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Can You Sell Wine On Ebay

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Can I Sell My Homemade Wine

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Hello there! I’m Dr. Vinifera, but you can call me Vinny. Ask me your toughest wine questions, from the fine points of etiquette to the science of winemaking. And don’t worry, I’m no wine snobyou can also ask me those “dumb questions” you’re too embarrased to ask your wine geek friends! I hope you find my answers educational, empowering and even amusing. And don’t forget to check out my most asked questions and my full archives for all my Q& A classics.

Dear Dr. Vinny,

Can I sell my homemade wine? What kind of license do I need to obtain to do that?

Denea, Atlanta

Dear Denea,

The good news is that federal law permits adults to make up to 100 gallons of homemade wine per calendar year if you are the only adult living in the household, and up to 200 gallons if there are two or more adults in the household. The law also allows you to take your homemade wine off premise, for personal or family use including use at organized affairs, exhibitions or competitions, such as home winemaking contests, tastings or judgings.

Guess what it says you may not do, under any circumstance? Sell it.

If that doesnt sound complicated enough, this process is currently halted due to the partial federal government shutdown.

I dont mean to be discouraging, but I want to make sure you know what youre getting into. Theres much more information at the TTBs website, including online application forms. Good luck!

Dr. Vinny

Wine Ecommerce Is Growing Rapidly

Thanks to apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, and Instacart, todays consumers can have nearly any food or drink delivered directly to their door.

But what consistently remains missing from the list of these available products is alcohol.

Now, considering the regulations they have to contend with, its understandable for the average wine retailer to be slower to adopt D2C sales.

However, this isnt to say that only a handful of wine sellers are embracing ecommerce. In fact, its quite the opposite.

Last year, the volume of DtC wine shipments totaled 5.78 million, representing a 15.3% YoY increase. And the value of these shipments came in at an all-time high of $2.69 billion in 2017.

Clearly, there are plenty of brands who recognize the potential of wine ecommerce and have begun taking advantage of this selling channel.

One of the major benefits of selling online is the ability to reach a much broader audience.

Not only that, wine ecommerce can also help companies increase the loyalty of their existing customers.

Traditional advertising for example, TV commercials, print ads, and on-site events substantially limit the number of wine drinkers you can market to. For the most part, the only people you can reach are local consumers.

But digital marketing allows wine sellers to connect with potential customers all over the world.

Just as personalized marketing can bring in new customers, it can also encourage past customers to buy from you again.

Best Place To Sell Wine Online

If you want to expand your wine sales across the largest possible area, itâs worth learning more about where to sell it. Thanks to the ever-growing market for online food and drink sales, there are numerous options available to you.

Here are some channels through which to sell wine online:

  • Your own website or eCommerce platform
  • Wine trading websites
  • Online auction houses
  • Wine forums

now to learn how you can sell your wine to over 95,000 buyers on our platform.

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Promoting Your Book On Ebay

Now that your book is listed on eBay, be sure to let everyone know about it! You can use Facebook, or blogs to announce your new publication. But you can also increase your profile on eBay by paying careful attention to your listings and telling your readers why this book is the best one out there.

  • Your title and descriptions are very important to your books this is what your buyers will use to decide if they want your book or not. eBay offers a guide to writing a winning title and description. You can use a title generator to help create an eye-catching listing.
  • Your book auction/sales can increase because of your description, so follow a few basic rules.
  • Don’t forget to set up an About Me page and get to know the sellers and buyers. Establishing a presence takes time and effort, but it also improves sales. If you have a website, be sure to add a link to your eBay listings.
  • Make it as simple as possible for your customers, and for eBooks.

How To Sell Spirits At Auction

35 Things You Can Sell on eBay That Can Make You a Ton of ...
  • Selling your bottles at Whisky.Auction is the second most-rewarding thing to do with your whisky . So if your tastes have changed, or you’re simply looking to raise funds to buy more whisky, please get in touch. You might be surprised to see how valuable your drinks cabinet has become.

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Getting A Premises Licence

Next, youll need to apply for a premises licence from your local authority/council, in compliance with The Licensing Act 2003. A premises licence can be granted to any fixed commercial property where the handling and dispatch of alcohol is taking place including warehouses, storage facilities, shop floors and more.

All businesses selling alcohol must have an appointed Designated Premises Supervisor that has been appointed for the relevant premises this include businesses selling alcohol online. The person in this role must not only be nominated for it by the premises license holder, but must also hold a personal licence.

Unfortunately, its unlikely youll be able to run an online alcohol business from your house as local authorities dont tend to grant licences to domestic dwellings. An outbuilding on your land, however, could be given a licence as long as it has the relevant planning permission to operate as a commercial premises.

Along with your application form, youll need to submit a floorplan of your premises which highlights the areas where alcohol will be kept and handled.

As part of your application, youll need to describe how your business will comply with the four licensing objectives. These are:

  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • Protection of children from harm
  • Public safety
  • As your business grows, you may need other members of staff to also get a personal licence and share this responsibility.

    What You Need To Consider Before Selling Your Wine

    Firstly, there are legal hurdles to overcome: primarily that you will find it very hard to sell wine without an alcohol licence. You also have an obligation to go through all sorts of other legal hoops to ensure that the person receiving the delivered bottle is aged over 18.

    If you sell a bottle or a case of wine online, you also need to think of how you would get it to the purchaser. You could just sell to people who live locally, who can actually come and pick it up in person, but this severely limits the potential purchasers you can reach.

    Offer it to everyone, regardless of distance, and youll have to pack it up and send it via courier to its destination. Every courier has different rules about carrying alcohol and liquids, but you can expect to pay a premium to guarantee safe delivery of delicate glass bottles, as well as having to pack it really well to avoid breakage.

    There is also the risk of your purchaser not being happy with what they receive. What if there is a breakage? or the wine turns out to be corked? Maybe the purchaser decides he or she doesnt like what they bought? These are all complications you could happily do without. The London Wine cellar removes all of these niggling hurdles, making selling wine effortless from the free nationwide collection to speedy payment.

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    Is It Legal To Sell Wine Online

    Yes, as long as you abide by the laws in the state from which youre shipping as well as the state to which youre shipping.

    Every state has its own laws about selling wine online, including which certifications and licenses it requires as well as the maximum volume that can be shipped.

    Note: just because you can sell locally does not mean you can sell online.

    Ebay Offers Robust Tools For Ecommerce Operations Of All Sizes


    Its a well-known fact that eBay is an approachable, easy way to make a few bucks on some used items. But eBay also offers some surprisingly powerful tools for sellers who want to build their entire business on the platform.

    For example, the eBay Seller Hub is an all-in-one dashboard that gives sellers at-a-glance metrics on their performance, allowing them to make data-driven decisions in their business.

    The eBay Store is a one-stop shop for a particular sellers merchandise. In exchange for a tiered monthly fee, sellers have access to features unavailable to typical users.

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    Can I Sell Alcohol Online In Canada

    Yes, but only in certain provinces.

    Similar to the policies for selling wine online in the U.S., every Canadian province has specific laws regarding which types of businesses can sell directly to consumers as well as the maximum volume that can be shipped.

    It is your responsibility to ensure you abide by all regulations imposed by the province from which youre shipping as well as the province to which youre shipping.

    Getting A Personal Licence

    Anyone with a Personal Licences is legally allowed to sell alcohol on behalf of any business as long as it has premises licence .

    The personal licence holder must authorise anyone in the business without the licece in order for them to be able to sell alcohol, online or otherwise.

    Getting a personal licence is a two-step process:

  • Training
  • Applying for and obtaining the licence
  • Step 1: To get a personal licence, youll need to undertake a short training course and gain a licensing qualification, such as the Award for Personal Licence Holders.

    Step 2: Once youve done this, you can apply for a personal licence through the licensing department of your local authority/council using this form .

    For more information regarding obtaining a personal licence to sell alcohol, take a look at the page.

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    Are There Requirements For Selling Wine Online

    Yes. No matter what business model you choose, its necessary to register your company and meet the legal requirements for selling alcohol online. Choose a business structure, register for taxes and then apply for licenses and permits.

    If youre going to ship wine to another state, you will need a Direct-to-Consumer license. Beware that certain states, such as Utah, Alabama and Delaware, may not receive DTC wine shipments.

    Sell Wine From Home Wine Direct Sales Companies

    35 Things You Can Sell on eBay That Can Make You a Ton of ...

    Sell wine from home? Wine lovers rejoice! Now you can love your wine and have your very own home business sharing wine with others as well. Most direct sales companies that offer wine, also offer wine accessories too. Bottle openers, wine glasses and more.

    Wine direct sales companies have grown in popularity and numbers in the past few years. These companies show their reps how to start an online wine business and more. Below is a list of the wine companies that I’ve seen offering a home business.

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    Start Building A Network

    Building momentum with your business relies on having people know about it. In order for people to know about your products, they often need to see them in a context theyâre familiar with.

    Common contexts for buyers include their existing shopping outlets, their circle of friends, and people who influence them. By creating business relationships that can reach each of these areas, youâll be in a position to create real traction for your business.

    There are at least three types of networks you should build:

    • Leads and customers. Individuals who are interested in your business are what will generate engagement and sales. You should make customer satisfaction and delivering value a prominent focus of your weekly work.
    • Partnerships and those you can influence. If youâre friends with the owner of another food business, discuss the potential of a partnership. Offering buyers complementary products is a great way to introduce customers from both audiences to each otherâs business.
    • Influencers who can act on behalf of your business. Influencer marketing is a fast-growing trend in the business world and for good reason. People are more likely to buy from those they trust, and people trust those they like. Look for opportunities to get your product in the hands of influencers who will be both honest and bold.

    Turn Your Old Corks Into Cash

    Ive lived in my apartment for 10 years, but soon Ill be moving. As Ive been clearing out my storage, Im finding a lot of old stuff and trying to remember how I came into possession of it. When I came across my pasta bowl filled with wine corks, fuzzy memories started to materialize, and I thought, oh, yeah, thats how.

    I remember having big plans for my wine corks. I was going to do something crafty and green, and make all my friends swoon over my shabby-chic cork creation. The problem is, Ive never been a crafty person, so I never came up with an idea for the corks, and Im not sure why Ive been adding to the collection all these years.

    Now, Im faced with a reality check.


    My next apartment is going to be smaller, and lets be honest: its ridiculous to keep a bunch of wine corks. So I decided to let them go. It felt like defeat all that wasted time and space spent hoarding the corks. Unless, that is, I could find someone else who has a purpose for them.

    Enter eBay.

    I happen to be an experienced and trusted eBay seller with only excellent customer reviews . So now, Im selling my collection. If youre in a similar boat, heres how you can, too.

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    Required Information To Be Included In The Description For Approved Wine Sellers

    If you’re an approved wine seller, you’ll need to include the following in each of your listings:

    • A link to our alcohol policy page:
    • A lawful shipping policy that specifies the states to which you can ship wine , and any restrictions on such shipments
    • State-by-state eligibility requirements for potential buyers, indicating whether buyers in particular states would be required to receive wine at a particular location in the seller’s state, instead of having it shipped directly
    • The buyer’s age requirement
    • Language which lets buyers know that the seller has been pre-approved by eBay prior to listing wine
    • A shipping service with age verification upon delivery

    Ways To Make Money Selling Old Wine Corks & Empty Bottles

    3 Easy Selling Art On eBay Waste Wine Bottle Craft Ideas !!! DIY ROOM DECORATION Selling Art On eBay

    by Saeed – Last Updated June 18, 2016

    What do you do when you open a wine bottle?

    Drink it, of course!

    I mean, what do you do with the bottle and the cork?

    If you just dump in the trash, I have a surprise for you today!

    Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?InboxDollarsPanda ResearchDaily Goodie BoxDoordashKashKickSwagbucks

    You can actually make some money with em in two ways:

  • Sell empty wine bottles and corks as is on eBay
  • Make wine bottle/cork art and sell em on Etsy
  • The Bottom Line
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    Sell Vintage Wine Online

    Vintage wine is a popular niche of the already booming wine industry. The definition of vintage wine is any wine of which grapes were grown, harvested, and fermented in a single year. Some vintage wines have grapes from different harvests, but most are from a single harvest.

    Vintage wine generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually in the US with strong growth predicted. Because wine is generally considered better the older it is, this keeps the vintage wine market strong at all times.

    Here are our recommended strategies for selling vintage wine online:

    • Get active on collectorsâ forums. Wine is a bit of a collectorâs sport for many adults. Some enjoy buying vintage wine to eventually consume it others buy it to build their wine portfolio. There are many people who will consider your wine if they know youâre selling it.
    • Look for organizations willing to buy it. Some companies purchase vintage wine to sell it at a profit later on. Conduct your own research to ensure that youâre getting maximum value for your wine.
    • Stay persistent. Thereâs a buyer for just about everything in todayâs world if you know where to look. Marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist still offer the sale of wine. These sites are visited by millions of collectors and enthusiasts looking for their next amazing purchase.

    How To Sell Your Wine Based On Your Needs

    The way you sell your wine depends on the type of collection you have, and who your ideal buyer is.

    Collectors who only invest in the most iconic bottles in the world need to market their wines to the same type of collector. For these types of collections, Vinfolios Fixed Price Auction is a good choice. This platform is designed for collectors who own high-value bottles worth at least $10,000 combined, which have high critic scores. Experts help you determine the best price, and the fees are based on a sliding scale.

    If your own collection is somewhere in-between a casual drinker and a serious investor, an online wine marketplace will offer the most options. With Vinfolios marketplace, you can set the price or starting bid for your wine, and theres a 15 percent fee for this service.

    Knowing how to sell your wine isnt complicated once you consider your needs. The key to any successful wine sale is to focus on whats important to you, whether thats replacing older bottles with new ones or making the most money back on your investment.

    Selling your high-end wine collection is a simple process with Vinfolio, your partner in buying, selling, and professional storage. Contact us today to liquidate your finest bottles, and get access to the worlds best wine.

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