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Can Wine Help You Lose Weight

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How Our Bodies Process Wine

Can Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight?

Wine is processed just like any other alcohol when it enters the body. Alcohol cant be stored or used in your body, so your liver prioritizes metabolizing and removing it. That means any fats, carbs, or sugars youve consumed take a backseat.

When your body prioritizes metabolizing alcohol over the other calories youve consumed, it can affect your bodys fat-burning abilities in the long run.

Does alcohol make you gain weight? Alcohol can make you gain weight if you drink heavily.

Another culprit for potential weight gain when youre drinking is how you handle smart diet choices when youve had too much.

And This Is What Makes The Wine Lover’s Diet So Unique

The Wine Lover’s Diet plan combines delicious healthy foods with wine to create a fat burning duo to allow you to lose as much weight as you want. It forces your body to burn calories to metabolize the wine for all its energy needs.

Most people think our bodies only burn fat for a couple of hours each day.The fact is our bodies need energy on a 24 hour basis. So you’re body as hard at work whether you’re out for a walk or sound asleep at night. So let me tell you about my Wine Lover’s Diet I’ve created and why I am 100% certain it will work for you.

First, the Wine Lover’s Diet focuses on giving you only the essential nutrients your body needs for an energized metabolism and good health through healthy foods that I have listed for you.I have also eliminated the foods that slow down your metabolism and prevent you from losing fat. By combining the foods that work together to burn fat and metabolize the wine, my wine diet will work like nothing else you’ve ever tried before.

Why Drinking Alcohol Will Slow Your Weight Loss

The truth is that, even if you eat super healthy most of the time, too much alcohol can hinder your weight loss and can even lead to weight gain. But the good news is that you can still enjoy a drink without sabotaging your weight loss goals, but, first, you should understand how alcohol can slow your weight loss if you dont approach it in the right way.

Normally your body burns your fat reserves to get the energy it needs, which is exactly what you want when youre trying to lose weight. The problem with drinking alcohol while youre following a weight loss plan, is that booze provides a quicker, more accessible form of energy for your body than fat does. And, no matter how much we might wish it were different: if alcohol is so much easier for your body to turn into fuel compared to fat. And here is the reason #1 why drinking can slow your weight loss: no matter how we might wish it was different, your body will always go for the quickest and easiest energy source for fuel and, fat isnt it!

If you want to enjoy a social drink and stick to your weight goals, then its about finding a healthy balance, so you can ensure your body will still burn fat for fuel.

5 practical tips that work for me and thousands of my 28ers!

Why you should avoid high fat meals or snacks if youre having a drink.

If youre short on time, jump ahead to my tips on how to drink a glass of wine or two, and still lose weight.

Why dieting can set you up for failure.

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Can Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight

Whether you enjoy it with dinner or sip a small amount before bed, a glass of red wine provides a relatively low-calorie indulgence. Although most people drink red wine for its complex taste or ability to take the edge off a stressful day, the antioxidant-filled spirit might actually benefit your health. And if that daily glass of red wine suppresses your appetite or decreases your daily calorie intake, it might even result in weight loss.

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Can I Drink Alcohol If I Want To Lose Weight

Does Red Wine Help You Lose Weight? Science Says YES

Weight loss comes down to the basic equation of calories in vs calories out. If you consume more calories than you can burn off each day, you gain weight. If you consume less calories than you burn, you lose weight it is that simple.

But where does alcohol fit in? Before a friend scares you and tells you a series of myths concerning wine and fat gain here are a few concrete statements to consider:

Alcohol itself is NOT fattening. Most wine is NOT high in carbohydrates. Therefore most wine is NOT fattening.

Im not making things up Ill explain the role of alcohol and weight gain and the basics of macronutrient consumption, and provide suggestions for food choices and diet-friendly alcohol options so you can hit your goals this summer and beyond.

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If You Drink Dont Go Overboard

When it comes to a sustainable healthy lifestyle, we dont believe you should have to cut any food group from your diet, including an occasional glass or two of your favourite alcoholic drink. So plan ahead. Before you go out, have a drink limit in mind and make a commitment to yourself to stick to it. Stay strong.

Go to your next event with a strong intention to only have one or two alcoholic drinks.

Will I Lose Weight If I Quit Drinking Alcohol

So will you?

If you really want to, yes.

Maybe not immediately.

Or like me, may immediately you will, then youll gain some back, then lose it later.

Its just important to understand that while quitting drinking may make weight loss a bit easier in some ways, its not a magic bullet.

It will still take work and effort.

But quitting drinking does free you up to make consistent, sustainable changes to become the best version of yourself you possibly can be.

Losing the weight can definitely be part of that all in time.

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Does Wine Make You Lose Weight

It is possible to gain weight if you drink too much red wine or any alcoholic drink. However, red wine in moderation may provide some protection against weight gain if consumed at a moderate rate. Keep your calories in check by sticking to a single serving of red wine, avoiding sugary dessert wines, and tracking your progress.

Can Wine Before Bed Really Help You Lose Weight

Does Drinking Wine Really Help You lose Weight

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By Sarah Elizabeth Richards, Life by Daily Burn

Over the past year, our social media feeds have blown up on more than one occasion over claims that drinking wine at bedtime could help you drop a few pounds. In fact, this news generated so much buzz that urban-legend buster Snopes decided to investigate. Turns out, the majority of coverage was referencing a Daily Mail story that hinged on anecdotal accounts of women claiming that their nighttime tipple helped them slim down. But sadly, there was no new groundbreaking report showing that a glass of red before bed was the secret new weight loss weapon weve all been dreaming of. So what gives?

Weve been told over and over that alcohol has no place in a weight loss program. Not only does it provide empty calories, studies confirm that having a few tends to zap your inhibition and make you order midnight cheese fries a phenomenon known as the drunchies. Alas, it makes sense to file away the bedtime wine idea in the too good to be true health research morgue that also houses this seductive headline: A glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym. Remember that one?

Yet research shows that moderate amounts of Malbec wont totally derail your weight loss efforts. Heres what you need to know about your vino habit.

The Case for Pre-Snooze Booze

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Alcohol and Weight Loss: When Wine Backfires

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How Do The Polyphenols Help You Lose Weight

Red wine can also help you lose weight . What makes red wine so special is that it contains more of these healthy polyphenols than any other alcoholic drink, and in some cases, more than food itself.

The research suggests that the polyphenols in red wine help trigger the brown tissue in our bodies to increase their heat production. This brown tissue is a type of fat that supports our bodies health and metabolism rather than just makes us well.. fat.

Additionally, the antioxidants found within red wine can help support our gut health. Antioxidants have a prebiotic effect, which helps our food digest better before it gets to our gut. Despite the alcohol that could harm the probiotics in our gut, the antioxidants and nutrients support them.

A higher-quality red wine also contains potassium and other trace minerals. They may also include a higher amount of B vitamins, especially if you obtain a homemade red wine or raw wines that still contain some of the sediment. Much of that sediment is brewer’s yeast, which is extremely rich in B6, B12, and is linked to reducing cholesterol levels.

Red Wine And Other Health Benefits

  • It has been reported that red wine contains antioxidants that help fight some heart disease when taken in moderation.
  • Consuming a moderate amount of red wine has been known to help prevent gastric infection.
  • Red wine reduces the risk of some types of cancer, such as basal cell, colon, prostate, and ovarian cancers.
  • Its believed that when consumed moderately, red wine could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, especially in women.
  • Red wine helps lower the risk of strokes and early death by retaining the good HDL cholesterol in the blood.
  • Health experts believe that drinking not more than three glasses of wine in a day can lead to a low risk of dementia and Alzheimers disease.
  • A study on elderly and middle-aged people revealed that those who drank up to 7 glasses of wine are likely not to get depressed.
  • Red wine reduces the occurrence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases.
  • Red wine also helps boost a large number of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The moderate alcohol content and high concentration of flavonoids in red wine help prevent blood clots and the hardening of arteries.
  • Red wine contains more iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous.
  • Many reports show that a glass of wine taken late at night reduces the urge to embark on binge eating on unhealthy snacks like biscuits, chocolates, and sweets by making you full.

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    Alcohol May Impair Sleep Due To Snoring Or Apnea

    Drinking too much wine before bedtime is bad for you, as alcohol increases sleep apnea and snoring. It prevents entry into deep sleep!

    In fact, the number of nighttime awakenings due to snoring is highly related to the amount of alcohol consumption. But, even a single drink increases the risk of snoring or obstructive sleep apnea.

    Actually, alcohol relaxes the upper airway muscles, increasing resistance during inhalation. It significantly restricts breathing.

    Higher doses of alcohol lead to poorer sleep quality and higher odds of having snoring and short sleep duration.

    Why Does Wine Make Me Tired

    Can Wine Before Bed Really Help You Lose Weight?

    A couple of glasses of wine at home or among friends is meant to be enjoyed, but sometimes it can have you dreaming of your warm bed. It seems one minute youre the life of the party, and the next youre snoring up a storm in a deep slumber.

    So, if youre wondering why wine makes you tired and looking for ways to prevent that hazy feeling you get when you drink said beverage, youre in the right place!


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    Red Wine Can Help You Lose Weight

    Several studies confirm that drinking red wine before going to bed can help you lose weight. Although I wouldnt necessarily consider it a weight loss hack, Harvard University did conduct research for 13 years to confirm the effect of red wine on weight.

    The research conducted on 20,000 women confirmed that women who drank up to two glasses of wine a day were less likely to be obese. As stated in the study,

    Compared with nondrinkers, initially normal-weight women who consumed a light to moderate amount of alcohol gained less weight and had a lower risk of becoming overweight and/or obese during 12.9 years of follow-up.

    Again, it is important to follow the rule of moderation. However, if you drink red wine moderately, it can help you lose weight!

    Alcohol And Weight Gain

    Red wine contains alcohol, a concentrated source of energy that provides 7 calories per gram. By comparison, you’ll get 4 calories from a gram of protein or a gram of carbohydrates, and about 9 calories from a gram of fat. To lose weight when alcohol is a regular part of your diet, you have to compensate for its calories.

    This may not always be an easy thing to do, however an April 2010 article published in the journal Physiology & Behavior notes that alcohol tends to qualify as “additive” calories when people drink with food. That is, most people don’t consume fewer food calories when alcohol is served at mealtime. Instead, drinking wine or any other alcohol with your meal makes you more likely to passively increase in your total caloric intake, which, when done habitually, can set you up for weight gain.

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    Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Red Wine

    Compared to other alcoholic beverages, red wine doesn’t suffer much of an image problem â recent headlines have credited the drink with helping the French stay svelte without sacrificing high-fat foods, while other news stories have touted its cardiovascular benefits. Although research does support the notion that red wine’s moderate alcohol content and high concentration of flavonoids may help prevent blood clots and hardening of the arteries, its effect on body weight isn’t so clearly defined.

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    When it comes to alcohol options, red wine offers many health benefits. And while there’s evidence that people who drink red wine have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, red wine may not be the magic drink to help you lose those unwanted pounds.

    Drinking Wine In Moderation

    Drink Wine to Lose Weight?

    Drinking wine in moderation is really the key if you want to enjoy an occasional glass of wine and stick with a diet. The type of wine matters less once you get into heavy drinking, not to mention the negative effects of alcohol if you regularly overdo it.

    Its just too easy to drink too much once youve had over that recommended amount of wine. Watch those serving sizes and find pleasure in drinking less wine at a time. You may even find that you appreciate wine more that way.

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    Lose Weight Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

    And I’m going to share valuable weight loss secret with you. So let’s get started!

    The first thing you should know is that the extra weight you’re carrying around is not your fault. The fact is there are probably several reasons why you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past.

    And my guess is that you fall into one or more of these categories:

    · You’ve gotten BAD information about how we gain and lose weight.

    · You’ve been counting calories focusing on “eat less, exercise more” strategy that doesn’t work long term for most people.

    · You’re feeling deprived from all the delicious foods and wonderful wines you would like to have.

    · You don’t have an easy to follow step-by-step meal plan of delicious meals laid out for you.

    · You’ve not seen real results from past diet plans and you’re jumping from one to another or simply giving up completely.

    The Right Way To Drink Red Wine For Health Benefits

    Its the season for wining and dining and what better way to enjoy it than with deriving actual health benefits from your tipple. Yes, I am talking about red wines health benefits, especially red wine for weight loss.

    Yes, there are benefits of drinking red wine.

    Yes, theres something like healthy red wine.

    And yes, red wine and weight loss can go hand-in-hand when done right.

    What is right, you ask? Read on.

    Benefits of drinking red wine

    It all started with the French Paradox.

    The question about how the French eat a high fat diet, smoke and totally shy away from active exercise, yet they have half the rate of heart disease and live 2.5 years longer than anyone else in the world.

    French researcher Dr. Serge Renauds studies concluded this was primarily because they drank bucket-fulls of red wine 16 gallons per person per year vs 2 gallons per person per year in America.

    25 years later, practically every science lab across the world has not only endorsed the theory but actually taken it further, crediting red wines health benefits with everything from weight loss and protection against cancer to lowering the risk for diabetes and helping manage depression.

    A sampler, if you may.

    First, lets look at red wine and weight loss

    1. The Harvard School of Public Health concluded a 13-year obesity study of 19,220 middle aged women in 2010. The result? Women who drank two glasses of healthy red wine daily were 70% less likely to gain weight.

    But what about white wine?


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    Do You Experience Alcohol Use Disorder

    You shouldnt drink red wine or any type of alcohol to lose weight if you experience addiction.

    In the U.S. about 17 million adults have an alcohol use disorder . If alcohol is affecting your life, remember youre not alone . There are tons of amazing resources that can help.

    The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has fab resources on their website, including an Alcohol Treatment Toolkit. You can also reach out to your doctor or a mental health specialist for ways to manage.

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