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How Much Is Winc Wine Club

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Wine Club Subscription | Winc Wine Club Review

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You’ll find Winc coupons online that offer 20-50% off plus on its site it runs regular signing up offers to save you cash so it merits a 5.

Looking for Winc coupons? The standard Winc promo code options online offer you a discount of 20% to 50% off and right now the site is promoting $25 off with the first purchase of 4 or more bottles.

The Pricing Formula Of Wine

While alcohol distribution in the United States is closely regulated, there are multiple variables in the system that contribute to the price of that bottle of Merlot youve been eyeing. There are three tiers comprised of producers, distributors, and retailers that add cost to the product youre purchasing at your local wine cellar.

While some consider that the system is calculated to minimize the risk of alcohol abuse, others argue that the policy mirrors dated Prohibition-era ideologies. After the Prohibitions repeal in 1933, a three-tier system was implemented which requires that alcohol transition through three separate businesses before reaching the consumer. Unfortunately, this not only challenges small producers by creating a series of structural obstacles that may limit their distribution, but also means a price hike on wine for the consumer.

Determining the price of wine depends on a variety of factors,said Dr. Miguel Gómez, a professor who specializes in price transmission and analysis at Cornell University. Wine clubs are a way to go around that and allow consumers the opportunity to purchase wine at a retail price.

In order to remain profitable, each tier provides a percentage markup to the bottle of wine. Generally, distributors will place a 30-35% markup and retailers will add up to a 50% markup to the bottle price.

Ordering My Winc Wine Club Subscription

After clicking on the Get Started button on the main screen, I was taken to a screen that asked me if I prefer reds, whites or mixed.

Since I wanted two of each, I left the slider in the middle and clicked on the Next Question button.

Heres what that looked like:

Following that was a series of cards that asked me what kind of flavors I liked.

As they put it, Select the heart button if you enjoy, select the X button if youre not a fan.

I went through all the cards and gave my answers.

Here are the flavors I was asked about :

  • Strawberry
  • Candied Lemon
  • Black Cherry
  • Baking Spice
  • Pomegranate

I wont show each card, but this is what the first one looked like and I clicked through each card until I was done:

Next up was a fun question about Skittles and M& Ms to find out if I liked sweet versus tart flavors.

I left the setting at Both. In my mouth. At the same time. and clicked on to the next question.

Heres what that looked like:

Next up was a question about what wine regions I liked .

Heres what that screen looked like:

After making my region selection I was asked which foods I liked so that Winc could try to pick wines that would pair well.

I chose Cheese, Cured Meat, BBQ, Burgers and Lamb.

And heres what that screen looked like:

That was the last question and after being asked my email address and birth date, I was shown the wines Winc Selected for me.

And here they are:

From here I went ahead and proceeded to check out, entering my credit card, name and address, etc.

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Does Packaging Affect The Quality Of Wine

Wine packaging does indeed affect the quality of wine youre getting. Alternative wine packaging such as canned wine, boxed wine, tetra packs, and glass vials have started to gain popularity in recent years. Here are some of their differences:

Premium Boxed Wine: If youre looking for an aged vintage, boxed wine isnt an option for you. Boxed wine cant be aged, but what makes it popular is that once opened it can last for up to six weeks. For those who are environmentally conscious, this is a good option. Boxed wine containers require less energy to be recycled and youre getting more quantity for the price. Consider it as buying in bulk.

Tetra Pak: Tetra paks have been around for some time. We use them for juice, soups, and to store other types of foods. But its recommended that wine be consumed within three to six months after purchase. After that, it may run the risk of oxidation.

Glass Bottle: Bottled wine can be aged, which is necessary for some types of wine. This means that it can be enjoyed for longer periods of time in an unopened bottle. The average bottle of wine can be stored in a wine refrigerator but must be consumed soon after opening to enjoy the best results.

Canned Wine: Canned wine, like tetra paks, is made to be consumed soon after purchase for the best results. According to experts, the best canned drinks of this variety are rosés or fruiter wines that can be chilled and enjoyed for their sweet refreshing taste.

Sparkling Wine Clubs Are The Best Place To Find So Much Variety

Winc Monthly Wine Club Review

You might be able to get your fix from a grocery-store shelf, but you certainly wont find the variety that sparkling wine clubs offer. And what makes them so special is that – at least with most clubs, anyway – youll receive so much more than just the wines themselves.

Think pairing opportunities, the chance to learn about the wines origins – even down to the grapes. Knowing where your sparkling wine has come from, the winemakers that are responsible for their undeniably quality – these important details cant be discovered by asking a part-time worker at Walmart.

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How Much Is Winc Per Month

Winc charges by the bottle. Their wines start around $15 with the most expensive bottle of red around $45. Winc pays for the shipping when you order 4 or more bottles. If you stick with the least expensive bottles and purchase four, your Winc subscription will cost you around $60 per month.

You also receive 10% off the prices of the wine when you order a case.

If you want three or fewer bottles, there is a shipping charge of $9. You also must pay your local sales tax on shipments. Winc will calculate this when you check out. You are free to skip your shipment any month. This can be done on their website.

Winc is always looking for ways to make their wine more affordable. In the past, they gave you $10 in credits for every 10 wines you rate. You should check with their customer service to see if this offer is still available. Their referral program is one nice way to save. You can earn up to $30 in credits for getting a friend to sign up.

You can also buy membership credits for future use. The membership credits save you money on future orders.

What Is A Good Pinot Wine

When it comes to tasting wine, like food, good is subjective. One of the interesting things about pinot noir is that it provides a wide range of flavors, aromas, and textures. This is partly because its grown around the world, and every wine region imparts its flavor and tradition on the grape and the production process.

From the rich, musty flavor of Burgundy to bright, effervescent sparkling wine, each bottle offers a unique experience.

A benefit of a wine club is that you can find good bottles by reading other drinkers reviews before buying. And once you find one you love, theres no shame in signing up for six bottles at a time!

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The Winc Wine I Received: Three Solid Reds And A Wildcard White

I took Winc’s Palate Profile quiz before receiving my four bottles on the house. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a red wine lover through and through, but I’m open to a white as long as it’s good and dry. And since I know I don’t like sweet wine, I was pretty conservative when selecting flavors, avoiding most fruit options and enthusiastically approving the likes of tomato leaf and bell pepper.

My results were three reds and one white, courtesy of the algorithm designed by Winc’s wine experts and programmers:

How Is Sparkling Wine Made

Wine Club Review 2020 Winc Subscription [Stay Home Activities]

In the quantities youll want, all wine is relatively easy to make if youve got a decent guide to go by. It might seem easier to buy it off the shelf but once you get into the habit – and no doubt after a few attempts – youll be making good quality sparkling wine at home in no time.

Making it at home is obviously a fair bit different from how the pros do it. The methods used by expert wineries are:

Create The Base: Sparkling wine requires a base, which simply means processing still wine thats already been produced and has gone through one stage of fermentation. To be clear: this base wine must be created following the methods used for white wine production.

Ferment It Again: Locking in carbon dioxide is what makes sparkling wine fizzy, so a second fermentation is a must. This can be done in a number of ways – from the traditional to the tank method.

The traditional method, for example, which is how Champagne and Cava are made, requires adding yeast just before the bottles are sealed. Some types of sparkling wine require an aging process to allow any leftover yeast to settle and for the wines flavors to properly mature.

Yeast Removed, Sugar Added: Its at this stage that all excess yeast is removed and just a little bit of sugar is introduced. Depending on the fermentation method, this will either be added to the reopened bottles directly or prior to the stage bottling. For the relevant techniques, the sparkling wine will either then be resealed or rebottled entirely.

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Winc Customer Service: Helpful But Limited In Scope

Winc has multiple modes of customer support, all of which are accommodating but limited. Help is available through either the live chat function or by calling 855-282-5829. Just make sure you do so during the hours of operation: Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT and on weekends from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT.

What happens when you get a wine you don’t like? Winc’s customer service will work to make things right, offering credit equivalent to the price of the wine. Winc will also take these flubs into account with your Palate Profile so you don’t get similar bottles in the future. If it were up to me, refunds would be an option, too, but I just write the reviews.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you must do so through a customer service representative via either the live chat function on the website or over the phone. But no matter which route you choose, it has to be during the working hours listed above. I always appreciate it when I can easily cancel a service by clicking a buttonno correspondence necessary. In my mind, if you can skip a month without reaching out to customer support, you should be able to do the same when canceling.

Quality And Types Of Wines

Winc offers an array of whites, reds, and blushes from around the United States and the world. They cultivate relationships with the farms and vineyards which produce the wines they feature. They also focus heavily on sustainability and the environmental impact of the wines they feature.

Winc does not offer any vintage or rare wines. This club does not acquire wine from a third party, but only wines they make themselves. That does limit the variety of wines available.

The California Wine Club offers all whites, all reds, mixes of the two, and some varieties of sparkling wines and champagnes.

The California Wine Club mainly focuses on wines from California but has international offerings, also. This wine of the month club offers varieties from small batch wines and small wineries, rare and vintage wines, and aged cabernets. They have wines suited for collectors.

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Winc Wines Vs Firstleaf

So how does Winc compare with the popular wine club Firstleaf? Firstleaf is a club worth considering for all who like to experiment with domestic and international wines. A great thing about Firstleaf is that they offer an introductory box of six bottles for as little as $39.95. This is 60% off the regular subscription price! At Winc, you get a $22 discount on your first shipment when you sign up through this link. These are both great deals when you consider the quality of wine you’ll receive.

Firstleaf creates your taste profile after you taste the first wine selection and leave your feedback. They do offer a few simple questions before the first shipment, but the personalization service only gets better after youve tried the first pack. Most subsequent deliveries will depend on your wine ratings. By contrast, youre supposed to take a quiz right after you sign up with Winc that will determine the bottles of wine youll receive.

You have more freedom to set the delivery frequency with Firstleaf you can have monthly delivery or every second or third month. With Winc, youll have monthly delivery with the ability to skip the next one, which you can adjust under Membership settings.

While Winc is a pretty casual club, Firstleaf Wine Club works with an expert team to select only the best domestic and international wines. The company works directly with affiliated winemakers, offering up to 60% lower prices than in retail stores.

Watch The Video Below To Learn All About Winc In Under 1 Minute

Winc Wine Club Review

Sign up now at

The #2 Best Wine Club of The YearThe Winc Wine Club, earned a highly-sought after place on our Best Wine Clubs list this year. This is no easy feat for any wine club to achieve as we have literally tried over 100 different wine clubs since 2002. So, without further ado, heres why the the Winc Wine Club made it on our best of list this year.

Free Shipping & Get $20 Off Your 1st ShipmentBecause we have such a strong following of wine club lovers that come to every day for advice, we were able to leverage a SPECIAL OFFER from the Winc Wine Club that blows most of the other wine clubs out of the water. Not only do you get $20 off your first shipment, but you also get FREE SHIPPING! No other wine club out there offers free shipping as theyd lose their shirts! But were very persistent here at so we were able to secure this awesome offer just for you. GET $20 OFF & FREEE SHIPPING HERE!

Great Pricing Only $8 a BottleThanks to the special offer weve secured for you, your 1st shipment from the Winc Wine Club will only cost you $8 a bottle. Thats not as cheap a price as the Wall Street Journal Wine Club, which only costs $5.84 a bottle for your 1st shipment, but its still a very affordable price for some amazing pre-selected wines.

Sign up now at

Receive $20 Off & Get FREE Shipping When You Sign Up Today

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Winc Wine Club: My Take

Overall, I had a very positive experience testing out Winc’s wine club. As someone who generally knows their way around wine types, but is far from name-dropping notes, I found Winc to be an accessible tool for this curious semi-novice. I enjoyed each wine recommendation and even loved the last one. And I especially appreciated that your Palate Profile constantly evolves with each wine you rate. My only hesitation is with the credits system, which may be useful for those who often entertain and need to stock up on wine, but for me, it sounds needlessly complicated. Still, I’d probably just spend my full credit each month and avoid the carry-over entirely.

In short, Winc is a wine club I’m happy to recommend. It’s perfect for those who enjoy wine but aren’t sure how to pick out a bottle on their own And based on my shipment, it’s a pretty reliable service.

Everything Included In My Winc Wine Delivery

Heres everything that was inside the box, after opening it:

The Welcome to Winc Booklet

A pleasant surprise was a 47-page Welcome to Winc booklet.

The booklet has a section on wine vocabulary that does a nice job explaining most of the common terms related to wine.

Theres also info on their best wines . Heres what they say are Wincs 10 best wines:

  • Folly of the Best Pinot Noir
  • Outer Sounds Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pacificana Chardonnay
  • Far + Wide Touriga
  • Also included was information about the Wonderful Wine Co., which is one of Wincs brands of wine.

    The booklet wraps up with a few testimonials and a couple blank pages at the end to take some notes.

    Packing Material

    One thing I always look closely at is how well the wines are protected.

    Winc did a good job using sturdy packing material to keep the wine bottles protected. Including both side to side, and on the top and bottom of the bottles.

    The Wines

    And, most importantly the four wines themselves.

    Each bottle was in good shape, with no damage or scuffing.

    All in all, a good unboxing experience.

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    Drink Wine Not Labels

    If you are a fan of wine clubs and getting high-quality wines every month, Winc may be a good option for you. Our Winc review discovered that this wine delivery service offers excellent quality and great personalization.

    Winc was founded in 2012 as Club W. Eight years later, Winc has done a lot to improve its service and offer great-quality wines from all around the world. Their California-based winery is a real gem, and it produces excellent wines you cannot find at your local liquor store.

    A fantastic selection of delicious wines, flexible service, tasting notes, and exciting recipes that go with your wines are just some of the things that make Winc a great choice for all wine-lovers. Oh, yeah, dont forget a Satisfaction Guarantee for every bottle.

    If you dont like any wine, you can contact Winc, and theyll add credit to your account for future orders. More importantly, theyll get to know your taste preferences even more, which will result in better recommendations.

    Winc is perfect for all wine-lovers looking to expand their palate and discover some great domestic and imported wines.


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