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What Is The Best Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Kalorik Cks 40211 Wine Lovers Bottle Opener Set Review

10 Best Electric Wine Opener Bottle | Wine Opener Rechargeable | Wine Opener in Black

With a sleek presentation base, and handsome LED glowing lights, this wine bottle opener set is capital E for Elegant.

Not only that, but it includes the entire package: wine sealer and preserver, wine pourer and aerator , 2 wine stoppers, a cordless rechargable battery, and a foil cutter.

For around $50*, you can open, pour, and reseal wine in complete style.

Best Specialty: Monopol Westmark Germany Steel Two

  • Ideal for bottles of older wine

  • Great gift for wine collectors

  • Has a learning curve

The ah-so style, according to Trotta, is something that most wine professionals own. It features two prongs that slide down the sides of the cork, its design intended to gently and effectively pull old and brittle corks. This type of opener is great to have around if you drink the occasional older wine, but its not exactly essential for the casual everyday drinker, Trotta adds, noting that it shouldnt be the only one you have on hand. That said, having one is essential for wine lovers if you feel the cork in your older Barolo or your aged port is at risk, whip out an ah-so to avoid having to use cheesecloth and a decanter. Plus, it takes up minimal space in your pocket or jacket.

A good, high-quality ah-so makes an excellent gift for any wine collector or advanced enthusiast in your life . Monopol Germanys expertly crafted two-prong steel opener comes in a sleek, silver satin finish with a decorative cover and five-year warranty.

Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 1 inches | Weight: 2.46 ounces | Material: Steel

  • Comes in many color options

  • Pricey

You can find plenty of quality double-hinged classic corkscrews for a bargain price, but if youre willing to spend a bit more, go for a design with a grooved worm, like this Le Creuset Waiters Friend. The grooved worm makes quick work of tough corks , allowing you to smoothly and quickly get to the bottom.

Battery Life Of Electric Bottle Opener

The most important that an electric wine opener must have is a decent battery life. You dont want to recharge the device again and again. One full charge must be able to at least fulfill your need. Each electric wine bottle opener has different capacity different wine openers can open around 30-80 wine bottles after one full charge. It depends on the capacity of the device.

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Our Electric Wine Opener Buying Guide

Surveys show that nearly 75% of adults drink wine, with at least half of them having multiple glasses per week. If you find yourself among those numbers, you undoubtedly know how frustrating it can be to uncork a bottle of wine. This is where an electric wine opener comes in. This handy device does all the hard work for you. As you shop for the best electric wine opener, youll want to keep the following features in mind.

Determine just how portable you need the electric wine opener to be. Most models have a charging base that must be plugged into an outlet. That means you can take the opener off the base and use it in another room, but youll still need to have the base nearby for recharging. If you do a lot of traveling, a model that is battery operated is best. These openers are often lightweight and easy to store in a suitcase or carry-on bag.

Look for any extras that may make one electric wine opener stand out from another. A model that comes in multiple color options, including red, black and silver, is an excellent choice. That way you can match the unit to the rest of your appliances. Youll also want to keep an eye out for a unit that has an included foil opener or one that features a comfortable soft-grip handle.

Tebikin Electric Wine Bottle Openers

NEW OSTER Portable Electric Wine Bottle Opener Battery ...
  • Extraction of empty cork is not always an easy task. Electric wine openers, like the one TEBIKIN offers, will make it much easier for anyone to extract dusty old corks with precision and care.
  • The battery-operated motion means this product is cordless too, making it perfect for even those who suffer from arthritis or other wrist difficulties to operate! Product features include: 4 AA batteries , which can offer power for an exceptional amount of uses. Youll also love how well electric cork remover performs by perfectly extracting the corks while sealing them internally to keep wines fresh for longer periods.
  • It comes with variable speed settings, a safety lock built-in, stainless steel screws, and blades. You can also take it with you when traveling or planning group dinners at home!
  • Its made out of black frosted material with a smooth surface and comfortable hand feels which makes it easy to use on many occasions special events like weddings and home parties as well as everyday necessities such as catering and festivals.

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Whats The Average Lifespan For An Electric Wine Opener

The average lifespan tends to be three to four years. This might also factor into your purchasing decision. Dont overspend, says Berheimer, because as far as longevity goes, its hard to compare with a wine opener that operates with no power.

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Why Do People Love Electric Wine Openers

Investing in the best automatic wine opener guarantees you great value both in the short and long term. In regards to functionality, the electric opener can easily remove the cork from the bottle without the need for you to shake the bottle. This means your wine gets to maintain a consistent taste all through because the contents are not stirred up. The best electric wine corkscrew lets you place your bottle on a flat surface and extract the cork with little or no movement.

Another reason why people go for electric corkscrews is that it utilizes a small amount of hand strength to function. People who suffer from conditions that limit their hand use and strength like arthritis would love the functionality and ease, an automatic wine opener guarantees. The best electric wine corkscrew works with just a push of a button, and its super fast, and only require one hand to function.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Top Rated Electric Wine Bottle Openers

The best electric wine bottle openers are fast, easy to use, and don’t require a lot of space in your kitchen. They’re also durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of opening and closing bottles a few times a week. Browse the top-ranked list of top-rated electric wine bottle openers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars with 27 reviews

    Product Description

    Open your wine in style with the Kalorik Electric Wine Bottle Opener. This stylish appliance effortlessly opens bottles with the simple push of a button no twisting or turning necessary. The Kalorik Electric Wine Bottle Opener smoothly extracts the cork from your wine in seconds, while its stainless steel housing and transparent shell around the corkscrew mechanism give a sleek and modern look. A foil cutter is included for easy seal removal. Recharge your Kalorik Electric Wine Bottle Opener on its elegant charging base with blue LED display.

  • Benefits Of An Electric Wine Opener

    Best Selling Wine Opener Amazon (best electric bottle opener)

    The main benefit of owning an Eclectic Wine Opener is that they can help you open dozens of wine bottles quickly and effortlessly. They are compact and very easy to use. Electric Wine Openers are particularly useful for older people or those with strength problems in their hands. Professional catering staff love these openers because they can do their job faster and without cramping fingers and hands from countless hours of opening bottles. These openers remove the entire cork in one swift movement so you dont need to worry about serving up bits of corks when you pour your guests drinks.

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    Best For Commercial Use: Oster

    The Oster, a model I had owned and tested for 18 months, is perfect for commercial applications. It had the best battery life of all the models we tested, at 53 minutes on average, and overall, had no issues in the almost two years owned.

    Commercial Pick: Oster

    Its not perfect or elegant due to the high pressure it requires on the top and bottom to remove many corks, but it gets the job done. Since neither the cutter nor the bottom of the opener is transparent, youll have to guess at timing as well.

    Despite this, its a great fit for high-turnover environments, such as catering, where you may need to open dozens upon dozens of bottles in one evening and also dont want the wine opener to die out. And if youre opening enough bottles, theres no doubt the frequency of your opens will make the cutter and timing issues almost nill.

    Why Do People Choose An Electric Wine Opener

    The number one reason people invest in an electric wine bottle opener is its convenience and ease of use.

    Long before the electric wine bottle opener was invented, people have been using the manual corkscrew. If this wasn’t in their possession, they resorted to other things, including a screw hook, nail and hammer, pliers and thick screw, serrated knives, and other risky methods.

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    Types Of Wine Bottle Openers

    Electric wine bottle openers are rather new on the market and apart from them, there are many different types of wine bottle openers to choose from.

    The reason why there still are so manytypes of bottle openersis their destination of use. For instance, a sommelier has to carry the opener in his pocket or in his hand, depending on how busy an evening is. A bulky model would be difficult to carry around, therefore using a professional, compact model is a must.

    Casual consumers, on the other hand, would probably not mind using a bulkier model if it is relatively simple to use. So, what is the best model for you? Find out what the main types of bottle openers are to decide what model you need.

    • Professional Opener
    • As the name suggests, this type of opener is the one used by sommeliers and consists of a long handle that is centered on a perpendicular retractable coil. The handle of these models is always fitted with a removable foil cutter used to remove the foil that covers the neck of the wine bottles.

    • Wall-mounted Opener
    • The wall-mounted openers come with a wall fixing system that secures them into place. These openers are extremely easy to use and are able to extract the cork with extreme ease and safety.

    How To Choose A Wine Opener

    Top 10 Best Electric Wine Bottle Openers

    There are countless varieties of wine opening tools, with widely different designs and functionality. Which one you choose comes down to how much wine you drink , how comfortable and experienced you are with opening bottles and how easy it is to store. There are good options for any budget regardless of which type of opener you use.

    Waiters friend-style wine keys or manual openers are compact and easy to store, can be easily transported and are the most budget-friendly option. For the everyday wine drinker, a manual wine opener will get the job done on a tighter budget, and theyre inexpensive enough to take along with you and not worry too much about. Using one accurately requires a little bit of work and experience, which someone in this category is likely to have. And for those really picky about their vintages, manual wine openers also provide the most intimate experience of opening a bottle of wine, since youre in close contact with the cork and can immediately tell if its damaged or might require extra effort to remove.

    Electric wine openers take the guesswork out of opening a nicer bottle of wine. If youre a collector or youre gifting a wine collector, a more expensive yet reliable electric wine opener is the best option. While electric openers require a charge, a simple press of a button is all thats required physically to uncork a nicer bottle youve been saving.

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    How Not To Have Your Wine Opener Shake The Bottle

    Sediment is not present in all wines. But in those that have it, its a valuable part of the taste palette. Its fragile, too, shake the bottle a little too much, and its gone. More expensive and exquisite wines tend to have sediment that you wouldnt want to waste. Electric wine openers vibrate when they operate vibrations are small but enough to shake up the precious sediment. So, if you need to open such a wine with an electric opener, you need to take care of the firm grip on the bottle.

    Ease Of Use Is The Most Attractive Thing About Electric Wine Openers

    The very reason why electric wine openers exist is that they save you the effort. They are particularly appreciated by those wine lovers who have arthritis or some other condition that takes away the strength from their hands. However, if you simply dont want to apply too much strength to open that bottle, its also not a crime. Making the bottle opening effortless is the sole job of an electric wine opener. So, the moment you find yourself needing to apply strength to open a bottle with your electric opener, you should know that you need a replacement.

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    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Best Electric Wine Bottle Openers

    Electric wine bottle openers are fast, effective, and safe. They’re also quiet enough that they won’t wake up your housemates when you’re opening a bottle after a long day at work. Browse the top-ranked list of best electric wine bottle openers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 12 reviews

    Top comment

    Great wineopener…Gave as a gift and parents loved the gift Opens wine nicely…Wine Enthusiast ElectricWineOpener

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Enjoy a wine tool set that takes up less space with this Wine Enthusiast preserver set. Containing a two-in-one opener/preserver, foil cutter, time-stamped stoppers and a serving aerator, this set has everything a wine lover needs. This Wine Enthusiast preserver set comes with a charging base where everything is stored and uses only 6 inches of counter space.See all Wine OpenersTop comment

    Great wineopener…Gave as a gift and parents loved the gift Opens wine nicely…Wine Enthusiast ElectricWineOpener

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Enjoy a wine tool set that takes up less space with this Wine Enthusiast preserver set. Containing a two-in-one opener/preserver, foil cutter, time-stamped stoppers and a serving aerator, this set has everything a wine lover needs. This Wine Enthusiast preserver set comes with a charging base where everything is stored and uses only 6 inches of counter space.

  • Oster Rechargeable And Cordless Wine Opener With Chiller Review

    Best Electric Wine Opener – Easy to Use Electric Corkscrew

    Stylish and sophisticated as can be, the Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener perfectly aids in any celebration by also including a stainless steel, thermal wine chiller.

    With the powerful ability to open 30 wine bottles on a single charge, for less than $30*, this is the little corkscrew that could with a simple press of a button, this opener removes corks quickly and effortlessly.

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    Electric Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

    • Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener – Easily remove corks in seconds. Compatible with most wine bottle sizes. Open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.
    • Easy to Use – Simply place on top of your wine bottle, press a button, and tada, your wine is open and ready to serve.
    • Small Footprint Saves Space – Our electric wine bottle opener is small enough to store discreetly away when not in use. Keep the charging base next to your wine fridge, storage rack, credenza, etc.
    • Makes an Amazing Present – An elegant color makes our electric wine bottle opener an attractive present, or use it at home, when catering, at banquets, in restaurants or behind the bar.
    • Reliable product and service – 100-240V wide input voltage range covers The known voltages of most places in the world. We offer 12 months and lifetime friendly customer service. NOTE: Please charge your wine opener every three months when not in regular use, so as to extend the lifespan of the battery.

    Electric Wine Bottle Opener Comparison Chart

    Whether its for you or as a gift for someone else, know that you cant go wrong with any of the ones I review on here. Only the best ones made the cut and hence, if you want to remove a cork from a bottle, any of the ones listed below do the job extremely satisfyingly well.

    Note: Click on the category title to organize the automated corkscrew openers as desired.


    * These ratings are out of five

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    Best Lever: Oxo Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • Compact and easy to store

    • Portable

    • Must be washed by hand

    • Foil cutter is not as effective as other options

    With just two simple motions, this lever corkscrew lets you quickly open your wine without forcing or pulling. The compact design wont take up valuable real estate on your kitchen counter, and the removable foil cutter stored inside the device means this one tool does everything you need.

    Even the most stubborn corks pop out effortlessly with its streamlined design: Just slide the nonstick screw into a natural or synthetic cork, then pump the lever down and back up to remove the cork in seconds. Meanwhile, the ergonomically designed handle prevents your grip from slipping.

    This OXO model comes with an extra screw in case of wear and tear, but the quality is high enough that you shouldnt need it for a while.

    Whats Included: Corkscrew, removable foil cutter, extra nonstick screw

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