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What Is The Best Pinot Noir Red Wine

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What Is Pinot Noir

The Best Red Wines For Beginners (Series): #1 Pinot Noir

As we mentioned, Pinot Noir is a light-bodied wine that is loved for its red fruit flavors, spicy aromas, and long, smooth finish.

The name itself is French, and may make you feel a bit more fancy just saying it. Pinot Noir is pronounced pee-no nwär, and the name comes from the words pinot, for pine, and noir for black. That already hints at some of the flavors and colors you can expect from the wine.

But Pinot Noirs meaning also makes sense if you look at the shape and color of its grapes.

Pinot Noir grapes have very dark black skins and grow in pine-cone shaped clusters. The interior and juice, however, are quite light. Genetically, Pinot Noir grapes are nearly identical to Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc grapes they are simply different color mutations.

These grapes are notoriously moody but tend to thrive best in cooler climates, as they will wither if exposed to too much heat. The challenge is that they also require lots of sunshine. And, finally, the cone-shaped bunches of grapes are also prone to disease if they are either watered too much or too little.

For this red wine, its all about creating an environment thats juuuuust right and the end result is always worth the effort!

The exterior of Pinot Noir grapes are undeniably dark, but did you know that Pinot Noir can be red or white? Though usually used to produce a light-bodied and elegant red wine, Pinot Noir grapes are used for red, white, rosé, and even sparkling wines.

Best Pinot Noir Under : Mas Cavalls Dona Margarita Vineyard Marimar Estate 2017

Hailing from the Californian property of respected Spanish wine giant Torres, this was 2021s highest scoring Pinot Noir under £50. Taking its name from the Catalan for a horse farm or stud, the Mas Cavalls Pinot is certainly a thoroughbred red, with power and grace, and it proves why cooler areas of Sonoma are ideally suited to this pernickety grape. Its a particularly seductive style of Pinot, with ripe, juicy red berry fruit, from dark cherry to plums, vanilla-cream oak flavours, then some crisp cranberry, and plenty of fine dry tannins to make ones mouth water. This rich and refreshing Pinot is wonderfully indulgent, and usefully versatile when it comes to food matching too.

  • Producer: Marimar Estate
  • Closure: Natural cork
  • Approximate retail price : £40

Cotes De Nuits Villages From Albert Bichot In Burgundy

Of course, this list has to start with a wine from the birthplace of pinot noir it just wouldnt be right otherwise.

The Bichots have been producing wine in the region since the 14th century, making them true experts on this varietal, and it shows.

The overall finish of this particular wine is silky and smooth. It has tasting notes of ripe raspberry and red currants that are matched with smoky and earthy notes. A bottle of this wine will set you back around £23.

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Discover All The Different Types Of Red Wine

It is the grape skins that are responsible for the red wines distinct color spectrum. The skins are in contact with the grapes juice during the fermentation process, allowing the dispersion of both color and tannins. The individual wines particular red hue depends on the grape type used in the process and the length of time the skins pigmentation is in contact with the juice.

There’s A Reason Why This Food

14 best Pinot Noir wines
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Liquors / Chloe Jeong

“Every great pinot noir requires balance,” says Ian Burch, winemaker at Archery Summit in Oregons Willamette Valley. “A well-balanced pinot noir should entice you aromatically, enter gracefully onto your palate, and leave a long, beautiful finish. Like Mark Tarlov who just recently left us used to say, pinot noir is like a ballerina. The dedication, muscle, practice, and form are all there, but the audience only sees a lovely display and performance. Pinot noir is the same way. Under all of the meticulous layers that winegrowers and winemakers hammer out, our consumer is left with a lacy, transformative wine experience.

Its easy to love and appreciate wine, but if pinot noir hasnt been part of your wine-loving life, we’re hoping you’ll reconsider. Its a much-desired grape, planted throughout the world, and an exceptionally brilliant one. Almost chameleon-like, it’s capable of assuming the terroir of its surroundings and placing those aromas, flavors, and textures on full display in each sniff and sip. Pinot noir belongs in every wine lovers cellar, cabinet, or glass. Many of them are good, but only so many of them are great.

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What Does Pinot Noir Taste Like

Typically young pinot noir will be all about the red fruit, with bright acidity and an easy-drinking attitude. If its had some time in oak, you can expect vanilla and spice, too.

Older styles might start to display more funky, earthy notes, making it a great wine to pair with mushroom risotto, duck, game or comforting stews. One of our all-time favourite combinations though, is pinot noir with roast lamb, making it a fantastic option for Easter.

How Is Pinot Noir Made

Pinot Noir grapes are usually harvested at night or in the early morning to keep the finicky grapes fresh. Harvesting at night provides for cooler temperatures, delaying inevitable fermentation and allowing for more control in the winemaking process.

After they are harvested and de-stemmed, they are placed in stainless-steel tanks.

Sometimes, the grapes are given a cool soak before fermentation to help achieve a wine with a deeper color and smoother tannins. Then, a crusher is used to release the juice from the grapes, and the juice and skins are left to ferment. Pinot Noir grapes are often fermented at lower temperatures to help retain their aromas, and sometimes they are stirred, punched down or pumped over during fermentation to once again develop richer color and smoother tannins.

After fermentation, the juice of the wine is separated from the skins and seeds and is placed into barrels, usually made from French Oak, for nine to twelve months before bottling. During that time, the oak barrels give Pinot Noir some of its unique flavors.

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The Importance Of A Proper Glass

These will be easier to maintain and will not offer you a conniption if they break. You can additionally clean them in the dishwasher. You are neurotic adequate to maintain crystal glass wares tidy and sparkly. You must check out getting a set of 6 matching crystal white wine glasses that you can use for years to find.

The ideal a glass of wine glass is the one in which red wine tastes best to you. Look for thin glass, so you taste white wine as opposed to glass. Locate a glass that will help both reds as well as whites reveal their finest, and also not so pricey that you’ll sob if it damages. What’s the most effective glass for a glass of wine? The one you’re holding.

Which Type Of Red Wine Is The Smoothest

Pinot Noir | Best Red Wine for Beginners

Which type of red wine is the smoothest? Lighter red varietals like Grenache and Sangiovese make easier to drink reds with less tannin and so more smooth. Typical wines include Chianti from Italy and GSM from Southern France or California. Pinot Noir can also be very smooth, especi Click to see full answer.

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Pinot Nero Fortuni 2016 Podere Fortuna

Description: The nose opens with notes of cherry, currant, wild blackberry and fresh rose, followed by balsamic and undergrowth suggestions. On the palate it is long and balanced, with a good savory vein that gives freshness, the finish is clean and persistent. Vinified with indigenous yeasts and without temperature control, it ages for a year in French oak barriques.A fresh Pinot Noir from Tuscany wrapped in an elegant balsamic mantle and officinal references, very convincing.Absolutely to try with Mugello ravioli with meat sauce.Area: MugelloApproximate price: 32

Pinot Nero Ventisei 2016 Il Rio

Description: It reveals itself to the penetrating and eloquent nose, pressing on notes of small red fruits, followed by notes of fields of poppies and aromatic herbs and sweet spices. The sip is warm and vigorous with a measured tannic texture and expansive acidity. Aging for 12 months in French oak barriques. One of the best Italian Pinot Noirs, it opens like a peacock tail, a refined nose that spreads wide and vigorous on the palate.On some noodles with mushrooms it could be revealing.

Tuscany regionIndicative price: 27

Pinot Nero 2016 Podere della Civettaja

Pairing with Casentinesi Tortelli with Wild Boar Ragout? Only if you deserve it!

Tuscany regionApproximate price: 39

Pinot Nero Case Via 2016 Fontodi

Alcohol: 14%

Approximate price: 29

Pinot Nero 2017 Castello della Sala Antinori

Alcohol: 14%

Approximate price: 37

Region: Umbria

How To Choose A Pinot Noir

Having mentioned the vastly dispersed production of Pinot Noir in the world, we offer several tips and tricks that will help you pick the best available Pinot Noir on the shelves of your local supermarket. The key factor is typically the region, as its climate will most likely define the quality of the grape. The most famous regions in which Pinot Noir is produced is its homeland, Burgundy, as well as the states of California and Oregon in America.

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Bonterra Pinot Noir 2012

Courtesy of Bonterra

A medium-bodied, easy-going red wine that is downright delicious and is extremely versatile for food pairings. It is a perfect everyday wine. Made with organic grapes grown in Mendocino, California, the aromas on this pleasing Pinot consist largely of bright red fruit with a touch of sweet vanilla spice and cherry pie in the mix. Perfect pairing partners include pasta dishes with red sauce, burgers, pizza, mushroom-driven themes, a wide variety of appetizers, grilled chicken, steak, or pork chops, and an expansive list of choice cheeses.

Best Splurge: Benjamin Leroux Gevrey

The Best Pinot Noirs Under $20: A Discriminating Guide ...

Courtesy of Wine

Region: Gevrey Chambertin, Burgundy, France | ABV: 13% | Tasting Notes: Dried strawberries, Cedar, Smoke

After working for many years as the manager and winemaker at Domaine du Comte Armand in Pommard, Benjamin Leroux established his own négociant business back in 2007. Since then, Leroux has been making wine from some of Burgundys most renowned appellations, including Chassagne-Montrachet, Volnay, Gevrey-Chambertin, and more.

This delicious and textured wine from Gevrey-Chambertin shows flavors of dried strawberries, cedar, potpourri, and a touch of smoke. Leroux sources his fruit from four separate lieux-dits within the village. Bright acid and elegant tannins ensure that this wine will taste delicious now, but will definitely soar to a new level within the next 4-5 years.

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Can Malbec Be Used For Sangria

As long as the wine is inexpensive, fruity and tastes good on its own, itll work well in sangria. Red. When making red sangria, you want to look for something thats fruity with low tannins. A couple sangria-worthy options from outside Spain: Malbec or Bonarda from Argentina, which are often great values.

The 30 Pinot Noirs To Drink If You Want To Be A Real Expert

Ask the world’s top sommeliers, or the wealthiest collectors of wine why they are fanatical about Pinot Noir, and you’ll get essentially the same response: It’s a grape that produces the greatest wines in the world.

The sacred home of Pinot Noir is France’s Burgundy region. Some of the most expensive red Burgundy wines in the world begin here as tiny, delicate clusters of precious berries dangling from rows of pristine, manicured vines. As Jancis Robinson MW, says, it is a grape “capable of producing divinely scented, gorgeously fruity expressions of place.”

To give you an idea of its potential, a current-release of one of the most sought-after wines in the worlda rare Grand Cru Red Burgundy from the Côte de Nuits, produced by Aubert de Villaine at Domaine de la Romanée-Conti retails in the U.S. for around $15,000-$20,000 or more per bottle.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a bottle of DRC to become an expert in Pinot Noir. What you need to do is understand the grape, and taste the classics.

Next, gather these 30 Pinots and drink them, while pondering their place of origin and the story behind each bottle. Good Pinot isn’t typically cheap, so you’ve got to be willing to pony up a little more to become an expert, but it’s worth it. Oh, and, if you’ve got any DRC you’re looking to share, DM me on Twitter. Thanks in advance.

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The Best Merlot Glass

Merlots dont seem to achieve the status of Cabs and are not even close to winning in the popularity contest. But they share many similarities, including generating from the Bordeaux region and using a cabernet franc grape. Here again, youll want to pour your Merlot into a wide-rimmed, wide-bowl glass, particularly if youve been advised its a bold bottle.

Many Merlots are medium-bodied wines and therefore suitable in any red wine glass stemmed or stemless.

Tip: Try to remember to open your wine ahead of when you intend to drink it. This allows excellent reds to show their actual color.

We love the ergonomics of this stemless glass, perfect for a Merlot but much more. This unique design will be a conversation starter even if the wine is not!

The Best Wine Glasses For Pinot Noir

The best Pinot Noir wine under 20 bucks testing

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Bormioli Rocco Red Wine Glasses have laser-cut rims that make for elegant drinkware.

Bormioli Rocco

After the movie Sideways, Merlot sales dropped and Pinot Noir took its place. The grape, considered fickle by winemakers whom have a love-hate relationship with it, had earned admirers long before the 2004 film. In fact, monks in Burgundy have been perfecting the farming of it for more than 800 years.

Given its propensity for aromatics, picking the right glassware counts. Of course, not all Pinot is made the same nor deserves the same pedestal on which to admire it. Some are fun, fruity and simple while others demand your time and attention.

Here are seven glasses that suit a myriad of occasions.


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Gary Farrell Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2011

Courtesy of Gary Farrell

This California vintage carries terrific color appeal, vibrant cherry pie aromas, and velvet-driven textures. The palate is engaging with a fruit-forward taste, balanced tangy acidity, and seamless integration throughout. It is a truly delicious Pinot Noir that is eager to convey the nuances of Sonoma’s Russian River Valley with elegance and grace.

Try A Bottle Of Pinot Noir This March

Delight yourself and your close friends this month and try a couple of different pinot noirs from around the world. Youll be surprised at how unique they taste from different regions and how fun they are to drink. And remember to not despair! There are many excellent pinot noirs on the market for only about $20 a bottle. If you need recommendations, ask me.

This article was originally featured on The Menuism Blog called Pinot Noir, King of Spring by Madeline Puckette

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Etude Pinot Noir Grace Benoist Ranch Carneros Ca

When Etude Wines was founded, Carneros had not yet been designated an appellation. But this cool-climate stretch between Napa and Sonoma would produce such distinctive Pinot Noirs that it was only a matter of time. Leading the charge then, as well as now, is Etude. This single-vineyard Pinot is classic Carneros, showing tart cherry and red currant, accented by cinnamon and smoke. Smooth and luxuriously layered, it goes on for miles, with a blood orange and cedar spice finish.

Talbott Vineyards Kali Hart Pinot Noir 2016

Pinot Noir

This is what Monterey Pinot Noir is all about. It smells like red fruit, cinnamon, and a distant campfire. The mouthfeel is soft, round, and voluptuous. It grips the palate with a gentle release. At this price, I would buy a case and have this bottle on hand for any occasion. Its under screw cap and will please all the palates.

Rating: 91

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Top 10 Brands Of Pinot Noir 2022

Here are the top 10 picks of affordable Pinot Noir wines you might want to check out:

Merry Edwards 2009 Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir , $66This classic Klopp sort is bursting with flavours of cherry and raspberry, with a subtle bitter hint of French oak and dark chocolate.

Lynmar 2015 Pinot Noir , $49Full-bodied and flavourful, this wine offers the notes of red fruit complemented with earthy spices.

La Follette 2015 Pinot Noir, $34Produced on Sonoma Coast of California, this is an elegant wine infused with aromas of dark berries and cardamom.

Pali 2016 Huntington Pinot Noir, $25The first one on the list under $30, this is a great-quality wine with tart flavours of plum skin and a warm bouquet of winter spice.

Davies 2015 Pinot Noir, $51The medium-bodied wine with notes of black cherry, cranberry and plum, combined with floral aromas.

St Innocent Winery 2014 Zenith Vineyard Pinot Noir, $38

A brilliant wine from the Zenith vineyard is a perfect match for a barbeque with a range of fruity and smoky notes.

Moorooduc 2015 McIntyre Pinot Noir, $66This wine has the fabulous warm scents of cinnamon, dried fruit and earth a perfect combination to keep warm in the winter.

Et Fille 2014 Heredity Pinot Noir, $45Matured in the wood barrels, this is an elegant and balanced wine with fruity notes of raspberry, plums and a touch of rose petals.

Benovia, 2010 Pinot Noir, $20Produced in the Russian River Valley, this wine is juicy and bright, with the notes of red berries.

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