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Vodka And Champagne Cocktail

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What Vodka To Use In A Vodka Champagne Cocktail

Tre’s Purple Champagne Vodka Punch

When you are at the grocery store to purchase vodka for this or any cocktail, you want to consider taste, quality, and cost. Here are a few high quality vodkas at each price point.

  • One of our favorite top shelf vodkas is Belvedere.
  • Our favorite mid level vodka is Grey Goose.
  • The best low level vodka is Titos.

Regardless of your budget, you cant go wrong with any of these options.

French 75 Cocktails Are My New Favorite Martini: They Have Champagne In Them

Id completely forgotten about this cocktail until a few weeks ago, when Mel and I went to San Francisco for the night. We were lucky enough to be hosted by The Scarlet Huntington, a premier boutique hotel on Nob Hill. We love the Nob Hill Spa at the Huntington and have done treatments there several times, but I wanted to surprise Mel so I booked us a room at the hotel as well as a couples massage.

Nob Hill in San Francisco is very old money chic lots of great architecture and bars that serve cocktails like this French 75. I had one of this cocktails that evening and immediately knew I would remake it for the blog.

If youre interested, you can check out all of our San Francisco adventure on .

Back to this French 75 cocktail. Its all I can do not to go make myself another one right now!

Again, I made my French 75 with vodka, because I prefer it. Besides vodka, here are the key components in a French 75 cocktail:

  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Simple syrup or sugar in the old days theyd use superfine sugar and add it to the martini shaker. Now, if you have simple syrup, you can use that instead. I keep it in my refrigerator, but you can also buy it at the liquor store.
  • Champagne or prosecco
  • Cherry, for garnish

I also love rimming the glass with sugar. Its simple: just rub a lemon slice around the glass then dip in sugar and the sugar will stick. It adds a nice sweetness to each sip of the cocktail. Cheers!

How To Make A Vodka Champagne Cocktail

  • Put a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne glass. When you are at the grocery store, look for sugar cubes in the baking aisle. The come in a small box and they last for ages in your pantry.
  • Top with a few drops of Angostura Bitters. Read below to learn what bitters are and why they are used in cocktails.
  • Add some vodka to the glass. Read below for our picks on low, middle, and top shelf vodkas.
  • Top with your favorite bubbly. While this is a champagne cocktail, Prosecco or any sparkling wine will work here.
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    What Is In A Champagne Cocktail

    • frozen blueberries

    Vodka I like to use Titos brand as its delicious, smooth, and very affordable.

    Champagne Buy a regular 750mL bottle if you are making multiple cocktails. If you want to enjoy just one or two, buy the smaller sized bottles. You can also use a sparkling wine or prosecco.

    Simple Syrup This is a simple 1:1 mixture of sugar dissolved in water. I like to use a mint flavored one but feel free to use plain. You can also buy this already made it the wine section of your local market.

    Lemon Juice Fresh lemon juice is best in this drink!

    Blueberries I like to use frozen ones because they help keep the drink chilled longer but if you only have fresh thats ok too. You can also use blackberries or raspberries if you prefer.

    A classic for cocktails! I love the bright color but if you prefer a fresh or frozen cherry that works too. Just be sure to remove the pit!

    • muddle blueberries

    Strawberry And Rose Champagne Vodka Punch

    Vodka tastes amazing with rose. And when you have some frozen strawberries that you can bite into, this one surely will turn out to be your favorite of all time. Youll need sorbet, the strawberry and rose-infused one, with rose petals, Champagne, vodka, and some whole strawberries.

    The taste of strawberries really goes well with vodka and Champagne. Strawberries have the power of complementing the taste, making them a super favorite.

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    A Vodka Champagne Cocktail Bubbling With Swagger

    Some cocktails have celebration built into their DNA. Our Toast Of The Town is that standout mix. Loud, proud and decidedly ready to mingle, its the life and soul of the party. Looking to upgrade your prosecco and vodka cocktail to something more special? Its all right here. This is a vodka and Champagne combo like no other.

    Bring on the bubbles

    Effervescent and imbued with multi-faceted depth this is no one trick cocktail. Layered with complex flavor our EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka lends rounded fruity accents and a smooth sweet edge. Tart raspberry tasting notes and a hint of vanilla keep this vodka Champagne cocktail the right side of street-smart.

    Shake, stir, sip: enjoy a moment of pure pleasure

    A Little Bit About Champagne

    Champagne comes from the Champagne region in France. There are a few different types, all creating a different drinking experience. Take note, though, that the price and the vintage creates less of a difference than if youre thinking of your classic reds and whites. For champagne, as it is all created in the same region, the vintage is less important.

    The climate changes less from year to year and so its not like a fine South African sauvignon blanc competing with an Argentinian red from the same year. Because of this, most champagne is blended, meaning that grapes from all different years are blended together to make some of the finest champagne.

    The type of champagne depends on the grapes used, or how they are used. Theres is Cuvée de Prestige, Blanc de Noir, Blanc de Blancs and Rosé Champagne, which all use a different type of grape. Whether the grapes are black or white, they can all be used to make champagne.

    Rosé Champagne has made a comeback in previous years. Due to its sweetness it was once discontinued, but fairly recently it has been brought back and is now more popular than ever. Because of this youll find that quite often it is more expensive than other champagnes, as it compliments food and is now the drink of choice for many on a celebratory Friday night out.

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    Vodka And Champagne Cocktail

    1st February 2022

    Global demand for Vodka is projected to rise at a rate of 6.2% over the next six years, this is partly thanks to the rise in Vodka Cocktails and Premium Vodkas, Dimas believes that this will be the year of the Craft Vodka, lets hope theyre correct.

    Vodka in Cocktails is mostly seen as an easy-to-drink, neutral Cocktail spirit, something to add the alcohol, but not so much to the flavour, although this is mostly true, there are producers out there looking to change this.

    Of course, Vodka is going to be used in high-grade Cocktails, so this isnt a new phenomenon, but if youre someone that just puts Vodka in a Cocktail because you want a little alcohol, then this Cocktail might just change the way you see Vodka in Cocktails, for the better.

    Now lets meet the two stars of this amazing Cosmopolitan Cocktail.

    Best Champagne Cocktails With Vodka

    How to Make a Vodka and Champagne Christmas Punch

    Vodka and champagne can give your night a special kind of sophistication. If the champagne is good and so is the vodka, youre sure to impress all of your friends with these recipes. Whether its a cold night time event, staying in and keeping warm, or if its a hotter celebration outside and a bit louder, these cocktails are perfect for any occasion. Vodka with its heritage as something both fun and sophisticated and champagne as the quintessential celebration drink, the mix of the two creates something all the more impressive and tasty.

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    A Little Bit About Vodka

    At first glance, vodka and champagne are entirely different. One is a spirit and the other a type of wine, and their flavours are entirely different. To see how similar they are, therefore, you have to look at both of their heritages and the ways modern vodka is distilled.

    For example, in France in the past, champagne and wines brought together the bourgeoisie and the upper classes, as well as the working classes. If there was one thing royalty and layman alike could agree on, it was how fine a wine was, even if one was tasting the finest on the table and the other was getting their own, cheaper brands, wine could bring both together. The same is true of Russia in the past. The revolution was paused after a victory over the Winter Palace in Russia, because all of the revolutionaries found the wine cellar and drank to celebrate, causing a pause in history.

    As well as this, many may think of vodka as fermented through cereal grains or potatoes, but some much smoother brands, such as Ciroc and Bombora use fruits or sugar. This means that the taste creates a completely different experience than a shot of more traditional vodkas, and that its easy to experiment with tastes when mixing the two into a cocktail.

    Black Champagne Cocktail Recipe

    I used my black vodka to create a black French 75 cocktail.

    The French 75 is one of my favorites. Its a classy champagne drink you can enjoy at brunch or for celebrating something at dinner parties.

    It contains gin or vodka, simple syrup and lemon juice, and is then topped with champagne.

    If you like, you can even make this drink with black vodka and St. Germain to make an elderflower French 75 cocktail. The elderflower liqueur will give it a more floral flavor, which might make it taste more potion-like.

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    Why Is Champagne & Vodka A Great Combo

    Just like Champagne can steal the show, the combination of vodka with it simply complements the entire thing! So, there is no doubt that people who have tried this combination are literally looking out for this cocktail every time they hit the bar!

    And of course, for this superb taste that it gives all alcohol lovers, thats why people fall in love with this time and over again. The champagne vodka cocktails are oftentimes called James Bond as well. Why? That Im not sure of, and well leave that for another day. But for now, lets tell you more about some of the special combos that you must not miss out on.

    Vodka Jello In Champagne

    This one is really unique. Get some jello powder and mix it with vodka. Let the jellos set well, and then top up your champagne glass with some jellos. Add sprinkles of edible gold and silver paper to give the drink an exotic look.

    When you slowly sip the drink, you will surely love the sudden pops that you get in your mouth, making this a perfect go-to for anyone who is a passionate alcohol lover.

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    What Makes A Sparkling Wine Champagne

    For a sparkling wine to be considered champagne, it needs to come from the Champagne region of France. Additionally, true champagne is typically made with specific types of grapes, including: pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay.

    All of that being said, any sparkling wine can be used in this cocktail and enjoyed. The most important thing is to find a brand that you enjoy drinking on its own. Use that to make this cocktail.

    Champagne Vodka Fruit Punch

    Unlike the previous one on our list, this one happens to have the presence of whole fruits: melons, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and some mint leaves. And of course, you need some champagne and vodka along with it. Soak it all together, preferably overnight! The fruits get in the right flavors of the vodka, giving this a perfect match. Top it up with some vodka, and there you go your punch is ready to be served.

    The vodka that doesnt blend on the top makes it absolutely lip-biting, which becomes the X-factor in this drink. But remember to get the Champagne that has a particular fizz in it. When the fizz is present in it, it really tastes amazing.

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    Check Out Even More Sophisticated Drinks And Desserts

    Raspberry Kir Roalye Champagne Cocktail a champagne and Chambord cocktail that is sure to make any occasion feel extra special. Whether youre celebrating New Years Eve, Valentines Day, or need a bubbly bridal brunch cocktail, mix up this bubbly recipe.

    Best Pear Martini Cocktail Enjoy this cocktail for a holiday or everyday celebration, delicious garnished with a thin slice of pear, and a few bright pomegranate seeds! Delicious for a New Years Eve celebration!

    Sparkling Cranberry Gin Cocktail his simple, refreshing gin cocktail is not only easy to make, it looks extra fancy when dressed up with fresh cranberries and lime wedges the perfect way to add a little style to your holiday happy hour.

    Black and Blue Berry Cobbler A dessert classic everyone loves! Blackberries and blueberries are topped with a delicious biscuit-like dough and baked in ramekins for the perfect single-serving dessert.

    Cabernet Chocolate Pudding A homemade chocolate pudding made with rich dark chocolate and its spiked with cabernet wine. Its an easy no-bake dessert you can serve in the summer or winter time.

    Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding with Raspberry Sauce Hawaiian bread soaked in a rich dark chocolate custard topped with more chocolate before being baked, served warm with raspberry sauce and Baileys whipped cream becomes a simple yet elegant bread pudding.

    What Type Of Champagne Should I Use

    How to make the best Champagne Cocktail with Vodka and Fresh Grapes

    Champagne, which is sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France, comes in a wide variety of price points. Do not use something super pricey.

    Those are better sipped straight and enjoyed to celebrate a huge moment in your life.

    Also skip the $4 bottles you find at the grocery store. Not great.

    A mid-priced bottle is perfect for this. You want to use something you would drink on its own but any flavor flaws can be hidden by the rest of the ingredients.

    Also look for Prosecco , Cava , and California Sparkling Wine.

    And while you can find sparkling wine in brut, extra brut, rosé, and so many other types, any of these are fine.

    The sweetness will change between the varieties but not so much that it will change the drink to be unrecognizable.

    Pick up a few bottles so you can make my favorite Champagne Punch and some Spiced Pear Bellinis.

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    What Is A Twinkle Cocktail

    Unless you are an avid Downton Abbey fan, you might not know exactly what a Twinkle cocktail is. Its origins began when bar legend, Tony Conigliaro created the signature cocktail specifically for the well-known show, Downton Abbey.

    To match the shows sophisticated theme, this modern cocktail showcases champagne, vodka, and elderflower cordial for a drink that is soft, sparkling, and able to make everything twinkle.

    What is Elderflower Cordial?

    While you now know what the Twinkle cocktail is, the list of ingredients may be leading you to even more confusion. What is elderflower cordial?

    To put it simply, it is a soft drink made largely from a refined sugar and water solution and uses the flowers of the European elderberry. In some countries, the drink can be found as an aromatic syrup, sold as a concentrated squash that is mixed with still or sparkling water.

    How To Make Champagne Punch

    In a glass pitcher, begin making the base of this champagne punch. Place the cut fruit and then add the vodkas and orange liqueur over the top of the fruit. Stir to combine. Then pour in the juices, both cranberry and orange juice.

    Stir in the cherries and cherry juice. Place in the fridge until ready to serve. If you are serving immediately, pour the sparkling wine over the berries and juice. Serve immediately in wine glasses with fruit as a garnish.

    This champagne brunch is a perfect bridal shower punch or Christmas champagne punch recipe that is very similar to my christmas brunch punch. The fruit makes the punch feel fancy and the ability to make it without alcohol is also easy.

    This champagne punch is going to become a fan favorite for pool parties too.

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    Sparkling Blackberry Vodka Champagne Cocktail Recipe

    Refreshing and fruity, this easy Blackberry Vodka Champagne Cocktail is perfect for any time of year. If wine cocktails are your thing, you need to try this one for your next happy hour.

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    Im not a cocktail expert by any means. But I love to make them at home and am always learning new tricks.

    Theres something about adding champagne to a cocktail that makes it delicious. Maybe its the bubbles, maybe its the sweetness. All I know is I like it and think you will too.

    Muddled fresh mint is one of the reasons this drink is so refreshing. Fresh herbs are a great way to really liven up a cocktail. And mint does the trick every time.

    Fresh blackberries give cocktails a sweet, fruity flavor and a fantastic pink color. They pair well with both vodka and champagne and can be found in most grocery stores all year long.

    Thats why this vodka champagne drink is one you need to make now.

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