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Where To Buy Wine Decanter

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Best Value: Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Wine Decanter

How to Buy a Wine Decanter – The California Wine Club

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  • Wine may drip slightly while pouring

  • Does not hold up well in dishwasher

For high quality, durability and aesthetically pleasing designs, Luigi Bormiolis glassware ticks all the boxesand this 68-ounce wine decanter is no exception. Hand-blown in Italy, the crystal glass decanter features a wide base and open-mouth design. Flamand notes that a wide base is among the first things she considers when shopping for wine decanters.

I am looking for the shape, whatever the brand or the price, she says. The base of the decanter must be large in order to favor the oxygenation of the winebetter surface of contact with wine .

Flamand also adds that the decanters neck should be narrow and easy to handle, fitting comfortably in your hand.

Material: Glass | Capacity: 68 ounces | Dimensions : 7 x 8.8 x 9.5 inches

Where To Buy Californian Wine: London & Nationally

Scooping numerous awards for its West Coast wines, including the 2015 Decanter Retailer Awards accolade for Americas Specialist, Roberson Wine is a wine merchant that champions California like no other. It proudly and actively disregards old-fashioned, big, alcoholic, point-scoring Cabernet Sauvignons andChardonnays, favouring modesty and elegance instead.

Rabbit Rbt Wine Decanter With Aerating Funnel

Rabbits RBT decanter combines the best of both worlds, featuring a simple yet elegantly-designed decanter and an aerating funnel that also uses a filter to capture sediment as the wine is poured through it. This highly functional option is also easy on the eyes . Funnels in general can be useful in transferring a wine into a decanter, especially if youre planning on pouring it back into the bottle afterward, which is known as a double decant.

Frizzell offers a few tips for this technique: Usually, Ill do this for a nice bottle presentation, or to put the cork back in and keep the wine for another day. But you need to make sure you have a stable funnel, or an extremely steady hand when pouring the wine back in the bottle .

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How Do You Store Decanters

Make sure your decanter is clean and dry before storing it. Decanters can be quite fragile, so store yours in a place where it cannot be accidentally disturbedespecially if you have children or pets in your home. An enclosed cabinet is ideal, with the added bonus of preventing your decanter from gathering dust. Make sure its easy for you to reach to avoid accidents when taking it out or putting it away. Store your decanter in a room with a consistent and moderate temperature glassware can break when exposed to dramatic shifts from hot to cold and vice versa.

Shoppingthe Best Wine Delivery Services

Mount Nyssa Wine Decanter

When it comes to wine, decantation and aeration go hand-in-hand, explains Cycles Gladiators founding winemaker Adam LaZarre. Decanting is really defined as pouring wine from one vessel into another, which draws off the liquid from the sediment. Aeration is simply the act of introducing oxygen to a substrate.

  • So, when you decant a wine, youre aerating it by default, as pouring the wine into a new vessel introduces oxygen
  • Many decanters are designed to optimize aeration through wide bases for increased surface area.
  • There are also tools out there to help aerate a wine without using a decanter.

After removing the cork, let the wine rest in a decanter to help the aromas grow clearer and take on greater depth.

Alejandro Iglesias, Executive Sommelier,

When Im not in the mood to get into pouring out bottles a glass decanter, I also have an aerator that fits over the top of the bottle, says Adrienne Capps, the general manager of Parallel Napa Valley. These obviously wont help with removing sediment and generally are not as good for aeration because you are only getting a little extra air being introduced through the aerator , but they do help.

So if you want to get into the habit of elevating your wines whether theyre young or old, affordable or fancy read on for some expertly selected decanters and aerators, along with a few other tools, tips and tricks to help optimize your quarantine wine drinking experience.

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Best Minimalist: Namb Vie Decanter

  • Expensive

The classic scientific beaker gets a modern upgrade with the Nambé Vie Decanter, designed to hold either your favorite spirit or wine. Featuring an acacia wood topper, this glass decanter has a nicely weighted base, giving it a luxe, high-quality feel to match the appearance. Made in Poland and designed by Chris Granneberg, a revered product designer, this whiskey decanter holds 24 ounces and is dishwasher safe .

  • Smaller than other options

This simple whiskey decanter is actually on many a best-of list. It’s a bit small, holding 23.75 ounces . But with an airtight, plastic-tipped glass stopper and thick Italian glass, this glass decanter is a surprising bargain. The smooth sides make it easy to personalize with an engraving: a thoughtful gift for any whiskey enthusiast.

Good to Know:

The best ways to use a decanter are for home blends and infinity bottles basically, it’s the ideal vessel for displaying a whiskey you’ve blended yourself,” says Whittaker. “A decanter is really a statement piecea way to create a little mystery.” He also adds, “Aaron Goldfarb has a great book on the subject called ‘Hacking Whiskey,’ but trial and error is just as entertaining.

What To Look For In A Whiskey Decanter

Since a whiskey decanter should be used as a serving vessel as opposed to long-term storage, it’s OK to prioritize looks. This bottle will dress up your home bar or bar cart, as well as take your hosting skills to the next level. Next, consider if you want a decanter that can fit a whole 750 mL bottle of whiskey or just a bit at a time. Make sure it’s lead-free if you plan to keep whiskey in there for a while, and that it’s equipped with an airtight seal.

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A Note About En Primeur

If youre buying en primeur online then its arguably even more important that you research the credentials of the company that youre buying from.

contributor Jim Budd, who has written widely on the risks of wine fraud, said in a previous article back in 2010, My advice is to buy en primeur only from well-established companies with a track record.

Specialist Cellars New Zealand Specialist Retailer Of The Year

How to Decant Wine with Williams-Sonoma Decanters

They embody the vibrancy of the New Zealand wine scene, was how one judge put it. With a range that encompasses New Zealand, Australian and other New World wines, this innovative retailer is constantly updating its stock list online and currently offering discounts on a wide range of wines from Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir and Hunter Valley Semillon to Marlborough Orange Sauvignon Blanc and Swartland Syrah Cinsault.

Specialist Cellars is offering free personal delivery to most South London postcodes throughout the holiday weekend and ships to all of mainland UK with next day delivery, plus free shipping on orders over £150.

Order now at follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date on special offers.

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How To Use A Decanter

Pour wine into the decanter so that it hits the sides of the glass. You want to do this so that there is more oxygen exposure to the surface of the wine. Its also quite fine to swirl the decanter by the neck for the same purpose.

How long to decant wine? Decanting takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours and the average time is about 40 minutes. Here are a few examples:

  • Full-bodied wines: These wines take the longest, expect about 12 hours
  • Cheap wines: Cheap wines often need rigorous oxygen to cause oxygen to improve the aromas. You can do this by pouring a small amount into the decanter, and then re-corking the bottle and shaking it before you pour the rest into the decanter. Wait about 20 minutes.
  • Old red wines: Depending on the style, most will take about 2 hours

Using Light to Decant Unfiltered Red Wines

Some fine red wines contain sediment . Its possible to decant the wine so that it removes the sediment.

One way is to place a stainless steel filter at the top of the decanter to catch the sediment.

Another method that is popular in restaurants is to use a candle placed under the neck of the bottle that indicates when the wine has sediment. At this point you simply stop pouring.

Cleaning Your Decanter

No matter how much water you flush through a decanter, it will still collect visible deposits over time. Never put vinegar in your decanter to clean these deposits, especially if its crystal. Also, wed highly advise using fragrance-free soap.

Best Crystal: Waterford Elegance Carafe

This impressive decanter is as functional as it is beautiful. The wide and deep base allows the wine to gather as much oxygen as possible, giving it a chance to open up and develop as much as possible. Since it is made out of Waterford’s famous crystal, it needs to be expertly taken care of: It should only be carefully hand washed after use.

“We received this carafe as a wedding git and it is stunning,” a reviewer shares. “We love it for decanting wine and it is very attractive as the centerpiece on our bar cart. The weight is perfect too. It feels solid, not flimsy.”

To buy: Waterford Elegance Carafe, $235 at

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Last Word: Do You Even Need A Decanter

If you fit any of the 4 ideologies below, a decanter is ideal:

  • You still buy real books.
  • You like the craft element of winemaking and wine growing.
  • Useful art is cool.
  • Meditation is good.
  • Otherwise, not really. There are many ways to decant wine that dont necessarily involve a large glass vessel. For one, the act of pouring wine into a wine glass initiates oxygen exposure to the contents inside the bottle .

    Additionally, there are wine aerators which introduce a superabundance of oxygen to wine causing it to become decanted by the time it hits your glass. Finally, weve even tried several off-the-wall methods including shaking wine bottles or putting wine into a blender and they work!

    What About Wine Glasses?

    There are many different wine glasses to choose, find out which suits your drinking style the best.

    How To Buy Wine Online Ask Decanter

    Royal Doulton Highclere Wine Decanter
    • Do your research on the wines
    • Check the delivery conditions and options
    • Make sure youve researched the company, and the competition
    • If you like a particular merchant or wine, then sign up to email alerts to receive early news of special offers
    • Your local wine shop may have recently started delivery check the website or social media

    Ewan Murray, from The Wine Society, which was named , asked the merchants members to explain some of the reasons for buying wine online.

    The benefit of buying online is that you can research the wines at your leisure producers, vintages, tasting notes, online reviews from press, or other wine drinkers, said Murray, reporting back on the responses he received.

    In store youre relying on your existing knowledge or advice of staff which varies enormously, depending on the store.

    Peter Richards MW, chairman of the , said, In the Decanter Retailer Awards, we look for retailers who engage people in a way that can only be done online.

    That said, striking up a relationship with your local wine shop owner can be a great way of exploring new wine styles if you happen to live near one. The COVID-19 outbreak has lead many local wine bars, shops and restaurants to offer delivery, so check if your favourite is and show your support.

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    Best Rated: Le Chateau Hand Blown Wine Decanter

    With over 3,500 five-star ratings, this decanter is one of the most popular at Amazonand for good reason. Thanks to the extra wide base, the decanter is designed to release a wine’s natural aromas when it reaches the widest diameter of the glass. Not only is the hand-blown and lead-free glass sleek, but it’s also a stunning piece to showcase on any shelf or home bar.

    “I now actually taste each flavor described on each wine,” one shopper says. “It’s an entirely new wine drinking experience. And the piece is simply beautiful.”

    To buy: Le Chateau Hand Blown Wine Decanter, $50 at

    Best Expert Pick: Riedel Cabernet Decanter

    This expert-recommended decanter is a favorite of Legeron’s. She prefers this style for a number or reasons: “Aesthetically, it’s very simple and can fit in nicely with any type of decor or bar cart,” she explains. “It’s very light, which makes it easy to handle and clean.” Plus, it’s a wonderfully affordable option that will still do the job: the machine-blown crystal decanter can be used for both young and old wines, bringing out aromas and flavors in just a few hours.

    To buy: Riedel Cabernet Decanter, $43 at

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    How Do You Clean And Care For Decanters

    Check the instructions for your specific decanter to see what the manufacturer recommendssome are dishwasher-safe, some must be washed by hand, and some are OK to go in the dishwasher . Youll want to clean your decanter after each use. If the decanter is not stained, you can simply use hot water.

    To remove stains that are a result of wine sitting in the decanter for a long time, you will need a cleaning solution. You can use lemon juice or a combination of water and either white vinegar, dish soap, denture-cleaning tablets, baking soda or bleachas well as a scrubbing agent, such as rice, small ball bearings and coarsely ground sea salt. Combine the cleaning solution and scrubbing agent in the decanter, using a higher ratio of scrubbers for more stubborn stains. Swirl the decanter and let it sit for as long as is necessary to remove the stain. Dispose of the cleaning solution, rinse with hot water, and use a long, thin bottle brush to scrub inside the neck and base. Dry your decanter upside down on a drying stand.

    Never use dish soap to clean a decanterit can leave behind a residue and an unpleasant scent. You can also purchase a cleaning kit for your decanter.

    Best Overall: Bormioli Rocco Whiskey Decanter Set

    Wine Decanters: Why You Should Be Decanting Your Wine | Bottle Service | Food & Wine
    • Plastic stopper looks cheap

    Bormioli Rocco’s whiskey decanter set is both affordable and high quality. As one of Italys top glassware brands since 1825, this is a trusted name with a wide variety of glasses and accessories for any occasion. This set from the Selecta Collection is an excellent value with six matching 9.5-ounce, diamond-cut rocks glasses and a stunning glass decanter with a 33.75-ounce capacity, sealing stopper, and intricate starburst pattern cut into the glass. These pieces are crafted from fine sand and other premium raw materials. Plus, both the glasses and the decanter are dishwasher safe.

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    Carafes For Liquor Water Juice And More

    A carafe allows fine wine to breathe before pouring and offers a sophisticated, dramatic presentation. The crystalline glass is handcrafted and lets the beverage shine on the table. Not just for alcohol, glass carafes also store water, juice and other beverages. The stainless steel and vacuum insulation of preserve the temperature of both cold and hot coffee drinks for hours. Stylishly store bourbon, whiskey and wine with glass decanters with stoppers. The perfectly angled bases are designed to aerate the drink and deepen the flavor, and the tight-fitting stoppers preserve that developed taste.

    The Whalley Wine Shop Best Local Wine Shop Of The Year

    The approachable charms and fairly priced, well-sourced range of Lancashires The Whalley Wine Shop are reason for their 2019 win as the UKs best local wine shop.

    The Whalley Wine Shop is open for home deliveries, safely delivering to your doorstep from Tuesday to Saturday . Orders can be placed via phone, email or on their website: They are currently working hard on a new case offer and will have this available in the coming weeks.

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    Best Quick Aerating: Rabbit Super

    • Fun and easy to use

    • Delivers good results

    • Pouring is a little messy

    • Some wines may need to decant for longer

    • Must be gentle when washing

    Famous for its original corkscrew, Rabbit now offers everything you need for your home bar, including this decanting system. Its designed for when you need to properly aerate and decant a bottle of wine quickly. The three-part system includes a crystal decanter, a crystal wine spray funnel, and a sediment screen.

    The system is easy to assemble, and all you have to do is pour. When placed in the top of the decanter, five tiny holes in the funnels stem spray the wine for more exposure to oxygen. The screen, placed inside the funnel, captures any sediment that pours out. Our tester recommended just a bit more aeration time in the decanter for the best taste but was impressed with the system’s efficient performance overall.

    Another bonus our reviewer mentioned is the entertainment value of watching the wine waterfall down the sides of the crystal carafe, which is unique to this system. The systems decanter should be hand washed to keep it looking its best, but the screen and funnel are dishwasher safe.

    Material: Crystal, stainless steel | Capacity: 25.36 ounces | Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12 inches | Weight: 1.8 pounds

    “Whether youre impatient by nature or just a fan of efficiency, the Rabbit Aerating Decanter System will make a fun and useful addition to your bar cart.” Caroline Goldstein, Product Tester

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