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Which Red Wine Helps You Lose Weight

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Does Drinking Red Wine Help With Weight Loss

Can You Drink Red Wine And Still Lose Weight?

Youve probably noticed the buzz on social media created by the claims that red wine can help cut weight. Guess what? Its not an entirely new idea. It turns out that the buzz is based on anecdotal accounts given by women claiming that their nighttime glass of wine helped them lose weight. Is there any truth to this? Here is everything you need to know about red wine weight loss.

Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Red Wine

Compared to other alcoholic beverages, red wine doesn’t suffer much of an image problem â recent headlines have credited the drink with helping the French stay svelte without sacrificing high-fat foods, while other news stories have touted its cardiovascular benefits. Although research does support the notion that red wine’s moderate alcohol content and high concentration of flavonoids may help prevent blood clots and hardening of the arteries, its effect on body weight isn’t so clearly defined.

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When it comes to alcohol options, red wine offers many health benefits. And while there’s evidence that people who drink red wine have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, red wine may not be the magic drink to help you lose those unwanted pounds.

Can You Drink Red Wine Vinegar Straight

Among the benefits of red wine vinegar are its lowering of blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol levels. Red wine is a source of antioxidant-rich liquid, as well as red wine itself. Vinegar has been found to be safe, but excessive consumption, along with medications, may harm it.

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Does Red Wine Help You Lose Weight Too Good To Be True

Can this be true? Can red wine actually be good for you and help you lose weight?

The answer is yes! In moderation.

Like most things, over indulging can lead to overconsumption of calories and in this case alcohol.

Alcohol in small quantities can help you to relax, improve mood and sex drive.

Too much alcohol can harm your liver and kidneys and bladder. So drink up but keep it to 1-2 glasses a day!

Red Wine Loosely Linked To Weight Loss In Mice

Benefits of red wine ð? . . . Photo by Carson Masterson on Unsplash in ...

Some people believe that red wine has some special properties which can, when drunk in small quantities, improve your health. Now Swiss scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland have managed to extract a compound from red wine which they say can prevent weight gain from occurring, even when subjects consume more calories and exercise less.

There really could be a perfect diet pill on the market soon! It is every dieters dream to be able to lose weight without actually having to adjust their lifestyle.

So far the tests have only been carried out on mice, but studies have suggested that the red wine compounds help to control insulin disorders, and to reduce weight.

The drug is called SRT1720. It tricks the body into thinking food is scarce and it has to burn off fat to survive.This is the same process that people induce by going on a starvation diet, i.e. ketosis, and is similar to lipolysis, which is the metabolic condition triggered when carbohydrates are depleted.

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Claim #: Apple Cider Vinegar Reduces Belly Fat And Aids In Weight Loss

Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is often touted as having the ability to increase fat burning and to reduce fat storage. While lower glucose and insulin levels may aid this somewhat, research around vinegar and weight loss is limited and primarily from studies with rats. Also, studies that suggest a slight increase in rate of weight loss in humans included following lower-calorie diets, making it hard to identify if vinegar had any specific effect.

Verdict: Stick to the gym and a healthy diet. If vinegar does play a role in weight loss, it appears it may be due to increased satiety and , some of which may be due to feelings of nausea from consuming vinegar.

How To Get The Most Out Of A Glass Of Wine

  • To reap the potential weight loss effects of wine, stick to one to two glasses at most, maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and get plenty of exercise.
  • Instead of cracking open a bottle of beer or sipping on a fruity cocktail, opt for a glass of wine instead.
  • If you like to occasionally indulge in an adult libation, wine, regardless of its color, has fewer calories than either beer or sugary cocktails, as well as the added benefit of antioxidants like resveratrol, which we covered above.
  • Just dont go overboard and take down a cheese plate every time you reach for a glass of your favorite Cabernet.

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For Your Dinner Rolls Try

Eat This: Garlic oilNot That!: Margarine

Garlic is a great way to add some much-needed flavor to many dishes. Mediterranean dwellers often dip their freshly-made focaccia in a little bit of balsamic, oil, and garlic for some extra moisture and flavor. Take a page out of their book and pass on the margarine. This vegetable spread is full of artery-clogging trans fats that can lead to increased risk of heart disease. Adding a touch of garlic also ups the anti-inflammatory factor, as garlic can ward off bacteria, fungus, and body fat.

Top Wines To Drink To Help Lose Weight

Why Drinking This Type of Wine Before Bed Could Help You Lose Weight | Southern Living

October 31, 2017 by Lance Richmond

You might have heard rumors that drinking wine can help you lose weight, but is there any truth to this claim? Wine lovers will be happy to learn that yes, drinking wine really can aid in weight loss. This is true for several reason.

One reason drinking a glass of wine can help you lose weight is because red wine contains a compound called resveratrol. This substance can make it easier for you to burn fat, helping you on your way towards your weight loss goals.

The best time to enjoy a glass of red wine is right before bed. This is true for several reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that drinking a glass of wine any type of wine can help to reduce your other snack cravings. Many people are great about eating healthy throughout the day, but can be prone to nighttime binges. If this sounds like you, it is understandable. Resisting your cravings is most difficult after a long, stressful day. If you struggle with nighttime binges, you will be happy to learn that your glass of red wine can help to reduce evening snacking and help to eliminate your late night cravings.

Now that we have convinced you to enjoy a glass of wine before bed, you are probably wondering about the top wines to drink to help lose weight. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of our favorite options. These selections are all low calorie typically less than 120 calories per glass and will not break the bank.

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Drinking Red Wine Makes You Skinnier Says Science

By Cassandra Rose Written on Mar 16, 2022

It doesn’t matter how crazy or wild your day has been everyone knows that curling up with a glass of red wine at the end of the night is always a good idea.

Now, science has given us one more reason why our boozy mornings benefit our health, because red wine and weight loss are connected.

All you have to do is get tipsy and the weight falls right off.

Well, it might be a little more complex than that.

Does drinking red wine make you skinnier?

According to a family planning health organization, red wine makes you skinnier, lowers your blood sugar, and reduces your liver fat.

The 2015 study conducted by Harvard University “tracked a group of 20,000 women for 13 years and concluded that women who drank two glasses of wine a day were less likely to be obese. Other studies have confirmed that red wine can help the body burn fat.”

It’s interesting to note that these women’s risk of becoming obese was lowered by about 70 percent, especially when you take into consideration the countless studies that have been published saying the opposite.

In another 2015 study conducted by Oregon State’s College of Agricultural Studies, researchers found that ellagic acid is to blame for your shrinking waistline.

Researchers fed mice in this experiment. The first group was given high-fat food, and the other was also given extracts from Pinot noir grapes.

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How To Enjoy Red Wine While Losing Weight

  • Stick to one serving A serving of wine is defined as 5 ounces .
  • Track your calorie intake If you can include a serving of wine in your day and maintain a calorie deficit, then you ought to be able to continue losing weight.
  • Avoid dessert wines Dessert wines are sweeter and more likely to contain more sugar and calories per serving so this may hinder your progress in losing weight.
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    Drinking Wine For Weight Loss

    You can drink wine in moderation and lose weight, especially if you choose wine varietals that are better for you.

    Which wine is best for weight loss? The best wine for weight loss is low in sugar, calories, and alcohol. Dry red wines high in antioxidants are a good option for dieters seeking health benefits from their wine.

    Which Wines Are Healthiest

    Drinking Red Wine Before Bed Could Help You Lose Weight

    Dry red wines are generally considered the healthiest wines for their high antioxidant content and low sugar content. Theyre not always the lowest in calories, though, and some may be higher in alcohol than youd like.

    Here are a few general tips if youre seeking varietals low in sugar, calories, or alcohol:

    • Dry red wines: Dry reds like pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon are low in sugar and high in resveratrol content. Avoid the boldest reds like zinfandels and syrahs if you want a lower ABV.
    • Dry white wines: Chardonnays and pinot grigios are low-sugar white varietals. Crisp, higher-acid sauvignon blanc is a good option if you want fewer calories compared to most reds. Keep in mind that youre not getting as much antioxidant activity with white wines.
    • Dry sparkling wines: Dry champagnes and sparkling wines have fewer calories than most wines, although some may have higher alcohol content. If youre unsure how to tell whether champagne is dry, look for brut on the label.

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    How Does Red Wine Help You Lose Weight

    Again, the magic ingredient here is reservatrol, which may contribute to weight loss in two ways:

  • Converting fat cells to a type of fat that is easier to lose
  • Reducing appetite
  • Researchers at Washington State University discovered that reservatrol converts white fat cells into beige fat cells. Believe it or not, all fat cells are not created equal!

    White fat cells are larger and expand to store energyand weight. Beige fat cells are easier to lose, and may actually help fight obesity.

    Drinking reservatrol-containing red wine may transform those stubborn fat-storing cells into fat-fighting cells, leading to weight loss.

    While that alone is pretty incredible, further studies suggest that moderate red wine consumption can also act as an appetite suppressant.

    In 2012, researchers tested the effects of reservatrol on honey bees and found that not only did bees consume less food, but they lived 33-38% longer than bees who did not ingest reservatrol.

    The appetite suppressant effect was most powerful in the nighttime hours.

    Another theory is that drinking wine at night is a substitute for late night snacking. A glass of wine might contain fewer calories than a bowl of ice cream, for example.

    Therefore, drinking wine in place of your usual after dinner dessert would contribute to a lower daily caloric intake, and perhaps weight loss.

    Sugar Content Of Wine Varies

    Not all wine is created equal

    When placed side by side, two wine bottles can look near identical, yet may have completely different sugar content.

    A bottle of Chardonnay, for example, may only contain a couple of grams of sugar, while a similar-looking bottle of Moscato dessert wine can pack well over 100 grams of sugar.

    To provide even more perspective, a dry wine can have 5 grams of sugar per litre, an off-dry 20 grams, a sweet 70 grams, and a very sweet one well over 100 grams of sugar per litre.

    The differences here are enormous, so its important to familiarize yourself with the information on the label if youre conscious about nutrition.

    In everyday terms, a teaspoon of sugar contains approximately 4 grams of sugar. Therefore, a bottle of very sweet wine can pack as many as a whopping 20+ teaspoons of sugar.

    Two glasses of this and youve ingested the same amount of sugar found in a can of Coca-Cola.

    Incredible, isnt it?

    And here you were, sipping it nonchalantly, thinking youre doing your body a favour.

    All that ingested sugar over time can definitely contribute to negative side effects and unsuspecting weight gain, particularly as our metabolisms slow down.

    Lets take a look at some specific examples of low-sugar and high-sugar wines, both red and white.

    Here are some good to excellent wine selections that typically have lower sugar content:

    • Amarone
    • Rose
    • Syrah

    Take a look at a more detailed infographic on wine and sugar content.

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    How To Select Healthiest Wine For Weight Loss

    Lets take a look at this in more detail, shall we?

    Look at sugar content

    To maintain a healthy weight, and especially if trying to lose weight, choose wines that have a lower sugar content.

    Think of wines that have less than 10 grams of sugar per litre. This information can be found on price labels in liquor stores. Similarly, it can be found online, so its always readily accessible.

    Important: The rule to keep in mind is the dryer the wine, the less sugar it contains.

    Red Wine Effects On Health

    Drink Wine to Lose Weight?

    Red wine drunk regularly in small quantities is known to protect your cardiovascular system. It keeps your heart and arteries in good health. It also promotes better blood circulation. The Mediterranean diet involves drinking a few sips or red wine regularly with meals and everyone knows that it helps people stay healthier and live longer.

    Antioxidants like Resveratrol become more active thanks to the fermentation process and are easier to absorb. These have a complex role. A recent Washington State University study showed that Resveratrol and similar compounds led mice to store 40% less fat.

    As observed by professor Min Du, Resveratrol given to mice has changed the so-called white fat into beige fat, which is the kind thats used by the body to produce energy. This leads to weight loss. There is a significant metabolic advantage you could be getting from wine. The white variety doesnt have the same nutrient makeup.

    In addition, the ellagic acid in dark grapes is known to slow down fat cell formation. Metabolic disorders like a fatty liver were alleviated more easily with surprise a little bit of wine, consumed regularly. If alcohol is a no-no for you, then consider dark grape juice or fresh grapes. However, the effects were only noticed on animals so far research on humans is still lagging.

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    Can Drinking Red Wine Really Help You Lose Weight

    Red wine is not only a natural and delicious beverage it is also a source of nutrients. There is extensive research surrounding it and plenty of evidence of how beneficial it can be to human health when consumed in moderation. A recent trend is also promoting red wine as an elixir for a supple figure. Is there any truth in such claim?

    Can Wine Help You Lose Weight


    Can a glass of wine help you shed those last few pounds? We take a hard look at the facts and offer guidance on how you can make your glass of wine work for you.

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    The Right Way To Drink Red Wine For Health Benefits

    Its the season for wining and dining and what better way to enjoy it than with deriving actual health benefits from your tipple. Yes, I am talking about red wines health benefits, especially red wine for weight loss.

    Yes, there are benefits of drinking red wine.

    Yes, theres something like healthy red wine.

    And yes, red wine and weight loss can go hand-in-hand when done right.

    What is right, you ask? Read on.

    Benefits of drinking red wine

    It all started with the French Paradox.

    The question about how the French eat a high fat diet, smoke and totally shy away from active exercise, yet they have half the rate of heart disease and live 2.5 years longer than anyone else in the world.

    French researcher Dr. Serge Renauds studies concluded this was primarily because they drank bucket-fulls of red wine 16 gallons per person per year vs 2 gallons per person per year in America.

    25 years later, practically every science lab across the world has not only endorsed the theory but actually taken it further, crediting red wines health benefits with everything from weight loss and protection against cancer to lowering the risk for diabetes and helping manage depression.

    A sampler, if you may.

    First, lets look at red wine and weight loss

    1. The Harvard School of Public Health concluded a 13-year obesity study of 19,220 middle aged women in 2010. The result? Women who drank two glasses of healthy red wine daily were 70% less likely to gain weight.

    But what about white wine?


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