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Are Dual Zone Wine Coolers Worth It

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Edgestar Wine Cooler Review | The Best Dual Zone Built in Under Counter Wine Cooler

We saw some issues concerning sound, yet other testimonials that praised exactly how silent their white wine coolers are . EdgeStar has a line of red wine colders in various dimensions as well as types. Many of their white wine refrigerators obtain wonderful testimonials. Customers claim they look excellent, function well, are easy to install, which they such as the worth for the cost.

We also saw some discusses that red wine colders hold less containers than marketed, which appears to be common for lots of red wine fridges. Generally though, the feedback is favorable. Frigidaire is an acquainted name in refrigerators that makes a few red wine coolers that get mixed reviews. A lot of consumers enjoy with their purchases, however a few grumble about the refrigerators not suitable as numerous containers as they would certainly such as .

They praise their systems for being peaceful, functioning effectively, and also being a great offer. We saw a couple of issues about durability with some versions, so examine on the reviews for the certain fridge you are taking into consideration acquiring. In general, most of evaluations we stumbled upon were from happy consumers. Magic Cook makes both a glass of wine coolers as well as mix red wine and also drink colders that receive rather combined evaluations from consumers.

Benefits Of A Wine Fridge Vs Regular Fridge

Some may ask why they cant store wine in their normal refrigerator. In doing our research, we were surprised to find the lengthy list of reasons why other than simply lack of storage space. We found that fridges dont have the humidity control thats best for wine storage. Additionally, they vibrate when running, have a quick drop of temperature and lower internal temperatures. The biggest shocker was that it could affect the taste of the wine.

The average temperature of your home refrigerator is 40 °F which is too cold for your wines, plus it will also dry out the cork. If the cork of your bottle dries up, the wine will absorb smells in your fridge such as onions, garlic and your favorite takeout, resulting in the altered flavor of your wine. Think Pinot with a hint of garlic chicken.

Single Vs Dual Cooling Zone Units

If you are looking at keeping one type of wine over the other, single zone units might be best fitted for you. They are single compartment wine coolers that can only be set to one internal temperature.

Conversely, dual zone units are best if you like to store both red and white wines in your fridge. They have isolated compartments with separate temperature controls to store wine at their ideal temperature.

We tested both single and dual zone units for this review.

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What Is A Dual Zone Wine Cooler

As the name suggests, a dual-zone wine cooler is one which has two different cooling zones, commonly referred to as two different temperature zones by manufacturers.

The idea behind having two different compartments for which the temperature is controlled independently of each other is so that wine enthusiasts can store and chill two different types of wines using one appliance.

You can typically store reds in one compartment, whites and sparkling wines in the other. Most dual zone wine coolers have one door which opens up to both compartments.

The two cooling compartments are stacked on top of each other and are usually clearly separated by inside wall that is distinguishable from the rest of the units shelves.

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With some manufacturers, however, design variations take the form of a French-door type cooler which perhaps a more convenient side-by-side doors. Each compartment has its own door and is accessed independently of the other.

Since red wines require storage in a temperature range of between 58 68 F, while whites need a lower temperature range of 50 62F to maintain their integrity, these are mostly the temperature ranges built-into typical dual zone wine coolers from all manufacturers.

The majority of dual zone wine coolers are either freestanding or built-in units as opposed to countertop coolers. Because dual zone wine coolers tend to be larger than single-zone coolers.

Things To Consider When Storing Wine At Home

Nutrichef Wine Cooler Review: Is It Worth Buying?

There are a few things to consider when properly storing wine at home. First, you want to store wine away from vibration. This means not putting it next to a washing machine or dishwasher. Slight vibrations wont affect the flavor of wine you plan on drinking in the near term. In the long term, though, these vibrations will affect the stability of the wine.

Second, think about where in your house you place your wine refrigerator. If storing wine for the long term, think about what happens if your house loses power for a few days or while you are on holiday. For this reason, think of placing the wine fridge in a basement or at least somewhere away from direct light.

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What Are Temperature Zones

Once the idea of temperature is all sorted out, the next thing to consider are the temperature zones that wine coolers utilize. Temperature zones represent the space within a wine cooler that allow for the manipulation of temperature change. This means that depending on whether your unit has single, dual, or multiple zone options, those zones can be set to a desired temperature to properly maintain your wines.

Is A Dual Zone Wine Fridge For You

Taking all of this into consideration, is a dual zone wine cooler right for you. It depends on your reason for having a wine cooler and what you plan to do with it.

If your goal is to store red wine at a constant temperature for the long term, then a single zone is probably enough. If your goal is to keep white wine and sparkling wine cold and ready to drink, a single zone wine cooler is probably sufficient. If you plan on storing red wine for long term storage as well as white wine to be ready to drink, then a dual zone wine chiller is the right wine fridge for you.

The other issue is how many bottles you would like to store, which often coincides with how much space is available. If you are looking to keep a handful of bottles cool and ready to drink, a small six or 12 bottle wine fridge with a single zone is probably sufficient. In fact, it is hard to find dual zone 12 bottle wine fridges. Almost all six bottle wine coolers are single zone.

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Is A Dual Temperature Wine Fridge Worth It

Not all wine enthusiasts will need a dual-zone wine fridge, unless youre into higher-end wines or drink both white and red varietals on a regular basis. White wines and red wines should be kept at slightly different storage temperatures, so if you only have a single-temperature wine fridge, it means one of your favorite wine styles might be slightly off from how you normally enjoy it.

Depending on how many bottles you plan to store, you may find the price difference is not that significant, and the higher price may be worth it as you expand both your wine knowledge and your wine collection.

Dual Zone Vs Single Temperature Coolers

Koolatron Dual Zone Wine Cellar – Jibber Jab Review!

Dual-zone refrigerators are built to accommodate multiple types of wine. Although all wine should be stored at the same temperature, reds and whites are meant to be served at different temperatures. Dual-zone refrigerators make it easy to serve both types of wine out of the same unit. You can also use a dual-zone unit to store and serve wine at the same time.

Single-temperature coolers are intended for only one type of wine. If you are serving reds and whites simultaneously, you will need a second unit to serve both types of wine at their ideal temperatures.

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Why Buy A Wine Cooler Anyway

First of all, if youre serious about the wine you drink, then youll want to store your wines in the best possible way to ensure their longevity and flavor. Buying a wine cooler offers the best preservation of wines because the appliance itself is made specifically for them. You wont have to deal with the hassle of where youll store your bottles of reds and white, and instead, you can have a designated space for them, all while having a unique appliance that adds so much to your household.

Wine coolers themselves can be either built-in or freestanding, which means you can place one into an empty space under the counter, into an old trash-compactor spot, or up against the wall to fill a blank space! With other features that wine coolers have to offer, its much more than just a place for your wines its a great purchase to show others that you mean business.

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Aobosi 30 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The Aobosi 30 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler simultaneously maintains red and white wines at their ideal temperatures. The cooler features an innovative cooling system.

Utilizing both a compressor and dual fan circulating system, to continuously move cooling air throughout the unit. Its touchscreen controls make it easy to set and adjust the temperature in each zone. Capable of hold 30 standard wine bottles, the beechwood shelves can be removed to accommodate larger wine bottles.

The unit comes with a double-layered glass door that presents outside heat from getting in and cool inside air from getting out. The unit can be used either freestanding or built-in to a kitchen cabinet.

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What Types Of Two Zone Wine Coolers Are There

Once you decide buying on a dual zone, its important to understand the different types of wine refrigerators you can buy for your home. You will see these terms: freestanding, built-in, undercounter, and countertop.

A freestanding wine refrigerator is just that, it stands on its own. It can be placed anywhere in your home. You just plug it in and you are done. This is what we had in our condo in the US. A built-in wine cooler slides into an open space in a cabinet. Normally these care undercounter wine fridges. This means they fit into the space between the countertop and the floor. A countertop wine fridge is one that is generally smaller and meant to fit on top of a kitchen counter or other table top.

Choosing between these types of wine refrigerators, most of them just require you to measure the space you have available. The exception is a built-in wine cooler. If you plan on adding a wine cooler into an existing cabinet space it is important to buy one that is meant to be a built-in wine fridge. There are certain considerations for a built-in fridge, most notable is the type of cooling system.

Does A Wine Fridge Add Value

NewAir 52 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler

In most kitchens, a wine refrigerator would be considered a positive addition, as long as youâre not compromising storage space to install it. But if your kitchen is generously sized, and thereâs room to spare, a wine refrigerator could be a relatively inexpensive selling feature. It can cost $1,000 or $1,500, Ms.

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What Is The Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Wine enthusiast classic 70 dual zone wine cooler is the best dual zone wine cooler in the market. It has two independent temperature zones that can be set to different temperatures, allowing you to store red and white wines at the perfect temperature. It’s also the ideal budget-friendly wine serving solution. It also features elegant, solid construction with blue LED lighting, making it a fantastic showpiece.

Th Ranked: Kalamera Wine Cooler


What We DidntLike

  • One zone but good for red or white

Next up in our quest for the best dual-zone wine cooler is another entry from the ever-reliable Kalamera. How does this model differentiate itself, then?

In many ways, the fact it doesnt stand out is what makes it so effective. Lets face it, you dont need a twin-zone wine fridge to reinvent the wheel, it just needs to give you cooling zones with generous temperature bands without too much noise or vibration. As you would expect, the Kalamera acquits itself well on all those fronts, but with a twist

If you drink red and white wine, youll be aware that they need storing at different temperatures, white much cooler than red. The cooling zone on the Kalamera give you the flexibility of chilling your wines between 40F and 66F. This is not quite as versatile as a dual-zone cooler, as you wont be able to chill reds and whites to different temperatures simultaneously.

You can build this unit into your existing kitchen cabinetry, or you could leave it freestanding.

This is a 15-inch cooler that doesnt eat up too much kitchen real estate while managing to offer the capacity for up to 30 bottles of your favorite wines.

The temperature memory function ensures your cooler restarts on its current settings if you lose power in an outage.

Built into the stainless steel frame is a double-layered door of tempered glass. This serves to keep the temperature inside stable while minimizing any fogging of the door itself.

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Frigidaire 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

If storing more than 30 bottles is a little much for you, we recommend going with the Frigidaire 18 bottle wine cooler, which is a narrower unit that is great for tight spaces. The Frigidaire was our second best pick for overall wine fridge unit thanks to its convenient design, ability to regulate the overall temperature and solid insulated door with protective tempered glass displaying only the red wines.

A feature unique only of the Frigidaire is the door. While the top half has display glass to be able to see your red wines, the bottom half is a solid insulated door to add another layer of protection for your white wines from UV rays.

Runner-up: Frigidaire – 18 Bottle

Once plugged in, this cooler only needs one hour to cool down to storage temp in both zones. Now ready to store wine, we used bottles that were at room temperature of 70 degrees to test the cooldown times, we found that the Frigidaire chills red wines to storage temp in an impressive 45 minutes. The white wines dropped about 10 degrees in one hour and ultimately took nearly two hours to reach final proper storage temperature.

During testing, we found that the Frigidaire 18 bottle fridge fluctuates about two degrees from what the display temperature says. The cooler was tested in different rooms with different amounts of light and was consistently two degrees colder when storing red wine and two degrees warmer when chilling white wines.

Features Of A Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Review of the NewAir AWR-1600DB Wine Cooler

There are some features that are extremely useful in a wine cooler, these are explained below and you should try to find a cooler suited to you that includes one or more of these.

Automatic Defrosting

Some wine coolers have the ability to defrost themselves without having to manually turn off the unit. This is useful if you forget to turn off the unit before leaving the house and also helps to cut down on the amount of maintenance work that the appliance needs.


Some wine coolers allow you to adjust the light levels within the unit, this is especially helpful if you like to keep your cooler on at all times. When looking at lights try to find a wine cooler that uses LED light bulbs as these are more energy-efficient and also dont get as warm as regular bulbs so they will not interfere with the internal temperature in the wine cooler.

Humidity Control

Some wine coolers contain humidity sensors that automatically lower the humidity level when there is an increase in moisture, this is particularly useful for storing fine wines such as Champagne.

Door Lock

If you live in a home with young people or share with housemates you may choose to buy a wine cooler that has a door lock, this would mean that you are the only person that can open the door.

UV-resistant Glass Doors

The above may seem like a lot of information but it is a great way of whittling down the huge range of choices out there when looking for an appropriate wine cooler.

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Why We Think Its Great

The NewAir wine fridge features a dual-zone technology that keeps red and white wines adequately chilled. Although the upper portion of the refrigerator can reach a maximum of 40-50°F, you can adjust the lower area for your red wines that only need around 50-66°F.

Moreover, you wont find any problem putting this under your counter because it has the ideal size to fit in small areas. It also saves space inside since its design calls for alternating the bottles to reach the maximum capacity.

Another great thing about this fridge is that it operates quietly and holds the temperature well even if it is at total capacity. The lighting also adds a bit of sophistication to highlight the bottles inside. Plus, the effortless installation makes it an excellent advantage for people who are not techy or into mounting appliances.

Final Thought On The Best Temperature And White Wine

Wine cellars are a great investment that can provide you with many years of enjoyment. If you don’t have the space for a separate wine fridge, a dual zone wine cooler is a great way to keep both your red and white wines at the perfect temperature. Just be sure to place it in an area where it will get plenty of ventilation to avoid overheating.

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