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Where Can I Buy Wine Slush Mix

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Elmeco Slush Machine Fcm

3-Ingredient Berry Wine Slushies!

Elmeco FCM-2 Slush Machine is another choice in the wide variety of different frozen drink machines available. Elmeco is one of the leading brands for cold beverage dispensers specializing in Italian granita, slushies, sangrias and much more. It can also be used as a wine slushie machine. The machine itself consists of 2 large bowls with a total capacity of 6.4 gallons should do the trick for about any large gathering in need of some slushies. One fact that we fell in love with was the fact of how smart this machine actually is, youre probably laughing at our statement by now, but let us explainThe slushy machine by Elmeco comes with an on-board AutoDiagnostic system, which ensures longer product life. We also have to mention the critical temperature and low product level both also contribute to the life span of the machine.Due to how smart the frozen drink machine is, it does not require periodic lubrication, seal replacements or any other annoying bits and bobs.Not to mention the 5-year warranty that it comes with, this machine is a steal!

If reliability is your number one factor when it comes to picking the right slush machine, then definitely go for the Elmeco FCM-2, it has the longest warranty on the market, it has tons of advanced features and its perfect to spice up any party.

P.S. Looking for more info on the Elmeco Slush Machine? Weve made a full review about it, you can read it here:

What Kind Of Wine Can I Use

For this particular recipe we used a Pinot Grigio. We like this as it light and crisp and does not overpower the drink and blends in very well.

If you are not a fan of Pinot Grigio you can also use Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling White Wine, Chardonnay and even a Pinot Nior. It is really up to you and what flavor you are going for.

Vino Slush Frozen Wine Slush Mix
    Vino Slush is a frozen wine slush mix that can be used with any kind of wine. Just mix it with your favorite wine and water. Stir it up and freeze it. Stir it up with a spoon or whisk and it’s ready to serve. Also, use a blender for quick results. It’s the new way to drink wine!

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How To Make Homemade Wine Slush Mix

I feel silly having this as its own section, as its so easy – you measure the ingredients into a food processor, and let it rip until its a finer powder.

Thats it.

Also: The use of the food processor makes the sugar dissolve faster into the wine… but this Homemade wine slush mix works even if you dont process it down.

If you dont have a food processor, just mix the ingredients together and bag it until use. When you do use it, put another minute or so into mixing it, just to give it more chance for the larger sugar granules to dissolve.

Buying Guide For Users

BLACKBERRY SANGRIA Wine Slush Mix Christmas Gift Party

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your ideal slushie machine:

1. Total number of people youll serveSlushy machines come in different sizes and with a variety of capacities. Before you buy a slush machine, find the number of people you are going to serve. If you are buying it for personal use than the Little Snowie 2 type of machine would be enough. If you are buying for a social gathering then the Margarita Girl would be your best bet and if you are looking for a slush machine for a grand event go for the Slush machine with 2x 15L tanks.

2. Place of UsageThe second thing you need to consider is the crowd your machine will serve.Will you be making slushies for your family or will you be using it to serve customers? If its for your family then you need a machine thats small and handy, but if you need it for commercial purposes, go for one with high capacity and a durable motor machine.

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Choosing The Best Wine For A Wine Slushy

For my wine slushy, I used straight up Pinot noir because its the bottle I already had open .

At first I was hesitant to use it, thinking that type of red wine would be too strong and not fruity enough.

Then I thought, Pinot noir is my favorite wine so, alright, if it sucks Ill just let it melt and then drink it as regular wine .

No worries because my slushie was everything a frozen wine drink should be, so refreshing and delicious, and the perfect summer drink.

It was simple and easy to crush the wine cubes too, as they dont fully freeze due to the alcohol.

A few pulses of my immersion stick blender and my slushy was really to drink. Party on!

How To Make Homemade Wine Slush

Pour 1 batch of mix into a 1 gallon freezer bag . Add 1 750 ml bottle of wine, and 3 cups of water. Stir/shake well. Freeze for about 3 hours before serving in glasses of your choice.

A Note on Ice Crystals

As you made notice from our photos, the ice crystals in our wine slush are larger than the ice crystals in the wine slushie mix you get as samples at those trade shows, or when you buy the drink ready-made at restaurants.

Thats a matter of preparation, NOT the mix itself.

When youre making the mix as instructed on the bag – which is how we also suggest on this post! – you dont need any special equipment, and its not super labour intensive.

However, the resting freezing does allow larger ice crystals to form, than commercial means of freezing does. Those Slurpee type machines you see in restaurants and at the trade shows? Thats the key to a fine ice crystal.

SO, if you have a home daiquiri / slush machine, you can use it with this mix to get the finer ice crystal structure – just follow the manufacturer directions on the machine!

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Wine Slush Mix Mixes Gourmet Foods Wholesalers Vendors
    Wine Slush Mix. Wine Slush Mix brought to you by Floral and Gift Market, a directory of floral and gift wholesalers. This Wine Slush Mix web page is provided courtesy of the advertising sponsorship of the vendors and suppliers listed, along with thousands of other

Making The Ordinary Wine Unexpected

How To Make A Wine Slushy

Enjoy a drink that will remind you of sunny California. Sit back and take a sip of California Wine Slush! It is the unique combination of our flavor packets, wine , and ice blended to make a tasty slushie treat. We have more than 2 dozen Wine Slush flavors that will make you the delight of any party or occasion. One package will make 64 ozs.

Each pack is a powdered mix with a standard recipe:

Mix 5 cups of ice with one bottle of wine and one packet of the mix in a blender until desired consistency is achieved. Should make 64 ozs

The following is an alternative way of preparation which has been shared by their consumers who mix without a blender:

Mix a bottle of wine, equal amounts of water, and a packet of the mix. Then, freeze it for 4 to 6 hours. After that, defrost a bit for 5-10 minutes and then it’s ready for consumption. Should make 64 ozs.

*Each pack comes with instructions.

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Southern Homebrew Ultimate Wine Slushie Mixes

Southern Homebrew Ultimate Wine Slushie MixesWe all know you can slushi-fy any of your favorite wines/mixers, but the quality of the ingredient mix flavoring is huge in having salivating slushie’s all your friends can’t get enough of!! Our slushie mixes are time proven and customer tested since 1988 at state fairs, wine expos, wineries and other venues!! Holy Hanna folks that’s 28 years and still going!!!It doesn’t get much easier than that to make approximately 15 glasses of cocktails with a kick from a single flavor mix. The possibilities of kick ass cocktails are only limited by your imagination!!!Having a big party, event, other occasion needing bulk quantities or just like buying in bulk???? Call or email us regarding our 25lb bucket versions that make the equivalent of 50 packages or approximately 750 glasses of your favorite slushies!!Share with family and friends, it will warm the hearts and the palates of all of your guests if you can keep any that long! Excellent with any wine selection you can imagine/desire, but we highly recommend these slushies with either our RJS Orchard Breezin or WinExpert Island Mist wine kits!!$9.00 FLAT RATE SHIPPING FOR UNLIMITED QUANTITY OF MIXES PER ORDER**These special blended slushie mixes are a new product line for Southern Homebrew.We’re confident you’ll come to love these mixes just as you do our other homebrew products!!**Other shipping charges may apply to other items ordered at the same time with the slushie mixes.

How To Make Frozen Sangria

Freeze the wine. Fill 1 ice cube tray with wine and chill the rest of the bottle in the fridge overnight.

Blend your wine slushies. Add the frozen wine to your blender with about 2 3 cups of frozen fruit, some orange juice, orange liqueur, and agave nectar.

The added sweetener is optional here, but recommended because the cold inhibits sweetness. Pour in the remaining wine and blend until smooth.

Garnish and serve. Pour the wine slushies into 6 glasses (or however many youre serving. Add an orange slices and serve immediately.

If you dont finish the full batch: You can get away with storing these in the fridge for later, but they will loose a bit of their frozen texture. Its not ideal, but I suggest popping an ice cube or two into your glass if youre driving leftovers.

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Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Drink Maker

The is a beast when it comes to making slushies or any other kind of delicious frozen drinks.With its 72-ounce capacity for frozen drinks, its the perfect toolkit for anyone hosting parties or other fun gatherings.There are many things we loved about the Tahiti by Margaritaville, one of them definitely has to be the low noise level. Usually, with any kind of blender or slushy machine, the loud noise is inevitable.But with the Tahiti, the noise was much lower, in fact, you can actually talk to people while making your frozen drink of choice.We also loved the reliability factor of the machine, weve been actively testing it for over 6 months now and never had any problems, the fact that it comes with a 1-year warranty is just another bonus.No matter if you want to make slushie drinks, shaved ice or snow cones the has many different options and we guarantee itll cover all your needs.Speaking of covering your frozen drink needs, who else hates the mess that comes with making slushies?Luckily, that simply isnt the case with the Tahiti, its super easy to clean and you wont have to worry about the big mess ever again.

If you love hosting parties or other medium-sized gatherings, youll love the Margaritaville Tahiti slushie machine, not only does it produce a ton of slush in just a minute, but its also very easy to clean.Whether you want shaved ice, slushies, snow cones or some other frozen drink, the machine has you covered.

Cranberry Or Beet Juice Powder

Homemade Wine Slush Mix!

The source material had a very small amount of beet juice powder in it, “for colour”, and now uses cranberry juice colour for the same. Not only did it not add anything visually to the final slush , it didn’t add anything in terms of flavour. Therefore, I omitted it from my recipe.

Much like with the matcha, I think it was just there to dress it up a bit and make it less “here’s a $12 bag of sugar”.

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Bulk Sangria Vino Slush Mix By Firehouse Flavors
    Buy wholesale wine slush mix sold in 10 pound bags. Transform an ordinary bottle of wine into a cool party drink! Just stir mix with a bottle of wine and water, freeze, and serve. Our classic Sangria flavor features berry, orange, lemon, and lime flavors. Made with real fruit juice powders. Net Weight 10 Lbs. / 160 ounces / 4.54 kg Gluten Free.

How Do I Use Fresh Cherries To Make This Frozen Blended Drink

If you are using fresh cherries you will first need to pit them and you can accomplish this in one of two ways.

  • Use a chop stick and a bottle with an opening a little smaller than the circumference of a cherry. Put the cherry on the top of the bottle with the lid off. Using the tip of the chopstick push through the cherry until the pit falls in to the bottle. Freeze the pitted cherries overnight. *Note: If you dont have a bottle dont worry. Just hold the cherry between two fingers over a bowl and push the chopstick through until the pit pops out into the bowl.
  • To make it even easier to pit fresh cherries just use this instead.
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    Wholesale Wine Slush Cocktail Mixes Retail Shopping Cart
      Our dry packaged powder Wine Slush and Cocktail Drink Mixes are easy to make. We ensure that our wine slushies and cocktail mixes will provide the best-tasting drinks. With the use of a 56 oz. blender, first fill with ice, add a package of the drink mix, add the desired wine or spirits, blend, serve. Each package of the drink mix flavor comes …

    Wine Slush And Cocktail Mixes

    Making great frozen drinks with Kelvin slush mix in the Taylor 430

    Our wine and cocktail slush mixes are made with real fruit juice powder which brings out the fresh fruit flavors!

    These beverages can be made with wine or clear alcohol or as a family friendly version use juice, ginger ale, club soda, sparkling cider. A favorite of mine is making the Mango or Peach Bellini with apple juice and freezing the. Scooping some in a glass and add some ginger ale. So refreshing!

    You can make these in a blender with ice or freeze in a container or gallon baggie and scoop out.

    We have many flavors to choose from the versitale beverage packet that are loved by adults and kids!

    Make sure you check back often for the seasonal flavors!

    *The packets make a full blender pitcher. You can also make smaller portions if desired in a personal blender.

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    Lush Wine Mix: Organic Wine Slushies & Cocktail Mixers
      BUY LUSH FOR HOME Hosting a party, Personal happy hour, or gifts – lush is an organic, frozen wine cocktail you can mix in 5 minutes. get ready to be the host with the most. just add wine & freeze! Lush Wine Mix – Organic Mix for Delicious Wine Slushie & Wine Cocktail $13.50

    How To Make This Wine Slushies Recipe

    PRO TIP: If you are serving this for guests, you can make as many fruit flavor choices as you would like and allow party guests to create their own favorite fruit combinations.

    STEP ONE: Make the simple syrup by heating ½ cup water in a microwave-safe bowl for 1 minute. Remove the bowl from the microwave and add ½ cup of sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar. Set aside and allow to cool while you gather your remaining ingredients.

    PRO TIP:If you are using a dryer white wine, like a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, we would suggest that you increase the amount of simple syrup to ½ cup per flavor blend. That would mean doubling your Simple Syrup recipe.

    STEP TWO: In the container of your blender add 1 cup chilled white wine, 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1 cup ice, and ¼ cup simple syrup.

    STEP THREE: Blend on high for 2 minutes or until smooth, and no chunks of fruit or ice remains.

    STEP FOUR: Pour your slushie into a pitcher, or large glass jar, rinse out your blender container and repeat with your second fruit flavor. Combine the frozen pineapple, wine, ice and simple syrup until smooth.

    STEP FIVE: In the bottom half of a wine glass, spoon ½ cup of your strawberry slushie, then top that by spooning a ½ cup of pineapple slushie on top. You can garnish your glass with a piece of fresh pineapple and a fresh strawberry.

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