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Where To Buy Canary Wine

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Visiting with Huell Howser: Red Canaries

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Bodegas El Lomo In Tegueste In Do Tacoronte

When we pulled up to Bodegas El Lomo I was expecting a fairly humble family-owned winery. I think at one time it was just that. I was stunned once we went behind the scenes to see just how large and expansive their production is.

Although only started in the 1980s, this family-run winery is producing top-notch wines with a focus on the Listan grapes.

Although in the past they produced a variety of wines, they are focusing now on a Listan Blanco, a Listan Negro, and a red blend, each of which was very drinkable. Particularly with a view from their winery over the vineyards and to the sea in the distance.

Bodegas El Lomo is one of the easiest wineries to visit simply by contacting them to arrange a tasting and tour. It is only a 25-minute drive from the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Altos De Trevejos In Do Abona

Altos de Trevejos is unique in that it is the highest vineyard in Spain, in the foothills of Teide. They are producing a fabulous sparkling rose as well as some unique dessert wines.

They are not as easy to visit as they dont run regular tours, but it is worth contacting them through their website to try to organize a visit. The bodega is lovely as is their view overlooking the desert-like landscape. Look for their wines on Tenerife restaurant menus.

Altos de Trevejos is located in the south of the island, closer to Adeje and the famous Tenerife beach resorts. They are only a 25-minute drive from Adeje.

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The Canary Islands Is Arguably One Of The Most Unique Regions In The World With A Collection Of Wine

The Canary Islands, located just off the coast of Spain, is a collection of unique islands that boasts an exceptionally unique wine scene. With highly volcanic soils and some of the countrys oldest vines, the islands are considered a must-see for those who seek a unique wine experience. Not only are visitors able to taste wines that are native to the islands, but they are also exposed to some of the most scenic experiences.

Since the region consists of eight main islands, there are several similarities, as well as vast differences in the types of wines and wineries that you can find on each island.

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What Does Islas Canarias Mean

Islas Canarias is derived from Latin and means land of dogs.

Islas Canarias directly translates to the Canary Islands but is thought to be derived from the Latin term, Canariae Insulae. This Latin term translates to land of dogs since historians noted hundreds of large dogs that roamed the islands.

Vineyards Carved Out Of Volcanic Rock Create Wines Unlike Any Other

We were captivated by the wine growing process and astonished with the quality of wines,

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. April 20, 2020

Direct importer, Gold Medal Wine Club introduces three, unique wines from the Canary Islands never before available in the US.

The three wines include the El Lomo 2018 Listán Blanco, the Candido Hernandez Pio 2017 Red Blend, and the El Grifo 2016 Listán Negro. Gold Medal Wine Club is currently offering them for sale in their web-based Wine Store.

The seven-island archipelago of the Canary Islands is a grape growing location unlike any other in the world. Formed by volcanic eruptions, the islands possess a rugged, rocky terrain and the potential for future volcanic activity. The grapes are planted at high elevations, on steep volcanic hillsides, facing extreme winds. Due to its isolation as individual volcanic islands, the vine-killing phylloxera never arrived. Therefore, many of the vines have been growing and adapting for hundreds of years, enhancing the flavor of the wine, and reflecting the history of the land.

Along with the three spectacular wines, the Gold Medal Wine Club also offers an exclusive Adventure Package assortment of Canary Islands gourmet food productsthese too are available in the US for the first time.

Our International wines are very special because we only purchase selections not available in the US. When they have sold out, were off to another country, says daughter, Kelsey Chesterfield.

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Wine Regions In Tenerife

There are five DOs in Tenerife, or Denominación de Origen. The DO wine regions are ones that are regulated wine classifications under Spanish and European Union laws. It is unusual to have five DOs in such a small geographic zone, but there is a lot of variety in the grapes and the micro-climates around the island.

Tacoronte-Acentejo is in the northeast of the island. This area is known for terraced vineyards and young, easy-drinking red wines. Valle de la Orotava is a valley in the foothills of the Teide volcano. This region is where it is most common to find the cordon trenzado, or braided vineyard pruning system.

Ycoden Daute Isora is in the northwest of the island and is one of the most humid parts of the island. Abona is in the south of the island and suffers from the driest conditions more desert than tropical jungle. Finally, Valle del Güimar is in the central part of Tenerife South.

Cheeses And Wines With Their Own Particular Taste

Salty Natural Wines

Cheese and wine are two of the most characteristic products of the Canarian cuisine. To speak about Canarian wines is to make reference to the 10 wines with denominaciones de origen . The characteristics of the wine change radically from one area to another due to the different microclimates of the islands and the drastic changes of altitude in a matter of a few metres. Canarian cheeses are also characterised by their variety in texture and flavour although, if they do have something in common, its the fact that they are all made using traditional methods and have a flavour and subtlety that are unique. The best way to discover all these flavours is to visit some of the wineries and cheese shops of the Canary Islands. Besides just tasting, you can go and see the different stages of production.


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We Have Red Dry White Fruity Ros Wines From Tenerife And Other Canary Islands

Our physical store is located in the center of La Orotava, but we take your order home no matter what island you live on. Our home delivery service is fast and cheap and, as if that were not enough, we also offer free delivery throughout the island of Tenerife.

What are you waiting for? Do not think twice and make your order. And if you need advice or have any questions, you can contact us through our . We will be happy to assist you.

Grapes On The Canary Islands

The phylloxera-free Canaries are among only a few places in the world to have ungrafted vitis viniferavines. Some are over 200 years old, and many are exclusive to the islands.

There are 20 recognized unique grape varieties here, and more than 20 new varieties that are currently being studied, with a further 60 that are genetic profile variations, says Juan Jesús Méndez Siverio, winemaker at Tenerifes Bodegas Viñatigo.

Listán Blanco and Listán Negro are the most widely planted grapes on the islands. Others include white wine grapes Malvasía Volcánica, Malvasía Aromática and Albillo Criollo along with red wine grapes Negramoll, Vijariego Negro and Baboso Negro. There are a few plantings of international varieties, like Syrah.

However, each island has its own specialities. Méndez Siverio says these include Malvasía Volcánica in Lanzarote, Listán Prieto in Fuerteventura, Albillo Monte Lentiscal in Gran Canaria, Listán Negro and Listán Blanco in Tenerife, Forastera Blanca in La Gomera, Albillo Criollo in La Palma and Verijadiego Blanco in El Hierro.

Dry, high acid whites and light, fruity reds, some made using carbonic maceration, are typical, but richer, oak-aged expressions are produced, too.

In 2020, around 15 million gallons of wine , were produced in the archipelago.

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The Uniqueness And Variety Of Canarian Volcanic Wine

The peculiarity of our Canary Islands, with its microclimates and its volcanic soil, gives us the possibility of growing around 80 grape varieties, many of which are endemic to our territory. As for example the popular listán negro and blanco, the baboso negro, the aromatic malvasía, the vijariego or the forastera gomera. Furthermore, this terrestrial composition gives our Canarian wine that distinctive and unique mineral flavour. We are lucky that the aptly named Fortunate Islands are our home and that we can enjoy a great natural and cultural wealth that make the Canary Islands unique, and also their wines.

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What You Need to Know About Tenerife Wines
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Drinking Local Wine In Tenerife

The thing to know about Tenerife wines is that overall it is a pretty small annual production and very few wineries export. It is even hard for us to find Tenerife wine where we live in Spain. Its too bad because the wines we drank were fabulous.

That means in order to taste wine from Tenerife, it is best to actually visit the island. Moreover, many travelers to Tenerife tend to stay at the beach resorts instead of exploring the island. For wine lovers traveling to Tenerife, visiting some of the Tenerife bodegas is a great way to spend a morning exploring the island.

There are over 70 bodegas in Tenerife. Many of them are small producers and arent able to accept visitors. They are too busy making the wine! There are a few bodegas where it is possible to pop in for a visit.

The best way to visit, though, is to reach out to the winery through their website to make an appointment for a Tenerife wine tour and tasting. Some of the better Tenerife restaurants will also include local wines on their menu. Instead of just ordering a glass of wine, request a glass of wine from Tenerife and drink local!

Wine On Tenerife In The Canary Islands

Where do I even begin The highest elevation vineyards in Europe reside on a small island. The perimeter of this island houses small, sea level beach towns. In the middle of the island lives a 12,200 foot volcano. It takes an hour to drive from one end to the other, but from village to village, it seems as though youve gone to the moon and back. Jungles, deserts, tropical beaches, and mountainsits like every ecosystem became an expat and moved here. By rule, Spanish. By influence, Portuguese. By geography, a stones throw from Africa.

Tâganan in Northeastern Tenerife. Photo by Jimmy Hayes

This is a place where passengers break into applause when your plane hits the runwaya place where shopkeepers walk you to a competitors store if you cant find what youre looking forAnd in the vineyards, 300 year-old braided vines are tied together with dried banana peelswhile others are propped up by a kickstand, on cliffsides accessible only by horseback. All this, and Peruvian potatoes. This is Tenerife.

The Canary Islands have 10 official wine regions, five of which are on Tenerife. Map by Wine Folly

Tenerife is one of seven islands off the coast of Morocco, and the largest wine producer of the island chain with roughly 7200 hectares under vine . Only a few places in the world possess ancient, own-rooted vines that never fell prey to the devastating root louse a little insect we call phylloxera, and Tenerife is one of those few.

How it all started

I had to ask

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NBS’s Canary Mugume finally Weds Sasha at Pr. Kayanja’s Church

The winemakers have learned how to make the vines thrive despite all this. By building low protective walls around the vines, they can retain moisture, and they are protected to some extent from the winds. Sometimes the vines are planted in shallow holes in the black soil for even better protection. Planting density is low, and yields are usually extremely low.

A tasting of wines from Tenerife and Lanzarote recently showed wines with a strong personality. The wines are interesting also from a different perspective. The grape varieties used are old and hardly found anywhere else anymore, an advantage today when many wine enthusiasts are looking for the unusual.We find some of the grapes of the Canary Islands in South America. They were brought there as cuttings or seeds by Spanish settlers in the 16th century. One of the varieties was Listán prieto, which today is found both in California , in Chile and Argentina . They still grow Listán Prieto on the Canary Islands, but the grape has almost entirely disappeared from the Spanish mainland.

We have travelled extensively in South America and have tasted both País and Criolla Chica. So, we really enjoyed getting to know the European original of the grape. The most widely planted red grape on the islands, however, is Listán Negro, a native grape.

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What Wine Does The Canary Islands Make

The Canary Islands mainly make white wine from Listan Blanco and Malvasia.

Despite the islands extreme hot and humid conditions, the area continues to grow white grapes successfully. While the heat makes the area unsuitable for grapes, the high plantation of the vines allows for cooler growing conditions. With most of the vines planted higher than 500 metres , the locals can make wines with intense aromas and plenty of freshness.

Listan Blanco and Malvasia are the two main grapes they use for the white blends, where the wines range from crisp to sticky-sweet.

While they focus on the white wines, there are red and rosé wines throughout the islands, where Listan Negro is the most planted red grape. These wines are particularly light and fruit, made in a similar style to Beaujolais wines.

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