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Which Wine Helps You Lose Weight

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The Bottom Line On Red Wine

How Wine can Help You Lose Weight

While red wine comes with numerous health benefits, alcohol of any kind poses certain risks too. Alcohol is classified as a tonic and a poison. The effects it has on your body depends on how much you consume. Alcohol has diverse effects on different people. Therefore, moderate drinking is highly recommended. Apart from weight gain, drinking too much alcohol can lead to various health complications like liver inflammation, increase in cancer risk as well as the development of hypertension.

It is important to also remember that it is an alcoholic substance. Consumption of excess wine can lead to alcoholism. Therefore, moderate drinking is highly recommended as you take up the red wine weight loss idea.

Red Wine And Weight Loss

Increasing your physical activity and making smart dietary choices are the two basic tenets of any healthy weight-loss program. To give your body what it needs while watching your daily caloric intake, dietitians often recommend choosing nutrient-dense foods, or those that supply higher levels of nutrients per calorie, over energy-dense foods, or those that supply few nutrients and are relatively high in calories.

Although red wine is rich in beneficial phytochemicals, it only contains trace amounts of potassium, iron, B vitamins and other essential micro-nutrients. Because these trace nutrients are delivered in a high-calorie package the average red table wine provides 125 calories per 5-ounce serving red wine isn’t an ideal choice for someone who’s actively trying to lose weight.

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Drinking Red Wine May Help You Lose Weight Say Studies

PintrestHow does it aid weight loss?Other benefits of red wine

Drinking red wine is good for our health, claim health experts. A few studies have also shown that drinking wine in small to moderate quantity may help in reducing risks for some kinds of heart disease.

Red wine may also help in lowering the risk of strokes and early death. This is because drinking small amounts of red wine helps in retaining the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol in the blood.

It also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, including colon, basal cell, ovary and prostate cancers.

Health experts also say that drinking 13 glasses of wine per day is also linked with reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is also believed that moderate consumption of red wine is linked to a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, especially in women.

Another study that was done on middle-aged and elderly people revealed that those who drank 27 glasses of wine per week were less likely to become depressed.

What should you be aware of?Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article should not be considered as a substitute for physician’s advice. Please consult your treating physician for more details.

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Resveratrol Vs Body Fat

One study indicated that resveratrol helps convert white fat, which stores energy, into brown fat, which burns calories to help keep us warm and can lead to overall less weight gain. The problem? The study was performed on mice. All the same, the implications are exciting. Its enough to make us want to pour ourselves a glass of wine with dinner. You know, just in case.

If the jury is still out, then how do we know if a glass of wine can help with weight loss?

Wine, and indeed most alcohol, acts as an appetite suppressant. If you sip on a glass of wine with your meal, it may decrease your overall levels of hunger and result in you eating a smaller portion of food and thus, fewer overall calories. Wine also aids with digestion. Red wine, in particular, is thought to be a boon to good bacteria found in your digestive tract which help break down food.

If You Drink Dont Go Overboard

Can Wine Before Bed Really Help You Lose Weight?

When it comes to a sustainable healthy lifestyle, we dont believe you should have to cut any food group from your diet, including an occasional glass or two of your favourite alcoholic drink. So plan ahead. Before you go out, have a drink limit in mind and make a commitment to yourself to stick to it. Stay strong.

Go to your next event with a strong intention to only have one or two alcoholic drinks.

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Red Wine And Other Health Benefits

  • It has been reported that red wine contains antioxidants that help fight some heart disease when taken in moderation.
  • Consuming a moderate amount of red wine has been known to help prevent gastric infection.
  • Red wine reduces the risk of some types of cancer, such as basal cell, colon, prostate, and ovarian cancers.
  • Its believed that when consumed moderately, red wine could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, especially in women.
  • Red wine helps lower the risk of strokes and early death by retaining the good HDL cholesterol in the blood.
  • Health experts believe that drinking not more than three glasses of wine in a day can lead to a low risk of dementia and Alzheimers disease.
  • A study on elderly and middle-aged people revealed that those who drank up to 7 glasses of wine are likely not to get depressed.
  • Red wine reduces the occurrence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases.
  • Red wine also helps boost a large number of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The moderate alcohol content and high concentration of flavonoids in red wine help prevent blood clots and the hardening of arteries.
  • Red wine contains more iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous.
  • Many reports show that a glass of wine taken late at night reduces the urge to embark on binge eating on unhealthy snacks like biscuits, chocolates, and sweets by making you full.

    When It Comes To Wine And Weight Loss The Key Is Moderation

    Excessive alcohol consumption negates the benefits of red wine, so its important to enjoy responsibly. In fact, excessive drinking can actually increase the risk of chronic disease.

    The US dietary guidelines define excessive drinking as:

    • Women: 4 or more drinks in one day or more than 8 drinks per week
    • Men: 5 or more drinks in a day or more than 15 drinks in a week

    If youre looking to enjoy the health benefits of red wine, stick with 1-2 glasses and avoid drinking every single day. Try alternating a glass of wine one day with food-based reservatrol sources the next.

    And of course if youre pregnant, under 21, or on certain medications, this weight loss trick isnt the way to go.

    Before I became a blogger, I worked in event management and wine service, so Ive always been a fan. But the news that drinking red wine can help you lose weight is just the icing on the cake!

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    How Can Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight

    Professor of animal sciences, Min Du and scientist Songbo Wang, conducted a study at Washington State University feeding rats a high-fat diet.

    Some of the rats were also given fruit high in resveratrol or polyphenol to test the effect of resveratrol on fat gain.

    The mice who have a diet rich in resveratrol, as well as the high-fat diet, gained 40% less weight than the ones who had a high-fat diet and no fruit, the study found.

    Polyphenols in fruit, including resveratrol, increase gene expression that enhances the oxidation of dietary fats so the body wont be overloaded, said Du. They convert white fat into beige fat that burns lipids off as heat helping to keep the body in balance and prevent obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

    Because red wine is also high in resveratrol it could be suggested that red wine could help you lose weight.

    Other Weight Loss Tips

    Can Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight?

    Deciding to drink red wine isnt a weight management strategy. There are other ways to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

    • Stay hydrated. Drinking water can bump up your metabolism by 24 to 30 percent over a period of 1 to 1.5 hours. Bonus: It also helps keep your organs happy.
    • Cut back on refined sugar. Sweet stuff is a risk factor for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
    • Use smaller plates. It might sound silly but eating off smaller plates can trick you into feeling full faster.
    • Practice intuitive or mindful eating. It helps you listen to your bodys hunger cues.

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    How To Burn More Fat

    Wine alone isnt the solution to getting leaner. As mentioned, you have to avoid snacking, but not only that. Controlling your diet overall will get you fewer calories and fattening foods so you absolutely need to focus on that. Also, being more physically active is a must.

    You have to exercise common sense whenever you are trying to reduce your weight. What wine can really do for you, without the shadow of a doubt, is to give you key nutrients and regulate or boost certain processed within your body.

    Thus, theres going to be a positive domino effect that will improve your overall health and possibly fitness too, if youre giving it the chance. Consider it like a precious elixir that can give you that extra in order to reset your inner mechanisms or power them up.

    Regular wine drinking will get your body to function much better and thus fat burning will come naturally and with a lot less effort. Its a rich drink that may even be considered food. It will give a much needed boost in the case of overweight people who are also leading a sedentary life, so they can burn fat with more ease.

    Losing weight is a complex matter and many factors go into it, therefore one ingredient alone may not get you there. Still, wine is very good to add to your diet and will never do any harm, unless its in excess or interferes with medication.

    Drinking Wine Before Bed Could Help You Lose Weight Says Science

    The best way to fight night cheese pounds? Night wine.

    File this under too good to be true: Two recent studies suggest that drinking wine could help encourage weight lossespecially if you drink it before bed. According to The Drinks Business, Washington State University scientists found that resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine, can help transform stubborn white fat into burnable brown fat. A separate study at Harvard found a link between wine and weight loss. Researchers examined 20,000 women over 13 years and saw that those who drank two glasses of wine daily were 70% less likely to be overweight.

    Why is it best to drink nocturnally? A study conducted in 2012, which observed the effects of resveratrol on bees, found that the compound helps curb appetite. It could be that wine simply discourages late-night snacking.

    Before you run out to stock up on bedtime wine, we should add that professor Min Du, the author of the Washington State University study, does note that wine isnt the most efficient way that good-for-you reservatrol. Many of the beneficial polyphenols are insoluble and get filtered out during the wine production process, he says. Instead, he suggests eating blueberries, strawberries or grapes, all of which are rich in the compound.

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    How Drinking Wine Can Help You Lose Weight

    Perhaps youve been told or assumed that wine helps in weight gain. Maybe youve been afraid of taking a regular good old glass of wine every day due to this misconception. Well, Im here to disprove it. You can lose weight by drinking a glass or two at night while eating or going to bed.

    Some wines can help you with your weight loss goal. Its therefore fortunate that wine is the healthiest form of alcohol if consumed in moderation. Drinking wine can help you lose weight, but before you can take full advantage of its weight loss effect, you need to limit your wine intake to not more than two glasses daily, pursue a healthy, balanced diet, and ensure adequate exercise.

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    Does Red Wine Help You Lose Weight?

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    I also like to make smoothies with grapes, raspberries and strawberries.

    I would definitely incorporate these fruits into your diet for weight loss whether its in the form of wine, eaten by themselves or incorporated into smoothies or other recipes or all of the above.

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    How Drinkwell Red Wines Can Help

    So, we may have established that red wine is probably not going to help you lose weight, and is most likely not going to provide you with many other health benefits either. But fear not – DrinkWell has a number of lower calorie red wines available that are much more forgiving on your waistline than most standard red wines. Below are some examples.

    The 5 Most Important Reasons To Wear Sunscreen

  • I Wearing sunscreen should be a normal part of anyone’s routine. Sunscreen protects your skin from damaging UV Rays. The ozone layer has been rapidly increasing and so has the intensity of the sun’s rays.
  • II Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen every day even during the winter months where the sun is less prominent. The sunscreen’s SPF is the most important thing to take into consideration and to make sure it has broad spectrum.
  • III Wearing sunscreen prevents premature aging and this should be reason enough to slather it on the skin. UV rays tend to lessen the elasticity of the skin and it can break the collagen so sunblock is a crucial protectant.
  • IV Sunscreen helps to give you an even skin tone. The sun is linked to having more sun spots because of sun damage. For an even and smooth skin tone, sunscreen can truly help.
  • V Unfortunately, if you have red hair you’re more prone to getting skin cancer therefore sunscreen is highly essential especially with SPF 50. With the right sunblock, one’s skin appearance will retain its youthful glow.
  • VI Snow reflects up to 80 percent of ultraviolet rays so wearing sunscreen even on non bright days is essential. One is never truly protected when the sun is out, but time outdoors can still be enjoyed when protected.
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    Is Red Wine Good For Skin

    drinking a glass of red wine a dayred wine can be excellent for the skinCombats skin damage:keeps skincare freeHelps clean and clear skin:prone to acneEnsures even-toned skin:loofah in red wineexfoliating scrubWorks as a face scrub:Tip:Red wine is thought to be one of the best anti-ageing drinks.

    Treat Your Body To A Healthy Snack Instead

    Does Drinking Wine Really Help You lose Weight

    For the same number of calories as a glass of wine, you could be nourishing your body with a healthy and tasty snack. Again, wine isnt just grapes. Some of Zumpanos favorites are:

    • 1 small square of 70-85% cocoa dark chocolate.
    • 4 whole-grain crackers with 1 ounce of cheese.
    • 1/2 ounce of cocoa-dusted almonds.
    • 6-ounce plain yogurt with 1/2 cup of raspberries.

    Take a look at your wine consumption, then try some of these ideas to see if they help get you back on your weight-loss plan!

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    How To Enjoy A Few Glasses Of Booze Without Stalling Your Weight Loss

    At 28, we have never been the kind of home weight loss program to tell you that you shouldnt drink at all, because thats simply not a sustainable way to live. Its all about finding the right balance, so keep on reading and Ill give you some healthy tips on how to drink socially, and still lose weight.

    Balance and moderation.

    If you want to lose weight then you need your body to use your fat for fuel. But you also know that drinking too much alcohol can slow your weight loss, or even reverse it. So, how do you enjoy a glass or two with friends and family without slowing your weight loss goals?

    Moderation is the key to enjoying a drink, staying healthy and still being able to lose weight. So, with that said, here are 5 tips to help you enjoy the occasional beer or wine and still achieve your weight loss goals.

    Here’s How You Should Drink Your Wine

    One of the limitations of the Spanish and Brazilian studies is that they focused on a population that exercise daily, walked often, and ate a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In addition, many of the participants have a long history of drinking red wine. It’s hard to know if this will be heart benefiting and bring weight loss results for the US population that eats the Standard American Diet.

    You should not rely on drinking red wine as a means of weight control.

    The study used 5 oz of red wine per day, equating to about one glass of wine. We recommend consuming it with an early dinner that consists mostly of fruits and vegetables.

    Because of the fabulous results, the researchers are taking the next step and studying postmenopausal women to see if red wine can help reduce the weight gain during and after menopause. So far, the results have not been published, but early observations show that the women in the program have not increased weight or size.

    If you enjoy red wine, this can help you justify a nice glass at dinner. Just remember, it has to be red wine, as the polyphenol content in white wine and rose wine is significantly reduced. If you want the benefits, a dark red wine is what you need to look for. Enjoy your glass, and let it be a great Indulgence.

    PS: Having a glass of red wine with 1 oz of dark chocolate as a dessert can be a great way to get the benefits of both and feel like you’re not even on a diet.

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