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Where Can I Buy Flip Flop Wine

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Where To Buy Cheap Flip Flops In Bulk For Weddings

Anklet & Rings, Pastel Green Flip Flop Shoes Wine Tasting – Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon

Great question, Michele! For my wedding, I didnt know about these cheap flip flops, but if I did I would have definitely offered them to guests. Since tying the knot, Ive attended many weddings where the couple offered these fun dancing shoes as a gesture to guests and it is one of my favorite details. Everyone loves them!

You have a good point: a price of $10 per pair of flip flops is really expensive. Since youre probably also offering wedding favors, that really can impact your budget. Knowing where to buy cheap flip flops in bulk is a great way to save money and were here to help. Weve found a handful of places to buy wholesale flip flops that are designed to be purchased in bulk and given to wedding guests.

And before we get to the list, real quick: one of the top questions about flip flops for weddings is how many flip flops you need to buy and what sizes you need. Heres the answers.

How many flip flops should you buy?

First, decide if youre going to give flip flops in womens and mens sizes. If so, order enough for 50-75% of guests. If youre planning to give flip flops just to the ladies , offer enough for 50-75% of the ladies. Not everyone will take a pair, some will be comfortable in their shoes, others will have brought flats or wont dance. You would rather buy just enough than too many.

What size of flip flops should you buy?

Flipflop Wines: To Each Their Own

With flipflop wines, we have embraced the movement toward individualistic expression, instead of manufacturing wines into some cookie-cutter style thats all the rage. Our goal is to craft expressive, well-balanced wines that evoke just what the grapes inside intended, without being over-wrought or over-explained, and that can be enjoyed at any occasion.

I really enjoyed doing this review. I love to have a glass of wine with a homemade dinner or at the end of a hard day. My favorites are whites but the more I try reds, the more I like them. My absolute favorite is Ice Wine and Moscato and I wish I could have tried theirs! I got to try Pinot Grigio, Pino Noir and Riesling.


Medium-bodied, Riesling with peach, apricot and melon which lead to a satisfying, smooth finish.
It is full of
Tropical notes and sweet aromas.
Eat with
Tofu stir-fry, shredded pork tacos and sake sashimi
Away from direct sunlight

This was my favorite wine. I tend to lean towards the sweet wines. We had this wine with broiled steak, twice baked potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Pinot Grigio

Light-bodied, refreshing Pinot Grigio with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a zesty, clean finish
It is full of
Bruschetta, spaghetti carbonara or eggplant parmesan
Away from direct sunlight

Pinot Noir

Medium-bodied, structured Pinot Noir with bright cherry, sweet spice and a supple, velvety finish
It is full of
Cola aromas and hints of vanilla
Eat with
Away from direct sunlight

Flipflop Wine Is Not Vegan Friendly

over 10 years ago

Company email re Big House Wines: “Hello, our wines are not considered vegan. We are very sorry. Our wines are considered gluten free though.”

Company Email regarding Pinot Evil: June 2011″Pinot Evil is produced in Hungary and France, we cannot state what their exact processes are and cannottherefore state that they can be termed ‘vegan’.”

Company FAQ regarding Big House Wines: May 2011″Are Big House wines vegan friendly? A:In the bottled state, the wines do not contain any animal products.” Barnivore note: This doesn’t address during processing so we have sent them a message. Reply: “Yes, our wine is vegan friendly.”

Company Email: April 2011″Thank you for thinking of flipflop wines. Currently, flipflop wines is NOT vegan-friendly.”

Company Email regarding Big House Wines: Dec 2010″Unfortunately we cant claim vegan status. Very sorry.”

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Flip Flop Cabernet Sauvignon 750 Ml

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Cheap Flip Flops In Bulk: Where To Buy

Style, Decor &  More: We All Flipped for Flipflop Wines!

1. Solid White or Solid Black Cheap Flip Flops in Bulk

Choose from all black flip flops or all white flip flops. You receive 72 pairs of each in a variety of sizes for $169.99 with FREE shipping. In each package of bulk flip fops, you get 18 pairs of size 5/6, 30 pairs of size 7/8, and 24 pairs of size 9/10.

buy here

2. Bamboo Flip Flops in Bulk

These bamboo flip flops from Shoe Box are amazing! You can choose a color or opt for a multi-color pack of these cheap flip flops for guests. Unlike the rubber style, these flips are bamboo. I love the way these look! Buy them here.

buy here

3. Personalized Flip-Flops

You can get personalized flip flops in bulk for your wedding from PersonalizedSlippers with amazing pricing and the cutest styles!

buy here

4. A Ton of Cheap Flip Flops in Bulk

You can get a ton of white flip flops in bulk for cheap from here.


5. Striped or Solid flip flops in bulk for wedding guests

These flip flops by Winterlace have a ton of really cute designs. I like the striped ones! See more designs here.

buy here

6. $1 Flip Flops

These are only a dollar each from the dollar store! MANY styles available and bulk ordering online By DollarTree.

They also have solid black or white rubber flip flops for sale.

7. Personalized Flip Flops in Bulk

These flip flops are personalized! Choose your design of flip flop and bulk order size. By MyFavorShop.

buy here

You can place your flip flops in a basket or box, like these:

o white fabric basket

via herevia here

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Flip Flop Moscato Left Coast
    This producer makes many wines including those from grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Liqueur – Fruit, Sangria, Premixed Drinks, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Rare Red Blend, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Rum – Liqueur – Flavored, Rum, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Malbec. Among the less expensive white wines from America. The price has been stable over the past year.86%

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