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Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne

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Historia Champagne Mot Chandon Brut Imperial

How Good is Moët & Chandon Imperial Rosé Champagne?

Fundada en el 1743 por Claude Moët, negociante y comisionista en vinos, quien fue amigo de Dom Pierre Perignon en la abadía de Hautvillers, el célebre monje benedictino considerado como el padre espiritual de la bebida espumosa.

Los personajes femeninos más importantes de la historia han contribuido a la fama del champagne Moët & Chandon y a sus precios. La madre de Bonaparte, así como su esposa Josefina, fueron unas excelentes embajadoras bajo el primer Imperio.

La casa Moët Chandon

Se encuentra situada, desde hace más de dos siglos, en el corazón de la Champagne. Con la montaña de Reims al frente y el Valle del Marnes al oeste se esfuerza, desde entonces, por valorizar esta tierra única en las que posee cerca de 800 hectáreas de viedos cultivados y mantenidos por 250 vinicultores. Una sola hectárea precisa más de 750 horas de meticulosos cuidados para crear vinos excepcionales. Bajo la influencia de Moët & Chandon, el viedo de Champagne posee desde 1927 una Denominación de Origen, que se convirtió en una de las primeras DOC en 1935. Además, a fin de garantizar una selección de variedades lo más amplia posible con las que reflejar los matices del suelo y el clima de la región de Champagne, Moët & Chandon compra uvas a otros viticultores. Las tres cepas de Champagne, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier y Chardonnay siempre están presentes, con sus complementariedades y sus sinergias.

You Will Like To Know That

For more than 200 years, Moët & Chandon has been spreading the joy that only pure French champagnes can bring. With a portfolio full of sumptuous champagnes, it can be hard to decide which is the perfect product for you. That is why Moët Brut Impérial is a great choice. This iconic champagne is a pure embodiment of the elegance and flavour that Moët & Chandon is known for.

First released in 1869, this champagne is actually a blend of more than 100 distinct wines. Each of the three types of grapes that make up this complex spirit has a specific role to play. The Chardonnay offers sophistication and the Pinot Meunier brings suppleness while the Pinot Nero gives body to the whole. This special recipe results in a mature and consistent champagne that begs for an encore.

With double the amount of champagne of an ordinary bottle, Moët Chandon Brut Impérial Magnum gives you more of the deliciously fruity flavour in one bottle. With 1.5 L of champagne, this is the perfect product for large gatherings, celebrations, or just those who simply love to drink fine champagne. Fresh and vibrant, this classic champagne is just as wonderful today as it was when first released. Its versatility makes it a great choice to pair with any part of a meal, making the magnum the perfect size to ensure you will have enough champagne to accompany all courses.

Mot & Chandon Brut Imperial Review

This is POP or FLOP, where every Wednesday we review a different sparkling wine from across the globe and let you know if its a bottle you should POP or if its a FLOP! This week weve got Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne from France in their super cute new #MiniMoet format! Who said bigger is always better?!

Moët & Chandon was established by Claude Moët in 1743, and today is a globally recognized champagne brand synonymous with elegance, Napoleon, and the invention of sabrage the art of sabering the tops off Champagne bottles. The Champagne house also holds a royal warrant to supply Champagne to Queen Elizabeth II I mean, who wouldnt want to clink glasses with Liz? Moët & Chandon has been a Sparkling Winos staple for years . But, we know we are not alone in our enjoyment of this effervescent wine Moët & Chandon produces a staggering 28 million bottles of Champagne every year!

Its a POP! Theres a reason why Moët Imperial is one of the most iconic Champagnes out there whats on the inside of the bottle is just as beautiful as whats on the outside. Whether youre celebrating a special occasion, or just treating yourself, you can never go wrong with Moët & Chandon. Its rich, glamorous and vibrant and will leave you feeling that way too, so go ahead and pour yourself another glass!

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Overall Experience & Value For Money

Being one of the most famous Champagnes in the world, the label comes with a certain prestige. Fortunately, it does not disappoint and is elegantly made with a velvet fabric finish and embossed details.

On the other hand, the capsule is slightly underwhelming given that this is a premium Champagne and youd hope for a little more than black lettering on a gold-coloured metal.

Meanwhile, the cork never full regained its shape suggesting that it had been bottled for some time. However, it was in good condition with no visible damage.

Finally, the value for money is quite reasonable. Being a famous label, its no surprise that it comes at a premium. However, its much cheaper in France at 30 . Therefore, there is a fair increase in the USA.

Nevertheless, it can be found for as little as $50 through or if you prefer.

When Should You Drink Mot & Chandon

Moët &  Chandon Brut Impérial 0.75L (12% Vol.)

Firstly, Moët & Chandons prestige makes it an incredibly versatile Champagne. Therefore, it can be used for almost any occasion from weddings to galas. its an easy option that will effortless please crowds. However, be sure to budget accordingly!

Although an expensive choice, it can even be enjoyed among friends provided that you really love them! That said, make sure that you know your audience whatever the occasion. A champagne thats too prestigious may be seen as pompous or an attempt at showing off.

Moët & Chandon is a prestigious and grandiose but there are other low-key, lesser known big brands, which are excellent alternatives.

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Mot & Chandon Nv Ros Imprial Brut

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This attractive, fruity rosé Champagne has wild-strawberry flavors that are crisp and packed with acidity, with a bright, lively aftertaste. The wine is ready to drink. Roger Voss

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Venta De Vino Espumoso Champagne Mot & Chandon Brut Imperial Online

Tipo de vino: Champagne Brut Método Tradicional

Color del vino: Blanco

Coupage: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier y Chardonnay

Vino con Denominación de Origen: Champagne Francia

Cosecha de este vino: 2010

Volumen de la botella: 0,75cl

Graduación alcoholica: 12% vol

Nota de cata de este vino: Amarillo pálidos con burbuja persisitente y muy fina, aromas a frutas blancas de hueso, en boca es untuoso, goloso, amplio, de generoso bouquet de lias y envejecimiento.

Servir a una temperatura ideal de entre 6 y 8ºC

: Este vino es ideal para acompañar toda clase de entrantes, aperitivos, mariscos, pescados, sushi, postres con cremas.

Necesita decantación: No

Nombre de la Bodega

La bodega Moet & Chandon es una de las más famosas en Francia y la más reconocida marca de cavas a nivel mundial. Ubicada en Espernay, en la región de Champagne, fue inaugurada el año 1743 y posee 800 hectáreas de viñedo.

El Brut Imperial existe desde el 1869 y es uno de los champagnes más emblemáticos de su bodega, y probablemente el más vendido del mundo. Tiene un variante en rosado, el Rosé Imperial. El coupage para este Champagne de las tres variedades de uva predominantes en su fórmula refleja más de 100 vinos distintos especialmente seleccionados para potenciar su complejidad y constancia. Envejece de 3 a 4 años.

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Best Pairings With Mot & Chandon Imprial Brut

Despite its high percentage of pinot noir, Impérial Brut is a surprisingly subdued and understated Champagne. Although it features a rich character and complex notes, its not as powerful or as intense as was expected.

Therefore, its a much easier Champagne to pair. In fact, you could consider it with a number of seafood dishes such as caviar, oysters and grilled fish as well as different types of meat including cured and white varieties. Similarly, it would be a great accompaniment for vegetarian dishes and stir fry.

In terms of cheeses, it may not have the strength to stand up to blue or goats cheese. Nevertheless, it would fare well with hard of soft cows cheese. However, it wouldnt pair well with any desserts as its too dry without many citrus notes.

Alternatively, it is also an ideal and versatile apéritif wine that will go well with a number of different side dishes such as scampi or tapenade. Given the tobacco note, it goes remarkably well with cigarettes or cigars including stronger Maduro wrappers.

Finally, the ideal serving temperature is around 10°C but can be cooled down to 8°C for those that prefer it fresh.

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