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How To Build A Wine Rack

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Barn Wood Wine Rack I Spy Diy

How to Build a Wine Rack

A simple rustic piece that will add an elegant statement to your space. This customizable barn wood wine rack is sure to add some rustic flair. It is also easy to assemble so you can get to enjoying your new wine rack faster.

Materials: Barn wood, Copper spray paint, Newspaper hooks, Chalkboard paint, Painters tape, Drywall and wood screws

Tools Needed: Screwdriver or drill

Handmade Modular Wine Rack Storage

Create a unique little wine cellar with this modular wine rack design. You can place the bottle holder vertically or horizontally, and if you buy multiple ones, you can set them up together to form one cohesive piece. The single storage option holds three bottles well enough, and it works well if you place it on the ground or if you elevate it on a countertop or table. It has a clean and modern appearance that allows it to blend well in a contemporary room. Also, there are six different color styles you can choose from so that you get the best fit possible for your style.

Handmade Artistic Vintage Wine Rack

With this hand-built wine rack, you can add something artistic and creative to your wall. There is not much to the design as it is a simple piece of wood with a rebar, but this simplicity works for the piece. The way the rebar is shaped works well to support various wine bottles, and when it is hung on the wall, it offers a decorative quality even without the wine bottles on it. Its simplicity also allows it to be hung in various rooms such as a kitchen, dining room, and living room.

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Colour Block Coffee Can Wine Rack

Are you actually still thinking about the stacked, rounded aesthetic of the PVC pipe rack but youd prefer to make your wine rack out of things you already have around the house? In that case, wed suggest taking a look at how Brit + Co. made something similar using recycled coffee cans instead! We adore their idea of painting the insides all different shades while keeping the outsides matching.

+ Free Diy Wine Rack Plans

How to Build A Beautiful Wine Rack

Wine- one of the greatest drinks out there. Getting out a glass or two after a tough day at work is every adults favorite way of calming their nerves. In addition, studies have shown that having a glass per day is good for your heart health, which is critical as you get older. So, theres nothing wrong with having several bottles at home that serve other purposes than to be opened during holidays or celebrations.

But if you have a smaller home, it might be more difficult to find somewhere to store the bottles. If youve been looking for some good organization tips, youve come to the right place. Who doesnt want a chic place for storing their favorite drinks?

Wine racks are a popular way for you to store wine in a manner that allows you to see what you have while maintaining a form of organization at home. If you cant exactly afford a wine cellar, this is a great alternative. While you can certainly buy one, its never a bad idea to have a nice DIY. They tend to be easy to make, but they also require some power tools.

In this article, we have compiled a list of different DIY wine racks for you to take on that would make organizing all your wine so much easier. On your next day off, any of these cool ideas would surely get you in the wine-tasting spirit!


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Rustic String Wrapped Wine Rack

Perhaps you actually already have a metal wine rack that youve been using but you cant help wondering whether a slightly more rustic piece would match your decor scheme a little better? Well, that doesnt mean you have to throw out the one youve got! Instead, follow in Home Stories A to Zs footsteps and try adding a more weathered feel by doing some hemp string wrapping.

Diy Dresser Wine Rack With Ken Wingard

In this short video from Hallmarks official YouTube channel, youll learn how to make a Parisian-style dresser wine rack with Ken Wingard. As with many of the plans weve seen, the final result is deceptive it looks like the kind of piece that would require advanced carpentry skills whereas in truth, anyone with even just a little woodworking experience will probably be able to pull it off. So if you want a wine rack like this, what are you waiting for?

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Industrial Pipe Wine Rack From Instructables

This wine rack is perfect for people with a little more industrial style. A steel pipe wine rack will definitely make a statement, and youll have a fun storytelling your friends you built it yourself.

Materials: 3 long by ½ diameter pipes , 6 long by ½ diameter pipes , 1 long by ½ diameter pipes , ½ diameter pipe flanges, ½ diameter elbows, ½ diameter Tee, Roll of paper towels, Oil / lubricant like WD40 , Paper towels, faucet and dish soap to clean

Tools Needed: Pipe pliers

Recycled Skateboard Wine Rack

How to Build a Wine Rack

Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how youd really like to made a rack thats a little more obviously homemade and perhaps a little kitschy? Well, if youre ever been a fan of skateboarding, then we have a feeling youll get along very well indeed with this fantastic wall mounted skateboard wine rack featured in detail on Recyclart!

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Triangle Wine Rack From Instructables

This triangular wine rack is a fun way to show off your style, wines, and wood working skills. This elegant piece will stand out in any entertaining space with all your bottles showcased in one place.

Materials: Pallet, Screws, Wood glue, Varnish, 80 grit sand paper

Tools Needed: Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Drill, Orbital Sander, ½ flat drill bit, Hole Saw

Modern Geometric Handcrafted Wine Rack

When you are in the market for something more unique, check out this geometric, handcrafted wine rack. Available in a set of three, these have a hexagonal shape and are set up in a honeycomb style that looks appealing when hung on the wall. This lets it flow well, more so if you hang it up around a bar area or kitchen area. In fact, you can hang this up in any pattern you wish that best fits your particular style. Also, this can be made in a handful of different wooden materials from darker ones to lighter ones, allowing the wine rack to blend with various types of décor.

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Chic Diy Wall Wine Rack

Are you in need of something to add to your stylish décor? Then try your hand out with this chic handmade wall wine rack. This beautiful piece has several built-in shelves to easily support various wine bottles. Theres no risk of them rolling off either as everything is kept in place with hardware that is reliable while still looking good. With the extra sections to stand a couple of bottles up, this wine rack can come across looking more like simple décor rather than being anything functional. If you dont want to hang this up, then you can just as easily use it as a tabletop storage option instead.

Mod Pvc Pipe Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Perhaps youve actually been scrolling through your options for DIY wine racks and hoping to find something a little more modern looking? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this awesome stacked PVC pipe wine rack outlined step by step on How To Instructions! Slide a bottle into each circular opening.

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Cut The Sides And Top Of The Cube & Decide On Dimensions

There are two versions of this project, with everything being the same except for the ending size of the wine rack. See the diagram photos within.

A.) Larger 24-bottle wine rack, measures 21″ square and 9 1/4″ deep.

B.) Smaller 12-bottle wine rack, measures 16″ square and 9 1/4″ deep. Since the typical kitchen cabinet is 18″ off of the counter, this smaller version is perfect for this space.

The outer cube will be attached using butt joints, so the sides need to be cut slightly smaller so that the overall exterior dimensions are 21″. A 1×10 is approximately 3/4″ thick, so the length of the sides should be 21 inches minus 1.5″. Using a miter saw & cut the following:

Cut list:

Explore Other Diy Plans

Here are some other DIY wine rack plans that you can consider for your next project.

  • Shanty 2 Chick DIY Wine Rack

This wine rack is made mostly out of old items that can be found at home, turning them into beautiful and functional pieces. This wine rack is both stylish and cute and can be achieved by using just a few basic materials.

  • Cumbria Estate Winery

This wine rack is ideal to give as a gift, whether to someone, or yourself. It can beautify any space and can prove to be a good conversation starter too. This rack features a rustic look, with steps that need to be followed very easy even for beginners.

  • Wine Bottle and Stemware Rack

What makes this DIY plan interesting is that it does not just serve as a wine rack. It also doubles as a wine glass holder. While it may not be designed for storing a lot of bottles, but it can serve well as décor. It can no doubt add an elegant touch to any interior. The step-by-step instructions for this wine rack are pretty easy to follow.

  • Modern Standing Wine Rack

Even though basic wine racks can be functional and simple, the modern standing variation can allow you to make something that also looks fantastic aside from just being a winding rack. This free-standing rack will certainly add spice to any room while serving as a head-turner to your guests as well.

  • Built-In Wine Rack

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Pvc Wine Bottle Holder Adventures In Creating

If carpentry isnt your thing, go for the exciting look of a PVC wine rack. This rack can grow as your wine collection goes simply by adding more pipe. Theres no excuse now to not buy that extra bottle.

Materials: 4 PVC pipe, 1 1/2 PVC pipe, Spray paint , Epoxy or plumbing adhesive, 32 x 3/4 machine screws

Tools Needed: Dremel, Plastic cutting dremel bit, Hand sander, Sand paper

The Ideal Conditions For A Wine Cellar

How to Build a Wooden Wine Rack

Many resources exist talking about the ideal conditions for a wine cellar. These often include conditions of temperature between 50-60°F , a dark space especially without UV light, 50-70% humidity, keeping bottles on their side to maintain a wet cork, reducing vibrations, and the like. There is little insight we can provide into these widely accepted facts, although depending on which expert you look at the acceptable range may vary here or there.

While the exact conditions that are considered ideal vary slightly, what most every source agrees on is having consistency. Temperature swings, humidity swings, and the like can all have an impact of the quality of your wine over time. If there is one thing homes are not known for, it is consistency in these categories.

The unfortunate truth is that those looking to build a wine cellar at home are at the mercy of their own house, and you would do well to determine if you are able to provide these ideal conditions consistently year-round.

For us, we have a finished basement that is half exposed on a hillside. While the temperature is somewhat regulated, it is not as cool as other fully-underground and unfinished basements like we have seen nearby. As such, we waited to build our wine cellar until we installed a mini-split air conditioner that we keep between 62-68 degrees year-round.

The rest of this guide focuses on how we built our wine rack to get a massive storage unit for cheap!

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Minimalist Rustic Wine Bottle Holder

For those of you that need to save more space, then this minimalist wine bottle holder is perhaps the best option for you. This hangs on the wall well, but it also has a thin design so that it doesnt hog too much of the wall. By doing so, you can set this up in an apartment or condo setting well enough. It gives you space to stash your wine bottles, and it also can help you add to the decorations in the room. There are several wood stains you can select from as well so that you can personalize this as much as possible to best suit your homes style.

Freestanding Vertical Wine Bottle Storage

This handmade wine bottle storage can add a touch of elegance to a modern setting. You can set this up in a living room and it wont look out of place. Honestly, its designed in a way that it can blend inside almost any room in your home. Capable of holding six bottles, this storage setup has an appealing layout that encourages you to look closer to see just how each bottle flows within the setting. You may just be reluctant to take anything from the rack as it looks so well as décor.

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How To Build A Modern Standing Wine Rack

Although basic wine racks can be simple and functional, there are almost infinite variations, allowing you to create something that looks fantastic as well as doing the basic job of holding your bottles of wine. The free-standing wine rack this blogger makes is a perfect example of this, and this is a piece of furniture that plenty of people will enjoy trying to build at home.

Diy Wine Racks Anyone Can Make

how to build a wine rack in a cabinet fargoarmsco diy wine ...

If you plan on storing your wine for a long period of time, you might want to consider storage options in a cool, humidity-controlled space. However, if you only need wine storage for a shorter period, a DIY wine rack would work well.

Making a wine rack on your own lets you customize the piece to your space and allows you to get more for your money. Below are some quality wine rack ideas that are relatively easy to make.

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Diy Pallet Wine Rack Storage

Pallet wood is always a good option when tackling a home project, especially when creating a wine rack. Simplicity is key with this design. It has a rustic look that allows it to fit outside the home just as well as it can when used inside the home. When set up outside, this pairs well with your outdoor seating area, making it an attention-grabber at dinner parties. No polishing up is needed either so that it sticks with this decorative theme. Besides it offering plenty of space to support wine bottles of various sizes, this storage rack offers more than enough room to hang a few glasses underneath so that glass is always within reach when you need it.

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A Note On Best Laid Plans Vs Reality

In my planning and measuring stage everything seemed to line up nicely In reality you can see in the photos above and below how the right-most vertical divider is actually a littler right of the cabinets center.

After eyeballing some options when I was at this step in the build I thought it would look cleaner to have the vertical divider line up at the right-most edge of our straight ceiling rather than being perfectly in-line with the cabinets center, which would require a weird little extra baby horizontal piece at the ceiling to the right of the vertical divider before the ceiling angles.

This is, of course, is totally personal preference I just thought what I went with would make for a cleaner look in the end where the angled ceiling piece met the straight ceiling piece, so that the angled ceiling piece mimicked the look of the to-be-installed diagonal dividers in the other cubbies.

You can also see here how the one divider in the very center covers up the vertical seam in the back wall panel. Once its all painted out youd have no idea thats two pieces of 1/4 plywood back there.

With the vertical dividers nailed in place, I measured for my diagonals and cut each of the pieces to length, installing them one-by-one before measuring for the next one.

I carefully used a rubber mallet to softly tap each diagonal divider into place until they touched the back wall and the fronts were in-line with the front of the cabinet that was already installed.

Assemble The Cube Frame With Pocket Holes

Crafted Workshop | How to Make a Wine Rack | Woodworking Project

First, clean up the end grain of the tops and sides with a hand plane so that the surfaces are flat. Then, using masking tape, dry fit the wine rack frame together. Mark an ‘X” on the inside face of each of the side boards. Next, you want to mark where your pocket holes will go. Place the two side boards on a flat surface, with the marking facing down. Then, layout 4 or 5 lines, about evenly spaced across the width of the board. Transfer these lines to both the top and bottoms of each side board with a pencil.

Next, using your Kreg jig, set it for 3/4″ stock, which is the thickness of a 1×10. Align the side board so that the marked face is facing you, then drill your pocket holes. Flip the board lengthwise and drill pocket holes on the opposite end of the board and repeat this process for your other side piece.

Once all the pocket holes have been drilled, assemble the frame by screwing a screw into each pocket hole. Make sure that the boards are square and not crooked and push down on the boards so that the screw will bite in. I’ve found that using a large clamp to push the last two boards into square was very helpful. You can add a small amount of glue to each joint to strengthen the pocket holes, but after I assembled it, it was rock solid.

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