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What Is The Best Pink Moscato Wine

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Pink Moscato The Barefoot Wine

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The first shot of pink Moscato is a charm. Earlier in the centuries, wines were classic. However, Rosé wines used to display feminism. It was all about stereotypes back then. In todays world, Rosé premier wines like pinkish Moscato are the sign of soft, creamy and modern-age selection of alcohol.

In bars across the globe, barefoot pink Moscato serves the perception of parity in the context of color and aroma of alcoholic beverages. Thats right! In this modern age, theres no cherry-merry tag that comes with the BLUSH consistency of Sutter home pink Moscato.

Note: In this reading, Pink Moscato is also mentioned as Rosé M. dAsti and Blush wine.

Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato

Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato is a favorite from Australia. When you first open this bottle, youll smell mandarin peels, blackcurrant, Turkish delight, and cotton candy . Sipping this wine gives you the wonderful flavors of violets, honeycomb, and wild strawberries.

Most experts recommend pairing this wine with sweets. You might treat yourself to some berries and cream while enjoying this wine, for example. Fruity crepes will also pair well with it.

Another interesting combination that you might try is blue cheese and pear. Its an excellent choice to pair with this wine if youre looking for something a little different to try.

Muscat Grapes Go Global

Though it hails from Italy, Moscato grows just about anywhere in the world. From its European origins, Moscato can be grown in almost any climate, though the plant prefers the accommodating warmth of the Mediterranean climate, thriving in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and certain regions of Australia.

Moscato is one of the oldest varieties of wine, making an appearance throughout history in several different cultures spanning thousands of years. The long history of the grapes throughout has resulted in a variety of mutations and crossings creating at least 200 variations of the Muscat grape.

Here are the more common varieties of the Muscat grape:

  • Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, or just Muscat Blanc
  • Moscatel, also known as Zibibbo or Muscat of Alexandria
  • Moscato Giallo
  • Black Muscat
  • Orange Muscat
  • Muscat Ottonel
  • Moscatel de Setúbal

Asti and Moscato dAsti Whats the Difference

Despite the well-travelled history of this grape, most Moscato youll see comes from a region in Italy, called Asti. Province, town and wine, this triple threat name is part of the Piedmont area in Northwestern Italy

While the name Asti on its own refers exclusively to the fully sparkling version of the white wine, Asti Spumante, as we mentioned Moscato dAsti refers to the more slightly sparkling wine that we generally associate with the name Moscato.

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Taste And Flavor Profile

Most widely available moscato wine is made in the style of moscato d’Asti. The frizzante wine is known for its perfume-like fragrance, light-body, low alcohol content, and dazzling fruit-forward profile with a welcoming sweet factor. Moscato’s inherent aromatics include orange blossom, honeysuckle, almonds, and ginger with flavors of ultra-expressive fruit like green grapes, citrus, and ripe peach. The delicate cascade of bubbles, light body, and sweetness make it a refreshing addition to brunch, a hot summer day, or even dessert.

The white wine is low in tannins, but there are red wine grapes in the muscat family. Black muscat can be used to make a red moscato with berry and floral notes, although it’s not particularly common. Most moscato wines are white, with varying levels of sweetness, acidity, and bubbles.

Sutter Home Pink Moscato

Barefoot Pink Moscato

Sutter Home Pink Moscato is a beautiful symphony of sweet flavors. Passionfruit, peach, honeydew, caramel, honey, and vanilla all come together for a combination of flavors that is to die for. It has amazing acidity and a wonderfully crisp finish.

This wine also pairs well with a variety of foods. If youre making a fruity dessert, then this is a great choice for the occasion. You can also serve it with a cheese platter for a balance of sweet and salty.

Its a great choice for any gathering of family and friends, making it the perfect wine for the holidays. The bottle also comes with a screw cap, so its easy to open any time.

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Stein Family Magic Hour White Moscato

Rosé wines from the Stein Family Wines are unique. Compared to the usual rosé wines, this Moscato wine gets its red hue from the additional 14% Cabernet Franc. The Magic Hour White Moscato also leans toward the flavor of strawberry puree and dark plum.

Donating 5% of their annual income for the scholarship of the vineyard workers children, the Stein Family believes this tradition could improve their employees quality of life. This wine, made with 86% Moscato and 14% Cabernet Franc, boasts a light wine with low alcohol content.

This Moscato wine is perfect for evening appetizers and desserts. It also pairs well with grilled pork tenderloin, lamb dishes, cheese platters, and vegetables.

Which Brand Of Pink Moscato Is The Best

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  • Allure Sparkling Pink Moscato. 3 out of 5 stars.
  • Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato. 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato. 4.6 out of 5 stars.
  • Bacio de Bolle Pink Moscato.
  • Sutter Home Pink Moscato.
  • Beringer Main & Vine Pink Moscato.
  • Canyon Oaks Pink Moscato.
  • Gallo Family Vineyards Pink Moscato.

Then, Is Pink moscato good?

While white Muscat grapes have gorgeous golden hues, others range from pink to pale brown. Moscato wine is rather sweet, so is often enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert wine. However, due to its low alcohol content , some see it as the perfect easy-drinking wine, ideal for a long, boozy picnic.

Similarly, Is moscato considered cheap wine?

But despite moscatos popularity, the strange thing about hip-hops fascination with the beverage is that the wine is not at all high-end: Its a relatively cheap white wine made from the muscat grape. Some of the very best bottles can cost less than $50. And moscato is really sweet and has low alcohol content.

In this regard Is Pink moscato considered red wine? Pink moscato starts out as a white wine made from the Muscat Blanc grape, with a dash of red wine to add some colour.

Whats the most expensive moscato?

Most Expensive Muscat Wine

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Torres Via Esmeralda Spain

Excellent aromatics of lime blossom and acacia honey with notes of Muscat grape, citrus, passionfruit, and grapefruit acidity, this is the perfect Moscato wine for Thanksgiving. Theres no need to make it into a cocktail as it is already good on its own.

As one renowned sommelier claims, the white grapes used in this wine came from the Penedes region in Catalunya, where the world-famous Cava hails from. At 11% ABV, you can enjoy this wine without having to endure the high alcohol content.

Pairs well with fish and seafood dishes or appetizers such as freshly fried herring and smoked salmon spread with pita bread or tortilla chips.

Best For Dessert: La Spinetta Bricco Quaglia Moscato Dasti

What Is Moscato Wine?

Courtesy of

Region: Piedmont, Italy | ABV: 5% | Tasting Notes: Honey, Peach, Green Apples

This creamy, softly sweet moscato from La Spinetta is perfect for sipping alongside a variety of desserts. Juicy notes of honey, peach skin, and green apple come alive when served with a variety of tartlets, fruit pies or parfaits. Looking for the sweetest way to end a long meal? This bottles just the ticket.

When I get the feeling that people are unappreciative of moscato , I try to tell them about the that helped save a post-phylloxera Crete, as well as the that were once a jewel of the Mediterranean, says Scala. Simply put, drinking this grape is like drinking history.

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What Is Moscato A Guide To Your New Favorite White Wine

Moscato has become something of a cultural phenomenon in recent days. Over the past few years, demand for Moscato has been on the rise, with consumers looking for a sweeter, lighter bodied wine with a low alcohol content. With its relatively low price point, delicate notes both fruity and floral and undeniable sweetness, this wine is perfect for new wine enthusiasts, yet can be nuanced enough for a seasoned taster to appreciate.

It seems Moscato wine is more than just a passing trend, so if youre wondering about Moscato wine, weve put together a comprehensive guide.

What Is The Most Expensive Moscato Wine

4.2/5Moscato d’Astimost expensive Moscatowinewine

Moreover, what is the best Moscato wine?

“The Best Moscato Wine”

  • Rivata Moscato d’ Asti. Piedmont, Italy- Softly sparkling bubbly loaded with peach, mango, and honey flavors.
  • Double Dog Dare Moscato.
  • Bartenura Moscato.
  • Seven Daughters Moscato.
  • Risata Moscato d’Asti.

Likewise, where does the best Moscato come from? By far the most recognizable style of moscato wine, moscato d’asti hails from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Herein, what brand of Moscato is the sweetest?

Cupcake Moscato di Asti is a nice light and fizzy moscato that goes great with sweet desserts especially on a warm day! With hints of flavors of nectarine, honey and peach, Cupcake Moscato is always a crowd favorite.

What is Moscato wine made from?

Moscato is a sweet Italian wine known for its fruity notes. Made from the Muscat grape, this white wine is typically thought of as a dessert wine with a hint of fizz.

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Holm Oak Pig & Dpooch Moscato

Pig & dPooch Moscato comes from Tasmania, Australia. It is famous all over the world for its refreshing taste, and is hailed for a classic musk and floral aroma combined with exotic spice flavours. Pick up the award-winning bottle from 2020 for a great pairing with fresh berries, tarts and fruity desserts.

Beringer Main And Vine Pink Moscato

Sutter Home

Beringer Main and Vine is also trying to compete with other semi-sweet Pink Moscatos. Their version includes floral notes as well as notes of tropical fruits. It has a light body and a smooth finish.

It also pairs well with duck meat and other game birds. Whether you buy your meat at the grocery store or hunt for it, you can always count on this wine to taste delicious with a meal. You dont even need a special occasion to make it happen.

It can also go nicely with dessert after the meal, so its a great way to keep a fun evening going. You might even use it to enjoy a romantic dinner on date night.

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Moscato Rosa: What Is Pink Muscat

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Moscato Rosa, also known as Muscat Rosé à Petits Grains or simply Pink Muscat is a very rare wine grape but an incredibly delicious one. Most widespread in Italy, the US and Australia, Pink Muscat is your best pick for a lightly sparkling rosé. However, it is also used to make both red and white wine, giving us the pleasure of a sweet light wine with vibrant berry flavors.

  • 5. Moscato Canelli
  • A pure Moscato Rosa is light and sweet, with a strong flowery aroma and red berry notes of raspberry and strawberry. You can find it under a range of different names, such as Muscat Rosé à Petits Grains, Muscat a Petits Grains Roses, Moscatel Roxo, Rosenmuskateller, Muskat Ruza Porecki, Pink Muscat and Red Frontignac.

    MORE WINE: Want to know more about Moscato wines? Check our complete guide to what Moscato wine is!

    This pink Muscat grape variety has small berry-sized grapes with a dark blue skin color, despite what the name suggests. The name refers instead to its rose aroma, and the red berry fruit flavors of 100% Moscato Rosa wines. The grape is a variation of the popular Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, differing primarily in color and aroma. Born in the sunny lands of the Greeks, it is today primarily grown in northern Italy. Along with the Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and Muscat Ottonel, this grape variety is also included in the premium Muscat dAlsace: a French blend of Muscat grapes.

    St Supery Moscato California

    This American Moscato is one of the most popular of its winery. Pale yellow with hints of green, this Moscato wine has the aroma of mandarin and peach blossoms with flavors of peach and nectarine.

    St. Supery Estate Winery and Vineyards are Napa Green Land and Napa Green Winery. Napa Green certification is awarded to those who adhere to biodiversity and sustainable farming. It is ideally paired with cheesecakes and fruit salads.

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    What Wines Are Sweet And Not Dry

    Check out the common styles of sweet wine

    • Dry white: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris,
    • Dry red: Pinot Noir, Sira, Malbec, Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Fran.
    • Slightly sweet: Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Moscato.
    • Strongly sweet: dessert wines sherry, port, sauterne, cold wine.

    Best For Brunch: Risata Moscato D’asti

    The Best Red Wines for Beginners #7: Zinfandel

    Courtesy of Minibar

    Region: Piedmont, Italy ABV: 5.5% | Tasting Notes: Stone fruit, Lemon rind, Honey

    When picking a wine for a boozy brunch that promises not to kill the rest of your day, seeking out something with a low-ABV is keyenter moscato dAsti.

    This popular expression from Risata wines is lightly effervescent and marked by succulent notes of stone fruit, honey, and fresh-cut flowers. Sip chilled on its own or alongside sweet brunch dishes like crepes, fruit pancakes or gooey French toast.

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    Best For The Cellar: Chteau Coutet Barsac

    Region: Barsac, Bordeaux, France | ABV: 14% | Tasting notes: Apricot, honey, canned peaches

    Barsac is located in the southwestern area of Bordeaux and is known for its lusciously sweet dessert wine production. Here, sauvignon blanc and sémillon are left on the vine to be infected by noble rot , otherwise known as botrytis. This rot sucks the moisture out of the grapes, which in turn, concentrates the fruit and leads to rich, sticky-sweet dessert wines. Coutet is one of the most renowned producers within the appellation. At a great value, this wine will withstand the test of time.

    Enjoy it with pungent blue cheese, foie gras or French-inspired pastries for an incredible experience. “Savory and salty foods pair so nicely with sweet wines,” says Strong. “I love roasted chicken or bacon with any sweet, botrytized white wine from Bordeaux, Hungary or Austria.”

    Good Cheap Moscato Brands

    Sometimes it’s better to have a brand that you can trust, rather than a specific wine. Here are some great cheap Moscato brands that have affordable wines for you to try.Castello del PoggioThis brand is included in Vinepair’s list of most popular Moscato wines. It was also a top choice among our newsletter readers this fall.Seven DaughtersThis was another top pick from our Wine Buying Guide weekly newsletter. This brand started with just two types of wine – a red and a white – and has since expanded to offer many more wines, including Moscato.Middle SisterMiddle Sister wines taste good and are also pretty fun. They have sassy branding and cute labels, and their “Sweet & Sassy” Moscato won a gold medal in the 2017 International Women’s Wine Competition.Flip FlopThese wines are recognizable because of their label, and they’re as laid back as you might expect. Their Moscato is crisp and sweet, and it received 91 points in the 2017 Great Value Ultimate Wine Challenge. They also have pink Moscato, and some of their wines come in cans!

    What are your favorite cheap Moscato wines? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Arbor Mist Pink Moscato Pineapple Strawberry Sweet Wine

    Those who dont have as strong of a sweet tooth will also enjoy this wine from Arbor Mist. It has notes of strawberry and pineapple and a light body.

    Its a great option for those who enjoy hunting. It pairs excellently with duck and other game birds.

    When youre done hunting for the season, why not host a big meal for friends and family to share in the game youve brought home? This gives you the chance to show off your hunting and cooking skills. Furthermore, you can share an excellent wine with them that pairs excellently with the meat.

    Then again, you dont need a large event as an excuse to enjoy game birds and wine. If you want to keep the whole bottle for yourself, wed understand.

    Stella Rosa Platinum Italy

    Sutter Home Pink Moscato 1.5L

    Made from a blend of select grape varieties, this Moscato wine is naturally carbonated and has green apple, vanilla, and elderflower flavors. The grapes used for this Moscato wine comes from the region of Asti in Piedmont, Italy. Piedmont grapes are usually known for their characteristic sweetness, firm tannins, and aroma of roses.

    The Stella Rosa Platinum is made from white grape varieties, including Arneis, Cortese, Timorasso, and Muscat. It is best used for wine-based cocktails.

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    Caposaldo Sparkling Peach Moscato Italy

    This sparkling wine has a delicious aroma and flavors of peaches, honeysuckle, and citrus fruits. A brief history tells of a famous horse named Caposaldo who competed in 4,000 races in 24 years during Emperor Neros reign. The horse logo on the label of all Caposaldo wines pays tribute to the outstanding standards and quality evoked by this Moscato wine.

    This wine is produced from grapes coming from Veneto, Italy. Caposaldo is a non-vintage Moscator wine sold on the year it is fermented. Non-vintage wines are made by mixing the newly fermented wine with the reserve wine. It has to be at least 50% new wine to be considered non-vintage. It is perfectly consumed with fresh sorbets, pastries, and fresh fruits.

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