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Where Can I Buy 19 Crimes Wine

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Does Snoop Doggs 19 Crimes Partnership Send The Wrong Message To Wine Drinkers


Last week, the Australia-based global wine conglomerate Treasury Wine Estates announced a multi-year partnership with rapper Snoop Dogg to bring a California red blend to market under its 19 Crimes label. For those unfamiliar with 19 Crimes, the brand is a supermarket staple thats known for bringing Australias early convicts-turned-colonists to life on its augmented reality labels.

From my perspective, the partnership between a black man and a wine brand associated with criminal activity is troubling and tone deaf given the dangerous, tired stereotypes associating people of color with crime. As just one example, black men have a higher risk of being killed by police than white men, according to the National Academies of Sciences, so the perception can all too easily have real-life consequences.

In his past, Snoop Dogg has been associated with gang violence. He was acquitted in a murder charge, and pleaded guilty in a weapons charge. But in recent decades, criminal activities took a backseat to his smooth West Coast rap flow, and he is still one of the biggest rappers making music today. So why would a successful black star who has a television show with Martha Stewart, a family-friendly cookbook, and a gospel album want to revisit his criminal past, partnering with a wine brand whose labels are animated portraits of convicts?


Given that context, what do black wine drinkers and wine professionals have to say about the partnership? I decided to find out.

How To Make The Perfect Serve


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Learn About The 19 Crimes That Inspired A Wine Label

If Johnny Cash were alive today, hed drink 19 Crimes. Thats because this rebellious wine label is turning old-world British rouges into vino inspiration at a price point we love, and with a dash of gaming fun via .

19 Crimes fans have always been genuinely enthusiastic about the authentic 19 Crimes story, experiencing the wines beyond the glass, collecting the corks and posing for photos with the labels, says Doug Altmeyer, 19 Crimes senior brand manager. The new 19 Crimes AR app offers a new and exciting way to experience the 19 Crimes story, told by the convicts-turned-colonists themselves!

But lets back up

If you havent seen the bottles of wine labeled with vintage mug shots of former criminals turned Australian colonists, you need to go to the store and look for it now. The men adorning the 19 Crimes labels were punished to transportation at the start of 1783 for committing at least one of the 19 crimes. Those lawless who survived at sea went on to become pioneers in the frontier penal colony we know fondly as The Down Under.

These wines are bold, smooth, and come to life under your smartphone. Thats because 19 Crimes is one of the first wine or spirits brand to jump on the AR bandwagon . Dont be surprised if, come spring 2018, you see every beer, whiskey, and pinot touting their own AR app. But in the case of 19 Crimes, it makes total, complete, fantastic sense.

Also worth mentioning: consider joining this True Crime & Wine Club .

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Why Is It Called 19 Crimes

19 Crimes wine name is derived from when England once shipped convicts to penal colonies in Australia between 1788 and 1868. 19 Crimes is based on some of the offenses that made a person eligible for automatic transportation to the penal colonies, although many other crimes resulted in this punishment. All of the 19 Crimes’ wine bottles feature photos of real criminals that were transported to Australia.

The Rise Of 19 Crimes

Home Shop Wines Red Wine 19 Crimes Syrah / Shiraz 75cl

With the legacy of an enormously successful parent company looming overhead, 19 Crimes entered the market as a near-instant success. The brand launched with a Cabernet Sauvignon and two red blends and the corks featured any of the first five of 19 crimes, from Grand Larceny through Impersonating an Egyptian.

The unique, interactive element of the products was a huge hit, particularly among the millennial market. But 19 Crimes brought something else completely new to the wine industry. Each bottle and its character are essentially able to come to life through a connected app and augmented reality.

Simply download the 19 Crimes app through the App Store or Google Play, and use the built-in camera to point your phone at the wine label.

In a matter of seconds, the character on the label will come to life in an incredibly realistic video during which the criminal will tell his entire story and the tale of how he was exiled to Australia. Its an intimate, personalized experience for every consumer, and one that keeps customers coming back time and again.

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Crimes Infamous Rogues Share Their Stories Of Mischief In A New Augmented Reality App

Napa, CA On your next shopping trip, you might meet a 18th-century British convict in the wine aisle! Dont worry, there hasnt been a prison break. In fact, 19 Crimes wines is bringing their band of rogues, depicted on the wine labels, to life with the launch of the first-ever wine Augmented Reality app. Available now via the Apple App Store and , the new app will animate three of 19 Crimes convicts-turned-colonists, who each tell their own infamous story.

19 crimes turned convicts into colonists. In 18th-century Britain, criminals guilty of at least one of the 19 crimes, were sentenced to live in Australia, rather than death. For the rough-hewn prisoners who made it to shore, a new world awaited. As pioneers in a frontier penal colony, they forged a new country and new lives, brick by brick. Today, 19 Crimes wines celebrate the rebellious spirit of the more than 160,000 exiled men and women, the rule breakers and law defying citizens that forged a new culture and national spirit in Australia.

19 Crimes fans have always been genuinely enthusiastic about the authentic 19 Crimes story, experiencing the wines beyond the glass, collecting the corks and posing for photos with the labels. The new 19 Crimes Augmented Reality app offers a new and exciting way to experience the 19 Crimes story, told by the convicts-turned-colonists themselves!

Media Contact: Erin Jaffe, Nike Communications, , 980-9657Brand PR Contact: Lily Lane, 19 Crimes, , 299-3252

Crimes Red Wine Case Of 6 X 75cl From South Eastern Australia

Vibrant red and maroon hues extend from the core of the glass.
Liquid volume
  • Colour: Vibrant red wine with maroon hues
  • Nose: Vanilla, with subtle flavours of chocolate and cedar spice
  • Palate: Full and round wine with a distinct sweetness giving a rich and round mouthfeel
  • Food pairing: Smoky BBQ Ribs, Braised Beef and smoked seitan steaks. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled
  • Alcohol: Red wine from South Eastern Australia. 13.5% ABV
Age Verification Required on Delivery: This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. To confirm the recipient is over 18 years, valid photographic ID with a date of birth may be required upon delivery. The driver will input your year of birth into their device and may then require an ID check to complete the age verification process. The driver will not be able to access your information once the delivery is complete. See Details

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The Uprising Rum Aged Red Wine

This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Shiraz showcase the best grapes of Australia, and luscious, dark wine. This particular variation is aged in rum barrels for 30 days, giving the wine a sticky sweetness on the finish, and lovely vanilla aromas.

Its an homage to Australias Rum Rebellion of 1808 and a unique little taste of history. As one might expect, this wine is also quite high in alcohol, giving it a punchy, liquor flavor that cuts the rich sweetness. Its a wonderful aperitif or accent to bold, spicy food.

Pros and Cons

In addition to being a collection of wine with mass appeal, 19 Crimes is also a great value for the everyday wine drinker. Consumers can often find the bottles for less than indicated as the typical retail price, with the wines averaging $9 $13 at a national brand store like Total Wine & More.

What you get inside the bottle is a great value as well. The wines are grown in the prime regions of viniculture in Australia, primarily the South and the area known as Victoria. The cool, coastal climate in Victoria lends itself well to Pinot Noir, a soft, light grape, while the heat of the South produces rich, plump Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

19 Crimes are amongst the many brands sourcing top quality grapes from Australia, and the unique blends featured in the line highlight the best of the best.

As a value brand, it is also to be expected that this wine is not going to be extremely complex, or necessarily impressive to well-tuned palettes.

The Best 19 Crimes Wine For Sale Online

19 Crimes 2020 Snoop Dog Cali Rosé Wine Review

Are you a member of the 19 Crimes Wine gang of fans? Then you will love shopping for all your favorite wines from the comfort of your home. We offer a diverse selection of 19 Crimes and other top wines from all over the world. From The Banished Dark Red to the fruit-forward Cali Rose, we have the 19 Crimes wine you crave.

People love to buy 19 Crimes wine because of its distinctive style and attractive price point. 19 Crimes wines are meant to be consumed at a young age, so they are perfect for get-togethers and special occasions alike. Shop the assortment of quality 19 Crimes wine for sale online at BuyWinesOnline and enjoy great prices and fast shipping now.

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Crimes: A Review Of The Brand And Its Fascinating Labels

Home19 Crimes: A Review of the Brand and Its Fascinating Labels

19 Crimes: A Review of the Brand and Its Fascinating Labels

They say never judge a bottle of wine by its label, but in the case of 19 Crimes, the wrapping carries a unique bit of history you wont want to miss.

Introduced in 2012, 19 Crimes became the newest member of the Treasury Wine Estates portfolio, quickly accelerating into a world-wide phenomenon. And its no wonder wine lovers were intrigued since the entire brand is centered on an unexpected theme criminals.

The brand brings a bit of debauchery back to wine with a collection of eight bottles featuring criminals accused of one of 19 different crimes. A true fan of the brand will want to collect each bottle to appreciate each story living on through the wine.

And lets not forget the wine itself, of which there are seven reds and one Chardonnay. Its delightfully easy to drink, well-priced, and a wonderful conversation piece to feature at your next gathering.

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