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Where To Buy Chateau Fontaine Wine

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Chateau Valfontaine Bordeaux Haskell’s

Chateau Fontaine “Social-Distancing” Wine Tasting – Fall 2020 – Michigan Winery Tour
    Wine of Bordeaux, France. 20% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Cabernet Franc – Red French Wine. Château Valfontaine is located at la Roquille, a small village in the Entre-Deux-Mers area. The Southern exposure enjoyed by the vines, the quality of the soil and the excellent natural drainage turns this vineyard

Best Winery In The Tc Region

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for, but in my opinion, Chateau Fontaine is the best overall winery on either Leelanau or Old Mission Peninsula. The building itself is modest, but I go there for the wines.I love most of them and love some of them! The staff is the most knowledgeable of any that we’ve experienced and the list of wines that you can taste is the most extensive of any of the wineries. As a bonus, there are always off-menu wines that are added to that list. BONUS: THE TASTINGS ARE FREE! Tip your staff member well because they’ve earned it! We’ve never left Chateau Fontaine without buying at least one bottle, and usually more. Often we buy the cheese ball spice mix which is also delicious.You won’t be sorry that you made the trip to Chateau Fontaine!


I call Chateau Fontaine a hidden gem winery. The owners are personable. The staff is knowledgable. The tastings are free. You wont leave empty handed. I enjoy every wine there. They offer great discounts when you buy cases of wine.

This is a nice family run winery, I have been coming here for years and it just gets better, the atmosphere and the wine

Chateau Fontaine is our favorite winery in Michigan. We always buy a case twice a year. Big paw red is our favorite table wine and the price is very reasonable. We also love their cheeseball that is served with tastings to cleanse your palette.

Dan Matthies Of Chateau Fontaine On The Success Of The Traverse City Michigan Wine Industry

Chateau Fontaine is a family-run winery in Traverse City, Michigan that grows 15 varietals. Dan and Lucie Matthies began their winemaking adventure in 1987 when Michigan State University horticultural expert Dr. G. Stanley Howell visited their land and was impressed with the potential for grape growing. The property features south-facing slopes, temperature buffering from the lakes, and perfect soil pH which combined give Chateau Fontaine great conditions for growing vinifera grapes.

Chateau Fontaine has achieved impressive critical success for a winery from a somewhat unknown American wine region. In his book The Riesling Story: Best White Wine on Earth, Stuart Pigott lists Chateau Fontaine as one of his top 20 medium-sweet Rieslings alongside such Riesling icons as Dönnhoff and Selbach-Oster. “Winemaker Shawn Walters is only interested in making wines that are ‘rock star shit.’ Although, the path he took in making the semi-sweet Rieslings here might strike some as rather technical, the result is wines of dazzling intensity and clarity.”

Grape Collective talks with Chateau Fontaine owner Dan Matthies about the uniqueness of Traverse City Riesling.

Christopher Barnes: Dan, how did you get involved in the wine business?

The video was filmed on a Ricoh Theta 360 camera. One can explore ‘s Virtual Reality content on a computer or an iOS or Android device.

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Chateau Valfontaine Bordeaux Buy Wine Spirits And Beer
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Elaboration Of 2016 Chteau Fontaine Sauternes

Chateau Fontaine

2016 Château Fontaine Sauternes


  • View: Straw yellow.
  • Nose: The nose, sweet and delicate aromas of mango, melon, sweet grass, honeycomb and a puff of blue cheese.
  • Mouth: On the palate, this is only half sweetness. Light, fine and elegant with a good core of acid that brings freshness.

APPELLATION: Sauternes .

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