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How To Build Wine Cellar Under Stairs

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Large Wine Cellar Under Stairs

DIY Secret Wine Cellar Idea Under The Stairs! | Staircase Makeover

This large wine cellar under stairs was created by the Designer Kitchen & Baths team for a Las Vegas clients home. The home features a unique spin on contemporary style by incorporating beige tones and sharp dark wood contrasts.

For this project, Aaron Vrys team integrated a large wine cellar that matched the homes color scheme. This rather large wine cellar perfectly fits into the homes structure and displays the owners vast wine collection through its glass walls. The wine cellar preserves and neatly organizes the bottles thanks to its large racks and high-end refrigeration system, creating an eye-catching and tasteful area for true wine connoisseurs.

Basement Wine Cellar With Storage Closet

If you dont want to convert your entire basement into a wine cellar but still want to use the cold, dark nature of a basement for storing wine, consider this idea. The area under the stairs is dedicated to storing wine while the rest of the space can be used for seating, entertaining, and of course, wine tasting. This idea is budget-friendly, but still looks elegant and does the job of keeping your wine stored properly.

Under Stairs Wine Cellar

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Small Stone Wall Wine Cellar

Look for wine cellar pictures

Heres a classic wine cellar with a bit of a twist. The rock wall design feels European and traditional, and the use of wine barrels as storage is old world style. Though this is a fairly small wine cellar, it offers plenty of storage for your collection and transports you to the 1600s.

Why You Need A Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Popular Wine Cellar Ideas Under The Stairs 09

Having a wine cellar is a necessity for any wine connoisseur. Temperature and humidity can spoil even the finest of products and turn a memorable occasion into a literal sour taste in your mouth. Having a wine cellar under stairs also allows you to adequately age your bottles and maximize unused space that would otherwise go to waste. From a décor standpoint, having a stylish wine cellar can also overhaul your entire home and create an elegant focal point that will spark conversations among guests.

Whether youre looking for inspiration for your dedicated wine cellar or wish to change your homes aesthetics, our selection of wine cellar under stairs will blow your mind! Here are our top picks for this year:

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Final Thoughts About Wine Cellars Under Stairs

Wine cellars under stairs will likely continue to trend for many years. For most homeowners, transforming their basement into a dedicated wine cellar is quite simply too expensive. Wine cellars under the stairs, on the other hand, not only allow you to safely store and age your wines, but they also add a refined touch to any home at a very reasonable price! With the help of a talented design company, youll be able to express your love for design and wine in an incredibly creative and fashionable way that will impress even the finest of guests!

Is It Ok To Store Wine At Room Temperature

Yes, the average room temperature is too warm to both serve and store your wine. The warmer the ambient temperature, the quicker the wine will age and go bad. That is an extreme case, of course, but room temperature wines are not given the chance to fully express themselves, tasting duller than if chilled.

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Work With A Licensed Professional

Are you installing a wine cellar? Work with the professionals. GTG Builders remodels homes and installs wine cellars for homeowners. We also build custom homes with wine cellars included. to make an appointment for your upcoming home remodel. Find out more about how much it will cost when you’re building a wine cellar.

The Project Is Said To Cost $5900 And Can Actually Be Used To Store A Number Of Things Other Than Alcohol


Image credits: Murray Berrill

Now, a set of wine cellar stairs wont come cheap as its said to cost $5,900. However, building an actual wine cellar would be a much more expensive project, and would be more oriented towards producers of wine, while amateurs and aficionados now have an ideal solution to an otherwise expensive project.

The stairs on their own constructed from Australian Mountain ash and installed cost $3,100, elaborated Murray. The Goliath heavy duty draw slides, 6×1000mm, 2×900mm, 2×700mm, and 2×500mm cost around $500, plus the ply, handles, and timber components for the draws and the structure underneath, plus the time to construct and install it all, put another $2,800 on top of the cost of the stairs. A total of $5,900 .

It wasnt long until the photos caught the attention of a number of wine lover and DIY groups on Facebook, including the Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook group, which has over 115,000 members.

People found this idea to be simply genius, praising the good use of dead space around the house. Some joked that they now need to somehow get $5,000 and try to make a design with more drawers installed.

We asked Murray about any future projects in the vein of wine cellar stairs, and he joked about how he probably wont ever need any other projects: By the looks of this going viral, I might be building these for the rest of my life.

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Basement Wine Cellar Remodel

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess shows off her incredible basement wine cellar remodel where they took a simple room made of plywood and turned it into something sleek, modern, and worthy of a wine collection.

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In addition to adding more permanent fixtures to the plywood, Elsie installed some extra shelving to store glasses and wine accessories as well as a sleek woodblock countertop. This remodel just goes to show that DIY can go a long way if you have the vision.

This closet-style wine cellar features a classic arch entry way thats quite elegant.

Traditional Wine Cellar Under Stairs Remodel

When it comes to whole house renovations, the Case Design Remodeling team is one of the best in the industry. The basement bar and wine cellar under stairs were built from scratch as part of this remodeling project, and it stands as a must-see attraction for guests and visitors. The homeowners and designers agreed to exclusively use high-end materials that add a touch of classical elegance to this marvelous home.

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Installing A Wine Cooler Under The Stairs

There is one small problem that comes with installing a wine rack under your stairs you dont have as much control over the temperature as you would with other options.

Of course, we have the solution to the problem in the form of wine coolers.

Wine coolers are designed specifically for storing wine bottles at cool temperatures.

These wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes. They have different features depending on your needs so you can find the best model for your needs.

We are sure that you can find the best wine cooler for you in our collection.

There are some differences between a standard refrigerator and a dedicated wine cooler.

Thats why you need to invest in a proper cooler. For a start, the shelves in wine coolers are different from your standard fridge shelves.

The shelves are designed for holding and storing wine bottles specifically.

You should have no problem taking bottles out or putting new bottles in without having to move other bottles around.

The shelves keep the bottles firmly in place. One problem with storing bottles in a refrigerator is that they can move about.

Thats not an issue with a wine cooler. Another benefit of choosing a dedicated wine cooler is that they have two-zone temperature control.

This is an interesting feature that lets you choose two different temperatures for the cooler.

You have one temperature in the top half and another at the bottom half.

Proper Room Insulation To Prevent External Factors From Damaging Wine

Pin by Melissa on Wine rack wall

Wine Cellar Insulation

One of the causes of wine damage is an unstable environment. Temperature fluctuations and variable humidity levels occur when your wine storage space is poorly insulated or not insulated at all.

Proper insulation of the walls, ceiling, and door can prevent this type of problem in climate-controlled wine rooms. It helps maintain the optimum conditions needed by wine to preserve its desirable characteristics.

On this custom wine cellar installation project in Vancouver, BC, we had to demolish the existing walls at the back and side so that we could add insulation and a vapor barrier. We then re-installed the new type of drywall.

The front wall and the door were constructed from insulated glass to help regulate the temperature and humidity in the room.

Another benefit of a well-sealed Vancouver custom wine cellar is low consumption of energy because your refrigeration system will not be forced to work harder than its normal operation. Proper room insulation will also prevent the breakdown of your cooling unit.

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Contemporary Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Associated Design and their talented team created this contemporary wine cellar as part of their Miami Beach Villa project. The wine cellar perfectly adapts to the homes black and white color scheme, featuring thick black frames and storage racks that sharply contrast with the light wood floors. The firm adopted an innovative approach that allows visitors to admire the wine cellar as theyre about to climb the propertys stairs, creating a breath-taking scenery that evokes luxury and simplicity.

A House Renovator From Australia Built A Staircase That Doubles As A Wine Cellar To Reduce Dead Space

Image credits: Murray Berrill

Murray Berrill, a 58-year-old house renovator and builder from Victoria, Australia, has recently of his most recent projecta flight of stairs that doubles as a wine cellar. Bored Panda got in touch with Murray for an interview.

Murray was working on a house project that required the construction of a wine cellar. But instead of doing it the old-fashioned way, he figured he could try to merge it with other parts of the house.

As a builder, I hate dead space, and try to utilize all areas possible, explained Murray. Laundry shoots, shelving units that are hidden doors, cellar in the stairs. Its not a new idea to have storage in the stairs, usually a cupboard underneath, and with the tiny house craze at the moment its become quite popular to have draws. As for putting in a wine cellar in there, I hadnt seen that before, and it has had its challenges.

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Seal The Concrete Floor

Rugs and wood floors are not recommended for wine storage spaces. They are way too porous and permeable.

Concrete is best. Indeed, anything except properly sealed concrete is suspicious, and even concrete can be surprisingly porous and thats why it must be sealed.

Penetrating sealers and most high-performance coatings, such as epoxies and urethane, should only be applied after the concrete is fully cured . Almost all sealers can be applied after the concrete is 28 days old.

When making the application on a tiled floor, you should ensure that the sealant you bought is compatible with the tiles adhesive.

Coastal Style Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Wine Cellar Built Under the Stairs San Francisco Bay Area

Brandon Architects conceptualized and built this coastal-style wine cellar under stairs during their Heliotrope II project. The prestigious firm is known for its teams holistic approach and vast expertise in creating remarkable living spaces.

The Heliotrope II project features a coastal wood floor with matching wooden racks that elegantly showcase the vintage wine collection. The firms environmentally sensitive approach, as well as their advanced design process, has earned them a reputation as one of the leading Orange County architect firms.

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Check For Room For Air Leaks After Installing Cellar Door

Test the room to make sure the space can be hermetically sealed when you install the wine cellar door. This is a great time to check the room for air leaks. Pay particular close attention to the wall and floor areas around pipes, vents and light switches just to make sure that there are no air leaks at all in the room. The door should close with a solid thump which means youve affected the air pressure which means the room is air tight. In the rare case you opt to install windows in the cellar, the glass must also be double-paned and thermal insulated . Never ever use recessed lighting on the room. Low-voltage track lighting is a better option. But with all that being said, there is a danger that homeowners can over-seal or over-insulate a wine cellar.

Put A Finish On The Walls

If done correctly, finishing the walls will help achieve the look you envision for the cellar space and help secure the wine at a stable temperature. Make sure that you choose water-based paints or stains for the interior walls.

Also, its imperative to allow air to flow outside once you are done painting or finishing the wall surfaces so that the wine cellars will be rid of odours that may worsen once the humidity and cooling systems begin operation.

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Showcase Your Own Style

So, is it possible to build that ideal, temperature-controlled wine cellar under the staircase to tuck away your cherished wine collection? Absolutely, as the stunning beach-style wine cellar and all-glass unit under the curvy staircase below showcase. Explore beyond the modern designs for an exceptional wine cellar that not only adds texture, style and intrigue to your home, but also makes the most of the awkward nook under the staircase. A rustic, old-world-inspired cellar or a quirky industrial wine storage unit might make better use of the space than a more rigid, contemporary alternative.

Well Initially Ask For Dimensions Of The Cellar Or Space Available And Have A Conversation About Your Storage Requirements

Under Stairs Wine Cellar â Sommi Wine Cellars
  • Wooden wine boxes 12 or 6 bottle cases?
  • Storage for Magnum bottles or half bottles?
  • Any display for large Format bottles?
  • Storage for Dom Perignon bottles?
  • Preferences for wine cubes or individual bottle storage or a mixture of both?
  • Shelf unit to display glasses, decanters or large bottles?

For more information about our bespoke wine racks or to discuss design, please call or contact us via our form.

Please include your requirements and approximate dimensions to provide you with a quote.

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Check The Room For Leaks

Its your desire to make a room that can be hermetically sealed. Check the room for air leaks and make sure there are no surprises lurking in the walls that might threaten your wine collection. You need to prepare the room in such a way that you can control all environmental factors that may affect the proper aging of wine. This room will now be the center of your obsession, and the home of your wine collection and you do not want it to damage all your wines simply because you did not properly check the area for air leaks, light leaks or water leaks.

When scrutinizing the room, make sure that the ceiling has a minimum R-19 insulation. The floor should be concrete and be sealed with a proper concrete sealant more on that below.

A Compact Transitional Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Epic Group Ohio created this transitional wine cellar under stairs, which offers top-notch protection from heat and light. The owners wished to turn this basement into an entertainment room for the family that combined the propertys rustic architecture with a touch of modern elegance.

Their decision to incorporate a wine cellar under stairs provided a perfect balance between modern sophistication and rustic flair for this space. It also conveniently keeps the vintage wine collection a mere steps away from the homes entertainment center to keep the good times flowing!

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An Under Stairs Wine Cellar Joins A Historic Home

We recently completed this under the stairs wine cellar for a client in Oregon with a beautiful, historic farmhouse that dates back to 1900. It was extremely important to the owners that all the finishes and materials matched the rest of the house and didnt interrupt the historic feel.

We met this challenge by very carefully matching woods, trims, and hardware to the existing finishes of the home. The stained cherry wood for the racking system is new, but it looks identical to the banisters and stairs, and the hardware and hinges for the doors of the wine cellar mirror existing details in the home.

Since the staircase is placed in the middle of a large room, the wine cellar is now a gorgeous focal point of the home.

Carefully designed details, like this tiny, backlit display shelf give the cellar a one-of-a-kind feel thats as special as the home itself.

How A Small Empty Space Under The Stairs Was Transformed Into A Custom Wine Cellar

Residential Wine Cellar Under Stairway Closet California Installation

A lot of homeowners in California have staircases that have an empty space underneath them. Many people want to make better use of this extra space by converting it into cabinets and storage areas. In a project weve recently completed in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, a client chose to have the unused under-the-stairs space turned into a residential custom wine cellar.

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