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Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

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Why The Champagne Color

Fancy Golden Champagne Brown Diamond Engagement Ring – $1 Auction

Fancy colored diamonds are actually well known for the extreme rarities and, in many cases, their high price tags. However, specifically with champagne colors, as a result to the large quantities available, they are actually priced significantly less than their colorless counterparts.

Often sought after by individuals looking to add a splash of glamour, Champagne diamonds make for a luxurious look while keeping a modest appeal. They compliment a wide variety of skin tones and add a warm tone to the look and feel of the stone.

Antique & Vintage Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

Champagne diamonds are beautiful naturally, which is to say, they’re not artificially colored. They range in color from the light, bright hues of candlelight and champagne bubbles, to the warm, medium hues of honey and caramel, to the rich, dark tones of amber and cognac. These alluring stones make a bold statement about your individuality and personal style.

Topazery’s champagne diamond engagement rings combine sophisticated designs with the finest precious metals and stones. Celebrate your love by choosing a classy champagne diamond engagement ring from our Earth Collection. Learn More & raquo

How Rare Is A Champagne Diamond

You may be wondering if a colored diamond, specifically a champagne, is rarer and more expensive than a white, colorless diamond. In general, champagne colored diamonds are less rare than colorless diamonds and other fancy colored diamonds. Therefore, the prices of champagne diamonds are significantly less than these diamonds as well.

Popular fancy diamonds, like the yellow canary diamond, are more expensive than brown and champagne diamonds. The price of a champagne stone depends on its carat weight, the intensity of color and its clarity. For example, this yellowish brown 1 carat diamond from James Allen costs $4,110, while this darker brown 1.51 carat round cut stone from James Allen costs $3,800.

Fancy champagne diamonds with no overtones are rarer than those with secondary tints. For example, a famous 69.93 carat champagne diamond called the Golden Pelican is estimated to be valued at $3 million dollars. The Golden Jubilee, another famous champagne diamond presented to the King of Thailand in 1997, weighs 545.67 carats and carries an estimated value between $5-12 million dollars.

As champagne colored diamonds continue to increase in popularity, their prices also increase. However, a wide selection of champagne diamonds like here on Leibish & Co. remains available at reasonable and competitive prices.

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What Are Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds are a fancy colored variety of diamond, named after their golden champagne-like color that is caused by the presence of nitrogen trapped within the diamond. These diamonds come in a range of colors from light Prosecco to honey to deep cognac shades. In addition, we also offer champagne salt and pepper diamonds that combine gorgeous golden hues with flecks of inimitable inclusions.

Just like salt and pepper diamonds, champagne diamonds were once considered undesirable outcasts of the diamond world. However, alternative stones like champagne and salt and pepper diamonds have been growing in popularity among both jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts for their unique looks and relatively more affordable price.

Edwardian Antique Engagement Ring

Contemporary 1.08ctw Round Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring With Halo ...

The Old Mine cut diamond in this Edwardian antique engagement glows with the soft color of candle light. This natural fancy colored diamond perches at the top of an elaborate filigree mounting. The platinum arched setting in which the diamond sits is pierced with a leaf design. This foliage pattern cascades down to the shoulders where it transforms into etched chevrons around the band. Details: Antique, Edwardian. Circa 1920. Platinum. Old mine cut diamond 0.67 carats.


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On The Champagne Diamond Bubble

Theres no better place to start than with the obviousa champagne diamonds name. And, well, its color. Champagne actually refers to a particular hue in the diamond color spectrum, one that has a brown body color with a yellow secondary hue. Yellowish-brown, we call it in the industry. That said, champagne diamonds can be found in a range of shades from very light to vivid and dark. Unlike other fancy color diamonds, whose colors are caused by trace elements present in the growth process, champagne diamonds get their brown color from internal grain lines, basically microscopic distortions in the diamonds crystal structure. Ok, well, their yellow comes from the presence of nitrogen, so a little of each. You might also hear the term cognac diamonds thrown around which refers to a deeper brown with an orange undertone. These names are not meant to trick you, but to describe what the color looks like and its unique mix of shades.

The Shapes And Settings

Similar to all color diamonds, there is a wide scale of fancy shapes found. Most diamond polishers aim for the shapes that display the color best, such as a Cushion or Radiant shaped stone. However, the more unique shapes such as Emerald or Rounds can also be found.

Due to the variety of color tones available, there is no one setting that fits all. Furthermore, because the contrast between champagne and colorless goes so well together many prefer to add a nice halo or even make it a three-stone ring. Below are a few examples of champagne diamond engagement rings we have designed in the past.

3.21 Carat, Fancy Light Pinkish Brown flower ring

Champagne round shape classic 3 stone engagement ring

champagne pear shape classic 3 stone engagement ring

The metal used depends entirely on the color of the stone. The LEIBISH jewelry designers will often use a combination of different colors of Gold in order to acquire a beautiful contrasting affect, which will then maximize the color seen in the stone. Setting a colored diamond should be done only by those jewelers with experience. The main goal is to focus on the color and contrast it as best as possible to maximize the potential affect of the natural stone.

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Fancy Colored Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring

The path not taken often leads to the most unexpected surprises, and this antique style filigree engagement ring thrills from all directions. The 18k white gold band of this engagement ring is carved in a paisley filigree pattern along the shoulders where it is accented with thirty-four round full cut diamonds. This 0.16-carat collection of diamonds flanks a 1.01 carat fancy colored diamond. This champagne diamond has a fancy orange yellow hue. This is a new filigree engagement ring from the Topazery Earth Collection.


Cheers To Champagne Wedding Inspiration

Pear shape light champagne diamond engagement ring – custom design

According to legend, when Dom Pierre Perignon perfected the bubbly wine that would go on to be called champagne, he exclaimed, “I am drinking the stars!” Although he may have been exalting the beverage’s effervescence, champagne has a lot more going for it than just its texture. Its many qualities combine to provide brides with elegant inspiration for their weddings.

An antique or vintage champagne diamond engagement ring, along with champagne-hued bridesmaids’ dresses, will have your wedding day bubbling over with the light and radiance of the stars.

Because champagne diamonds all fall into the same color family, light, medium, and dark variations of them blend together seamlessly, regardless of their depth of saturation. As a result, brides who extend their champagne diamond engagement ring hue to their wedding’s color theme have a lot of flexibility. Perhaps one of the biggest perks is allowing their bridesmaids to pick their own dresses in any champagne shade. In this way, bridesmaids can complement each others’ ensembles while embracing their own individual styles. They may also walk away from the wedding with a dress they’ll actually wear again.

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Art Deco Antique Engagement Ring

Single cut diamonds flirt with a fancy dark yellow-brown champagne diamond in this antique engagement ring. The platinum band of this Art Deco engagement ring architecturally showcases its champagne diamond. The pierced and engraved platinum mounting features bead set diamond teardrops at the shoulders. The East-West arrangement of the diamonds spreads sparkle and shimmer across the finger. Details: Antique. Circa 1930. Platinum. Single cut diamonds 0.02 carats. Round Champagne diamond 0.46 carats.


Straight From The Source

Now, finding that super-perfect champagne diamond thats the right shape, size, and hue for youthats another story. Plus, its still a diamond, so you have to consider its cut . And youll for sure want to actually seethe diamond before you buy it, because color perception is pretty personal. I mean, do you know if you like light, fancy light, or fancy without seeing each one? I didnt think so. Youll often also find fancy colors in shapes other than round, such as princess, cushion or radiant. Or even in some sweet little rose cuts . Why? Because rounds waste more rough weight in their cutting and are cut for brilliance. Which, again, isnt the highest priority for color. Also, shapes with a bit more depth tend to show off more body color. Ultimately, what this all adds up to is that finding exactly what you want is going to be a bit tougher than if you were looking for a round, colorless rock.

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Do You Actually Want A Champagne Diamond

We know you want champagne. Dont we all? But a champagne diamondthat might be another story. Perhaps youre wondering what exactly a champagne diamond even is. And thats a fair question. After all, it sounds bubbly and exciting, but maybe its just a marketing ploy to get you to buy less-than-desirable brown diamonds? Dont worry, well cover all of that. And moreincluding how to know if a champagne diamond is right for you, how to find a good one, and what itll do to your wallet.

Champagne Diamonds Vs Chocolate Diamonds


As we briefly mentioned earlier, its common to see brown, champagne diamonds promoted as Chocolate Diamonds®.

Chocolate Diamond is a trademark owned by the jewelry company Le Vian. In general, it isnt a term thats widely used within the diamond industry by gemologists and other industry experts, except when referring to Le Vians products.

Le Vian launched the Chocolate Diamonds range in 2000 and has since positioned Chocolate Diamonds as their proprietary brand of rare, chocolate-inspired fancy color diamonds.

In short, Chocolate Diamonds are a type of branded diamond. As weve covered before in our review of Hearts on Fire diamonds, branded diamonds are usually sold at a premium using all sorts of emotional marketing tactics designed to differentiate them from the competition.

In Le Vians case, its emphasizing the diamonds uniqueness as stated on their website, Le Vians original ideas and Chocolate Diamonds appeal to women who want to have something as unique as they are.

While theres nothing wrong with marketing a product by emphasizing its uniqueness, the reality is that diamonds of this type arent all that unique.

To source their Chocolate Diamonds, Le Vian choose less than 5% of all brown diamonds that are produced by the Argyle Mine in Australia. Specifically, they select brown diamonds that have a rating of between C4 and C7 on the Argyle Mine color scale.

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Champagne On The Red Carpet

Champagne diamonds are often put in the spotlight. Celebrities like to display their colored diamond jewelry, and Champagne colors are developing quite a trend. A few examples are Kristen Bell who received a 3.00 carat, emerald-cut, fancy colored champagne diamond with platinum and tiny white diamond accents. Shawna Thompson who presented her Champagne Bubbles diamond earrings, and Sheryl Crow who wore a Champagne cougar diamond ring at the 2012 Tony Awards.

For a little splash of glamour to add a little spice into your next piece of jewelry, consider a champagne colored engagement ring to really steal her heart.

Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

Champagne engagement rings are growing in popularity, as many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry proudly show off these unique rings.

To design an extraordinary champagne engagement ring, we recommend focusing first on finding the right diamond. From there, you can design your ring with any type of setting and precious metal.

Want help in finding the most stunning champagne diamond for your budget? Contact our experts.

Leibish & Co

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Pop The Champagne Here’s What You Need To Know

Champagne diamonds are celebrated for their yellowish-brown color that brings a POP of beautiful warmth and color to any custom engagement ring. They are a great choice for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their ring that doesn’t stray too far from the realm of traditional wedding jewelry. Champagne diamonds are a relatively more cost-effective alternative to traditional colorless diamonds and are a more sustainable choice that help cut down on diamond mining waste.

/4 Ct Champagne Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

Rarities .25ct Champagne Diamond Maltese Cross Ring
Service Needed

Plan Terms and Electronic Delivery.

4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes.

5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

Have a question about 1/4 CT. Champagne Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold?

Product Details

Content + Care

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Vintage Style Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

White diamonds drizzle down and sparkle around the sizzling champagne diamond that centerpieces this engagement ring. Like the bubbly beverage it’s named after, this engagement ring’s centerpiece champagne diamond effervesces warmth and radiance. A collection of white diamond accents orbit around the champagne diamond like a glowing full moon. The band’s fancy scroll work gives a vintage touch to this charming engagement ring. Details: Vintage Style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds 0.39 carats. Round brilliant cut champagne diamond 0.55 carats.


Where To Buy A Champagne Diamond

Throughout our years of experience in the diamond industry, weve vetted several diamond dealersboth online and bricks and mortar stores. With our consistent pulse on the market, we know which companies you can trust and which ones to avoid.

To ensure you purchase a high-quality champagne diamond at an excellent price, we recommend the following vendors. If youd like help in choosing the most beautiful champagne diamond for your budget, just email our experts.

Here are the vendors we highly recommend:

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Designing/choosing A Champagne Diamond Ring

Champagne diamonds pair perfectly with the warm colors of summer and fall weddings and glisten both in the day and under warm night lights. Yellow and rose gold complement champagne diamonds/moissanite perfectly and bring out the warmth in the stone, but choose the gold color that you like the most!

There are three ways to get a custom champagne diamond/moissanite ring from us:

1. Start with your stone: Browse the Staghead Mine to find the perfect stone first and choose/design a setting based on the stone.

2. Design your own: Work with our designers to start with scratch in designing a custom and personalized ring!

3. Browse our collections of custom handcrafted rings: Get inspiration or find your perfect ring in our collections of customizable designs.

Between their scintillating and luxe appearance, relatively lower cost, and excellent durability, champagne diamonds are an excellent unique choice for a custom engagement ring. What better way to celebrate your marriage and special bond with your partner than with a sparkling champagne diamond!

The Origin Of The Word Diamond

1.5 Carat Light Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum

The word diamond comes from the French word diamant, but its root lies in the Latinadamantem, which translates to “the hardest metal.” A contemporary descendant of this word is adamant, meaning impenetrable or unbreakable. This meaning also gives the diamond its reputation as a symbol of eternal love and unbreakable commitment.

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Filigree Engagement Ring With Fancy Diamond

A champagne diamond provides the razzle dazzle for this antique style filigree engagement ring. Accentuated with scrolled designs, millgrain trim, and chevron carvings, the 18k white gold filigree band of this engagement ring delights the eye. Nestled in the midst of this filigree is a round brilliant cut champagne diamond. Fancy yellow brown in color, this diamond solitaire weighs 1.03 carats. Rings like this vintage style one are from the Topazery Earth Collection.


Diamond History And Lore

The diamond is the traditional gemstone for engagement rings. It’s not surprising then that many vintage and antique engagement rings feature diamonds in some way. If you’ve ever wondered how the tradition originated, we’ve uncovered the history, lore, and a few other interesting facts about diamonds.

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Help Me Choose The Right Engagement Ring

Not sure where to start? Our talented jewellers can walk you through everything you need to know in a 1-on-1 consultation, or you can read our helpful engagement ring guide online. More…

Larsen Jewellery specialises in custom made diamond jewellery, including champagne and cognac diamond engagement rings. As we make all of our rings to order, your choice of design is not limited to the selection shown above. Whether you want to choose from one of our classic styles or create something completely unique, Larsen Jewellery can make a diamond ring to suit your individual style and budget. You can use our many display rings to help you choose a style, or alternatively, you can bring in your own ideas or pictures and our jewellers can help you design something special and truly unique.

We welcome you to come in for an obligation-free design appointment with one of our jewellers who can advise you on choosing the perfect champagne diamond ring. We can also help you understand the 4 Cs of diamonds, as well as the special elements of coloured diamonds, to ensure that you make an informed decision when choosing your diamond.

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