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Where To Buy Fenn Valley Wine

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From The Vineyard: Vino Blanco Brings Wine To The Masses


Winery: Fenn Valley Vineyards, Fennville

Cost: $14.99 4-pack/$3.99 individual can

Where to buy: Select Midwest retailers and Fenn Valley

Suggested pairings: Pork, chicken, seafood

Best served: Chilled

As an armchair wine consumer, I have to admit that the traditional packaging of wine has been a major roadblock for me. I happen to be the only wine drinker in my household, so its rare to crack open a bottle, because I know that some of it will be wasted.

Enter Vino Blanco by Fenn Valley Vineyards, a revolutionary way to package wine in cans. Its a pedestrian dry white made from Seyval grapes and is intended to mimic a popular summer wine in Portugal called Vinho Verde.

Vino Blanco is light and crisp and has a touch of carbonation to ensure freshness and its perfect not just for the season, but also for sad, lonely wine drinkers like me looking to participate more frequently.

Its also much easier to transport and store in a cooler for road trips or in the fridge, where you always have to dedicate that one spot where a long wine bottle will fit.

Now, in all fairness, Fenn Valley says each can at 12.6 ounces equates to 2.5 glasses of wine. Im not sure who honestly drinks 4-ounce glasses of wine outside of a tasting room, but realistically one can is a healthy glass and just perfect for one. The cans come in sets of four, which roughly equals a bottle.


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  • Profile

    A small premium winery offering a broad selection of wines ranging from dry to sweet as well as hard cider, and known for its estate-grown Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Bordeaux-style dry red wines. Currently experimenting with Piquette, an ancient technique for creating a low-alcohol wine made from the second pressings of grape pomace also continuing to innovate in packaging to expand its growing list of products available in cans. Numerous wine-related events and tasting tours are held year-round. In addition, guests may purchase wine by the glass to enjoy on the patios overlooking the estates vineyards.

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    Owner Built Fenn Valley Winery From Scratch


    Going from operating a lumber retail business in a small town near Chicago to starting a vineyard and winery from scratch in Southwest Michigan was a challenge, but not one that Bill Welsch was afraid to undertake.

    Considering that we didnt know what we were doing at the time, yes , said Doug Welsch, owner and winemaker at Fenn Valley Vineyards and Wine Cellar southwest of Fennville since his father stepped down from active leadership in the business in 1991.

    He just thought that it wasnt that difficult to do,” Doug Welsch said of his father, who had enjoyed winemaking as a hobby. I dont think he ever thought that he wouldnt be able to do it.

    Even after he turned the business over to his son, Bill Welsch enjoyed walking through the vineyards on a daily basis.

    Every day, summer and winter, for probably the last 10 or 12 years he would go walking every day. He just liked going for walks in the vineyards, Doug Welsch said.

    But complications from Alzheimers disease this past spring put an end to those walks, and on Aug. 6, at the age of 83, Bill Welsch died, his son said.

    He spent several years traveling to New York and talking to the people at Cornell University. He talked to the people at Penn State and Ohio State. Those three universities were doing wine and grape research, Doug Welsch said of the groundwork his father laid in preparation for starting to grow grapes and produce wine.

    Premium Wines In Southwest Michigan

    Fenn Valley 42 Ice Wine

    What does our slogan, The Lake Effect Everyone Loves mean? What is the Lake Effect and why is it so important? What we call the Lake Effect is the moderating effect that Lake Michigan has on the climate of West Michigan, and it is what makes grape growing possible. There is a narrow band right along the shore where cold tender grape varieties can be successfully grown. Most people who live around here know the Lake Effect as heavy winter snowfall. But we know the Lake Effect as milder winter temperatures leading to great Michigan wine. Open year around for tastings and wine by the glass, 11am 5pm everyday, or buy Michigan wine online.

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    Experience Autumn At Fenn Valley Vineyards Mi

    Fenn Valley is less than fifteen minutes away from the Hotel Saugatuck. Thats a short drive for such a great tasting room that has plenty of activities, attractions, and events. Visit the tasting room and bar and learn about the passion for wine and grape-growing behind Fenn Valleys Welsch family. Last year, the popular winery received over thirty medals, eleven of which were Gold, and a Best in Class award from the Michigan Wine Competition for its Traminette 2015. Its no wonder visitors to Saugatuck and Douglas flock to Fenn Valley for a wine tasting escape.

    With the Reserved Wine Tasting option for just $5.00, avoid the crowds of the popular tasting events by booking in advance. Youre guaranteed a spot at the tasting bar. Learn more about a new field if youre unacquainted with wine tasting or enjoy a familiar and fun pastime in the vineyards welcoming tasting room. The friendly staff is there to describe the wine and its qualities and help you find the perfect wine or cider based on your individual taste and preference. Fenn Valley offers two free samples or up to seven tastings per ticket and you have the chance to earn your money back by purchasing four or more bottles of wine at the wine shop on your way out. If you find that special flavor, like the popular Spiced Peach and Honey wine, dont miss out the Michigan Awesome Red or Cherry also make great gifts for someone back home or can be served at dinner to remember your trip.

    Fenn Valley Vineyards

    Tn: 2010 Fenn Valley Winery Visit

  • TN: 2010 Fenn Valley Winery Visit – One highly recommended buy
  • Sparkling

    • N.V. Fenn Valley Premier Cuvée– USA, Michigan, Lake Michigan ShoreThis is bottled as a non vintage but all of the fruit in the bottle I tried was from the 2008 vintage. Bottled in June 2009. A blend of 82% Chardonnay and 18% Pinot Noir all from the LMS appellation. This had a sweet nose but was bone dry on the palate. A steely character with some citrus notes but overall very little fruit. perhaps some time in bottle will help a little. 82-83 points.
    • N.V. Fenn Valley Sparkling Riesling– USA, Michigan, Lake Michigan Shore100% Riesling from the LMS appellation. Labeled as non vintage but all the fruit was from 2008. This estate sent their estate grapes North to L Mawby for fermentation and bottling. This was a step up from the Premier Cuvee in my opinion and cost less . Crisp and made in an extra dry style with a touch of sweetness. Apple notes. 87 points.


    • 2007 Fenn Valley Pinot Noir– USA, Michigan, Lake Michigan Shore2nd time i have had this with consistent notes. Light red with a tinge of brown. Notes of smoke and burnt fruit. Tasted a little green. Light body. 80-81 points.


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    White And Sparkling Wines

    Great white wine has long been a staple of the Michigan wine industry. Our naturally cool climate and relatively short growing season allow us to make extremely well balanced premium white wine. Wines from our region tend to exhibit crisp character perfect for pairing with foods or enjoying on their own.

    Fenn Valley Vine Wine’d

    Frankenmuth visit: Wine tasting: Pure Michigan : vlog 1

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    Additional race information can be found at .

    Join us for the most unique race of the season, a scenic 5K or 1 mile tour of our premium wine grape vineyards and surrounding farm. Wineding through vineyards, meadow, and numerous forested ecosystems, the network of trails were created by our vineyard manager to showcase the diverse beauty of the property.

    2022 marks the tenth year of this annual event. Fenn Valley continues to plant new acres of vineyard, allowing return participants the opportunity to witness the progression of vineyards and wine literally from the ground up. As October is the heart of wine grape harvest, the sights, smells, and taste of harvest will envelop you as you wined your way through one of our two courses. The 5K is timed on a challenging trail course, and the 1 mile is not timed and is set on an easier course.

    Not only to you get to experience the beauty of the vineyards in fall, but each participant receives the following:

    • 5K trail or 1 Mile trail
    • Custom Lifestyle T-Shirt
    • Fenn Valley wine glass
    • Complimentary glass of wine, hard cider or sparkling grape juice
    • Post-race vineyard party including live music and food

    Packet pickup.

    Friday September 30, 2022 – Saturday October 1, 2022 – Fenn Valley Vineyards and Wine Cellar6130 122nd Ave, Fennville, MI US 49408

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