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Can You Order Wine On Amazon

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Amazon Is No Longer Selling Wine But Prime Now Users Are Safe

Always keeping us on our toes, Amazon.

Amazon made our wine-loving hearts sing when it announced expanded alcohol delivery service to 11 new cities across the country earlier this year. That’s what made it especially surprising when the company announced it’s shuttering its online marketplace, .

Launched at the end of 2012, Amazon Wine was the original way to buy wine on Amazon, before grocery delivery and instant delivery came into play. It’s got everything from Martha Stewart’s wine line to the trendy wine-in-a-can, as well as mixed packs and cases, sold by wineries and wine brands through Amazon.

According to The Drinks Business, laws regarding alcohol sales grew complicated once Amazon purchased Whole Foods and acquired brick-and-mortar stores. Despite trying to change regulations, Amazon couldn’t keep acting as a middleman between the wineries and customers, for which they received a fee, and stay in accordance with many state laws. So, they decided to close down that part of the site and focus on other ways of selling alcohol.


Starting January 1, 2018, sellers won’t be able to add more wine products to their account, and users won’t be able to browse for wine on the marketplace, TechCrunch reports.

In an email to sellers posted by TechCrunch, Amazon also noted they will continue to offer wine through Whole Foods, so it will be interesting to see if the newly-purchased grocery store gets a more diverse wine inventory in the coming months.

States That Might See Wine From Amazon

New York.;New York allows for wine shipments from 20 states. But it does not allow for wine and food to come in the same package.

Alaska,;Florida,;Idaho,;New Hampshire. These states all allow wine shipments, but certain counties do not.

South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, and New Mexico.;These states all have limits on how much wine per year each person can receive ranging from 24 bottles per month, to 24 bottles per year. Amazon has a six bottle per purchase now. But maybe it could alter that for people coming from certain states. Wyoming has a limit of two cases per month, too. But Amazon for some reason worked it out with this state.

Louisiana. Wine buyers have to pay a sales tax and the shipper;needs a permit.

As of 2011, it was legal to ship wine here, with an approval permit.

Of course, all of this might prove to complicated to make it worth Amazon’s while. It took 10 years to turn cash positive, notes Bensinger, after getting fined by New York state for not following its rules and eventually going through bankruptcy. It might just make more sense to keep things simple.

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.

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Wine Has Unique Compliance Issues

Compliance and regulatory rules for shipping alcohol, including wine, are complex and variable; ;Ignoring these rules is very risky. Wine shipping is heavily regulated by the states, which means that licensing and compliance play a big role in what a wine seller can and cannot do. For example:

10. Adult Signatures are required on alcoholic items, including wine. In states where it is legal to ship wine direct to consumer, the package must still be signed for by someone that is over the age of 21. If no one over the age of 21 is home when the carrier tries to make a delivery, the package cannot be delivered.

11. Alcohol cannot be delivered to a P.O. box. Some consumers will try to get their shipment sent to a P.O. box. We notice that this happens if theyve had a history of stolen packages, or know that no one over the age of 21 will be present during the day. But, legally, you cannot ship wine to a P.O. box.

12. Wine cannot be shipped to some states at all. Although the number is shrinking, there are still some states to which you cannot ship wine from out of state. Use this link to the Wine Institute to see the most current guide.

13. The states where it is legal to ship require a license. And yes, most states require a license. Each state also has its own licensing fees. Also, which kind of license type you have dictates which states you can legally ship to.

Dear Amazon Prime Im Not Mad At You Im Just Very Disappointed You Can

Prime Now is where the magic is supposed to happen. Apparently only selected cities have the ability to deliver wine, whiskey, and beer and St. Petersburg/Tampa is not one of them.

This heartbreaking news really put a damper on my day.

Since Prime Now is still up-and-coming with wine, whiskey, and beer deliveries, my hope is that they will expand beyond the 12 cities. Downtown St. Pete is booming in every way, so they better hop onboard soon to keep up.;

If you live in one of these cities, then you are in luck and can sip sip hooray all you wish:

Cincinnati, OH

San Francisco Bay Area

Seattle, WA

Also, for the lucky ones, Amazons Prime Now two-hour delivery service is free, but if you are needy AF then there’s an option to get one-hour delivery is $7.99.

The thought of being able to open the Prime Now app, kick back on the couch, make the purchase, and wait for your delivery seems like the next best thing. If only St. Pete, FL could be apart of the fun.;

So, even though I love Amazon and how much they are advancing, I am very hurt by the fact that they didnt consider delivering to all of their wine fanatics. May we all say a prayer to the wine Gods in hope that things will expand properly so Amazon Prime delivers wine to our doorstep.

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Its Finally Happened: You Can Now Buy Wine From Amazon

We dont know what took so long, since Amazon has basically taken over every other area of consumption, but whatever. The fact is that you can now buy wine from Amazon! Starting today, people living in one of 12 select states can get up to six bottles in one order, with a shipping cost of just $9.99.

The states currently on the list include California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and the District of Columbia. Why only those states? Well, each winery has its own set of permits that determine which states it can ship to. Amazon says they hope to add more states in the future. Read more about Amazons new wine program here.

Need Wine And Beer Check Amazon

How is week two of self isolation going for you? It appears were in for the long haul at the moment, so it is time to buckle up and keep stocking your supplies. Just make sure youre not hoarding essential items and grabbing the things you and your family actually need. And if that includes booze, because being stuck inside does suck without a little wine, you might be in luck, because residents of certain cities might have the option to receive booze deliveries through .

Be aware, you might run into some limitations or unavailability given the surge in online grocery orders due to COVID-19. Typically, youre able to put in an order and have delivery in a little as an hour, but you might have to opt for a longer window.

The cities that have booze delivery available through are:

  • Atlanta

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Amazon Prime Will Deliver Wine To Your Door In 1 Hour

Pennsylvania has many beautiful things to be proud of: world-class universities and medical centers, scenic rivers and woods, gorgeous city skylines and championship teams.

But we don’t have wine at our doors in one hour from Amazon Prime.

The company is delivering it in other cities and states, so why not here?

Customers of , a grocery delivery service offered in;32 U.S. cities, can receive the goods in a short timeframe. No Pennsylvania city is on the Prime Now list.

And only 12 of those areas can receive wine, or beer and sometimes liquor, at their doors:

  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

So why aren’t any Pennsylvania cities on the list? Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the country, Pittsburgh is big and likes wine and beer, and Harrisburg has Amazon warehouses all around it.

Amazon hasn’t immediately responded to PennLive’s questions about why Pennsylvania doesn’t make the cut, and whether it’s market conditions here or state approvals or both.

In the meantime, vote in the poll above and talk to us in the comments.

Also, it’s worth noting that Amazon Prime Now will deliver to your home, office or hotel. So if you’re staying in the areas where Amazon Prime Now is offered, you can order your reds, whites, ambers and more.

Do you want wine, beer and liquor delivered to your door in an hour?

Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

The Privileged States That Can Buy Wine From Amazon

Best Buy Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator On Amazon

Amazon has launched an over the Internet wine sales operation, but don’t get too excited yet, most states still don’t allow shipping of alcohol to one’s front door.

This article is from the archive of our partner .

Though certain states can maybe expect Amazon to expand shipments to their area, others will never-ever see shipments because of strict laws that prohibit wines being shipped from certain places and to certain other places. As you can see in that map to the right from the Wine Institute, the states in red prohibit the shipment of wine in some way or another. In Utah and Kentucky it is a felony, notes The Wall Street Journal‘s Greg Bensinger. People in Alabama need ;if they want to get wine, otherwise it’s illegal. But even in those blue states, there are some restrictions that might turn Amazon off from starting up business there. In West Virginia, for example, the winery has to get a letter of approval from its own state as well as West Virginia. Furthermore, advertising the shipment of wine to residents is illegal. However, there is some hope in other places.

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Modern Innovations Wine Chiller

This wine chiller might not have any special bells or whistles like some of the other options on this list, but it more than gets the job done. Its a traditional wine chiller, made out of solid, crystalline limestone. This chiller will stay cold, while also looking cool. Marble is a trendy texture, so itll elevate your at-home happy hours. Plus, when it isnt in use, you can use it as a flower vase.

Courtesy of Modern Innovations.

Wine Shipping Has A Different Economics

Given the above, it should be no surprise that shipping a bottle of wine is often more expensive than shipping your average Amazon order. Customer expectations have to be managed accordingly. For example:

16. Shipping wine is costly. Wine is heavy, which means it costs more to ship. Add in special packaging to guard against breakage, and other items needed to create a great experience, and the charges for picking, packing, and shipping can seem quite steep. Consumers need to understand this, or else they will experience some sticker shock.

17. Shipping wine can never be free. Amazon can offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, or to their Prime members. But one must be careful with wine. California law, for example, explicitly states that a business selling DTC cannot use free shipping as a promotion on alcohol. This means that wineries selling DTC need to try other strategies, like flat rate or reduced shipping.

18. The choice of carrier matters much more for wine. Different carriers are going to create different experiences and cater to different expectations when it comes to a wine delivery. For example, a regional carrier might allow for a cheaper shipping choice, but they will not be able to ship to other states. Or, another carrier might be slightly faster but does not offer a Saturday delivery service. Carriers, then, must be chosen carefully and with attention to buying patterns.

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Other Alcohol Delivery Services

Drizly: The Boston-based;company launched alcohol delivery in May, partnering with;Lucky’s Liquor, Gary’s Liquor and Chandler Liquors.;The delivery fee is $5. The minimum purchase is $19 at Gary’s Liquors;;it’s $20 at Lucky’s Liquor and Chandler Liquors.;

GoPuff: The Philadelphia-based delivery service has been in the Valley since April 2016. It;launched alcohol delivery in May. GoPuff;has warehouses stocked with goods;and a delivery fee of $1.95 that is waived for orders of $49 or more.;

Instacart:;The grocery- and alcohol-delivery app works with retailers;including Costco , Smart & Final, Bashas’,;Whole Foods and BevMo!. The first delivery fee is waived;with a $10 minimum purchase. Regular fees range from $5.99 to $11.99, depending on the time of delivery and amount of the purchase.;

Pikfly: Launched in 2015, Pikfly is a local company that offers alcohol delivery for a $7.95 fee within 10 miles of the store;and an additional 85 cents per mile beyond 10 miles.;

Minibar: Created in 2013 and launched in metro Phoenix;in early 2016, it has a $5 delivery fee and $25 minimum order.;

Safeway;delivers alcohol, as do several;local liquor stores, including;Arcadia Premium;in Phoenix and;Liquor Vault;in Scottsdale.;


Amazon Now Delivers Alcohol Within Two Hours In Manhattan

I decided to test it out myself on Saturday while I was sitting alone in the office. And my boss calls this work.

Don’t worry. I wasn’t going to drink alone. This was strictly for research.

Amazon rolled out the service on Thursday. Manhattan is only the second location where Amazon offers express alcohol delivery. In Seattle, where the company is based, Prime members can have alcohol delivered in one hour.

First a confession: I’m not a wine connoisseur. So deciding on two bottles that I might actually like took longer than it should have.

After spending some quality time on Google, I called my sister for advice.

The selection available for two-hour delivery isn’t huge — the app displayed 256 results under wine. By comparison, the same search on Amazon’s desktop site produced 9,545 results.

I rolled the dice and picked two Rieslings that were described as being crisp, with citrus highlights.

Sounded good. I entered my address and picked a two-hour time window. I selected 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and placed my order.

It was 12:24 p.m.

Within seconds I got an alert on my phone that my order was being processed. It even offered me the ability to track my delivery.

Using the app was completely seamless.

It’s worth noting there was never a question about my age — just a warning that only those over 21 could use the service and that an “adult signature” would be required upon delivery.

One interesting feature is that you can adjust your tip for up to 48 hours after delivery.

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Amazon Just Rolled Out Two

“Alexa, bring me a glass of;rosé.”;

Good news for anyone who finds themselves in desperate need of alcohol in The Lone Star State. has just announced that it has extended its offer of free two-hour booze delivery for Prime members to a bunch of major cities in Texas.

Amazon first introduced free, quick delivery on beer, wine and sometimes spirits in 2015 in its home base of Seattle, Washington. Since then, ill-prepared partiers across the country have waited patiently as the online shopping giant began rolling out the service in other major metropolitan areas. Now, you can add Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio to that list at least for beer and wine.

For those in need of a refresher, to use the service, you must first be an Amazon Prime member . From there, you can get free two-hour delivery via Prime Now during select hours depending on the city. If you need even faster alcohol turnaround , you can shorten your delivery window to just one hour for a $4.99 delivery fee. Yes, its a tough call.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the expansion comes after Amazon recently obtained permits to sell beer and wine as a retailer, allowing the company to ship these items directly from five of its warehouses in Texas. Previously, some beer had been available for delivery from Amazon via Whole Foods, but these new licenses mean that Amazon no longer has to work through a retailer like some other online alcohol delivery services are required to do.

Amazon Wine Delivery Now Available In Maryland customers in Maryland are now able to cozy up with both a book and a bottle of wine purchased from the online retailer.

On Friday, Maryland joined the 12 other states that have access to delivery from “Amazon Wine,” a service launched last month that “features easy-to-use shopping tools to help customers … explore great wines at a modest price point,” according to a statement from Amazon.

“When customersshopon Amazon Wine, they can narrow search results to meet their personal tastes, enabling them to discover new wines and find long-time favorites,” Amazon’s statement said. “For instance, customers can select multiple filters such as ’90 & Up’ for Professional Rating, ‘Chocolate’ for Tasting Note, and ‘Sierra Foothills’ for Winery Location.”

Amazon Wine offers Maryland customers more than 200 wines from more than 30 wineries. Shipping, for one to six bottles, is $9.99.

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