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How To Start Your Own Wine Brand In South Africa

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Take Your Story National

How To Start a Brand Without a Distillery

You cant rely on distributors and wholesalers to tell your story for you-you also need to take a very active role in ensuring the success of your products. Obviously, this is easier to do on a local scale than on a national scale. For example, its easy to keep tabs on how a local wine bar or restaurant is doing with your portfolio of wines, but its a lot harder to figure out how a craft brewery located halfway across the country is doing with your beers.

There are a variety of tactics and strategies that you can deploy, however, in order to maximize your chances for success. One of these is simply drilling down on the local media scene in target markets, to make sure that journalists and wine writers have everything they need to tell your story. Another strategy is to ramp up your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Regularly posting updates and photos can go a long way in introducing customers in new markets to your products. Finally, think about what you can offer at the point of sale. This can range from special promotional displays for shelves or aisles to in-store tastings and wine education classes. Anything you can do to tell your story nationally will help. Otherwise, your bottles will languish on the shelves.

Pick The Right Distributors And Accounts

Now that youve set up a basis for success, its time for the fun part picking the right distributors and accounts that can help to fulfil your big plan of becoming a truly national brand. One important point to keep in mind is that picking the right distributor is like picking the right marriage partner the right choice will give you a lifetime of peace of mind. The wrong choice, though, could turn your life upside down.

In order to make sure that you are picking the right distributor, then, take time to find out as much as you can about the various options for a particular region or area. One simple question is to ask them how they view your business five years from now, in terms of distribution reach and volume. This is how you can see whether expectations are aligned, and whether or not this is really the right partner for the future.

Some brands, in fact, even go so far as to give each distributor a one-page survey to fill out. This is all about getting the right fit, and the answers to these questions can really help to guide your decision-making process. The process of meeting distributors and picking the right one will not happen overnight. At the very least, you need to be thinking in terms of a 90-day plan for how you plan to line up distribution.

How To Build Your Brand With A Private Label Wine Program

One of the best ways to grow profits and build brands in the retail wine business is to create a private label wine program.

In the past, most wines were blended because a small vineyard owner may not have the equipment or experience to make wine. Rather, the grapes were shipped to a local cooperative winemaking facility.

In the U.S., importers, distributors and wineries are all involved with private label wine programs. Indeed, the number of wine brands has exploded in the last 10-15 years.

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Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate

Besides learning how to blend your own wine on this lifestyle estate, you’ll also get a welcome drink and a cellar tour included in this all-rounder vino experience.

Where: Walker Bay

Cost: R400 per person

Need to know: Takes just over two hours, bookings need to be made two to four days prior and cater to a minimum of four guests and a maximum of 15.

Which Reds Which Whites

Want to Make Your Own Wine in Napa? Here

Keep it simple by choosing a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc for the whites and a Shiraz, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon for the reds. Rosé wines are either sweet or dry, so consider trying both to compare their characters. For something a bit special you could even have a bubbly night select a variety of sparkling wines or MCC and let their fine fizz do the talking.

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Private Label Wine Program Benefits

Better products, lower prices, higher margin and brand building are all strong reasons for considering a private label program.

Many restaurants are finding that their private label wines are some of their customers favorites. Customers are developing loyalty to these brands.

Premium wines that deliver value are harder to find from large distributors. Through a private label wine program, retailers can offer value-priced premium wines that are equal to higher priced branded products.

Benefits of a private label wine program include:

  • Developing the perfect wine brand that reflects your business and appeals to your customers.
  • Meeting customers desires in terms of quality and price.
  • Offering customers new and different wines.
  • Having an exclusive wine that the competition cant offer.
  • Growing market share while building your brand.
  • Having a flexible wine portfolio that is adaptable over time.
  • Realizing higher margins.
  • How To Describe What You Taste

    If you pick up berries or cinnamon on the nose, then thats how youll describe the wine. Common flavours in white wine are freshly cut grass, asparagus, tropical fruit or butterscotch, depending on the varietal, and in red youll often hear descriptions of spices or coffee. No taste is ever wrong and, if you pick up a hint of something that others cant, you may even be a Supertaster, i.e. someone who has an extraordinary ability to pick up specific smells and tastes in food and wine.

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    How To Start Your Own Wine Company

    Between 2008 and 2009, the wine industry was a high-growth, $30 billion industry for both domestic and international wines, with predicted long-term sales growth of between 4 and 6 percent, according to Silicon Valley Bank. Part of the allure in starting your own wine company is the diverse opportunity for business startups. Your wine company might be a vineyard, wine bar, wine retailer or other wine-related wine enterprise.


    Select a location. Wine bars and wine retailers should be located in busy shopping areas with plenty of pedestrian traffic to encourage drop-in visits, according to If youre starting a wine vineyard company, look for land ideally suited for grape growing in terms of soil content and lot size. Land may need to be prepared by removing existing vegetation, and warehouses outfitted with production equipment and a tasting room.


    Apply for permits. In addition to standard business licenses, tax identification numbers and liability insurance, youll need to apply for special permits pertaining to alcohol and register to pay special excise taxes. Check with the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for specific regulations. Also check with your state’s alcohol beverage commission for licensing requirements.






    Writer Bio

    Mhudi Boutique Family Wines

    Wine Label Branding Case Study

    Owned by the Rangaka family, Mhudi is the first entirely Black-owned wine tourism farm in South Africa. In 2003, matriarch and patriarch Mamsey and Diale Rangaka took advantage of the favourable loans at lower interest rates being offered to Black farmers by The Land Bank and bought a 42-hectare plot of land close to Stellenbosch. With little wine-making knowledge, the Rangakas were given a helping hand by their neighbour, award-winning wine-maker Jeff Grier, from Villiera Wines. Mhudi won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010 the first time a wine farm had ever won this award. Their wines have received various international awards, year after year, with the latest being the Gilbert and Gaillard International Challenge awards for four of their wines in 2020.

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    How To Start A Wine Label

    A s a custom crush winemaking facility, a common question we get asked is, how do I start a wine label? Because this is so common, we wanted to provide a brief overview of some of the factors involved in this process.

    If youve ever considered starting your own wine label, its likely that you dont know where to begin. Many first-time business owners might assume that you have to own your own winery to start a wine company, but that is not the case for many new labels. There are many components to consider when thinking about making your own wine, and we are here to help. If you are thinking of potentially starting your own wine label without the burden or expense of owning your own winery, here are some pertinent details to keep in mind.

    My Wines Are Special They Aim To Celebrate Each Special Occasion And Journey While Bringing Vibrance To A Table Setting Through Our Look Feel And Taste

    I am from a family of professionals, not entrepreneurs. I am the only one in the family who opted to become an entrepreneur. My wish is that, if I knew better, I could have started at an early age. However, entrepreneurship was not encouraged in my community or schooling.

    What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?

    I need to expand the Koni Wine brand outside South Africa, while continuing to grow locally, and hopefully inspire younger generations to keep dreaming and working hard. In the end, my success will be a success to other lives in the future.

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    How To Create A Brand For Your Winery

    Before anything else, its imperative that you build a vision for your winery.

    Branding is a huge part in selling to customers. Your wine may be the best wine in the world, but without proper branding to entice your target marketing, no one will know!

    Consider the reason you want to open a winery what is its purpose?

    On top of that, what kind of wine are you planning to make? Is there a vibe that your wine will bring to consumers that you can hint at on the bottle? What kind of experience do you want your consumers to have while drinking your wine?

    Once you can answer the brands purpose, identity, and mission statement and start building the brand design around that.

    Choose a name, logo, colors, fonts, etc. Choose these wisely, as youll want your winery brand to look good on all your products. How will your brand look in your establishment and in marketing materials? Will it look good on tote bags and t-shirts? Most importantly, will it look good on wine glasses and bottles?

    Consider consulting a design/branding agency for this stage. They can give insight on what designs will be eye-catching and help bring your vision to life.

    How To Start Your Own Wine Brand In South Africa

    Wine Belles Uncorked: A kit to start your own wine group ...

    How To Start Your Own Wine Brand In South Africa. As the official custodian of the nation brand, we aim to build pride and patriotism among south africans, to contribute to social cohesion and nation brand ambassadorship. We can even offer design assistance for your brand and label.

    i would like to start my own vodka brand that will target consumers between the ages of 18 to 35 years old. Fms manages your project but you are in charge of your own brand. You can start a wine subscription box business where you get people to subscribe and get their monthly wine allocations delivered to their doorsteps.


    You dont need to be an expert and it does not require a big investment. Fms manages your project but you are in charge of your own brand.


    Just putting your businesss name on the label is not enough to make it sell. You can start a business of selling wine from a vending cart.


    Owning your own vineyard is perhaps the most romantic dream and many of us have toyed with this idea. Brand south africa is the official marketing agency of south africa, with a mandate to build the countrys brand reputation, in order to improve its global competitiveness.


    We give the members of the public the chance to pick, stomp and brew their own award winning wine. Wine market, and it exports grapes from its own south african vineyard.

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    Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate

    If you want to go big, Grande Provence offers various wine blending sessions combined with picnics, three-course lunch and even lunch with their winemaker!

    Where: Franschhoek

    Cost: R400 per person for wine blending only R700 per person including picnic lunch R845 per person including three-course lunch R1 250 per person including lunch with their winemaker.

    Need to know: Picnics are only available from October to April, the winemaker isn’t available from January to April and a blending session needs to be booked three days in advance.

    May 31, 2019 at 10:00pm PDT

    Plan A Precise Timetable For Expansion

    Now that youve decided on the broad outlines of your expansion strategy, its time to put numbers and dates to that strategy. In order to have your product sold across state lines, for example, you have to keep in mind the time lag required for regulatory approvals from bodies like the Tax and Trade Bureau . You also need time to meet and greet distributors, and plenty of time to react to unseen legal and regulatory hurdles. In fact, you will probably need to hire a legal advisor to help you navigate all the steps of the state-by-state expansion strategy. These legal advisors can help with label approvals and distribution agreements, for example.

    Just keep in mind the general rule is that however long you think an approval process will take, it will take longer. At a minimum, it will take 12 weeks of constant effort in order to get all the necessary approvals to expand outside your home market.

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    Licensing And Permits For Wineries

    While all businesses need licensing and permits, the wine industry is particularly strict on its regulations in this field.

    Some paperwork you will absolutely come across when opening a winery include:

    • Permit to operate/Business License
    • Label Approval from Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
    • Local regulations this will vary on country, state, and even county.

    Other paperwork you may need to consider include:

    • Laws on selling across state or country lines
    • Trademarking your label
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Extra licenses if you plan to serve food

    If youre worried you may miss a license or permit specific to your winery and location, consider hiring a wine-compliance agency. These agencies help wineries to understand and abide by all local and national regulations, preventing you from any avoidable mistakes with the government.

    Your Winerys Business Plan

    Start your Own Merchandise in South Africa – Brand Zone – Online Reseller Platform

    This one should not come as a surprise, as anyone planning to open a business of any kind will need a business plan prior to laying down any money.

    In your business plan, consider your brand and your long-term plans to keep it afloat and thriving. Now that you know your grape type, location and size, you can better estimate a budget.

    Consider production and distribution costs and operations. Prepare for the future.

    How long will it take the grapes to grow? How long will the wine need to be produced and matured? When will you break even? Will you need to take out loans for this business venture? Who is your biggest competition?

    Consider all factors that could influence your business to succeed or fail, and have thought out answers to any issues that may arise while your business is already in full swing.

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    About Make Your Own Wine At Stellenrust

    Come and visit Stellenrust Wine Estate, where you will have the unique opportunity to make your own wine! You will pick your own grapes, stomp them and brew your very own award winning wine.

    The day usually starts out with a refreshing glass of sparkling wine and a chance to meet the owners of the estate. You then get driven out onto the stunning vineyards by tractor where you will pick your grapes the good old traditional way!

    Whilst in the vineyard, one of owners will talk more about the vineyards and explain different cultivars of grapes, while you are enjoying a well deserved glass of wine, beer or cider.

    Now to get the grapes between your toes!!! Climb into the waist high tanks and stomp away to create your own special blend of wine. After swimming around in your grapes you can relax a while and enjoy our exquisite Boland buffet braai or picnic.

    Come enjoy our hospitality and taste the passion you put into your own wine.

    Make your own wine takes place from mid-January to the end March each year . Groups from a minimum of 25 people are invited, by appointment only.

    To view more wine estates in the region see Bottelary Hills Wine Estates or see South Africa Wine Estates for a general overview and links to other wine producing regions.

    In The End My Success Will Be A Success To Other Lives In The Future

    What gives you the most satisfaction being an entrepreneur?

    Managing my own time, creating my own ideas freely, and making my own mistakes without being penalized. I am my own competitor and judge, besides my customers.

    What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other women looking to start-up?

    You are never too old to re-write your story, refrain from entertaining excuses. Follow your gut and let actions speak more than words.

    Cointact or follow Koni Wine


    Why LoA loves it

    Konis story is inspirational because she is a great example of how its possible to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams at any age, as long as you have the passion and the vision. She is proof positive that if you have the will to succeed, the energy to drive your ambition, and a great product, that you can become the entrepreneur you want to be. Melanie Hawken, founder & ceo, Lionesses of Africa

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