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Where To Buy Scout And Cellar Wine

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Scout And Cellar Prices

Scout & Cellar, Resident Red Wine with Your Wine Girl

There are a couple of manner ins which you are able to buy Scout & Cellars wines. Have a look at their single bottles and get the ones that you want to try. Unsure just where to begin? You can buy a 4 bottle sampling set as a single order or as a part of the subscription. Freight is free with purchases more than $99.

How Is Wine Made

Most people dont realize but most mass produced wine aremade in a lab. Scout and Cellar wine use grapes that are processed by hand andnot in a lab. Theres no added sugar or additional chemicals because good grapes dont need them. And just to be sure, Scout andCellar lab tests all the wines to ensure that they meet their high standards.

Scout And Cellar Compensation Plan


The Scout and Cellar comp plan has six ranks and you shift from 1 to another by reaching specific objectives plus you get bonuses for accomplishing this.

The ranks are :Consultant The rank you have when you first register and pay your $249 for your pack.2nd Consultant To achieve this rank you need to have a personal sales volume of two hundred dollars and downline volume of five hundred dollar.Executive Consultant This involves you having personal sales of three hundred dollars and downline volume of eight hundred dollars.Associate Manager To get to this rank you must have four hundred dollars in personal sales and also one thousand five hundred dollars in downline volume.Senior Manager To get to this position you will have to have five hundred dollar in personal sales and three thousand dollars in downline volume.Executive Manager To hit this status you need to have six hundred dollars in personal sales and two thousand dollars in downline volume. *There are extra demands as soon as you hit the fourth rank and it pertains to legs in a binary compensation plan.

Retail Sales

These are the different commissions that can be earned based upon your sales volume:

  • less than $499 twelve percent commissions.
  • in between $500 and $1499 fifteen percent commissions.
  • in between $1500 and $2999 twenty percent commissions.
  • more than $2999 twenty five percent commissions.


Bonus Opportunities


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What Is Scout And Cellar Wine

Scout and Cellar is a company that sells cleaner wines. Theyhave created a new standard for wine and have found the best tasting bottlesfrom all over the world.

These wines, sourced from California to Italy, meet Scoutand Cellars rigorous standards for clean crafted wine delivered straight to your door. The best part? These curated wines areall sommelier approved.

Thats right. All the wines are hand picked by sommelier andfounder, Sarah Shadonix.

Sarah Shadonix Of Collin County Left Her Career As A Lawyer To Study Wine And Find Cleaner Ingredients

Pin by BuyCleanWines on Wines of Scout &  Cellar

11:15 AM on Sep 18, 2019 CDT

Great-tasting wine is not all the founder of Scout and Cellar is concerned about. The ingredients are important, too.

Sarah Shadonix, 38, of Collin County, left her career as a lawyer to enjoy time with her kids and study to be a sommelier. While working in the wine industry, Shadonix began feeling negative effects from certain wines, which led her to research ingredients.

She found that many mass-produced wines included additives like sugar and “mega purple,” a color corrector. So she created Scout and Cellar, a clean-crafted wine brand, which carries wines with less than 100ppm of sulfites.

To create these wines, Shadonix scouted vineyards and farmers that did not use synthetic pesticides on their grapes. She and her team source wines from organic producers, like Emiliana in Chile, but they also produce their own labels.

Bringing in independent consultants has been key to Scout and Cellar’s success, and Shadonix says it’s one of her favorite parts of the business. She now has more than 7,000 consultants who are passionate about clean-crafted wine. A Business Basics Kit is $249 and includes wine tools, marketing materials, four wines, and your own Scout and Cellar website for one year.

Scout and Cellar wines sell for $18-$50 and can be purchased at scoutandcellar.com, or through a consultant. Buyers can also subscribe to receive curated collections and limited editions.

1/3Scout and Cellar Field House Chardonnay from Sonoma County

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How Much Do Scout And Cellar Consultants Earn Scout And Cellar Compensation Plan:

At Scout and Cellar, there are three ranks for distributors:

  • Basic Consultant: You will become a basic consultant when you buy the kit, pay the money and sign the agreement.
  • Second Consultant: It is the next rank after basic consultant. You have to bring $200 in personal sales and $500 in downline sales to become a second consultant.
  • Executive Consultant: It is the highest rank in consultants. It requires $300 in personal sales and $800 in downline sales.

You are assigned tasks you have to complete to keep your status as a consultant. Tasks become more challenging as you climb the higher ranks.

Although they didn’t reveal details about their compensation plan on the website, some details are gathered from sources.

  • You earn a 12% commission in selling products worth $500 or less.
  • You earn a 15% commission in selling products worth $1500 or less .
  • You earn a 20% commission in selling products worth $3000 or less .
  • You earn a 25% commission in selling products worth over $3000. Hardly anyone can do that.

They also provide bonuses for extraordinary performance.

They have a lot of products to choose from.

What Are The Different Types Of Sparkling Ros Wine

Rosé sparkling wines like Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, and others make a fun and festive alternative to regular bubblesbut dont snub these as not as important as their clear counterparts. Rosé Champagnes are made in the same basic way as regular Champagne, from the same grapes and the same region. Most other regions where sparkling wine is produced, and where red grape varieties also grow, also make a rosé version.

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A More Affordable Alternative

Another service I tried recently was the wine section at Thrive Market. Thrive Market is basically an online grocery store that caters to any dietary restrictions you might have.

Their wine service is similar to Scout & Cellars a la carte option. All of the Thrive Market wines are organic and chosen by a master sommelier for their taste, quality and sustainability. You can also go farther in filtering the wines to your taste and diet.

Thrive Market allows you to filter the wines by:

  • No Added Sweeteners
  • Certifications
  • Farm type
  • Vegan
  • Brand
  • Average customer rating

Mcbride Sisters Collection Nv Brut Ros Sparkling

Scout and Cellar Wine review of Che Fico

You now have FREE access to nearly 300,000 wine, beer and spirit reviews. Cheers!

This ballerina-pink bubbly is fresh and delicate, with gentle notes of watermelon and red berry backed by subtle spice and a whisper of toasty lees influence. The ethereal palate is dry and has balanced acidity alongside the tasty fruit. Christina Pickard

  • rating

All tastings reported in the Buying Guide are performed blind. Typically, products are tasted in peer-group flights of from 5-8 samples. Reviewers may know general information about a flight to provide contextvintage, variety or appellationbut never the producer or retail price of any given selection. When possible, products considered flawed or uncustomary are retasted.

Ratings reflect what our editors felt about a particular product. Beyond the rating, we encourage you to read the accompanying tasting note to learn about a products special characteristics.

Offer valid on any online order over $150 . Valid for shipping anywhere within Washington only. Not valid when shipping to any other state. Order arrives within 3-5 business days. Excludes Gift Cards.

Offer valid on any online order over $150 . Valid for shipping anywhere within Arizona only. Not valid when shipping to any other state. Order arrives within 3-5 business days. Excludes Gift Cards.

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Gifts That Give Back: Scout And Cellar Wines

by Operation Hope | Dec 7, 2020 | Blog |

Looking to celebrate the holidays with some sparkle and cheer? Tara Cook-Littman is selling Scout and Cellar clean crafted wines, with 10% of sales being donated to Operation Hope, order by December 8 for receipt in time for Christmas. Gift sets, whites, reds and bubblies are all available. Buy some for yourself and buy some for the wine lover in your life! Remember, place orders by December 8 here!

Why Am I Writing Scout And Cellar Review

  • I’m reviewing Scout and Cellar just because they have a distributor program where people can come, pay the entry fee, sell their products, or reel in other members into the system and earn commissions for them.
  • If they have not adopted this multi-marketing method to grow their business, I would not have reviewed them.
  • That’s because I created this platform to collect the best money-making opportunities from all over the internet and present them to my readers in the real light and either recommend or don’t recommend them.
  • A lot of companies online are just scamming people. They launch various money-making schemes just to make money only for them and not for the target audience. I expose them so that people wont become prey to these scams.
  • As they say, not all shiny things are gold. Not all opportunities are good. In this review, we will take Scout and Cellar under the scope to surface out the money-making potential.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% unbiased and professional opinion. I’m not associated with Scout and Cellar in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this company as a distributor or not. Also, I’m not a distributor of Scout and Cellar.

I have taken my time to conduct deep research about Scout and Cellar for this review. And I think you will not regret spending your time reading it.

Ok, so much for beating around the bush. Let’s roll

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Is Organic Wine Better

Organic wine generally means that only the grapes are grownorganically. Since wine is the final product, its not regulated under the FDA.Its regulated under the ATF . Even though this is something we ingest, the FDA cant regulatewine. There are also no labels on wine so you really have no idea what is inthe bottle you are drinking.

Scout and Cellar goes beyond organic grapes and in a lot ofcases uses biodynamically grown grapes.

How Do You Serve Ros Sparkling Wine

Pin by BuyCleanWines on Wines of Scout &  Cellar

Treat rosé sparkling wine as you would treat any Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, and other sparkling wine of comparable quality. For storing in any long-term sense, these should be kept at cellar temperature, about 55F. For serving, cool to about 40F to 50F. As for drinking, the best glasses have a stem and a flute or tulip shape to allow the bead and beautiful rosé hue to show.

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Their Storyblack Girl Magic

It was destiny. Sisters Andrea and Robin McBride were raised across the world from each other in two iconic wine regionsAndrea in New Zealand, Robin in California.

In 2010, the now-united sisters fueled their passion for wine by creating Black Girl Magic. But the wines arent about the sisters. Theyre shaking up the industry by paying tribute to the magic, resilience, and innovation of the Black women who inspired them. To be enjoyed by everyone.


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Less Than 50ppm Sulfites

Each bottle of Scout and Cellar wine has less than 50 ppm of sulfites meaning that each bottle contains less than 5 mg per bottle. If there are 5 glasses of wine in a bottle, each glass only has 1 mg of sulfites.

According to FDA regulations, wines produced in the United States can contain up to 350ppm of sulfites. EU Wine Regulations allow up to 210ppm of sulfites in wines produced in Europe.

Scout & Cellar hold themselves to a much higher standard. Most Clean-Crafted Wines contain fewer than 50ppm of sulfites, and all contain fewer than 100ppm. 1ppm of sulfites = 1mg/L

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How Is Sparkling Ros Wine Made

There are two main methods to make rosé sparkling wine. Typically, either white wine is blended with red wine to make a rosé base wine, or only red grapes are used but spend a short period of time on their skins to make rosé colored juice before pressing and fermentation. In either case the base wine goes through a second fermentation through any of the various sparkling wine making methods.

Is Scout And Cellar A Pyramid Scheme

Get To Know Us! Q& A & Scout & Cellar Wine Tasting!
  • When you hear the name of an MLM, the first thought that enters your mind is that it would be a pyramid scheme.
  • I have spent a lot of time researching Scout and Cellar.
  • One thing which I can say with a lot of surety that its NOT a pyramid scheme.
  • They have real products. And they have a lot of them. The primary purpose of this company and its consultant program is to sell a lot of wine. Your tasks as a consultant are mostly revolving around selling products.
  • On the other hand, a pyramid company puts all its focus on recruitment.

So, Scout and Cellar is not a pyramid scheme. It’s just an MLM company.

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Bonus: All Your Other Groceries

Wines are only one aspect of Thrive Market. If youre a health-conscious person who sticks to a diet that is strict in some waywhich you likely do if youre interested in Scout & Cellarthen youll find a LOT to like about Thrive Market. See our full Thrive Market review here.

You can filter ALL their products by factors that are important to you. Their whole selection is similar to a normal grocery store, with packaged food, frozen food, meat, supplements, health and beauty products. They have everything except fresh produce basically.

So youre getting a ton of value beyond just the clean wines. For this reason, I think Thrive Market is a far better value.

In Closing: Is Scout And Cellar A Scam Is It Legit

Scout and Cellar is a legit multi-level marketing company and definitely not a scam.

If you do research on Scout And Cellar, you will most likely find reviews that say they are a scam or pyramid scheme.

Thats simply not true. According to what Ive seen, they are a legitimate direct selling business opportunity, where earning a considerable income is possible if you work hard.

Scout and Cellar was founded only in October 2017, so its still fairly new and considered a startup.

Though its number of representatives is growing, you might face less competition compared with well-established wine alternatives.

In their first seven months of operation, they transacted over $5 million in sales.

This industry is rapidly evolving, so if youre seeking solely for a wine business, now is the best time to start.

This appears to be a fantastic business with a brilliant goal, however as I mentioned earlier, if you want to go big with your business, I believe there are larger industries that can expand far more readily and to a far greater extent. Furthermore, their compensation structure is binary-based, which I dont really like.

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful network marketing businessBut there are better ways to build a business other than with network marketing or affiliate marketing.

Because unlike network marketing, it actually provides real proof of real success from real people as recently as a few days ago.

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The Clean Crafted Distinction

To get a wine to be thought of as Clean-Crafted, it undergoes 2 rounds of private laboratory testing to ensure that it is without things such as artificial pesticides chemical additions and also has less than 100 ppm of overall sulfites. They additionally assess and go over growing and manufacturing methods to verify that they are, indeed, Clean-Crafted. Why do they carry this out? Simply because they hold themselves to a greater measure than the norm.

It appears, along with as many as 350 ppm of sulfites, there are a great deal of ingredients that are involved with creating standard wine, not one of them that is required to be divulged on the products labeling.

These are:

  • Artificial pesticides
  • Genetically Modified ingredients

Although these kinds of substances are categorized as safe, that does not imply that people wish to have them in their wine.

Unlike the stuff mentioned above, the listing of what people will get in Scout and Cellar wines is significantly reduced:

  • Grapes
  • Less than 100 ppm of sulfites
  • Approximately two grs of carbohydrates for each five oz serving

The Story Behind The Wines

Thanksgiving time and Clean Crafted Wine

It was at ESSENCE Fest 2018 where we first launched our McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic label. The incredible event is a Party with a Purpose, put on by ESSENCE Magazine, which has grown over 27 years to be one of the premiere gatherings for Black music, entertainment and culture drawing averages of 500,000 attendees annually. It was a festival where thousands of Black women came together in one place to empower, educate and elevate during the day and partyat the music festival at night. Headlining with TRUE icons were talkin Beyoncé, Barack & Michelle Obama, Missy Elliott, Diana Ross, and many more.When we launched the label in 2018, it also happened to be the first time New Orleans had a Black woman mayor, LaToya Cantrell. Since ESSENCE Fest is such a huge contributor to the city, the mayor hosted the opening party and we knew thats where we wanted to introduce McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic to the world.

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