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Can I Order Wine Online

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The California Wine Club

How to Order Wine Online to be Shipped to Your Home

Ah, Californian wine. The sunny state is synonymous with luscious vineyards, producing exquisite wines from their world-famous grapes. With a focus on small, family-run wineries, The California Wine Club strives to uncover hidden gems.

The California Wine Club team travels far and wide within the wine country, interviewing winemakers and sampling their wares. With such a rich and widespread culture of wine-making, they want to leave no stone unturned.

Choose whether youd like 2 bottles or 4, red or white , and monthly, every-other-month or quarterly deliveries.

They currently ship to most US states, with delivery times varying from 2-3 days to 1-2 weeks, depending on location.

Why Buy Wine Online

While the idea of buying wine online may seem daunting, it’s actually a great way to make an educated, rather than impulsive decision. With many online retailers including professional wine ratings or scores, educational resources to read up on, and the ability to compare prices, consumers now have a library of information right from on your computer screen at home. Other bonuses like free shipping options, unique monthly wine clubs, and with access to a greater selection of wines than the local grocery, it’s no wonder that online wine purchases are on the rise.

Buy Discount Wine Online

If you’re looking to buy wine online, look no further. As one of the largest online wine sellers in the world, has wines you can’t buy online anywhere else, at terrific prices.

To help you find the perfect wine, we have several convenient ways to shop for wine. You can browse through categories by wine type, grape, country, and region above in our top drop-down menus, or use our convenient left-hand navigation to narrow your focus by any number of considerations. We look forward to servicing your needs and becoming your top destination for buying wine online.

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  • Perseverance Cabernet Sauvignon

    2019 / 750 ml. | Item#79075

    Premier SelectPremier Select wines are handpicked by our staff from amongst thousands of wines for their exceptional quality. They’re made by a top producer and comparable to wines at twice the cost.

    Primary Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon | All Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon

    Compare at$12.99$9.99

  • Natale Verga Montepulciano dAbruzzo

    2020 / 750 ml. | Item#69579

    Premier SelectPremier Select wines are handpicked by our staff from amongst thousands of wines for their exceptional quality. They’re made by a top producer and comparable to wines at twice the cost.

    Primary Grape: Montepulciano | All Grapes: Montepulciano

    Compare at$10.99$7.99

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    Best Organic/natural/biodynamic Stock: Chambers Street Wines

    Chambers Street Wines

    • Price : Starts at under $20 plus shipping
    • Estimated Shipping Time: 1 to 5 days
    • Availability: Nationwide as local laws allow

    The wines offered are carefully selected by their team through in-house tastings and feature only the best natural wines from small producers.

    • Wines from small, artisanal producers

    • Discount on 12 bottle purchase

    • One-time purchase plus multiple club options

    • Producers and varietals may be unfamiliar to new wine drinkers

    • Website has a lot of information and takes some time to navigate

    • Clubs dont have free shipping

    Partners David Lillie and Jamie Wolff opened this shop in New York Citys Tribeca neighborhood in 2001 to highlight wine from small producers, with a focus on organic, natural, and biodynamic wines. They test and taste all the wines they carry to create a uniquely personal and curated inventory with big attention on wines from Austria, Burgundy, Germany, the Loire Valley, Piedmont, and the Rhone. In short, they love to help you find wine youll love. Plus, the website provides real-time inventory, so youll always know whats in stock.

    Select A Shipping Speed

    Buy Wine Online: 9 Premium Bottles You Can Order on the Internet

    We offer expedited shipping and in-store pickup options. If you want to change your pickup location or shipping method during check out, click on the “In-Store Pickup” or “Shipping” link at the top right of the page to change your selection . Please note, options and product availability vary by market, and shipping prices vary.

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    Comparing Wine Delivery Services

    This section serves as a brief shopping guide for readers. What are the most important consideration points they should keep in mind? Mention to the reader that they should consider the key features of each wine delivery service. Some factors to consider include delivery fees, availability, variety, subscriptions available, etc. List items should be short and bolded, followed by 1-2 sentences of context for that point.

    How To Buy Wine Online Step :

    Make sure you’re in a state where you can receive wine shipments through the mail! For most states this is an all or nothing proposition , but there are a few states that will allow intrastate shipments but not shipments from other states, or even where the rules are different by region within a state. And while very few states allow wine to legally be shipped in from out of state retailers, the list of states that allow wine shipments direct from wineries continues to grow. The Wine Institute has lots of helpful information on the latter here. With longtime holdout Pennsylvania now joining the revolution the count of states that allow at least some form of shipments is up to 44, covering about 90% of the U.S. population.

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    Why Was An Item Cancelled From My Order

    We strive to keep our online inventory availability as accurate as possible, but sometimes an item will unexpectedly go out of stock. In these rare cases, the unavailable items will be removed from your order. You will receive an email notification when any items are removed from your order. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to hold orders until inventory comes available. If you have a question about a cancelled item or order, please contact .

    Do You Offer A Case Discount Online

    How to Buy Wine Online

    Yes, case discounts are available for qualifying items purchased in-store or online. Discounts may vary by state and are automatically applied at checkout to applicable items.

    In AZ, CA, DE, FL, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NM, NV, SC, TX, VA and WA, discounts are available for wines with a price that ends in “9.”

    In CT, discounts are available for wines and spirits with a price that ends in “8.”

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    Regions To Look For When Buying Wine Online

    The best places to buy wine online will have a good selection of wines from lesser-known regions. Being armed with the knowledge to recognize quality is paramount, long-term, for deciding what you like and how to get value for your money. Before you have an opportunity to taste a lot of wine, however, it can be difficult to know where to get the most bang for your buck. To help you on your quest, here are a few of my favorite wine regions to find phenomenal value:

    Lodi, California: We are happy that Lodi’s wine country has remanded a relative secret all these years. The anonymity has allowed the local wine quality to increase without a corresponding increase in prices.

    When people do know of Lodi, they generally know about Zin. That means you can find amazing deals on any other varietal. Love Napa Valley Cabernet? You can find similar quality in Lodi at a quarter of the price.

    for a selection of Lodi wines at

    Portugal: When most people think of Portuguese wines they think of Port sweet, fortified after-dinner wine. What most dont realize is that Portugal makes a stunning variety of world-class dry wines as well, and at a fraction of the price of many better-known wine regions.

    Barolo lovers should look for reds from Bairrada those who like Bordeaux-blends may find the dry reds of the Douro region to be of interest Sauvignon Blanc drinkers will adore the whites of the Vinho Verde region in the north.

    How Do You Serve Red Wine

    Temperature is key. Aim for 55° F to 60° F for lighter reds and 60° F to 65° F for fuller ones. A wine served too cold will be muted. Serve it warm and it will taste too alcoholic. If you have a wine fridge or cellar, youre set. If not, place the bottle in your refrigerator for 20-30 minutes prior to serving. Next, some reds benefit from a few minutes or more of aeration in a decanter. This exposes the wine to oxygen, which helps release the compounds responsible for aroma and taste. As for drinking red wines, the best glasses have a stem and a bowl large enough to allow proper swirling to allow release of aromas. Fill your glass no more than halfway.

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    Bonus Idea: Going Direct

    Nowadays, many wineries rely on direct-to-consumer sales to bolster their bottom lines, so they have made arrangements to ship all over the country. While the ability to ship into several states is limited or regulated, its becoming more and more frequent for wineries to employ compliance companies to help them maximize their ability to ship their wines without running afoul of the authorities.

    Ordering direct is a great way to build a relationship with smaller producers, and most offer a discount off of retail pricing if you join their wine club, or purchase multiple bottles.

    Popular Red Wine Regions

    The 12 best wine delivery services you can order online in 2021

    While every U.S. state produces wine, the most famous and popular regions remain those on the west coast:

    • Napa Valley. First commercial winery 1861. Cabernet.
    • Sonoma County. Since mid-1800s. Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Cabernet.
    • Paso Robles. 1880s. Cabernet, Zinfandel and Rhone varieties.
    • Santa Rita Hills. 1971. Pinot Noir.
    • Willamette Valley, Oregon. 1965. Pinot Noir.
    • Columbia Valley, Washington . 1860s. Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet.

    Worldwide, wine destinations abound, with the most venerated in Europe. The last four are popular New World regions.

    • Bordeaux, France. As early as 60 BC. Based on Merlot and Cabernet.
    • Burgundy, France. From 2nd century AD. Pinot Noir.
    • Tuscany, Italy. From 8th century BC. Based on Sangiovese, plus Super Tuscans made with other reds.
    • Rioja, Spain. From 11th century BC. Based on Tempranillo.
    • Stellenbosch, South Africa. 1680s. Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage.
    • Mendoza, Argentina. Late 1800s. Malbec and others.
    • Colchagua Valley, Chile. 1870s. Cabernet, Merlot and Carmenere.
    • Barossa Valley, Australia. 1842. Shiraz and others.

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    Wsj Wine From The Wall Street Journal

    WSJwine is a great idea for gifting some bottles to your favorite people this Valentines, Day or ordering a few for yourself, too. They offer packages of wines, like the recommended Mixed Cases that allow you to try an array of top wines, included just reds, whites, sparkling wines or a mix of all of the above.

    Check out New York Post Shopping for more content.

    Can You Buy Wine Online

    If you live anywhere other than Alabama, Oklahoma, or Utah, then yes, you can buy wine online. While some of the following retailers listed below may not list one of those states on their exclusion list, it’s technically illegal to be a private citizen and get alcohol shipped directly to you. Each state dictates its own specifications for alcohol deliveries, but one thing is common: you need to be at home to receive your shipment and have ID to prove you’re 21 or older. For more clarification on whether or not you’re eligible for wine deliveries, check out the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Direct Shipment of Alcohol Statutes information page for up-to-date information on the legality of booze shipments.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Wine Delivery Service And A Wine Subscription

    A wine delivery service, broadly speaking, refers to an online wine retailer that ships your order to your door. This can also refer to on-demand services like Instacart, Drizly, or Minibar, which allow you to shop your local stores from your computer or phone and have your order delivered to you in as little as an hour. A wine subscription, on the other hand, delivers wines to your home or office, but the format is a bit differentsubscriptions are ongoing, and theyll often take into account your palate profile in order to curate a selection that youre sure to enjoy.

    Placing Your First Order

    How to Sell Wine Online: Building an Ecommerce Store with Paperform

    Ordering on is easy. , , and can be purchased on our website to be picked up in store. We also ship to all states, and wine to select states. Theres no need to create an account first, if you prefer to check out as a guest. If you check out as a guest, you have the option to create an account after youve placed the order. Place the order yourself, or contact us at 328-9463 and well be happy to place the order for you. Our agents are very knowledgeable about our products.

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    Are You Considering A Wine Delivery Service

    Let the reader know they should assess their needs before choosing to purchase from a wine delivery service, whether they are a wine aficionado looking to add to their wine cellar collection or someone who wants to be more educated in the nuance of different types of wines. In this section, you can mention if they are looking specifically for a one-time shipment or a continuous delivery or subscription.

    Use Vivino To Browse & Buy

    We couldnt create a guide about how to buy wine online and not include the worlds largest and most purchase-friendly wine marketplace and app. With more than 400 million reviews and 10 million wines in Vivinos database, it has become the most comprehensive wine library on the planet. Vivinos unique technology allows you to browse and buy wines from thousands of retailers across the globe, with complete and utter ease.

    To make things even easier, weve introduced Vivino Market, our new wine recommendation engine that accurately recommends wines users will love based on their own Vivino ratings and reviews, alongside the opinions of our 23 million community members from all over the world.

    Benefits: Vivino gives you more confidence than any retailer can provide as your decision to purchase is largely based on the reviews of 23 million people, not one singular online wine retailer or wine critic.

    Words Of Wisdom: Make use of the wealth of data in Vivinos system and be sure to read the tasting notes of others before purchasing wines. This will help you figure out whether youd enjoy whats in the bottle before committing to buying. Other retailers will often use mouth-watering descriptions that may be over-exaggerated, Vivino users review from a first-hand experience as a consumer, not an online wine store.

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    How To Buy Alcohol Online For Same

    This is the delivery for people looking for instant gratification, usually within an hour or two after you place your order. The two best apps for this are MiniBar and Drizly, depending on where you live for most of you, that will be Drizly, as they are much larger. If youre familiar with Grubhub when it comes to ordering your favorite take-out, the concept is similar. Both of these services contract with liquor and wine stores in your area and facilitate the sale between you and them. Thats why everyone sees a little different selection when they log into these apps, depending on where they live. Once you place your order, a delivery person brings it straight to you. Just remember to tip.


    At Wine To Ship We Have Something For Every Occasion

    The 12 best wine delivery services you can order online in 2021

    There are so many reasons to celebrate- from getting promoted to completing college to getting married to the one you cherish, there are infinite reasons and Wine to Ship prides itself with having something for every occasion that calls for celebration. Whether you need a full spread of alcohol for a big party or just a couple bottles of wines for relaxing at home, we make the process seamless and stress free for you.

    Placing our liquor store online is a strategic attempt to make you enjoy our service, like a king, from the comfort of your abode. We offer you much more variety than youll find at your local store. With our wide collection of both imported and domestic beverages, you can find all of your favorite specialty drinks without the hassle of driving around from store to store to find them. With hundreds of brands to choose from, youll find all of your favorite wines, beer, spirits and more from all over the world in our online liquor store.

    Wine to Ship is your gateway to an exciting world of thrill and good taste. Undecided on what to pick? Not to worry. Our highly trained and experienced team offers creative suggestions and inputs whether you are a wine connoisseur or a weekend warrior.We provide accurate knowledge of tastes and mixture to best fit your taste preference. From our weekly emails and specials to our active website, why go to the store? You get all access to the latest and greatest as soon as its available!

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    Saucey Take $10 Off Your First Purchase With Code Nypost

    Feeling Saucey but stationary on the most romantic day of the year?

    Go ahead and stay on the couch snuggled close to you boo. Better yet, have the wine come to you, by ordering through Saucey, the alcohol delivery platform that carries a wide variety of wine, in addition to beer and spirits. The best part? They will deliver in 30 minutes or less in select locations, so go ahead and order a pizza and have them at the same time without ever leaving your house. If you dont qualify for the speedy delivery, they will still ship it out to you, in a very timely two-day window.

    As an added bonus take $10 off your first purchase at Saucey with code NYPOST.

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