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How To Ship Wine Out Of State

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Keep Bubble Wrap Optional


When packing wine, bubble wrap should be treated as optional. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It takes up a lot of space. Itâs no surprise that bubble wrap fills a lot of space, especially when itâs already wrapped around another item. If used excessively, bubble wrap can reduce your number of units shipped per box, which decreases your profit per sale.
  • Itâs not the best cushioning material for wine. Objects of a different nature, like pottery or handmade jewelry, benefit more from bubble wrap than wine does. Due to its cylindrical shape, a wine bottle can easily slip out of bubble wrap or simply not stay put. Itâs best to have your box sizes down pat and only use firm partitions to keep wine bottles spaced out.

If you must use bubble wrap for any reason, wrap the bottles and lay them lengthwise in a box. This gives the bottles maximum safety and stability–a crucial part of learning how to package wine for shipping.

What Warning Notice Is Required To Appear On Packages Containing Alcohol Being Dtc Shipped Into Pennsylvania

“Contains Alcohol: Signature of person 21 years or older required for delivery” is required to appear on packages of alcohol being shipped DtC to Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island permits DtC shipping of wine only to fulfill sales that were made when a Rhode Island resident was physically present at the winery’s premises at the time of purchase . All such packages must be labeled to identify the contents include alcohol, but other general DtC requirements, such as licensing, taxation, and volume limits do not apply.

South Carolina

Who Can Ship Wine

UPS only accepts packages containing wine from shippers who are licensed under applicable law and who have signed and entered into a contract with UPS for the transportation of wine.

Note: UPS provides service for other alcoholic beverages on a contract basis only. For shipments containing beer or spirits, shippers must enter into an approved UPS agreement for the transportation of beer or spirits as applicable, must be licensed and authorized under applicable law to ship beer and spirits. UPS accepts shipments of beer or spirits only among and between selected states. For more information visit How To Ship Beer and How To Ship Spirits pages.

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How To Package Wine For Shipping

Unlike t-shirts, electronics, and even other kinds of food, wine storage and serving temperature needs to be accounted for. Individual bottles are weighty, fragile, and temperature-sensitive, so they have to be handled properly to prevent bottle shock in wine.

Be sure to check out our wine storage guide, too–whether for your own establishment, advising customers, or both. For now, check out these tips on how to package wine for shipping and handling.

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Wines Across State Lines In 2017

Reply brief in 6th Circuit out

Last Monday, The New York Times published an article with implications for anyone who likes to buy wine online. Titled Wines Are No Longer Free to Travel Across State Lines, the piece detailed the intricacies of interstate wine shipping. Its conclusion? Consumers from all but 14 states can no longer legally ship wine across state lines.

The repercussions of this are enormous. Consumers in less prominent wine markets, such as Maryland or Montana, cannot access a wider range of top wines via wine clubs, online retailers, and out-of-state retailers. It also endangers wine retail shops that depend on out-of-state markets.

VinePair investigated what this really means for wine lovers across the country. Its complicated because shipping is not federally regulated, and individual state laws include variations and reciprocal agreements.


Here are the most important things to know about interstate, direct-to-consumer wine shipping. We outline how interstate wine shipping procedures work, why this is happening now, and how all of your favorite wine resources could be affected.

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How To Package Beer For Shipping

If youre an alcohol seller that is packaging beer for freight shipping, there are numerous factors to consider when shipping beer to make sure that beverages arrive safely and can be enjoyed once they arrive at the delivery location. Regardless of what storage preferences you have for beer, the boxes should be shrink wrapped to the pallet to secure your beer shipment adequately.

  • Bottles: Choosing to ship beer in glass bottles is a risky shipment decision that could lead to product leaking away throughout transit. This is the least preferable suggestion for shipping, especially long distance, but can be done with enough caution.
  • Cans: More breakable than glass but slightly easier to package, cans are still not the most optimal material for shipping liquids across state lines. Especially if these bubbly brews get shaken throughout the journey, you risk having cans explode.
  • Kegs: Great for shipping but less optimal for convenience, beer kegs are a popular way to ship beer near and far from alcohol sellers.

Beer is a temperamental and bubbly beverage that comes in many forms for serving, so it makes sense that packaging methods need to be catered to the particular freight. There are four main factors to keep in mind when shipping beer, which include:

Wine Shipping Laws In The Us

From wholesale and direct shipping laws to state-issued permits, wineries need to follow a set of regulations to legally ship wine across the US. At the time of this writing, more than 50% of the states allow direct shipping to consumers, but certain restrictions may still apply.

For example, there might be an annual limit of cases per customer and some counties may prohibit on or off-premises sale, or even ban alcoholic beverages altogether. This article will help you get a better understanding of wine shipping rules for each state. Youll also learn more about the history of these regulations and how theyve changed.

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Know Your Friends Or Family Members Wine Preferences

From varietal and sweetness to alcohol percentage and tannins, there are many different characteristics that go into a persons wine taste preferences. These preferences are important to keep in mind when selecting that perfect bottle for your friend or family member. Some ways to make sure youve got their preferences down, besides asking them, is to take note of the type of wine they order when out to dinner or the bottles they keep on-hand in their home. If in doubt, its perfectly fine to send them a quick note asking about their favorite type or take a look at their state’s most popular wineits better to be sure youre shipping wine theyll love, and they can anticipate the arrival of their favorite bottle!

Shipcalm Can Help With Shipping Alcohol

HOW TO SHIP / MAIL BEER (alcohol, wine, moonshine) | Homebrew 4 Life

ShipCalm knows a thing or two about what it takes to properly and successfully ship alcohol. Were able to help you with a wide variety of shipping needs, from international compliance intel to travel insurance and warehousing management. ShipCalm will have the strategies you need in order to send alcohol wherever you need, with expert knowledge of all alcohol shipping requirements. Request a custom price from ShipCalm to learn more about how you can elevate your alcohol shipping processes today!

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Can Alcohol Be Shipped To All 50 States

The simplest answer: No, and you can thank Prohibition for that. Since 1933, states were given the right to decide their own alcohol laws, and shipping regulations fall within that jurisdiction. Within the scope of alcohol delivery, interstate shipments are easiest due to the fact that both parties are already aware of all local legal perimeters. However, many states dont allow out-of-state retail sales of alcohol at all, and some have restrictions on direct-to-consumer sales. Knowing your shipments destination and the local laws for receipt is of utmost importance.

Wine Retailers May Now Legally Ship Directly To Florida Consumers Following A Ruling By The Florida Department Of Alcoholic Beverages And Tobacco

Wine retailers may now legally ship directly to consumers in the state of Florida using common carriers such as FedEx and UPS, following a ruling by the Florida Department of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco . The change stems from a declaratory statement DABT issued last summer in response to an inquiry from Indiana-based Kahns Fine Wine and Spirits. The declaratory statement clarified that a 2005 Federal District Court order allowing out-of-state wineries to ship directly to Florida consumers also applies to retailers.

The DABT says that under that orderissued in the case Bainbridge v. Turner the state may not enforce laws prohibiting shipments from out-of-state wineries and retailers and deliveries from common carriers from out-of-state. Sixteen states now allow residents to receive wine shipments from out-of-state retailers. At press time, the Supreme Court was expected to render its decision in the Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association v. Zackary Blair case imminently, which could potentially open up interstate retailer shipping nationwide.

  • Issue

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Changes On The Horizon

As indicated, some states have loosened up their restrictive direct shipping laws with the dawn of the new millennium. Unless direct shipments are prohibited or limited to on-site orders, the wineries usually need a Direct Shippers Permit. They might also need to register at the state, submit reports, or file for in-state tax.

The catch was to change or, at least, amend the three-tier system which had been in effect since after the Prohibition. This system recognizes three groups in the wine business: wineries , distributors or wholesalers, and retailers. This means a winery sells the label to the wholesaler, who then sells to the retailer, and the retailer was the only one allowed to sell directly to the consumer.

To continue on a positive note, things are much different now. A lot of states allow direct shipping and sales from the winery to a consumer. As a rule, the wineries and required to obtain proper in-state and/or out-of-state licenses as well as the Direct Shippers Permit. However, the regulations dont stop there.

Some states, such as Ohio and New Jersey, allow direct shipments to small scale and boutique wineries only. The annual production limit is 250,000 per year for these two states, but it can be much lower than that. For example, Arizona puts a 20,000-gallon limit on the annual winery production.

How Much To Ship Bottle Of Wine

DtC Wine Shipping Compliance Software

A wine bottle weighing three pounds or less costs anywhere from $8 to $16 to ship in most scenarios. This information is particularly handy if youâre more likely to ship out single bottles of wine at a time.

The heavier the package and the longer the distance, the more it will cost to ship. You can mitigate such expenses by looking for bulk shipping rates and having dedicated picking and packing shifts.

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Who Can Ship Your Alcohol

The easiest way to get your alcohol shipped is to use UPS Freight or FedEx Freight. However, these two organizations will only ship to parties who have licenses to receive alcohol. So, you can forget about shipping alcohol directly to consumers with these two carriers.

However, if you are in compliance with interstate liquor laws, then you should be able to ship alcohol safely with these two companies to licensed receiving parties.

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Why Are You Unable To Ship Wine To My State

Each state has laws that govern the shipment and taxation of wine to its wholesalers, retailers and consumers, as well as an alcoholic beverage control organization to enforce those laws.

  • Most states allow wineries to ship wine directly to their adult residents, as long as the winery obtains a license from the state and regularly remits sales/excise taxes to the state.
  • In some states, direct wine shipping is legal, but the fees are prohibitively expensive for many small wineries .
  • In other states, a winery might be disqualified on the basis of its size or some other technicality.
  • A few states prohibit direct wine shipment entirely .

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How To Ship Whiskey

Shipping whiskey is no different than shipping wine or liquor. You will need a license, a special contract with UPS or FedEx, and you will only be able to ship it to people in states where it is legal to ship it to.

If you are shipping to a retailer, you may be required to pay some taxes or duties on it as well. Everything depends on where you are shipping the whiskey.

Requirements For Direct Shipments Of Wines To Louisiana Consumers

Why You Can’t Ship Your Favorite Wine Across State Lines: Tom Wark on Arcane Alcohol Regulations

For the purposes of making direct shipments of wines into Louisiana, below are the applicabledefinitions as found in Louisiana Revised Statutes, Title 26:

“Manufacturer” means any person, other than a wine producer, who personally or through any agent whatever engages in the making, blending, rectifying, or processing of any alcoholic beverage in Louisiana engages in the making, blending, rectifying, or processing of any alcoholic beverage outside of Louisiana for sale in Louisiana or engages in the business of supplying alcoholic beverages to licensed wholesale dealers in Louisiana.

“Retail dealer” means every person who offers for sale, exposes for sale, has in his possession for sale or distribution, or sells alcoholic beverages in any quantity to persons other than licensed wholesale or retail dealers.

“Wine producer” means any person who, directly or indirectly, personally or through any agency, cultivates and grows grapes, fruits, berries, honey, or vegetables from which wine of an alcoholic content in excess of six percent by volume is produced and bottled from a fermentation of such grapes, fruits, berries, honey, or vegetables in Louisiana or outside the state for shipments to licensed wholesale dealers within the state subject to the provisions of La. R.S. 26:364.

In order to direct ship sparkling wines or still wines to Louisiana consumers, ALL of the following conditions must be met:

  • The consumer must be 21 years of age or older.
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    Use Packaging Best Practices

    If they arenât firmly sealed in a box, wine bottles are at risk of breaking the box open, getting cracked, and leaking. While these events arenât likely, itâs always best to pack wine to prevent each of them.

    You can use polystyrene foam, molded fiber inserts, or any firm, supportive material that doesnât take up much space. Cardboard alone wonât do the trick because it can easily be bent or torn, and plastic or paper sheeting isnât sufficient enough as padding between bottles.

    You can also consult eCommerce shipping companiesâ websites for their recommendations on how to ship a bottle of wine. As businesses that have shipped billions of packages every year, they know what works and what doesnât. Using proven shipping materials and strategies will save you significant time and money.

    When Should I Order Wine To Make Sure It Arrives Before Dec 25

    To give your wine the best chance of arriving before Dec. 25, here are the dates you should order by. Remember: These dates are based on the destination of the wine. And they’re our best guess! Shipping and delivery are going to be busier than ever this year because of pandemic limitations combined with the regular holiday shopping season. So be sure to give your wine plenty of time to get where it’s going!

    Monday, Dec. 14: CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, TX, WA, WY

    Tuesday, Dec. 15: CO, FL, LA, ND

    Wednesday, Dec. 16: GA, IA, MI , MN, MO, NC, TN, WI

    Thursday, Dec. 17: DC, IL, IN, ME, MD, MA, MI , NH, NJ, NY , OH, PA, VT, VA, WV

    Friday, Dec. 18: NY

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    What Warning Notice Is Required To Appear On Packages Containing Alcohol Being Dtc Shipped Into Texas

    “Contains Alcohol: Signature of person 21 years or older required for delivery” is required to appear on packages of alcohol being shipped DtC to Texas.


    Utah does not permit the DtC shipping of any alcoholic beverages. Utah residents may may special orders of products not otherwise distributed in the state by getting pre-approval from the state Alcohol Control Board and submitting a specific form to a producer. The producer must ship the ordered products to a designated Utah retail store for the customer to pick it up. The Utah customer is personally responsible for any taxes or fees that may apply.


    Can You Ship Wine Through Fedex

    Bill seeks to allow direct

    Yes, you can ship wine through FedEx as long as youâre a pre-approved wine seller. FedEx has an alcohol shipping application commercial entities must complete before sending packages out. Once your application is approved, FedEx applies your account information to your shipments so you can quickly and easily send packages out.

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    We Are Having Extreme Weather Conditions Will My Delivery Be Safe

    Total Wine & More may hold a wine shipment during extremely hot weather to protect the quality of items purchased. These occurrences are most likely during summer months in southwestern states. When we temporarily hold your shipment, well notify you by email. Well also post a message on so shoppers know new orders may be delayed.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How To Ship Wine

    Successfully shipping wine requires some industry knowledge, putting your customers first, and making the right calls with the packaging itself. If youâre serious about starting or growing your online wine business, it helps to have answers to common questions. Check out our insights for the questions below:

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    Check Your Recipients State Laws For Wine Delivery

    Wine shipping laws vary by state: most states allow wine retailers or liquor stores to make direct-to-consumer wine shipments to a home address, however there are some exceptions depending on the state your recipient lives in. These exceptions limit the type and quantity of alcohol that can be shipped. And, just as if purchasing wine at a physical store, the recipient who signs for the package must be at least 21 years old.

    Technically speaking, states dont allow two individual consumers to ship wine to one another. Their laws and restrictions do, however, allow individuals who are licensed wine shippers in the state of origin, or the state where the wine was purchased, to ship wine. Texas is one of those states, so if youre looking to ship wine to Texas, your options include obtaining a wine shipping license, or using a third-party licensed wine shipper to get that bottle to your recipient.

    Other states are even more restrictive For example, Alabama completely prohibits alcohol delivery. Mississippi requires the consumer to make the purchase themselves physically at a winery and have the shipment sent to a package retailer. In Utah, wine subscription programs must be delivered to a state store or package agency. On the other hand, shipping wine to Florida is a lot easier for those who are purchasing their gift from retailers, as they loosened their restrictions on wine shipping in June 2019.

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