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Can Wine Be Delivered To Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Wine Shipping Laws

Massachusetts restaurants allowed to sell beer, wine with takeout, delivery orders
    Massachusetts Wine Shipping Laws Massachusetts currently has around 15 wineries, which are known as “farm wineries”. This means they are allowed to sell wine from their site, and many also act as distributors and provide their wines to local wine shops as well.

Shipping Beer Liquor And Wine With Fedex

allowsFedEx Delivery Resources

FedEx alcohol shipment rules include:

  • You have a FedEx account number
  • You have signed an alcohol shipping agreement contact with FedEx through your account manager
  • You must use inner packaging of EPS foam or molded fiber tray
  • You must package the alcohol in the center of the shipment, away from the packages sides
  • Your package must be deemed sturdy by FedEx
  • You must clearly label the shipment and meet FedEx guidelines
  • You must clearly label the package as containing alcohol
  • You must receive a signature upon delivery from an adult that is 21 or older

How Can I Tip My Delivery Driver

In markets where tips are accepted, the order will default to a tip that you can easy edit or change during checkout to your desired amount. You can also give the driver a cash tip if you would rather instead of adding it at checkout. Drivers appreciate your tips and are a critital part of getting your orders delivered to you.

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Is This A Control State For Wine

No license required to sell to licensed wholesalers

How much does the license cost?

Do I need to have money held in bond?

Is there a representative license?

Do I need to register products first?

Do I need to Post Prices?

Do I need to file my Distributor Agreements with the state?

Do I need to file my Territory Assignments with the state?

Are there rules on the exclusivity of territory or brand assignments?

Where Do We Ship

Can You Buy Beer At Krogers Thanksgiving Day In Ohio ...

We ship wine to most states, though there are still some states that prohibit retailers from shipping wine in their state. We operate multiple warehouses around the country to comply with state laws. To determine if ships to your state, use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select your state. This will ensure you see correct inventory and pricing for your area. If we cannot ship to your state, you will see that on the red bar at the top of the page alerting you that your state prohibits delivery of wine from out-of-state retailers. We do, however, ship our non-wine items to all 50 states, including non-wine gift baskets, accessories and glassware.

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When Does Total Wine & More Deliver To Additional Areas In Massachusetts

We deliver wine, beer, and spirits to these newly expanded areas in Massachusetts on select days throughout the week. Once you have finished selecting your items, head to the page to see available time slots and specific delivery days for your area.

Please know – delivery fees, areas for delivery, and minimum purchase requirements may vary and are subject to change.

How Does Total Wine & More Alcohol Delivery Work In Massachusetts

Its simple! You can order on our website or our award-winning and place your order on the select days were arriving in your area! See our FAQ above for more information about when we deliver to each city.

Placing an order with us for delivery can be broken down into four simple steps:1. First, change your order method from pickup to delivery and enter the address of where you are to confirm delivery availability2. Second, select all the wine, beer, and spirits youd like to order for delivery3. Proceed to checkout, and pick an available delivery window to have your order delivered to you in your area4. Finish checkout and wait for your order confirmation email. Then well deliver the items you ordered on the date you selected!

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Massachusetts Legalizes Winery Direct Shipping But Questions Remain

Massachusetts has become the 40th state to legalize winery direct-to-consumer shipping. On July 11, Gov. Deval Patrick signed the 2015 state budget, which includes language legalizing direct shipping in the state. The law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

Despite support from Massachusetts wine lovers, winery direct shipping has been a long time coming to Bay State residents. The state’s wine-shipping laws have been ruled unconstitutional twice, first in 2005 under the Supreme Court’s landmark Granholm decision banning states from discriminating between in- and out-of-state wineries, and again in 2008 when the state’s capacity-cap law, limiting the size of wineries permitted to ship to Massachusetts, was also ruled discriminatory.

See Wine Spectator‘s complete state-by-state overview of U.S. wine-shipping laws

Last year, Massachusetts direct-shipping supporters brought out the big guns. They enlisted the help of Massachusetts hero Drew Bledsoe, the former New England Patriots All-Pro quarterback and founder of the highly regarded Doubleback winery in Washington state, who stumped for Massachusetts House Bill 294, winery direct-shipping legislation introduced in January 2013 by state Rep. Ted Speliotis, but to no immediate avail.

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How to Buy Wine Online

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Delivery Terms & Conditions

  • All of our products are eligible for delivery to our delivery zones with minimum purchase.
  • Your credit card will be charged during your online checkout.
  • Your order will take at least 24 hours to process.
  • You will receive an email confirmation when your order is ready for delivery.
  • We will confirm a delivery time prior to making delivery.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age and home with a valid driver’s license to accept delivery.
  • You will be charged the delivery fee if no one is available to accept the delivery.
  • If we choose to ship your order, we will alert you to expect it via FedEx.

How To Mail Alcohol Out

When you cross state lines, the shipment of alcohol becomes more difficult. That its because you now must meet the requirements and regulations in both the state youre shipping from and the state youre shipping to.

There is a loophole that helps consumers ship beer, liquor, and wine to other states if that other state permits the shipment of alcohol to consumers. Instead of shipping a bottle from your state to their state, simply find a retailer based in the state youre shipping to and order it from that retailer. That way the retailer wont need to cross state lines and only meet the rules of their states alcohol regulation board.

Do you own a brewery, distillery, or winery? Learn how to serve a food menu with 2ndKitchen.

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How To Ship Alcohol Legally In All 50 States

We live in a world of e-commerce, where we have everything from groceries to furniture to medicine and everything in-between delivered directly to our homes. However, this doesnt apply to the alcohol industry and selling alcohol online.


Thats because shipping beer, spirit, or wine to consumers comes with its own set of rules and regulations that presents a bigger challenge than simply boxing up a bottle and dropping it in a mailbox.

Can Wine Be Shipped To Maryland From Connecticut

Traveling Vineyard

So where can wine lovers get a bottle of wine delivered straight to their doorstep? Wine Spectator has compiled a comprehensive list of the wine shipping laws in all 50 states, with detailed information on how much wine, from which purveyors, residents can legally buy, along with two maps, one for winery shipping and one for retailer shipping.

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Why Must I Select A State Before Shopping

We ship from multiple warehouses due to state laws, so PRICES AND SELECTION MAY VARY depending on which state you ship to PLEASE start shopping on by first using the state drop-down menu to select the state where you want your items delivered. Once you choose your desired delivery state, our site will adjust the selection we offer to ensure you are only shown items that we can legally ship to that state. CHANGING STATES FROM YOUR CART MAY CHANGE YOUR ORDER! To avoid this unfortunate experience, it is best practice to empty your cart and select your state before you shop!

How To Ship Wine: General Overview

First of all, the most important thing to keep in mind is that its illegal for one individual to ship any amount of wine to another person through the mail in the United States, regardless of where you live or whether you try the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

That doesnt mean you cant send wine to someone but you cant just stuff it in a box and slap a few stamps on it. Unless youre willing to take a big risk and break the law, to ship wine you need to buy it from a company whos certified to deliver it. The good news is, plenty of companies are licensed to ship wine to most states.

Depending on the quantity youre sending and where its going, there could be additional hurdles to overcome. For instance, if you want to send wine to a friend in Oklahoma, youre out of luck: The Sooner State doesnt allow it, and you might be looking at a felony if you get caught trying.

While the law is mostly the same in Delaware, theres one important loophole: If youre a resident of Delaware and youre visiting a winery in a different state, you can send yourself back a few bottles.

The strictest laws, by far, are found in Utah, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Delaware. Pay particularly close attention to the rules if youre sending wine to those states. An updated master list of all the state law nuances can be found by searching the alcohol statutes over at The National Conference of State Legislatures website.

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What Warning Notice Is Required To Appear On Packages Containing Alcohol Being Dtc Shipped Into Texas

Contains Alcohol: Signature of person 21 years or older required for delivery is required to appear on packages of alcohol being shipped DtC to Texas.


Utah does not permit the DtC shipping of any alcoholic beverages. Utah residents may may special orders of products not otherwise distributed in the state by getting pre-approval from the state Alcohol Control Board and submitting a specific form to a producer. The producer must ship the ordered products to a designated Utah retail store for the customer to pick it up. The Utah customer is personally responsible for any taxes or fees that may apply.


Can Wine Be Shipped To Maryland From Nyc

How Its Made Wine Glasses

Wineries can only ship up to 18 cases annually to a single Maryland address. That probably will not be a problem for you! Beyond that, any of the wine clubs that we have listed is an option for you to purchase from. The shipments will have to be made via common carrier, which means you will likely receive it via FedEx or UPS.

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Do Any Volume Limits Apply To Dtc Shipments In New Hampshire

Wine shippers are limited by New Hampshire to shipping no more than 12 cases per individual per year. Further, if a shipper ships more than 600 liters of any one label per year, they must offer to sell a matching amount at the lowest selling price to the New Hampshire LCC for wholesale distribution.

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These Wine Of The Month Clubs Ship Wine To Massachusetts

Our wine of the month club ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, and unique wine club features. While not all wine clubs can send wine to all states, all of these wine subscriptions and wine club giftscan be shipped to Massachusetts. We do our best to make sure this list is accurate, but as shipping laws change, so do the shipping policies of subscription services.

Note: A dry community is one in which sales of alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Massachusetts has only a few scattered towns that are completely dry. Get more info about MA wine delivery rules and regulations.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you dont have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

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What You Need For Apply For An Alcoholic Beverages Direct Wine Shipper License

To apply for a Direct Shipment License pursuant to M.G.L. c. 138, § 19F you will need electronic copies of the documents listed below.

Required Documents for ALL new Direct Shipment licenses:

  • State License: A copy of the license you hold from your state authorizing you to produce wine.

In addition

If entity applying is a business:

  • Business Structure Documents: Articles of Organization, Partnership Agreement, Bankruptcy Documents, Estate Documents, Trust Documents or Business Certificate, are required depending on your corporate structure.

Can You Ship Wine From California To Maryland

FAT TIRE NEW BELGIUM 6pk Delivery in Brookline, MA ...

Once a closed state when it came to shipping of winewhether from a Maryland winery or your favorite California spotthe law was changed in 2011. The direct wine shipment concept, introduced in House Bill 1175, allowed for in-state or out-of-state wineries with wine manufacturer licenses to obtain Direct Wine Shippers Permits issued by the comptroller of Maryland.

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Statewide Head Injury Program Massgov
    You, a family member or friend, or someone helping you can call or email SHIP and ask for an application. Call 204-3852 or toll-free 1-800-223-2559. TTY: 204-3817. Or e-mail We will send the application to you or your legal guardian to complete and send it back to us.

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Can I Sell Wine On Ebay

Yes, but only if youre an eBay-approved wine seller.

In order to become a licensed wine seller on eBay, you must first upload a copy of your alcohol license.

You must also abide by all requirements listed on eBays guidelines for selling wine.

Once approved, you must include the following in each listing:

  • Your shipping policy, including which states you can ship to as well as any shipment restrictions
  • Your states buyer eligibility requirements e.g., whether or not buyers can receive shipments directly or have to pick up their order elsewhere
  • The buyers age requirement
  • Indication you have been approved by eBay to sell wine

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How To Ship Alcohol In

Shipping alcohol in-state is the simplest alcohol shipping method but is still convoluted and confusing.

Since you wont be crossing state lines, youll only need to meet the alcohol shipping requirements of the state youre located in. However, you will need to be familiar with the local city laws for the different towns and municipalities in your state. Luckily, alcohol distributors should already be familiar with their local laws regarding alcohol production, distribution, and sales.

Consumers can also use one of the many alcohol e-commerce and delivery app companies such as Drizly or WineDirect to order alcohol directly to their home or to send beer, wine, or spirits to a friend.

About Total Wine & More

Flocking to liquor stores amid COVID-19

Total Wine & More is America’s Wine Superstore® — the countrys largest independent retailer of fine wine. We started in 1991 when brothers David and Robert Trone opened a small store in Delaware. Today, we operate more than 190 stores across 22 states and continue to grow. Were passionate about wine, so we are committed to offering the nations best wine selection, with an emphasis on fine wines. Our typical store carries more than 8,000 different wines from every wine-producing region in the world. The typical Total Wine & More also carries more than 3,000 different spirits* in every style and price range. And more than 2,500 beers, from Americas most popular brands to hard-to-find microbrews and imports. You will find a smaller, curated version of our selection on the Instacart marketplace please visit our stores for our entire ridiculous selection and our incredibly friendly experts, ready to help. *Spirits sales where allowed by law.

Returns: Customer product returns may be made in the local Total Wine & More store near your delivery zip code, with Instacart receipt, for in-store exchange only with item of equal or greater value .

Total Discovery and & More Rewards: Total Discovery and & More Rewards membership points cannot be accrued on Instacart delivery orders at this time. Purchases made here will not accrue points.

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Selecting A Delivery Date

We offer date-specific deliveries for most items purchased. A calendar with all available delivery dates will be presented to you after you enter your shipping address. You can select a delivery date up to six months out by clicking on the calendar arrow to move forward months. Note that we cannot select a specific block of time for your delivery, only a specific date. The carrier will make three delivery attempts before the item is returned to our warehouse.

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