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Is Scout And Cellar Wine Keto Friendly

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Good Clean Wine / The Claim:

Keto Kayte Finds Organic, Keto Wine! Scout & Cellar!

All of our wines carry certifications listed on the table that indicate how clean the wine is. Symbols and letters on the label indicate the winemakers commitment to the environment, to the grape growing and to the winemaking process. To be classified and certified, both grape growers and wine makers must comply with strict standards regulated by the regions governing agencies. These ensure the quality, tradition and reliability of the wine. Certifications to look for: CCSW, SIP, PEAS, LIVE, DOC, DOCG, IGT, IGP, AOC, DO, IPR, DAC, QbA, VDP, VT, VR, Landwein, QWPSR.


This is so patently absurd. Only a couple of these certifications could be even remotely interpreted to denote how clean a wine is. Its like the person writing this copy got their wine education out of a 5-year-olds coloring book.

The Pattersons:

Most of these are standard classifications used by European winemaking regions to tell you what you are drinking and what level of classification it has achieved. Thank you to Good Clean Wine for pointing out the obvious. As to the others, sure, knock yourself out doing research on SIP versus LIVE and let us all know why those were used, when USDA-approved organic certification is right there for the taking.


Some of these are certifications , some are acronyms for appellations . Some are high quality and specific and some are very generic . A consumer would have no way to understand or even differentiate between them.


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Best Red Wines For Keto

1. Pinot Noir

As the first red on the top keto wines list, pinot noir isnt too far off from a glass of chardonnay with just 3.4 grams of carbs per serving size.

2. Merlot

Merlot and cabernet sauvignon take the prize for being the most popular reds in America, but merlot has a slight advantage at 3.7 grams of carbs compared to Cabernets 3.8 grams per glass.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon may not be the absolute lowest in carbs, but at 3.8 grams per 5 oz. glass, its still a decently dry red wine for anyone following a ketogenic diet.

4. Syrah

Syrah is a full-bodied, dry red with a little higher alcohol level on average. Its rich flavors make it the perfect wine to go with a rich meal or to drink all on its own. At just 4 carbs per glass, most keto dieters can get away with a glass or two if youre low-carb, but be careful if youre keto.

5. Red zinfandel

Red zinfandels are full-bodied, flavorful wines that pair well with red meat and other richer meals. At 4.2g of carbs per glass, you can easily enjoy a glass with dinner and stay in ketosis. Be careful if you want to enjoy more than one!

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Scout And Cellar Compensation Plan


The Scout and Cellar comp plan has six ranks and you shift from 1 to another by reaching specific objectives plus you get bonuses for accomplishing this.

The ranks are :Consultant The rank you have when you first register and pay your $249 for your pack.2nd Consultant To achieve this rank you need to have a personal sales volume of two hundred dollars and downline volume of five hundred dollar.Executive Consultant This involves you having personal sales of three hundred dollars and downline volume of eight hundred dollars.Associate Manager To get to this rank you must have four hundred dollars in personal sales and also one thousand five hundred dollars in downline volume.Senior Manager To get to this position you will have to have five hundred dollar in personal sales and three thousand dollars in downline volume.Executive Manager To hit this status you need to have six hundred dollars in personal sales and two thousand dollars in downline volume. *There are extra demands as soon as you hit the fourth rank and it pertains to legs in a binary compensation plan.

Retail Sales

These are the different commissions that can be earned based upon your sales volume:

  • less than $499 twelve percent commissions.
  • in between $500 and $1499 fifteen percent commissions.
  • in between $1500 and $2999 twenty percent commissions.
  • more than $2999 twenty five percent commissions.


Bonus Opportunities


Scout & Cellar Clean Crafted Wines Review

Pin by Mary Ann Gasper on Scout and Cellar Wine with Mare ...

November 28, 2018 by zenbelly

The following is my honest review of Scout & Cellar Clean Crafted Wines. Spoiler: I love them so much that I became a consultant for them. If you know me or this site, you know that I wouldnt have done that if I wasnt very pleased with everything about the company.

Fun fact: Because grapes are on EWGs Dirty Dozen List, I pretty much only buy organic grapes. That means that I dont buy them year round because organic grapes arent available year round. But wine? Wine I buy year round, and its almost never organic.

I realize that wine is made from grapes and this makes me a total hypocrite.

In my defense, I have purchased organic wines. I just havent really liked any of them. And the reason I drink wine is because I enjoy it. I love trying new ones. I love having a glass of wine on the couch in my cozies, and I love selecting a bottle that perfectly complements what I cooked for dinner.

What I dont like about wine is the hangover I often get from it, more-so than I do from other beverages. Often from only having a glass or two. Sometimes, I feel a headache coming on from wine just a few sips in. Ive often wondered why that was, and have often heard Its probably the sulfites, which makes sense. But it doesnt tell the whole story.

It turns out, in addition to up to 350ppm of sulfites, there are a lot of things that go into producing conventional wine, none of which need to be disclosed on the label:

Heres more about them:

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Why Become A Member Of Our Wine Club

Our Wine Club gives customers the opportunity to not only save on our delicious wine, but also provides them convenience of automatic shipments with flexible options. The Wine Club also lets customers taste the latest and greatest selections, as most wines sell out in weeks so each shipment is almost guaranteed to be new exciting wine.

Customers select:*6 or 12 bottles *Red or Mixed *Every 1, 2, or 3 months.

They receive standard volume discounts of 5% off 6 bottles and 10% off 12 bottles. They ALSO receive an additional 5% off with the Wine Club discount. Discount on top of discount! Win!

What Is Scout And Cellar Wine

Scout and Cellar is a company that sells cleaner wines. Theyhave created a new standard for wine and have found the best tasting bottlesfrom all over the world.

These wines, sourced from California to Italy, meet Scoutand Cellars rigorous standards for clean crafted wine delivered straight to your door. The best part? These curated wines areall sommelier approved.

Thats right. All the wines are hand picked by sommelier andfounder, Sarah Shadonix.

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About Scout & Cellar By: Michelle Ryan

Scout & Cellar is a new wine company that is committed to clean-crafted wine. Our founder, a level three sommelier, sources wine from the U.S. and all over the world. We independently lab test the wine to certify that there are no added sugars, synthetic pesticides, or any of the over 300 FDA approved chemicals that are found in many mass-produced wines. Our wines are keto friendly, 40% fewer calories, but still have the same alcohol content and amazing taste. Currently, we have 5,000 independent consultants in the entire U.S., and we are growing! We sold over $20 million in our first year. People will always drink wine, and in a time when we are concerned about what we are putting in our bodies, Scout & Cellar is the first to bring certified clean-crafted wine.

Are Our Wines Keto Friendly/low Carb

Scout & Cellar Galivant chardonnay review with Your Wine Girl

Yes our wines are keto friendly and low carb. Many of our wines are vinified to full dryness which means there are zero sugars in them. We also do not allow for added sugar or other sweeteners post- fermentation. A typical 5-ounce glass of Scout & Cellar clean crafted wine containing less than 2 grams of carbohydrates. Mass produced wines add 13-30g of residual sugars to their wines.

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Less Than 50ppm Sulfites

Each bottle of Scout and Cellar wine has less than 50 ppm of sulfites meaning that each bottle contains less than 5 mg per bottle. If there are 5 glasses of wine in a bottle, each glass only has 1 mg of sulfites.

According to FDA regulations, wines produced in the United States can contain up to 350ppm of sulfites. EU Wine Regulations allow up to 210ppm of sulfites in wines produced in Europe.

Scout & Cellar hold themselves to a much higher standard. Most Clean-Crafted Wines contain fewer than 50ppm of sulfites, and all contain fewer than 100ppm. 1ppm of sulfites = 1mg/L

Best White Wines For Keto

1. Sauvignon Blanc

Despite its almost sweet crispness, sauvignon blanc contains the least amount of carbs and sugars, making it a top dry keto wine to choose from. In just one glass of sauvignon blanc, youll find only 3 grams of carbs.

2. Chardonnay

While both sauvignon blanc and chardonnay are considered dry wines, the former is a light-bodied wine and the latter is just the opposite: a full-bodied wine.

Despite this difference, a glass of chardonnay will run you 3.2 grams of carbs, just slightly above a sauvignon blanc, but not by much.

3. Pinot Grigio

A glass of pinot grigio will set you back around the same amount of carbs as a glass of cabernet sauvignon. And if youre in the mood for white wine, pinot grigio and pinot blanc are about equal nutritionally.

4. Pinot Blanc

Pinot blanc, which closely resembles a pinot grigio, also clocks in at 3.8 grams of carbs per serving.

You may have noticed there isnt much of a difference between the carb counts in these top seven keto-friendly wines. Each glass from this list ranges between 3 and 3.8 grams of carbs.

Take the keto quiz

However, you will see a much different picture when you compare these seven to the rest of the wines out there.

5. Reisling

Rieslings are typically a light golden, medium-bodied wine with a bite of acidity and relatively low alcohol. These hit a little higher in carb count at 5.5 grams per glass, but one glass shouldnt kick you out of ketosis.

6. Rose

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What Makes A Wine Dry

What is a dry wine and can both red and white wines be dry?

A wine is considered dry if it contains less than 10 grams of sugar per bottle. But without nutrition information printed on the bottle or the menu, how can you tell which wines are lower in sugar?

First, you have to understand that sugar in wine has a specific function. During the fermentation process, the yeasts feed on the natural sugar from the grapes to produce ethanol .

Because of this, the result doesnt contain as much sugar as it did in the beginning when it was a mash of grapes. But that doesnt mean wine is sugar-free.

Sweet wines, as opposed to dry ones, have a much shorter fermentation process. Since the yeast does not have a chance to consume all the sugar, more of it gets left behind. This leftover sugar contributes to the sweet, fruity flavor, and as a result, youll find more carbs in each glass or bottle.

Thats why youll always want to look for the phrase dry wine when choosing a wine.

How Is Wine Made

Scout and Cellar Wine

Most people dont realize but most mass produced wine aremade in a lab. Scout and Cellar wine use grapes that are processed by hand andnot in a lab. Theres no added sugar or additional chemicals because good grapes dont need them. And just to be sure, Scout andCellar lab tests all the wines to ensure that they meet their high standards.

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Register As A Scout And Cellar Consultant

Scout and Cellar Business Kit

Every single brand-new wine rep begins their experience with a Business Basics Kit . It consists of essential products, marketing materials as well as four bottles of wine so they can begin referring immediately.

Cost To Sign Up With Scout And Cellar

It costs $249 for a business kit.

Kit Breakdown:

  • Business building and marketing material.

Personal Website

The 1st yr of your replicated company site is included free of charge with your startup package, however afterwards, you will be charged a yearly $99.95 fee.


Reps are not required to sell a certain amount every month, however they do need to keep a personal sales volume total to remain active.

The Clean Crafted Distinction

To get a wine to be thought of as Clean-Crafted, it undergoes 2 rounds of private laboratory testing to ensure that it is without things such as artificial pesticides chemical additions and also has less than 100 ppm of overall sulfites. They additionally assess and go over growing and manufacturing methods to verify that they are, indeed, Clean-Crafted. Why do they carry this out? Simply because they hold themselves to a greater measure than the norm.

It appears, along with as many as 350 ppm of sulfites, there are a great deal of ingredients that are involved with creating standard wine, not one of them that is required to be divulged on the products labeling.

These are:

  • Artificial pesticides
  • Genetically Modified ingredients

Although these kinds of substances are categorized as safe, that does not imply that people wish to have them in their wine.

Unlike the stuff mentioned above, the listing of what people will get in Scout and Cellar wines is significantly reduced:

  • Grapes
  • Less than 100 ppm of sulfites
  • Approximately two grs of carbohydrates for each five oz serving

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Ners We Can Share Referrals With

Scout & Cellar is changing the 70 billion dollar wine industry by selling only Clean Crafted Wine. Only 3% of wineries meet our strict criteria of no pesticides, no added sulfites, no chemicals, no added sugar, vegan, gluten free, paleo and keto friendly.

Our founder, Sarah, who was an attorney studying to be a level 3 sommelier, started to look into why she would get headaches after one glass of wine. She discovered that mass produced wine has up to 300 chemicals and pesticides and 16-30g of sugar in a single bottle. She now visits boutique vineyards all around the world to find wines that meet her strict criteria.

Does Wine Kick You Out Of Ketosis

Scout & Cellar, Resident Red Wine with Your Wine Girl

Though one glass of something strong wont knock your body out of ketosis, drinking alcohol while following a keto diet will affect your progress. Specifically, it will slow down your rate of ketosis. The liver can make ketones out of alcohol, Atkins nutritionist Colette Heimowitz told Elite Daily.

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Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

For the most part, customer reviews of FitVine Wines are positive. There are some reviewers who claim that they arent necessarily the best if you have a refined palate and want a complex, professional-grade wine.

However, for the average person or athlete looking to save a few calories, these wines are the way to go.

If you really like this product, you can even become an ambassador. After you fill out an application for a brand ambassador position on the companys website and you can make money while drinking wine and telling people about it.

The Scouting Process: Ketogenic Friendly All

Scout and Cellar was founded as a result of Sarahs frequent headaches after just having one glass of wine.

She discovered that each of these mass-produced wines contained up to 300 unhealthy chemical substances that were causing her constant headaches.

Sarah founded her company to find the best clean-crafted wine labels so that her clients would not have the same bad experience as she did and promote a healthier life with her wine.

Scout and Cellars product line includes bottles from all over the world, including France, Oregon, Australia, California, Chile, Italy, and a lot more.

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Precisely Where Does Scout And Cellar Wines Originate From

Scout & Cellar find their wine from all over the planet, developing and bottling extremely tasty wines , and working personally with farmers and manufacturers who personify their Clean-Crafted Devotion in their day-to-day processes. Their team go through the wineries, check out the storages, and dine side by side. The result is great tasting wines.

How Many Calories Are In A Glass Of Clean

The best paleo and keto

How many calories are in a glass of clean-crafted wine?

A typical 5-ounce glass of Scout & Cellar wine contains about 100 calories. Compare this to a conventional 5-ounce glass of wine, containing up to 200+ calories because of the residual sugar!

Are the wines vegan?

For the most part, yes. Almost all of our wines use only vegan fining agents, and we are working towards all our wines being vegan-friendly. In the rare case that non-vegan fining agents are used, it will be notated in the wines description on scoutandcellar.com. The clean-crafted wine standard includes a strict list of approved fining agents backed by the promise of no harmful chemicals found in our wine. Ever.

Are the wines Keto-friendly?

Yes. Those following a Keto diet closely monitor their daily carbohydrate intake. Since we select wines fermented to dryness and do not allow for added sugars, those following a Keto plan can enjoy our wines while still being aligned with their goals.

Are the wines gluten-free?

Wine as nature intended means customers enjoy a gluten-free experience with every glass. Mass-produced wines use synthetic additives that sometimes contain gluten. Because gluten does not bind as well to organic matter when compared to other fining agents, our winemakers do not use it.

Does the price change for multiple bottle purchases?

As a matter of fact, it does! By purchasing six bottles, you receive a 5% discount. By purchasing 12 bottles, you receive a 10% discount!

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