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Where Can I Buy Manischewitz Wine

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What Is The Price Of Manischewitz Wine

Manischewitz Cherry Wine

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Manischewitz Concord Kosher Wine 750 Ml

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The Kosher Wine Standard


Manischewitz is typically shared during religious ceremonies and holidays like Passover, Purim, bar and bat Mitzvahs, and weddings, and the wine has a long and illustrious history with Judaism that goes all the way back to biblical times.

The modern Manischewitz as we now know it the uber-sweet concord grape-derived drink came to fruition in 1947 when Brooklyn-based Monarch Wine Company approached the Manischewitz Company and proposed a licensing deal. Monarch Wine wanted to use the well-known Manischewitz name on its new kosher wine. The Manischewitz Company was uninterested in pursuing winemaking on its own so it agreed to the deal, unknowingly cementing itself as the purveyor of kosher wine.

The Manischewitz Company is known for its kosher standards and regulations, and it applies them throughout to the winemaking process, too, from crushing the grapes to bottling the final product.

“We have rabbis at each and every production to make sure all facilities are abiding by strict kosher standards,” says Shani Seidman, CMO of Kayco Kosher Food and Manischewitz.

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Manischewitz Red Concord Grape 1×750 Ml 11%

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Things You Should Know About Manischewitz

Each Passover, alongside other rituals, seder-goers drink four glasses of wine while commemorating the freedom of the Israelities from bondage in Egypt. And no wine flows more freely on Passover than Manischewitz, filling that quartet of glasses with a sweet and syrupy concoction thats become synonymous with the holiday.

The wines storied history begins in the 1940s at Brooklyns Monarch Wine Company, the owners of which set out to create a kosher wine for New York Citys Jewish immigrant population. Lacking the name recognition to garner interest, Monarch approached popular kosher manufacturer, Manischewitz, in Columbus, Ohio proposing that in exchange for a licensing fee, Monarch could use Manischewitzs name on its wine. Manischewitz agreed, and the rest is history.

In preparation for Passover, here are eight things you should know about Manischewitz.

The Wine Is Popular Among Asian Communities In The States

Wine Review: Manischewitz Cherry Wine.

Huy Trieu, a manager at Shun Fat Supermarket in San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles, told The Wall Street Journal that the store sells hundreds of bottles of Manischewitz a year to primarily Chinese and Vietnamese customers. Tony Chen, a customs broker, also told the WSJ that he noticed many Los Angeles Asian grocery stores stocked bottles of the wine, and likened the taste of it to that of a fermented drink from Northern China made of mashed grapes and sugar.

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The Only Reason To Buy Manischewitz Wine This Passover

If you grew up Jewish or had a lot of Jewish friends as a kid, chances are your first taste of alcohol was Manischewitz. And chances are you liked it, because you were a kid and you didn’t know any better. Drinking the saccharine, syrupy “wine” as an adult can be fun in an ironic, nostalgic way, but like most things in life, this Passover tradition is improved with liquor. Jill Dobias, the bar manager and co-owner of New York City’s Joe & Misses Doe, came up with some great Manischewitz cocktails.

Manischewitz Manhattan

“You can work Manischewitz into classic cocktails by using it in place of sweet vermouth,” Dobias says. She makes a bourbon Manhattan garnished with Manischewitz-soaked cherries. Dobias also likes to use the wine to make a Negroni.

Evil Pharaoh

Named for the murderous pharaoh in the Haggadah, this refreshing, colorful gin cocktail is especially potent because it doesn’t use any ice. Dobias shakes gin with lemon juice, simple syrup and frozen grapes. She pours the whole concoction into a rocks glass, then tops it with some club soda and a floater of Manischewitz. “It’s really pretty,” she says. “You have this nice, dark purple streaming down into the glass.”

Elijah’s Rum Punch

Elijah’s Punch

1 bottle dry red wine

1 bottle dry white wine

1 bottle Manischewitz

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What Is Manischewitz Wine Good For

Manischewitz, a syrupy and kosher beverage used for Kiddush blessings on Shabbat and during Jewish holidays, is gaining popularity among other groups who do not adhere to Jewish customs. Manischewitz was the only kosher wine available to many Jewish families for decades, since it was first produced in New York City more than 70 years ago.

Manischewitz: The Great History Of The Not

Kosher wine options for Passover expanding

By: Jeremy Glass | Updated: Feb 3, 2021

You know a product has become a staple when its brand name replaces the generic term within the public’s vocabulary. Popsicles, Crockpots, Q-tips and of course there’s Manischewitz.

As the de facto go-to brand of kosher wine for Jews and Gentiles alike, the Manischewitz Company has led the charge on traditional Jewish foods since the late 1800s when Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz opened a small matzo bakery in Cincinnati. Now 130 years later, the Manischewitz Company does way more than produce the sweet, tart, low-priced wine. It’s also king when it comes to kosher cookies, soups, gefilte fish and way more. But how did it get into the wine-making business?

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Manischewitz Boasts A Global Export Market

The sweet and affordable wine, costing an average of $5 for a 750-milliliter bottle, has gained popularity on a global stage. Of the 900,000 cases produced in 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported, 200,000 were exported to 20 countries around the world, led in market size by Latin America, the Caribbean, and South Korea.

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Millions Love The Sweet Taste

Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine 11% abv ( pt 2 of camera fail ) #The Beer Review Guy

Manischewitz is available in six flavors concord grape, blackberry, elderberry, cherry, extra heavy malaga and medium dry concord and the appeal has long expanded past its Jewish base to the rest of the world. Whether it’s the $5 price tag, low alcohol content, or syrupy, sweet flavor, Manischewitz’s classic tagline“There’s a seder in every bottle. Let the tradition flow” now rings true for millions

A 1954 reported on the kosher wine trend, noting how 10,000,000 gallons of Manischewitz was imbibed the year prior. Interestingly enough, the same article mentioned a spike in sales “at Christmas and Thanksgiving several times higher than for Passover,” even noting how “a relatively minor occasion as St. Patrick’s Day causes a discernible rise.”

That was in 1954, though. What about today? It seems the wine still has a big following, and not just by those who grew up drinking the stuff at seders and other Jewish holidays. USA Today reported in 2017 that the wine is a hit among Caribbean communities, especially around Christmas. And the Wall Street Journal ran a similar story in 2016 that says Constellation produced more than 900,000 cases of Manischewitz that year 200,000 of which were exported to its top markets in Latin America, the Caribbean and South Korea.

“Manischewitz dishes are comfort foods,” Seidman adds. “The wine is sweet, robust, should be sipped with friends and family.”

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