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Lifeproof Champagne Beach Wood

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Us Floors Coretec Plus Enhanced Herringbone Antioch Oak Plank Luxury Vinyl Wpc

LIFEPROOF vinly lighthouse oak WALK THROUGH

USFloors’ COREtec Plus Enhanced Herringbone VV497 vinyl flooring is the parquet size LVP style of the COREtec Original Collection. This beautiful flooring has high detail grained wood look. It had wide range of looks and colors to choose from. From classic wood to rustic reclaimed wood look, there is something for any design or style. This 8 mm thick GreenGuard Gold Certified vinyl flooring is offered in the color Antioch Oak. COREtec Plus Enhanced Herringbone flooring comes in 4″ x 24″ vinyl planks. This 100% waterproof flooring is easy to install and maintain, which makes it a great alternative to wood flooring. With its cork underlayment, it is quieter than other similar products. COREtec Plus Enhanced Herringbone WPC flooring comes with comprehensive residential and limited commercial warranties . This luxury vinyl plank flooring comes 25.01 sq ft. per box .

Product Details:

  • Style: COREtec Plus Enhanced Herringbone Antioch Oak VV497-00790

  • Collection: Coretec Original

  • Size: 4.33″ x 25.98″ x 8 mm

  • Wear Layer Thickness: 12 mil
  • Sq. Ft / Carton: 25.01 sf

  • Weight Per Box: 44.09 lbs
  • Edge Profile: Accent Bevel

  • Core: Waterproof Foamed Core

  • Attached Underlayment: Cork

Frequently Asked Questions About Lifeproof Flooring

What do I clean it with?

I use an all purpose cleaner. Its a green cleaner and I add a few drops to warm water. You are not to use vinegar or a steam mop with this floor.

What about pets nails?

I dont have a dog. I have one cat that doesnt scratch the floor. I have furniture felt pads on all my furniture that sits on the floor. Even my dinning room chairs. That way when the kids are pushing them around I dont have to worry about scratches.

Did I remove the baseboard moulding?

Yes. I like to remove it then put it back instead of purchasing quarter round to add around it. I think it looks cleaner.

Is there any noise when walking on it?

No. There should be no sounds when you walk on it. If you hear a snapping or some other sounds it is now laying flat and was put in incorrectly.

What pattern did you use with the multi-width planks?

I believe it was the third partner on the instructions but I kinda did my own thing where I needed to.

So Youre Thinking Of Installing Lifeproof Flooring

I have had LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring from Home Depot in my home for over 3 years now and its the number one item I get asked about.

I thought I should just have a brain dump of all the things I get asked about, how I feel about it, do I regret it etc.

You can also find all of my other LifeProof Flooring posts and videos here.

The first time putting LifeProof flooring down was in our Kitchen. We had a leak with our refrigerator that ended up cracking the tile and creating a little damage to the subfloor. It was the perfect reason to get new flooring.

When I installed it I was in love. I love the color, the ease of installation and the overall look of it. It was actually the first time I have ever put in a drop and lock flooring.

I had put down Allure Traffic Master Grip Strip vinyl plank flooring in other parts of our house that is made by the same manufacture. Out of the two, LifeProof is my favorite.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is about the transition strips I have in the rooms. Let me tell you why I had to use them. I did our kitchen floor 6 months before the rest of the upstairs of our home. I had no idea that I would love this flooring so muchso 6 months later we put it in the rest of our home. That is why there is a transition strip in the door way of the kitchen as well as from the kitchen to the dining room.

If you are any bit handy, you can lay LifeProof flooring.

A few tips I have learned while laying LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring:

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Vapor Barrier Not Required

So why would they mention a vapor barrier not required in their installation instructions? All flooring is still acceptable to excessive moisture, alkalis in the subfloor and conditions arising from hydrostatic pressure.

This is why we recommend installing a 6 mil vapor barrier under the floor which will block all moisture/chemicals from reaching your brand new flooring. While this still might not protect you from flooding, it will protect you from chemicals/mold reaching your floor and causing havoc.

A Few Ways To Incorporate The Zigzag Of Chevron Into Your Home

Lifeproof Champagne Beach Wood 12.01

Chevron wood floors work very well in one room or area of your home be sure to match it to the stain colour from other hardwood flooring you might have.

A chevron-patterned carpet can add the graphic style you want without having to change your existing hardwood floors.

Wallpapers and drapery manufacturers are also on board with this punchy zigzag design. If using on the walls, do not overload the room by using it on the floors, as well.

Do you have a decor dilemma or want to give feedback? You can contact Karl on Facebook or Instagram at Karl Lohnes Designer.

Karl has worked as a home decor expert and product designer for 25 years. He appears Thursdays during the 8 a.m. hour on Global News Morning Montreal.

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Does Lifeproof Flooring Require Underlayment

LifeProof flooring is one of the most popular selling floors on Home Depot today. For good reason as it gives the look of hardwood with the benefits of vinyl flooring and winning the Home Depot coveted Innovation of the Year Award. But the age old question always comes up. Does LifeProof flooring require underlayment?

The answer is no. But wait, does it require something else?

Since we are the manufacturer of underlayments, we wanted to look a little deeper into the installation instructions to what they say in their installation instructions:

No Shipping Available In

Original retail price: $88 case/ $1968 pallet

Our price: $57 case/ $1368

Stock: 24 cases/ 453 square foot.

It’s time to make a change start by adding 100% waterproof LifeProof Rigid Core luxury vinyl flooring to your home. Flooring is the foundation to any home and that’s why we’ve formulated this product with beauty and durability in mind – families with kids and pets will enjoy exceptional flooring performance. LifeProof is an easy DIY or PRO installation – the pre-attached underlayment is quiet and comfortable underfoot. Install throughout your home in the bathroom, kitchen, basement and living areas – simply drop, lock, and tap into place and the room is done. Worried about wear and tear? LifeProof includes our innovative ScratchProtect permanent coating, the ultimate in scratch and stain resistance. This flooring has an Ultra-Fresh treatment on the bottom and top of the flooring to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew that causes odor and stains. LifeProof flooring is embossed to look and feel like authentic hardwood, without all of the typical maintenance concerns. Cleaning your floor has never been easier – just sweep, vacuum, or damp mop with a pH neutral cleaner. LifeProof is phthalate and formaldehyde free giving you confidence you made the right flooring choice for your family! Backed by a Lifetime Residential Warranty. 100% LifeProof, 0% worries.

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Should Underlayment Be Used

No LifeProof includes a pre-attached sound mitigating pad. Do not use any additional sound suppression underlayment or padding, as doing so will void the LifeProof Limited Warranty

The good news is they do offer pre-attached pad that has sound absorbing properties. No sound ratings are provided for the consumer which can be a downfall for condo, multi-family associations or homeowners who really want to deaden the sound from going room to room.

If you are a condo or multi-family, sound ratings do matter. With our QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl underlayment achieving Delta IIC rating of 28 was achieved. The definition of Delta IIC Rating Performance gain in sound reduction between two sound test. The higher the number, the better the sound proofing is.

Do not use any additional sound suppression underlayment or padding, as doing so will void the LifeProof Warranty.

LifeProof includes a pre-attached sound mitigating pad. QuicPrep Universal Underlayment can be used as an additional underlayment under LifeProof floorng. Use of any other underlayment will void the LifeProof Limited Warranty.

According to the installation instructions, adding another underlayment such as QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl under LifeProof would void the warranty. Our QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl is backed up with a peace-of-mind lifetime warranty. The warranty details can be found here.

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