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Where To Buy Castle Creek Wine

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Castle Creek Winery Whites Castle Creek Winery

Carter Creek Winery & 290 Wine Castle in Johnson City TX
    Castle Creek White Wine has the Perfect Balance of Ripe Tannins and Sweet Flavor. Our Noble White Varietals Will Turn Heads! 435-259-3332 Milepost 14, Highway 128, Moab, Utah 84532 Tel: 435-259-3332 Fax: 435-259-5397 Reopening: April 1st 2021!

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Wine Tasting Only Have Dry Wines

Castle Creek Winery is located along scenic canyon drive 128 between I-70 & Moab, UT. The drive is worth the trip to the winery. My wife loves sweeter wines like Moscato and unfortunitely this winery only offers “dry” wines. If you have time, the resort which is adjacent, has an excellent film on the history of film making in this canyon. It’s about 20 minutes in length and free to the public.

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We stopped in during our recent trip to Moab. Great little tasting room located on the Colorado River. The wines were decent with a price to match. Our server was polite. We bought 2 of the Outlaw Red, a bottle of the Cab Sauv and a bottle of the Lily Rose White as gifts for our families. There is also a neat little museum on the property that you should definitely check out as well during your visit. It is all about the film industry and how it has played a part in the culture of Moab. Very interesting, free and worth the visit!

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Thank you so much for the review! We hope our wine makes it into your rotation! Please come back to see us soon!

Thank you so much for the awesome review! We are glad the you had a fantastic visit, we hope that you are able to stop by again soon!

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On The Outskirts Of Moab Red Cliffs Lodge Is A Beautiful Estate Resting On The Banks Of The Colorado River Thats The Hook Once Here You’ll Enjoy Great Food Adventure

On the outskirts of Moab, near the entrance to Castle Valley, Red Cliffs Lodge is a beautiful estate resting on the banks of the Colorado River. Thats the hook. For those staying overnight, if you arrive early to check-in, youll be anticipating your return to your room throughout the day. Check-in late and weary after a long day on the road, bike, river, whatever, the soothing sound of the current will immediately calm and inspire your mind back to life. For those late arrivers, just wait until the red rock landscape that dawn brings.The lodge itself is fortunately not just a lodge in name only. Vaulted ceilings exposing large wood beams, log furniture, wood paneling, and tiled floors all give the Red Cliff Lodge a rustic feel, but guests soon discover the amenities to be nothing short of world class.Of course, theres more to Red Cliffs Lodge than its overnight accommodations.

Wine In Moab Utah Castle Creek Winery

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    Moab Castle Creek Wine Selections. Red Wine. White Wine . Milepost 14, Hwy 128, Moab, Utah 84532 Telephone:435-259-3332 Fax:435-259-5397 “All logos, trademarks, and content used on this website are registered trademarks and/or copyright of their respective companies and owners.” …

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Museum Of Film And Western Heritage

The Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage is located right at the lodge as well, and you can check out the numerous pieces of movie-making memorabilia that give a nod toward the many movies and countless commercials filmed in the area Rio Grande,City Slickers, and Thelma and Louise, to name a few.

The combination of pioneer and early cowboy ranching exhibits blend with a rich tradition in Hollywood and independent film history launched in part by the love for the place that John Ford developed through many films in the southeastern part of Utah. It’s a tradition that continues to the present day, as HBO’s “Westworld” turned to the Moab region to depict the story’s quintessential Western backdrops.

Castle Creek Winery Reds Castle Creek Winery
    Wine only available for in-store purchases. Milepost 14, Hwy 128, Moab, Utah 84532 Telephone:435-259-3332 Fax:435-259-5397 “All logos, trademarks, and content used on this website are registered trademarks and/or copyright of their respective companies and owners.”

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Welcome To Our Winery Castle Creek Winery!
    Small Stemless Glass with Castle Creek Winery Logo *Online ordering not currently available. The store is closed for maintenance . Milepost 14, Hwy 128, Moab, Utah 84532 Telephone:435-259-3332 Fax:435-259-5397 “All logos, trademarks, and content used on this website are registered trademarks and/or copyright of their respective companies and …

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do not waste your time finding this depressing basement tasting room. Perhaps it was because of the bronco related event taking over the rest of the facility, but the atmosphere was awful. Also, the woman running the place was rude and made the experience even more unpleasant. And then the wine Gross. Dont waste your money. The lodge is lovely though, Id love to check that out more!


I probably should have listened to all of the reviews. The wine is not good. They do not explain anything to you at the tasting. I have no idea where they grow the grapes or where the wine is produced. I dont regret going because the drive from Moab to here is just beautiful. Again, the wine is NOT GOOD. You could just do the drive and skip the winery.

It is regretful that you had the experience you describe. We do try our best to answer all questions by customers while simultaneously following our State’s guidelines and restrictions that we are placed under. We do have volunteers helping this year and we are also not allowed to stand at the counter anymore until the customers are completely done. The wine itself is produced on-site, just downstairs from the tasting room.We hope that you will try us again when things return to normal or restrictions are eased!

Thank you so much for your great review! We hope to see you again soon.

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Dining At The Cowboy Grill

The Cowboy Grill is a fine restaurant located in the lodge and you cant go wrong having a meal here delicious eats. The terraced dining room has beautiful views out of the many windows. If weather permits, it is recommended that you dine on the patio to soak up the surrounding beauty. The Cowboy Grill offers freshly prepared country fare with vegetarian options, and box lunches are available to take with you no matter what adventures are have planned for the day.

For après adventure or nightcaps be sure to drop in at the Wild Horse Bar for a drink. While there be sure to step out on the patio and lose yourself under the desert night sky.

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Castle Creek Crisp Dry Red

This dark red wine is a blend that includes both Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon and if you swirl it around in the glass, youll see those little rivulets known as legs appearing on the inside surface. These are usually an indication of a wine high in alcohol and this one comes at 13% ABV which is not at the top of the tree, but high nonetheless. If youve got a good nose you might detect it as a kind of heat sensation on the aroma. Theres lovely dark fruit there too and further sniffing reveals smells of red currants, blackberries and hints of brambles and herbs. Theres also a faint peppery sensation that presumably comes from the Shiraz in the blend. The mouth-feel is soft and seductive with just the slightest tang of acidity that firms up the body. The wine is dry of course, quite light-bodied and plenty of light red fruit on the palate. Red currants, Id guess.

Theres a dry lingering finish that carries the fruit along with it. Despite the rock-bottom price this is a well made wine. It has an interesting taste too and I think it would make an excellent partner for many light dishes. The pleasing dash of acidity would also make it ideal for pizza and pasta. Although its light and undemanding theres a depth to the aroma and taste which you rarely find in fruit wines. Just out of interest I compared it with a very well-known fruit wine made here in Thailand. The local wine tasted one-dimensional in comparison.

Why Choose Castle Rock

Castle Creek Chenin Blanc Pour

We pride ourselves in a commitment to well-priced, quality wines

Craving a succulent Pinot for date night or a decadent Syrah for a friends barbeque? Or maybe its time for a poolside sipper, your friend, Sauvignon Blanc. Whatever it may be, youll never be sorry you chose a Castle Rock wine. Novices and discerning palates alike flock to our wines because the focus has always been on producing terrific wines from the most varietally ideal appellations and then offering them to you, the consumer, for prices that wont bruise the pocketbook.

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Castle Creek Winery Outlaw Red Utah Prices Stores
    Users have rated this wine 3 out of 5 stars. Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most famous red wine grape variety on Earth. It is rivaled in this regard only by its Bordeaux stablemate Merlot, and … Stores and prices for ‘Castle Creek Winery Outlaw Red, Utah’ prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.Location: Castle Creek Winery Outlaw Red, Utah, USA

Castle Creek Crisp Dry White

This is a very pale straw-coloured, bright-looking wine. Theres an aroma of peppery citrus with tropical fruit in the background. On the palate, theres a pleasant dash of refreshing citrus too and a crisp zing of acidity. The wine is very light in body and produced from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon grapes.

We dont hear very much about Sémillon, despite the fact that its one of the traditional white grape varieties of Bordeaux. Its also popular among Australian wine-makers especially for blending, and it brings aromas of lemon, gooseberry, tropical fruit and even a hint of freshly-cut grass. Thats a smell Ill never forget because when I was a teenager, encounters with freshly cut grass brought on devastating attacks of hay fever. Strangely enough, as Ive become older that allergy has faded away and I find that these days I am allergic only to the smell of tigers. Theres not a trace of tiger aroma on this wine, although as you may know, Sauvignon Blanc can sometimes carry the distinctive odour of cats pee. Theres not a trace of that either, youll be pleased to know. Or perhaps you wont. You might even be profoundly disappointed. I have heard that some peculiar people live in these parts.

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