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Where To Buy Bully Hill Wine

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Bully Hill Offers A Wine For Every Season

Sweet Walter Red

If you are looking for an excellent wine experience, I would recommend Bully Hill wine. If you like to travel, I would suggest a long weekend trip to the Finger Lakes, and take a tour and tasting at Bully Hill Winery. Whether you are a beginner or an avid fan of wine, you will not be disappointed. The winery is located in the village of Harmmondsport, New York, in the Finger Lake region. They recently opened a restaurant that features anything from delectable Maryland -style crab cakes to a tender filet mignon. Don’t forget to ask for the wine recommendation that will truly bring out the flavor of your meal. My favorite part of my visit was the unique tasting. They offer an informal group tasting in a relaxed atmosphere that you will find very entertaining. The wine labels all represent a story and is considered art in my book. Topped off with a cork inscribed with several virtue’s such as Wine with Integrity, Wine with Hope or Wine with Love. You never know what you’ll get, but try out their number one seller ***Love My Goat. ***It is a full bodied, sweet red, but not too sweet. Guaranteed to quench your thirst no matter what season you’re in.


A Wine For People Who Don’t Like Wine

I served this wine at my wedding and EVERYONE loved it. I have alot of friends who “don’t like wine” but this is mild enough for everyone to enjoy. It has a semi-sweet fruity flavor with a nice soft finish. I love to support our local wineries in upstate NY and I think the Finger Lakes region provides many wines to rival the higher priced varieties from Napa and France. All the labels are artwork done by Walter S Taylor founder of the winery. The price can’t be beat and I encourage everyone to try a Bully Hill wine today! !!


What You’ll Find

There’s so much to explore and learn at this winery, you can’t expect to do it all in an hour. There’s the winery with its tasting room, a full service restaurant open for lunch, a gift shop, a wine museum and historical walking tours of the vineyard. The gift shop, winery and tasting room are open year-round, and the museum and tours are open seasonally. The Bully Hill Restaurant features local cuisine, including fresh salads and seafood, and with a smoker right on the premises, you know you won’t want to miss out on the pulled pork.

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