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How To Open A Wine Bottle

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Bonus Special Method For Vikings Only

How to Open a Bottle of Wine Like a Pro – Wine Simplified

We don’t suggest this for everyone. If you happen to be a Viking with a bottle of wine to open you can try a few methods. One option is to whack the bottle with your mighty ax. This should have the effect of splitting it open and the wine will spill out. Make sure to position another Viking directly below the bottle.

If that fails, Vikings can also open a wine bottle without a corkscrew by firing an arrow at the bottle. This should smash the glass and send a stream of wine into the air. Be prepared to catch the wine.

Open Wine Bottles With Ease

While there are also many modern wine bottle openers such as Cork Pops that open wine bottles with compressed air, using traditional tools is affordable and provides consistent results once you’ve practiced a bit. Try to save the cork to reseal the bottle if you have leftover wine. If you plan to serve bubbly, you’ll also want to learn to open a bottle of Champagne, which has its own set of techniques. But with a few techniques in your pocket, you can open a wine bottle flawlessly whether you’re doing it for your sweetheart or for a crowd.

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without Corkscrew

How to Open a Wine Bottle Without Corkscrew

Today is Friday. Play a dinner with colleagues on the pretext of opening a few bottles of wine that you bought on your last trip. Good company, excellent food.

However, when you take the first bottle of wine out of the wine cellar, you realize that you do not have a corkscrew. Knowing that neighbors are already sleeping, only one question arises: How to open a bottle of wine without a cork?

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Heat The Wine Bottle Up Method

If youre prepared to sacrifice a bottle of wine and make some mulled wine out of it, this method is an easy one to remove the cork from a bottle of wine.

  • Put a pan of water onto a boil.
  • Take the pan off the heat once the water has begun to boil.
  • Place the bottle of wine into the hot water and wait for the cork to slide out of the bottle.
  • Throw away the hot water and empty the bottle of wine into the pan and make mulled wine from it, because lets be fair, no one likes drinking warm wine.

So there you have it, 8 ways on how to open a wine bottle without a bottle opener, including if you dont have a corkscrew. Have you ever had to try one of these methods? Or have you found your own way to open a bottle of wine? Let us know.

Ah Sos Or Butler’s Friends

Easy Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

An unusual looking device, the ah so or butler’s friend is a wine opener with two long blades and no corkscrew. This style of opener is said to have been popular with Victorian butlers because it allowed them to remove the cork, sample the wine, and replace the cork again without detection. You can use it to open wine, too.

  • Insert the longest blade along the edge of the cork, right against the bottle. Push it down until the other blade is even with the surface of the cork.
  • Push the other blade down along the opposite side of the cork, and move the device until both blades are completely in the bottle.
  • Pull firmly to remove the cork from the bottle.
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    Opening A Wine Bottle Step

  • Hold the bottle of wine stationary.
  • Cut across the front, back, and top of the foil. Keep your fingers clear of the blade and the foil.
  • Set the screw just off center and insert, rotating straight into the cork.
  • Continue to screw into the cork until only one curl remains.
  • Lever on the first step, then the second, finally easing the cork out with your hand.
  • Car Keys / Knife Method

    This method will require either your car keys or a serrated knife.

    Essentially all youre going to do here is push your keys or your knife into the cork at a 45-degree angle , and then youre going to begin to twist the cork while pulling it back out.

    Since the keys/knife has a serrated edge to it, it should grip the cork enough for you to wiggle it out and remove it from the bottle.

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    How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Shoe

    And finally, the masterpiece. The most epic and artful way to open a wine bottle without a wine key. With a shoe.

    Itâs a little known fact that every sommelier learns how to open up a wine bottle with a shoe during their certifications. Just in case.

    Thatâs not true. Sorry.

    Letâs just get into it. Place the wine bottle into the shoe, its base upright where your heel would usually rest. Find a hard surface, a brick wall ideally, and hit the bottom of the shoeâs heel on it repeatedly. After a few strikes, the cork should have moved up slightly. At that point you can wrestle it out with your hand.

    And, trust us, there is nothing more charming than opening a bottle of wine with a shoe and pouring it directly into a nice wine decanter. Hereâs a great resource about how to decant wine if youâre intrigued. You can also learn how to clean a decanter so your crystal can shine bright.

    How To Use A Wooden Spoon To Open A Bottle Of Wine

    Wine Advice : How to Open a Wine Bottle With a Corkscrew

    If you thought using a screwdriver was a struggle, the wooden spoon method is even tougher. But dont worry you got this. Instead of pulling the cork out, youre going to push it into the bottle.

    For this method, you will need:

    • A wooden spoon with a slender handle
    • Patience
    • Brute strength

    To keep the bottle steady, hold it between your legs. Grip the bottle neck tightly in one hand and use the other to force the slim spoon handle down into the cork.

    Were not going to lie to you, this method is challenging.

    Firstly, you will need to use all your strength to push that cheeky little cork in. Secondly, if its an old wine bottle, the cork may crumble. And thirdly, you wont be able to retrieve the cork out of the bottle, so youll have to drink the whole bottle. If youre able to open the bottle with a wooden spoon, you deserve at least one glass of wine.

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    Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without An Opener

    Robert Louis Stevenson described the wine as bottled poetry. People of every age drink it to indulge in the incredible taste. The only trouble with a bottle of wine is that one always does not carry a corkscrew. But using a corkscrew to pop open a bottle of wine is not the only way.

    In this article, we will teach you five other ways for how to open a wine bottle without an opener. Please keep in mind that if its your favorite bottle of wine or a one of a kind, be careful when using these tricks. Since most of them require the use of force, the bottle can get damaged.

    The use of a Shoe

    A shoe? You must be confused right now. Well, a shoe always comes in handy when you dont have a corkscrew. Put the bottle of wine in a shoe that holds the bottle against itself. Try using a boot that covers half the bottle at least.

    After making sure that the bottle fits, put the shoe against a hard surface in a vertical manner. Hit the shoes heel against the surface a few times, the sheer force will loosen the corkscrew. You can then just pull it off the bottle.

    A Hammer and a Screw

    Find a screw and push it inside the cork of the wine bottle. Place the screw at an angle and use a screwdriver to press it in even further. Leave just a little bit out, so that a hammers claw can reach the screw.

    Use the claw to pull out the screw, which will automatically take out the cork as well. If the cork does not come out, it will get lose enough to be taken out using your fingers.

    A Knife

    Crank Up The Heat To Uncork Your Wine Bottles

    Want to uncork your wine without a bottle opener? The best way is to heat your wine to bring out the natural aromas as well as release the flavor. By doing so you are introducing oils and vapors that are released when wine is properly aged and properly cooked. If this process is done correctly and the temperature is not too high, the wine will taste better than uncorked. Many people love to open a wine bottle with the hopes of finding that hidden treasure or getting a good price, however if it is not properly done, it can be quite the insult to your wine.

    Some people just like to open the bottles on their own others like to take a break from time to time, either to go grocery shopping or do something else that requires a break from cooking or drinking, so it really does not matter what method you choose to uncork your wine. I personally do not open my wine bottles unless they are in the refrigerator to be stored for later, unless I know they have a label that says it is an opener. For example, if the bottle has a lock around the neck it cannot be opened by a standard opener, only a cork bottle can be opened by one.

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    How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Knife

    Hereâs how to open a bottle without a wine bottle opener in a very similar way to the key method above.

    Youâll take a relatively sharp steak knife . The goal is to skewer the middle of the cork downward and at an angle. So insert the knife just off the edge of the cork, angled toward the center. Push it down about an inch. Then youâll have a good enough grip on the cork to start pushing or pulling it circularly.

    Eventually, the cork will loosen and come up a bit. Itâs basically the key method but with a knife.

    There are a few considerations to make based on more unique styles of wine, however.

    How To Open A Wine Bottle With An Ah


    Old or vintage corks require extra care and delicate handling. “If you suspect from the start that you are working with a tricky cork, I’d go straight to the Ah-So opener. You may want to keep a decanter close by just in case you encounter a bit of crumbling along the way,” said Katie Griesbeck, the vice president of sales and marketing at Cakebread Cellars.

  • To use it, wiggle the longer prong of the opener between the cork and lip of the bottle.
  • Then wiggle the shorter prong in on the other side.
  • Twist the handle slowly to remove the cork.
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    How To Use A Bike Pump To Open A Wine Bottle

    If youre not sure the wooden spoon hack is right for you , dont despair. Theres another option to open wine and its about as unexpected and simple as it gets.

    For this maneuver, youll need:

    • A bicycle pump with a needle attachment

    First, take the needle and push it straight through into the center of the cork. Slowly start pumping air into the bottle. The cork should gradually begin to rise up the neck of the bottle. Once it gets closer to the top of the bottle, you can wiggle the cork to pull it out. And just like that, your wine bottle is open.

    Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

    At any wine shop, consumers are faced with a choice: Go for the bottle with a cork closure a more romantic option but one that requires more effort to open or reach for the screw cap for easy access? For those who decide on the former option, only to find that their corkscrew seems to be missing, theres no need to fret. There are, as it turns out, more ways to open a bottle of wine than there are to seal them.

    Quick disclaimer: Most of these methods arent 100 percent foolproof. So tread carefully, as many of these methods run the risks of breaking the cork and having it shed into the wine, chipping the wine bottle, or, in a worst-case scenario, shattering the wine bottle completely. If you have a rare and/or expensive wine that would break your heart if broken in this process, wed advise you to wait until you have a corkscrew. However, in most other circumstances, these options can help lift you from despair and grant you a pleasant vino-filled night.

    Need help opening a beer bottle? See our guide on how to open a bottle without a bottle opener!


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    The Serrated Knife Trick

    A post shared by Tayler McIntosh on Feb 13, 2017 at 4:06pm PST

    Just as you would do with your car keys, a serrated blade could help you uncork a bottle of wine. If you insert a blade into the cork and are able to twist the cork in an upwards motion, the next step will ensure a clean exit. Once you have about an inch or so of cork to work with, take the knife out, stick it in again sideways, and simply twist out the cork in a circular motion.

    Open A Wine Bottle With A Shoe

    How To Open a Bottle Of Wine

    One of the most popular tricks to uncork a bottle is using a shoe. Sounds fancy, indeed! But does it actually work? The method is as follows.

  • Place the bottle in a shoe at the heel.
  • Bang the shoe at the wall with the bottle.
  • The force of the hitting should eventually move the cork out enough so you can pull it out with your hands or pliers.
  • Sounds easy enough but there are a few caveats:

    • You need a sturdy enough wall to bare all the hitting with a shoe. This probably wont work in a hotel where youll most likely get complaints from your neighbors or damage the wall. This most likely will work only outside or in a garage where brick or concrete walls are available .
    • Youll need to keep hitting accurately and long enough. This is a long and tedious process. The force of a hit has to go at a 90-degree angle to through the heel and the bottle. The more accurate the hits, the more likely you are to succeed. Not every shoe will work for this.
    • Youll have to finish off the uncorking with some tool anyway you dont have forever to keep banging on.

    So while this trick sounds cool in theory, in practice its a desperation move you can turn to if all else fails.

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    How To Open A Wine Bottle With Chopsticks

    Use a chopstick to simply push the cork into the bottle. Its the same trick as using a pen. Nothing fancy, but its a bit easier than the pen way as a chopstick is bigger and sturdier.

    Are you in a need of a corkscrew all of a sudden and youre a crafty guy or gal? Put all the hacks aside and make your very own DIY corkscrew.

    You will need:

  • Weld the rod and screw together.
  • Cut off sharp points with a disc cutter.
  • A simple project, indeed, provided youve got the tools and skills for it.

    If you dont have the tools nor skills for the welding project above, theres always this option a kit. Use it to make your own custom and fancy wine opener. You can even make it as a gift.

    Banging The Bottle With A Shoe

  • 1Cut the cork foil with a knife tip and peel it away. Use a kitchen knife to score the foil just below the lip of the wine bottle, then remove the foil cap and throw it away.XResearch source
  • Hold the bottle securely with your free hand, but keep it well clear of the knife tip and blade.
  • 2Place the wine bottle upside down between your thighs. Sit down on a steady chair and hold the wine bottle in a secure position between your legs. The top of the bottle should be pointing downward, while the base of the bottle should be pointing up.XResearch source
  • Grasp the bottle near its bottom with one hand to hold it steady.
  • 3Rap the bottle firmly but carefully with the sole of a shoe. Make sure you hold the bottle steady with your legs and one hand, and use the other to rap the base of the bottle with the sole of a flat shoe. Hit it 2-3 times to start out. With each strike, the cork should dislodge a little.XResearch source
  • Strike the bottle firmly and evenly across the base. Don’t hit it as hard as you can, and don’t graze the edge, or the bottle may break. However, if it doesn’t seem to be making progress, you may need to hit it harder.
  • Make sure the bottle is in a stable position. Don’t just hold it between your thighs use your free hand to grasp it, too.
  • If you try pulling out the cork and it’s still firmly inside the bottle, turn it upside down and strike it a few more times before trying again.
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