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What Temp For Red Wine Fridge

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Wine Temperature: The Ideal Temperature To Store And Serve Wine

HOW TO CHILL WHITE WINE AND RED WINE to the Proper Temperature | Wine Refrigerator vs 30 Minute Rule

McKenzie Hagan | February 27, 2020

Some rules are made to be broken. Only pairing red wine with red meat? Only drinking port after a meal? Theres no reason to limit yourself.

Drinking wine is about enjoying yourself, not following rules. However, when it comes to wine temperature, some rules do apply. And there are a few golden tips and tricks that can really make your favorite bottle pop.

Wine temperature has a considerable effect on wine flavor. While a glass of wine served at the proper temperature is a joy to savor, the wrong temperature can be a disaster for your wine collection.

Does Wine Temperature Make A Distinction

Yes! Wine temperature influences the flavor of the wine. While some offering variables will make more subtle distinctions , it is truly crucial for creating a full-bodied and complex taste experience.

Making sure that your wine is served at the perfect temperature will bring out its best qualities. Its also important to make sure you have a balance of fragrance, taste, structure, and alcohol in each glass, so everything isnt too overpowering or underwhelming. Serve your wine slightly chilled or at room temperature for an optimum experience every time!

How To Store Wine In A Wine Refrigerator In 2020

Here at KingsBottle, we have different wine coolers for every collector. Different sizes and characteristics for a reasonable price.

If you are just starting to collect the wine, read further about proper wine storage in a single-zone refrigerator.

A single-zone refrigerator is something you would like to have if you dont have much space and need something compact for your small collection. Dont worry, after a while youll get a bigger, dual-zone fridge, once your collection gets bigger. The main characteristic is that single-zone refrigerators provide only one temperature for all wines to be stored that you need to set very carefully. And as you remember from the previous table, each wine has its own temperature. Set it for 54 °F, which is also 12°C, and you should be fine.

There are also dual-zone fridges that take more space than single-zone ones but the thing here is that you can set different temperatures in both zones. For example, in one, you can set 66 °F and 45 °F in the other. Isnt that great? These are the dual zone wine cooler temperatures that you can set for different types of wine. The best range is to set the temperature between 50 °F and 65 °F for red wine and set the other zone between 45 °F and 50 °F for white wine.

With a dual-zone wine refrigerator managing your wine cooler temperature for multiple wines becomes easier and more convenient.

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What To Look For In A Wine Fridge

Your wine collection is the main factor that will dictate the type of wine fridge youll want to shop for, followed closely by your spaces parameters and personal design preferences. For example, if you have a small kitchen and keep just a few special bottles youd like to cellar, youll want to look at some compact options while also deciding whether your wine fridge should live on its own or be built into your cabinetry. For those with large, expensive collections, factors to consider include bottle capacity, locks and alarm systems, multiple temperature zones, and more. More and more models with energy efficient systems are becoming available, which is also something to think about, as well as noise outputgenerally speaking, going for a quieter option is always a safe bet, no matter where your wine fridge will live.

What Is The Best Temperature To Store Wine

Tooca 28

Storage time greatly impacts the conditions at which your wine should be kept. Generally, recommendations can be divided depending on whether youre planning for short-term or long-term storage where short-term is less than six months, and long-term is any time beyond that.

For short-term storage, you want to avoid any pre-mature aging or agitation. To do this, a constant temperature of 50°-59° Fahrenheit is best. If youll be storing your wine for longer, youll want to keep your cooler a little colder 53° to 57° Fahrenheit. This temperature will prevent spoilage and allow the wine to age and mature gracefully.

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Room Temperature Is Cooler Than You Think Chilled Doesnt Mean Straight

Lets talk temperature. Not the Arctic death grip choking the country the past week or so, but the temperature of the wine in our glass. Most of us are doing it all wrong.

The standard advice is to serve white wines chilled and reds at room temperature. But this custom developed before every house had a refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or central heating set at 72. So we tend to drink our whites too cold and our reds too warm.

Temperature is important because it affects a wines aroma, and aroma is the most important component of flavor. Try this simple experiment: The next time you pull a bottle of white wine from your refrigerator assuming it has been in there for several hours or days, good and cold pour yourself a glass and give it a sniff and a taste. It will smell and taste cold. Just cold. You may notice the alcohol. As the wine warms up, say in 30 minutes to an hour, you should detect fruity aromas and flavors. Even two hours after removal from the fridge, the bottle may be near room temperature but should feel cool to the touch and the wine cool on your palate. By then, it will be giving you everything it has to give. No need for ice buckets.

You can, of course, adjust the temperature of your wine to suit your preference. Just remember: Cool, not cold.

From our Wine archives:

The Perfect Temperature For Wine

We’re long overdue to answer some of your questions. This week, we’ll tackle an excellent topic: the right temperature to serve wine. Plus, some insight on the grape varieties of Bordeaux, and the difference between sauvignon blanc and fumé blanc.

None of your articles tell us at what temperature we should serve the wine. I have two bottles of syrah, one bottled in France and one bottled at a local California winery. Should they be served at room temp or refrigerated? It will be my first taste of syrah so I want it done right. -Lois B., Woodland, Calif.

Temperature is a matter of endless discussion, but it’s safe to say that most Americans serve their red wine too warm, and often their white wine too cold.

Syrahs need a bit of warmth to express their terrific gamy, peppery aromatics. The ideal temperature should be somewhere around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, just shy of room temperature.

Now, red wines should be stored around 55 degrees, if you can manage it. So you’ll want to give your syrah an hour or two at room temperature to warm up a bit. Warmer than room temperature and you’ll probably start smelling more alcohol in the wine too much cooler and the wine will taste dull.

What you don’t want is to store your wine at room temperature or warmer for an extended period of time. At the very least, it will speed the aging of the wine, but more likely you’ll end up “cooking” the bottle, robbing the wine of its aromas and flavors.

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What Temperature Should Wine Be Stored At
    Wine Fridge Temperature Range. Most standard units have a temperature range between 40° F and 65° F. Some specialized units can offer temperatures below 40° F, but that will be too low for most wines. TIPS FOR PROPER WINE STORAGE. Say your reds and whites are stowed away, stored in a cooler at the ideal temperature.

Invest In A Dedicated Wine Storage Facility

Proper Wine Temperature and How to Select a Wine Fridge

Are you looking for a better way to make sure your red wines age beautifully? Worried about keeping your collection secure? A dedicated wine storage facility can give you total climate control as well as peace of mind.

At Carls Wine Vault, we handle every bottle with care. Our professional storage facility caters to all types of wines with a cutting-edge climate control system. Rest assured knowing your collection is in safe hands with our multiple redundancy system and airtight security standards.

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Optimal Wine Storing Temperatures

Wineware has provided this information as a general guide to help you store your wine remember this is not the case for all wines and should only be used as a rough guide.

The perfect temperature depends on various factors, including how much fruit, alcohol, and tannin the wine contains. As a general rule of thumb, wine should be stored around 11-14c . Wine storage temperatures should never go over 24c as otherwise, wines begin to oxidise, which negatively affects the wine.

A wine storage temperature should always be kept as constant as possible as fluctuations can cause severe damage to the wine. A bottle of wine needs a constant temperature all year round to mature correctly.

Wineware has provided the tables below to help you know the optimum storage temperature for your wine .

Dual Zone Vs Single Temperature Coolers

Dual-zone refrigerators are built to accommodate multiple types of wine. Although all wine should be stored at the same temperature, reds and whites are meant to be served at different temperatures. Dual-zone refrigerators make it easy to serve both types of wine out of the same unit. You can also use a dual-zone unit to store and serve wine at the same time.

Single-temperature coolers are intended for only one type of wine. If you are serving reds and whites simultaneously, you will need a second unit to serve both types of wine at their ideal temperatures.

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Is Your Red Wine Temperature Too Warm

Equally, a red wine can become soupyif its served too warm.

Alcohol levels may then feel out-of-balance and the wines natural structure and freshness can be lost.

Wine is a question of personal taste, but these are generally considered undesirable qualities.

Many of us have probably experienced a soupy red wine at one time or another, whether on holiday in a warm climate or in a restaurant that hasnt got its wine cellar under control. Dont be afraid to ask for the ice bucket for a few minutes.

White Wine Serving Temperature


White wines should be served colder than reds but not so cold as to mute whites already more delicate aromatics. That means you should chill your bottle to somewhere between 45 and 55 degrees, depending on the grape and style. As a general rule, complex, medium- and full-bodied whites should be served on the warmer end of that range, and lighter whites should be served colder to maximize their refreshing qualities. Sparkling whites are served very cold to maintain their crisp carbonation. Sweet white wines are also generally best quite chilled, since warm temperatures can make them seem cloying.

The chart below details specific proper serving temperature for different kinds of white wine.

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Should Merlot Be Chilled

Merlot is uniquely grown in both cool and warm climates. It can be considered a middle of the road wine with medium tannin levels and medium acidity. That being said, it should be served between 60° F and 65° F.

Attempting to control the exact temperature of your red wine can be challenging. A quick chill session for 15 minutes in the refrigerator should bring out the best in your red. Similarly, 10 minutes in a bucket or bowl of ice water should bring it down enough.

So try a little experiment! Do the opposite of our Chardonnay experiment. Select a big Cab or Zin, pour a glass out at room temperature, then place the bottle in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes. Pour a glass of the cooled wine and compare the two. Notice the difference?

Oak Ageing And Structure

Certain grape varieties just have more tannin, colour and potential to create full, structured wine than others.

Yet the age of the wine and also how it has been handled in the cellar can affect things.

This Bonterra young red 2018 from Mendocino County in California, for instance, is made from Grenache with Malbec, yet its produced in a style that would be ideal when served chilled, according to Chris Wilson.

If youve had a particular wine before and know the producers style then youll have some clues about what to expect in the bottle.

As a rule, a fuller, more structured red wine can handle slightly higher serving temperatures.

Chilling a red wine like this might amplify any oak or tannin present to the point where things could taste out of balance.

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Wine Storage: Temperature Guide

If youve just bought yourself a new wine cooler or are in the process of, it helps to know what the ideal storage temperature for your wine is. If you take your wine collection seriously enough to invest in a wine fridge, then you want to make sure that youre using it effectively.

Our wine coolers have features like multi temperature zones so you can use it for your whole collection no matter what wines its made up of.

We have a fantastic range of wine fridges in the Refrigeration section alongside other fridges, freezers and American-Style fridge freezers. Check out our range for high-quality wine coolers from top, market-leading brands.

What Temperature Store Wine

Monogram Undercounter Wine Reserve with Red/White Temperature Setting

Many people use the term room temperature to describe when their red wine is too warm. You can avoid this by checking that your red wine isnt much warmer than room temperature before serving it.

When it comes to room temperature, we usually mean the comfortable and cozy level of heat in a home. Were probably thinking about breezy old English castles that maintained 55-60°F throughout dead summer months, as well as our own modern homes with 73-degree temperatures.

If you want to drink this chardonnay at its best, try the following:

  • Open one of your favorite bottles.
  • Put it in a fridge for 30 minutes and take it out after that time has passed.
  • Pour yourself some glass and let it sit on a countertop or table with a temperature around 35 degrees Fahrenheit .
  • Pour wine from the bottle into your glass while comparing both glasses together eventually, there will be a difference between them because wine is stored inside an open container at 50 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the other is kept cool over a lengthier period of time.
  • 1. Should wine be chilled?

    The storage space required for red and white wine differs, and we will go over this in the next section. Also, there is no one temperature at which all wines should be stored its based on personal preference instead.

    People tend to offer chilled red or white wine when theyre at room temperature because that is how most people like them served.

    2. Should Riesling be chilled?

    3. Should white wine be chilled?

    Wine Varietal

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    How To Store Red Wine At The Optimum Temperature Range
      Storage temperature and conditions can help red wine to age gracefully and not develop faults associated with improper wine storage and oxidation. Ideal Temperature Range for Red Wine Storage The ideal temperature range for storing red wine is between 45°F and 65°F with the Author: Karen Frazier

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    What Temperature Should A Wine Fridge Be In Celsius Vs

    As a general rule of thumb, wine should be stored around 11-14c . Wine storage temperatures should never go over 24c as otherwise, wines begin to oxidise, which negatively affects the wine. A wine storage temperature should always be kept as constant as possible as fluctuations can cause severe damage to the wine.

    Nfinity S Dual Zone Wine Cellar

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    The NFINITY S Dual Zone Wine Cellar is an elegant, modern solution for storing and serving your favorite wines. Equal parts function and form, the S Dual Zone is as much a showpiece as it is a high-performing cooling unit. With a 46-bottle capacity, the NFINITY S is ideal for growing collections. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art Embraco compressor cooling technology, and boasts numerous features like handsome wood shelves, modern touchscreen controls, and a stainless steel door.

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