alcohol provides 7 calories per gram, compared to carbs and protein, which only provide 4 calories per gram. If a wine is low in alcohol but high in calories, then it is likely to be a sweet wine, high in sugar.

A 5oz glass of wine typically contains between 109-130 calories. A simple trick to find approximately how many calories 5oz of wine contains is to take the percent alcohol and multiply it by 12. Thus, a wine that is 10% alcohol by volume will contain about 120 calories per 5oz glass. Most adults however, typically consume at least 10oz of wine at a sitting, so double this.

Below is a ranking of wines from lowest to highest. Non-alcoholic wine is easily the lowest in calories, providing just 9 calories in a glass. A light wine at 6.5% ABV provides 73 calories per glass. After that, most wines provide 109-120 calories in a 5oz glass or 220-240 calories in a 10oz serving. Sweet dessert wines tend to have a higher alcohol and sugar content and can pack as many as 236 calories in a single 5oz glass. That is 12% of the total calories you should consume in one day!

Setting targets can provide a guide to healthy eating.

Increased Risk For Heart Disease And Stroke

Juanita Roos Wine Column – Wine Calories

A 2014 study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings reported an association between moderate alcohol consumption and a decreased risk for certain cardiac events. But it’s important to note that excessive alcohol consumption is the third leading cause of premature death in the United States.

According to the report, heavy alcohol use is one of the most common causes of reversible hypertension it accounts for about one-third of all nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy cases. It is also a frequent cause of atrial fibrillation and markedly increases the risk of strokeboth ischemic and hemorrhagic.

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White Wine With Lowest Calorie Count

You may know whether wines have a more significant or lower number of calories with this knowledge.

  • Sweeter, higher-alcohol wines will contain more caloriesthan dry, low-alcohol wines. A glass of Pinot Grigio with 12.5 percent ABV, for example, will likely have fewer calories than a glass of Zinfandel with 15% ABV.
  • Riesling wine contains 23 calories per ounce on average. It is one of the lightest wines available. A single glass has just 115 calories. If youre concerned about the calories in wine, Riesling is generally the healthiest wine to select.
  • Chardonnay wine has 24 calories per ounce on average. Chardonnay is light and pleasant, and it will not consume all of your allotted calories. A single glass has roughly 120 calories. It would be best if you didnt have to wait for a cheat day to have some chardonnay guilt-free.

Take note of the ABV while glancing at the label of a bottle of wine:

  • Wine with a low alcohol content: less than 12.5 percent ABV
  • Wine with a moderate alcohol content: 12.5-14 percent ABV
  • Wines with a high alcohol content: 14.5 percent ABV or more

Low Calorie White Wine

1. Fun Wine Coconut Chardonnay

  • Calories: 59
  • Sugars: 0.6g
  • ABV: 5.5%

This tropical twist on a chardonnay tastes like a pina colada in wine form. You’d never guess this low calorie wine has the least amount of calories with just 59 per serving!

You can find out more about this low carb wine here.

2. Cupcake LightHearted Chardonnay

  • Sugars: 0.03g
  • ABV: 9.5%

Cense wines are basically the gold standard for low calorie wine. And as far as white wines go, their sauvignon blanc is definitely the one to beat. It’s bright, crisp, and citrusy with the taste of fresh grapefruit, lemon, and lime.

For more info on this low calorie wine click here.

4. Sunny with a Chance of Flowers

  • Calories: 85
  • Sugars: 0g
  • ABV: 9%

This bright and fruity wine is guaranteed to be your next summer go-to. It tastes like a tropical fruit smoothie with hints of pineapple, guava, and grapefruit. You’d never believe a glass has just 85 calories. And not just that – it’s a completely sugar free wine too!

Learn more about this healthy wine option here.

5. Bellissima Sparkling Wine

  • Sugars: 0g
  • ABV: 13%

Skinnygirl is a well-known brand with low calorie alcoholic drinks, and this sugar free wine option is one of their best. It has notes of orange peel and tropical fruits for a fruity and floral blend that tastes like summer.

To find out more about this low carb wine click here.

8. Bev Gris Pinot Grigio

  • Calories: 107
  • Sugars: 0g
  • ABV: 11%

Click here for more info on this healthy wine option.

9. FitVine Chenin Blanc

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Calories In Riesling Wine

Riesling wine has an average of 23 calories per ounce. Riesling is one of the lightest wines on the market. A single glass would only be 115 calories. That’s 5 calories fewer than the average white wine and 10 fewer than a comparable red wine. At 575 calories in a 750mL bottle, we wouldn’t feel bad having multiple glasses with a riesling.

Riesling is probably the single best wine to choose if you’re concerned at all about the calories in wine.

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