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What Wine Should I Try

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Montrachet Domaine De La Romane

The 8 Styles Of Wine You Should Try First || Gent’s Lounge

At last, a white wine. And a Chardonnay at that. But not just any Chardonnay. Le Montrachet is Chardonnay at its most perfect the slowest to mature, the longest lived, says Coates. Montrachet can be an immensely frustrating wine, however. Usually it is drunk too young, or the wine is a disappointment, says David Peppercorn MW. When its good, though, it embodies everything one can hope for, and more besides, from the greatest white Burgundy.

The haven is split evenly between Puligny- and Chassagne-Montrachet, with Domaine de la Romanée-Conti owning vines in the Chassagne section. Its 1978 is a fabulous textbook white Burgundy with gunflint, crisp Chardonnay notes, and enormous perfume which lasts in the empty glass for hours, says John Radford. Just nudges out the 1991, itself a sublime experience, according to Peppercorn.

Firefly Ridge 2017 Pinot Grigio

If you want a little more wine to share with a friend? Firefly Ridge is the place to start. This wine was a gift from my roommate last year, the bottle of which still sits on my kitchen counter as a reminder to buy it again.

It boasts not just the signature white grape of pinot grigio, but a deliciously gentle, pear-like aftertaste. Its sweet without falling into candy-esque notes, just the right balance for a new wine drinker that wants to circumvent the strong kick of some wine bottles.

The mouthfeel leans a little toward the dry side, too, though not so much you cant still appreciate the ripe flavor. It pairs perfectly with a salty or savory snack, so remember to bust out your charcuterie board alongside your wine opener.

At just $7, this is the perfect affordable white wine thatll be gone before you know it. You can find it at Wine Tastings or their similar pinot gris at your local Safeway.

The Top Five Best Wine Brands


Based in sunny Tuscany, in the Bolgheri region of Italy, Masseto is a cult winery with an iconic vineyard thats known for producing top quality vintages. The brand has received multiple 100-point scores from critics and is notorious for being difficult to get hold of. Production totals around just 30,000 bottles a year and the average bottle costs around $790. The vineyard, which was first founded by Lodovico Antinori in 1981, converted entirely to organic farming in 2012 and keeps climate change at the forefront of its production methods. The brand was a hit from its first release in 1986 and is one of the most well-known and best-performing wineries.

Screaming Eagle

Screaming Eagle Winery and Vineyards is a Californian wine estate and another cult winery. The brand produces the most expensive wines in North America and its Sauvignon Blanc occupies the top spot, with an average sales price of $5,974. In order to buy its wine directly from the brand, buyers must sign up for a waiting list. The average time to wait on this list before being able to buy a bottle is around 12 years. Due to a surge in high-profile counterfeit wine cases, each bottle of Screaming Eagle comes with a bubble-coded security seal. It keeps its doors firmly shut to the public.

Bodega Catena Zapata

Chateau Latour

Heitz Cellar

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Honorable Red Wine Mentions

Reds have a vast range of depth and flavor. If you want a more robust blend as you start enjoying red wine, try:

  • Shiraz: This fruity, full-bodied blend also has a bit of spice, with notes of black pepper and smoke. This grape is also called syrah in some regions of the world.
  • Merlot: This is a dry, fuller-bodied wine with a high tannin content. Its often paired with the main course in fine dining. However, its tannins make it a wine you should ease into, not start with.

Donnafugata Nero Davola Sherazade

What should you try?

Italy has seemingly endless grape varieties so doing an all-Italian flight can be a lot of fun. Hailing from southern Italy, the nero davola grape is a fantastic contender for an Italian all-stars tasting, especially because its incredibly flavorful but not too expensive like Donnafugatas excellent Sherazade. With ripe black fruits, cherry and a hint of violets, folks will definitely be wanting another taste of this wine.

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What’s The Bulleit Of Wine A Few Picks

Picking an actual wine and feeling confident you’re getting a decent bottle is, of course, a major barrier for anyone. We’ve been wondering: What wines are similar to Bulleit Rye, as in: affordable, widely available, and generally regarded as good?

It’s a difficult question to answer, since annual variations in climate, grape quality, and a dozen other factors make the year-to-year quality of a wine vary more than a grain-based alcohol. That said, our research indicates these picks are worth consideration as safe, reliable value for your dollar:


  • Chardonnay: Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve California Chardonnay
  • Chenin Blanc: Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier
  • Sauvignon blanc: Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
  • Riesling/Pinot Gris/Moscato blend: Hugel et Fils Gentil Alsace


  • Cabernet sauvignon: Beringer Founders Estate California Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot: Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Merlot
  • Zinfandel: Bogle Old Vine California Zinfandel

Lets Go Over This Recommended Order Of Wine Tasting And Ill Also Give You Some Insight On The Order Of Specific Varietals

Start with Sparkling

If you are tasting any sparkling wines, definitely start with those first- regardless of varietal. A sparkling wine is very light, and while it does have some sweetness, it wont leave a lingering taste in your mouth. Sparkling wine will lead the way for stronger wines with little effect on your palate.

Your Wine Tasting Order Should Move from Whites to Reds

Regardless of the varietal, red wines will always leave a thicker taste in your mouth. This means you should always start with light, crisp white wines and then move on to red wines. Since white wine doesnt have the same level of tannins as red, it will leave your palate primed for sampling darker options. Alternatively, reds are a perfect way to close out the evening with their hearty taste.

Note: If you plan on tasting any rose or orange wine options, these should be served in between the whites and the reds.

Dry to Sweet and Young before Old

Within whites and reds, work your way from dry to sweet. If youve enjoyed a sweet wine before, you probably know that it can leave you feeling relatively satisfied instead of craving another drink. This is exactly why dessert wines and fortified wines are better left until the very end of a meal or wine tasting event.

The acidity in a sweet wine can interfere with the flavor of a dry varietal, whereas a dry wine wont interfere with the flavor of a sweet wine.

Wine Order of Common Wine Types

Order of Common Varietals Reference List

  • Riesling

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What Makes Wine Sweet

By the law of opposites, we know that if the bone-dry wine has high tannins, high acidity, and low sweet aroma, a sweet wine must have low tannins, low acidity and a great sweet aroma, right? Well, its just about that simple. Wines that taste sweet also smell sweet, and when you get a low level of acidity and a low level of the drying tannins, youre going to get a glass of wine that tastes sweeter and sweeter, all the way up to that cloying sweetness of an exceptionally sweet wine.

If youre looking for some of these very sweet wines youll find red wines that contain figs, raisins and dates are some of the best options. These include the Tawny Port and Vin Santo Rosso.

Very sweet white wines can consist of flavors of golden raisin, apricot jam, and fig. They include options like White Port, Passito wines, Moscatel Dessert Wine and Vin Santo. Each of these is going to give you the heavy flavor of sweetness that youre looking for, and a great compliment to more acidic foods. Unless, of course, youre really looking for as much sweetness as possible.

Terminology: The Key Terms To Know When Buying Wine

Would You Let Your 3-Year-Old Try Wine? | Loose Women

ABV: Alcohol By Volume the percentage of ethanol in a beverage.

Appellation: A legally defined and protected geographical area used to identify where grapes for a wine were grown.

Assemblage: A French term for the grape varieties used to blend a wine.

Blind tasting: This allows for an unbiased evaluation of the wine and is when the identity of the wine is hidden from the taster.

Dry wine: Red or white wines where all the residual sugar has been fermented.

Full-bodied: A term for wines that are usually higher in alcohol, glycerin and concentration.

Tannins: Extracted from the grape skins and stems, these are the backbone of a wine and need to be ripe for a wine to feel good in your mouth.

Variety: The type of grape used to make a wine.

Vintage: The year a wine was produced.

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How To Pick Out Wine For Dinner

The tips above will provide a great start to establishing your taste in good wine. However, sometimes you arent looking for how to choose good wine, but rather how to pick the right wine for a particular meal. A great wine may not always shine in tandem with the wrong food. When it comes to wine pairing, you can revisit the basic characteristics of wine sweetness, acidity, tannin, body and alcohol and apply them to pairing.

The overall goal of choosing wine for dinner is to find a wine that either complements or contrasts the flavors. A good wine pairing will give you a more complex burst of flavor from your dining and drinking experience. Here are a few general guidelines for the best wine and food pairings.

1. Acidic food needs an acidic wine.

If you choose wine with low acidity to pair with a meal that has higher acidity, such as meals with citrus or fish, youre sure to be disappointed. The acidity in the food will overpower the wine, leaving your taste buds with much to be desired. In this case, its best to find a higher-acidity wine to match your meal.

2. Salty food is the perfect partner for sweet wine.

The combination of salty and sweet is a classic that carries into the wine-pairing world, too. A sweet wine can help cut the saltiness of a dish, while also highlighting the pleasant sweetness of the wine.

3. Fatty foods work best withbitter, highly acidic or higher ABV wines.

4. Foods and wines from the same region can make great pairings.

Red Wines For White Wine Drinkers

If you drink wine, chances are you fall into one of two distinct categories white wine or red wine lovers. A recent national survey showed most people prefer red wines. We know if youre a white wine drinker, youre wondering how thats possible. There are plenty of white wine drinkers who cant imagine enjoying a glass of dry red. A chilled glass of a fruity white seems so much more refreshing.

While it may seem as if these two categories of wine drinkers are forever separated, we believe there are red wines for white wine drinkers.

Various characteristics go into the glass of wine you love. Is it light or heavy? Does it taste fruity or bitter? Is the alcohol content high or low? Stereotypes say that whites are light, refreshing, fruity wines and reds are more complex, savory, dry wines. But believe it or not, plenty of reds have many of the same characteristics as white wine. If youre willing to try, you may find a red wine you enjoy.

Lets say you want to know what all the red wine hype is about where do you begin? To help you choose a red wine, weve created a list of some of the most popular reds with flavor profiles similar to whites. Were sure that as you read through the details of each of these red wines, you might be tempted to give them a try.

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If You Like This Drink That: 9 Alternative Wines To Try

Courtesy of Unsplash / Zachariah Hagy

As nature starts to wake up from the slumber of winter, our senses are delighted by the rediscovered aromas of blooming flowers, fresh grass, and that indescribable zip in the air. This feeling of renewal and energy brings about the perfect opportunity to engage our palates in new ways. While we all have our tried-and-true favorites when it comes to wine, spring is a great time to discover delicious new options. Using your favorite everyday bottles as a jumping off point, here are some alternative wines to try the next time youre ready to pop a cork.

Giovanni Rosso Etna Bianco Doc 2018

Having a wine tasting (new to this), what order should we try these? : wine

From the slopes of Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily, this wine was produced by Giovanni Rosso, a family-owned winery from Piedmont specializing in red wines made from Nebbiolo. However, we were impressed by the familyâs white selection they are making on Mt. Etna in Sicily, offering a white Burgundy-quality wine, sans the white Burgundy price. Itâs extremely balanced, refreshing, and has great acidity. With its kiss of oak, it will surely be a newfound favorite of Chardonnay lovers looking to try something different.

Rating: 97

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The 19 Most Popular Wines You Should Have In Your Stockpile In 2022

Its tempting to drink your comfort wine, but with spring coming in like a storm, we recommend tickling your taste buds with new wine varieties to start afresh. Or perhaps, trying your hand at making wine in an instant pot. Your call.

But for this story, were focusing on narrowing down well-made, uplifting wines that simply wont disappoint. Whatever 2022 is in store for us, we know itll pair with some good wine. Heres a list of the best wines you should keep in your stockpile, panning the spectrum from white and pink to orange and redplus a few outliers, just for good measure.

Best For Something Sweet

White wines are known as being sweeter than reds, but if youre looking for a little sweet fizz, you have options:

  • Asti spumante: Italian Asti spumante, or Asti, undergoes a single fermentation process that allows this sparkling variety to retain its signature sweetness.
  • Demi-sec champagne: A demi-sec champagne is a style of sparkling wine that is sweeter than a brut or dry sparkling variety. Youll see winemakers incorporate hints of almond, fruit, even honey into this varietal to bump up the sweet bubble flavor even further.

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Best Red: 2018 True Myth Cabernet Sauvignon

Courtesy of

Region: California | ABV: 14.2%| Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Blueberry, Cedar, Cola

For beginners who know they love a full-bodied red, its impossible to go wrong with California cabernet sauvignon. This plush, rich bottling comes from the Central Coasts Paso Robles region, known for a warm, dry, and sunny climate thats ideal for producing ripe, user-friendly wines.

The True Myth Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best values youll find there, with powerful dark fruit flavors of blackberry, blueberry, and plum accented by vanilla, spice, cola, and toasty oak notes. The tannins here add structure but are not too drying, and a splash of acidity keeps this big wine from feeling heavy or overpowering.

Wines For People Who Dont Like Wine

Aldi Wine Haul | Affordable Wines That You Should Try | 8 Wines under $50

If youre not a fan of wine, never fear. Neither was I.

I originally avoided the drink, preferring a crisp beer over what Id believed to be a nose burn in a glass. When wine wasnt too strong in flavor? It was too strong in alcohol content. This turned out to be a misconception, to say the least. Theres a wide variety that can suit just about anyone.

Come one, come all. Heres the best wine for people who dont like wine, distinguished not just through flavor notes, but from a low price to a little higher for that special occasion.

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Ology: How We Select Test And Rank The Best Wines On The Market

In order to select the best wines, we looked at the individual features of each category and what makes a successful wine within that. We took into account the level of tannins and alcohol percentage, the flavour profile and heaviness of each wines body as well as its complexity.

We also looked into each bottles crispness, whether it was oaked or unoaked, the success of each vineyard over the years and the price of each bottle.

For After Dinner And Winter Warming: Cognac

Its not technically wine, but rather distilled juice from grapes. Its essentially brandy, but the Cognac version, always from the Cognac region in France, is where brandy reaches its height. Its perfect for slow sipping after a meal or dinner party and for warming yourself up on cold winter and spring nights. Always keep at least a bottle on hand.

Best Wine Club for Cognac: Vinesse

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Finding Wines You Love

Wine is there for your enjoyment. Whether you begin your wine journey by taking some of the best wines for beginners suggestions made here or decide to venture out on your own, try tasting a few different bottles of a certain type of red or white wine to really get a feel for it. Use the resources available to you, as well. Ask a local wine shop owner to recommend a wine for a new palate. He or she will surely have some suggestions you will love.

Which Starter Wine Should You Buy

Austrian wines you should try based on your favourite vino

Its best to start simple so you can isolate what youre tasting and what it is about a wine that you like or dislike.

Start in the $10 to $15 price range. Most wines at this price point are typical of their variety and region. Some say that complexity doesnt start until the $25 level or $35 level, but while youre in the exploratory phase, its better to spare your wallet. That being said, you can find good bottles of wine under $10its just a bit harder.

Again, its hard for a beginner to tell how a wine will taste based solely on the varietal. So, above all, dont be shy about asking for help. Your best bet is to walk into the store and ask for the kind of wine youre interested in trying. Say, I want a dry, light-bodied white wine or I want to try a full-bodied red. Or, you could even mention wines that youve enjoyed in the past and ask for something similar.

Another good tactic is to ask for a typical varietal, e.g., Find me a typical Pinot Grigio for $15. Heres a quick rundown that might help you decide:

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