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How To Make Wine Out Of Welch’s Grape Juice

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Making Wine With Table Grapes Bader

Home made Wine Using Simple Ingredients Using Welch Grape Juice..
    If you want to make a white concord wine out of the red skinned grape, simply press the juice and separate the skins immediately. . To make a blush or light red wine, mix the hot water and crushed grapes, then when cooled to around 100° F. add the pectic enzyme.Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

Can You Use Any Kind Of Yeast To Make Wine

No. It is very important that you do not use any other kind of yeast to make your wine. Baking yeast will ferment, however, it is likely to stop too soon, leaving you with an oversweet, understrength concoction . Much the same is true of brewer’s yeast, except the product will smell like beer. What a surprise!

If you are lucky enough to have a winemaker’s supplier nearby, that’s where to find your wine yeast. Don’t be intimidated by the expert salespersonone sachet of general-purpose wine yeast is all you need. If they offer you Campden tablets, vitamin B6, a hydrometer, a thermometer, a fermentation trap and a snake of plastic tubing, just smile sweetly and say ‘no’.

If you have no local winemaker’s supplier, there are plenty of online resources available listed under ‘winemaking supplies’. As for me, I get my wine yeast and other supplies directly from Amazon.

Add Sachet 2 Stabiliser

Add sachet number two or one and a half teaspoons of potassium sorbate and stir with your sterilised stirrer. Some methods say to stir or shake the CO2 out of the wine at this stage, others say you don’t need to do this, particularly if you are planning to allow the wine to mature for some time. CO2 is added to the wine when it is fermented by the yeast. It increases the acidity as it is dissolved as carbonic acid in water. It easily leaves the solution into the air when stirred or shaken. However, if you remove all of it you can end up with a flat tasting wine. I decided to leave mine to stand so the CO2 left left slowly of it’s own volition.

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Make Homemade Wine Fast

This recipe stands out because it’s simple.There are tons of homemade wine recipes on the internet. This is the lazy man’s recipe that only requires three ingredients available at just about any grocery store, and your wine will be ready to drink in one week or less. The taste will improve, and the alcohol content will increase if you let it age longer. But it’s not necessary. I presently have some aging in the fridge, and I tell you, it has a very strong alcohol aroma and a real kick. I actually don’t care that much for wine but like the challenge of making it from such simple means. It has to be better than Mad Dog 20/20 or Thunderbird or the nasty hooch prisoners make in their toilets.

How To Make Homemade Concord Wine

How to Make Homemade Wine Using Welch

I have about 2 gallons of homemade Concord grape juice in canning jars. This juice isnt clear and contains pulp but doesnt contain any preservatives. Can I make wine with this and if so how??

Name: CindyHello Cindy,

Absolutely, you can make homemade concord wine with your canning jars of concord juice. I also wanted to take the time to provide an easy and delicious recipe for this wine below.

The first thing to understand is that in the case of making wine with concord as the fruit, you will want to use 100% juice to make the wine. No water will be added. So the most homemade wine you will be making with the concord wine recipe below is 2 gallons.

The second thing to understand is that the fact the juice is cloudy or has pulp in it is not a problem at all. In fact, it could be considered a good thing, as the pulp will allow you to get more body from the concord juice and into the wine. The cloudiness and pulp will clear just fine through the fermentation process.

How To Making Homemade Concord WineYou will want to add to your 2 gallons of concord juice the following:


Wait 24 hours. During this time keep your container of wine must covered with no more than a thin towel. On the next day you will add the wine yeast:

Wine Yeast Lalvin RC 212

The above is based on a 5 gallon concord wine recipe listed on our website:

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Grape Juice Wine Recipe

Total Time: 23-30 days Makes 1.3 gallons/6L or


1.58 gallons/6L Welchs 100 percent grape juice

3 cups cane sugar

1 packet yeast

1.5 tsp. Yeast Nutrient

1.25 tsp. Acid Blend

1/2 tsp. Tannin

1.25 tsp Peptic Enzimes

Optional: 1 Campton tablet per gallon


1. Start with a 2 gallon or 5 gallon primary fermenter depending on the batch size you have chosen.

2. Heat up 1/3 of grape juice and dissolve all sugar. (to speed things up put a couple containers of grape juice in the fridge the day before

3. Add grape juice with sugar to primary fermenter, and fill to the 2 gallon or 5 gallon mark, which will be 1 inch below the rim.

4. When the temperature is below 80 F, add Yeast Nutrient, Acid Blend, Tannin, and optional crushed campton tablet and stir well.

5. Cover loosely with lid for 12 hours, then add Peptic Enzine and stir.

6. After 12 24 hours, check specific gravity measurement if you are using a hydrometer. You are looking for 1.080 1.09 to achieve 12.5% alcohol, then sprinkle one full packet of wine yeast on top, and cover loosely with lid, with airlock attached, and water in airlock

7. After 12 24 hours, peek under lid and when you see strong fermentation happening , snap lid down.

8. Airlock will be actively bubbling for a few days.

10. Leave sit for 2 weeks untouched in a cool dark place.

11. After this 2 weeks, rack wine again, into a clean sanitized jug of the same size, and degas every 6 hours for a day.

The Art Of Winemaking: Final Word Of Advice

See? Making wine at home is simple. Its a careful ritual of adding, siphoning, and storing.

A parting advice that wed like to leave you with is to enjoy the process.

Winemaking is an art as much as it is a science. What would taste good for you might be different from others, so dont be afraid to mix things up.

The recipes are merely a guide. Wine is a matter of taste.

Go play around and have fun!

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Add Airlock Top Up With Cold Water

Boil the airlock for a couple of minutes, getting some of the boiling water to run through the lock. Remove with tongs or a spoon, leave a small amount of boiled water in it and stick in the hole in your bucket, leave for 3 hours then top up to 23 litres with cold water.

The instructions with the bucket said to leave the edge of the bucket lid lifted to let the CO2 out instead of using an airlock but I was worried about backflow and contamination so I drilled a hole and added a rubber gasket so I could use an airlock. My friend Mike said that his elferflower brew used to ferment so violently it would blow all the water out of the airlock but I haven’t had this happen with grape wine.

New Device Turns Grape Juice To Wine In Just An Hour Where Do We Sign Up

How to make homemade wine. (Welch’s Grape Juice)

It sounds like a wine-lover’s dream: an almost instant transformation of grape juice into wine, and flowing nonstop. So where can you get this, you ask? And how soon?

It’s the brainchild of Daniel Attinger, a professor at Iowa State University, who invented a “micro winery.” This is a device to help winemakers create a better product by improving the fermentation process. And yes, it does allow for continuous production of wine, but since it’s only producing 1 milliliter per hour, it better be nonstop. The typical glass of wine is 150 milliliters !

The usual fermentation process consists of adding yeast to a barrel of grape juice and waiting seven to 21 days for nature to take its course. But since different yeasts give wine different flavors, experimentation is a time-consuming endeavor. Climate change also plays a role in fermentation. “Due to the heat, some crops ripen too quickly, the harvest takes place sooner and the wines end up with a higher alcohol content or a different taste,” Attinger says in a press statement.

“Let’s say a winemaker in the Lavaux region of Switzerland finds that a certain type of yeast or a certain fermentation temperature leads to an overly bitter wine,” says Attinger. “We could quickly test alternatives.”

We can only hope that these experimenters step up their game on the home version of this research tool pronto.

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The Easiest Wine Recipe Ever

Here in the Midwest, were not exactly known for our mild, pleasant winters. Dont get me wrong, in the summer we have fantastic fruit – cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries – all of which make fantastic wine. But, in the winter, however:

As you can see not the most conducive climate for sustaining fruit. So what is a Midwest home winemaker to do? Road trip to Napa in January?

The thing I like the best about Midwesterners, is that we are a resilient bunch. We dont need your fancy grapes to make wine when its -20 degrees and the sun is going down at 4 PM. We just head to the supermarket and get us some Welchs Grape Juice.

Yes, Welchs. The stuff you buy for your kids. You can make wine out of it! I know what some of you are thinking – just because you CAN make wine out of it, does that mean you SHOULD make wine out of it?

Yes, yes you should. This is the Midwest. Were problem solvers. When you were a kid and you got bored in the winter, you stole the lids off of trash cans and piled your friends three high and pushed them down snowy hills. If you want to make wine in the winter, get yourself to the grocery store and make it happen!

Its also an excellent idea to try if you have a friend that wants to get into wine making. Its cheap, easy to find all the ingredients, and a quick way to take someone through the process.

How Does This Work

Wine is grape juice that has been fermented, and fermentation requires yeast and a temperature around 90-100 degreesFahrenheit. Temperatures hotter than 140 degrees will kill the yeast, and if the water is much colder than 70 degrees it may not be warm enough to activate it.

Basically, youre trying to create an environment for the yeast to thrive, so it turns the sugars into alcohol, and the yogurt function does just that, since making yogurt relies on the growth of bacteria.

This method was originally developed by David Murphy from

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So How Do You Actually Make Wine

A simple wine fermentation involves adding yeast to a mixture of fruit, water and sugar. Then the yeast eats the sugar, turning the mixture into approximately half alcohol and half carbon dioxide.

For example, if you had a gallon of juice with 2 pounds of sugar in it, and let the yeast consume it all, you would end up with a gallon of wine that had about 1 pound of alcohol in it.

Of course this isnt exact, you probably wont get exactly a 50/50 mixture of alcohol and carbon dioxide, but its pretty close. And you dont necessarily need to pour in all that sugar eitherthe fruit that you start with will have sugar of its own.

How To Make Wine Out Of Grape Juice

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Making your own wine at home is a fun and interesting project. You can also make wine from juice instead of grapes, and using grape juice will produce something very similar to traditional wine. The key to making wine at home is using clean and sanitized tools, otherwise you could allow bacteria into your wine. You can purchase most of the equipment and ingredients you’ll need at a wine or beer supply shop.

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Welchs Grape Juice Wine

Makes 1 Gallon


  • x2 Half-Gallons Welchs 100% Grape Juice NOTE: Make sure your grape juice doesnt contain any preservatives such as potassium sorbate.
  • ½ lb. Sugar
  • 1 tsp. Yeast Nutrient
  • 1 packet all-purpose wine yeast
  • Wine conditioner to taste


  • Sanitize all of your equipment and your work space.
  • Choose your grape juice. You can use red or white, whichever you prefer! Just make sure that it is free of preservatives such as potassium sorbate.
  • Pour your two half-gallon jugs of Welchs into a sanitized bucket fermenter.
  • Add sugar, mix until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Add Yeast Nutrient, Acid Blend, and Tannin. Stir well.
  • Add yeast packet.
  • Cover your bucket fermenter and apply airlock. Leave to ferment in a temperature controlled area, away from sunlight.
  • Because youre using juice that has already been through a filtration process, it is unlikely you will need to do much racking or clearing. If youd like to siphon it from the yeast sediment layer once, that is perfectly fine.
  • Once your wine has finished fermenting, it might be necessary to backsweeten. Wine conditioner works wonders!
  • Enjoy!
  • How To Make Wine From Almost Any Store

    I got my start in homebrewing in the middle of the desert. I was stationed in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm, and alcohol of any form was prohibited. On a whim, we decided to try making our own wine. I really didnt know the actual technique beyond a vague ideayour take fruit, water, sugar, and yeast, let it ferment for some length of time , and you had wine .

    So I combined several packages of freeze-dried fruit from our MRE packages, some sugar, and bread yeast. I rigged up an airlock with a piece of medical tubing, duct tape and a water bottle. After a couple days it was bubbling, so it must have been working! I gave it probably a week or so, then strained it through some mosquito netting. I dont think Im a good enough writer to capture the unique taste that resulted from this whole process, Ill just leave it to your imagination!

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    Homemade Grape Jelly Recipe Made With Fresh Grapes Or Juice

    It has been a great year for the grape harvest and that means it is time to share our homemade grape jelly recipe.

    As much as I see websites posting about making strawberry jam or jelly, I rarely come across a recipe for grape jelly. I would imagine it is due to the fact that the grapes ripen in the middle of vegetable garden season.

    Everyone is researching, reading, and writing about how to can pickles, tomatoes, and peppers and not much love is given to the grape harvest.

    Just like everyone else we also get busy with preserving our tomatoes and peppers. But it is always nice to take a break from peeling and processing tomato sauce and salsa and make a little jelly.

    We not only make our grape jelly for spreads on sandwiches, we also use it in various recipes such as our favorite Appetizer Meatballs and Little Red Smokies recipes.

    But the most gratifying way that we use our grape jelly is as a gift to family and friends around the holidays. We love to share homemade products and watch others enjoy it as much as we do!

    Best of all, this recipe can also be made from grape juice. So if you are searching for a homemade gift idea in the middle of November, when there are no grapes to be picked, this recipe is perfect!

    Just be sure to use 100% grape juice with no additives and not previously frozen as a concentrate.

    What Grapes Make The Best Jelly?

    Siphon Into The Bottles

    The World’s Easiest Homemade WINE from Grape Juice

    Position the bucket so it is higher than the bottles. Don’t move it unless you have to as this will disturb the sediment. If you do move it, leave it to settle again.

    I taped the tube to the inside of the bucket so the end didn’t move around and disturb the sediment, also so the tube didn’t come out of the bucket.

    Siphon the wine into the bottles. Pinch or bend the tube to stop the wine flowing between bottles. Make sure you leave an air gap at the top and space for a cork if it needs one.

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    Concord Grape Wine Recipe
      Homemade Sweet Concord Grape Wine Recipe 1 gallon water 4 cups sugar 6 cups Concord grapes 1 Campden tablet 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1 package wine yeast Bring water and sugar to a boil. Crush grapes in primary fermentation container. Add water, crushed Campden tablet, yeast nutrient, and lemon juice. Let cool to room …

    Why Bother Making Your Own Wine

    I live in an Islamic country where wine is not a supermarket commodity. But in most countries, wine is a supermarket commodity, in which case, why make your own? You will have your own reasons for making wine from grape juice, but here are a few of mine:

    • It’s a fun time, feels creative and fills the kitchen with summery smells.
    • It’s very cheap, wholesome and surprisingly good.

    Preservative-Free Wine

    Guaranteed! This wine will contain no chemical additives or artificial preservatives. That is a promise you will not hear from many commercial winemakers. Your wine is made with pure fruit juice and therefore , will do you nothing but good.

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