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What Is The Best Wine Aerator

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Quick Comparison: Top 13 Best Wine Aerators

The Best Wine Aerator. Does It actually work?
Product Name
  • Combination aerator and pourer in one
  • Designed to aerate entire bottles of wine one glass at a time
  • Doesnt require any extra steps simply attach and pour

The Vintorio combination pourer and aerator offers premium aeration for your wine with the least amount of effort. You wont have to take the extra step of pouring your wine through an aerator, as its built right into the pour spout. The aerating chamber and intake system offer a unique design that infuses wines with optimal oxygen levels for premium flavor and smoothness.

  • Includes no-drip stand for easy displaying and storage
  • Can aerate by the glass or do an entire bottle at once
  • Easy-to-use design simply requires you to put your glass under the aerator and pour the wine through the device

This wine aerator can accelerate the aeration process of any red wine, giving you a patented process that includes its own unique sound so that you know youre using an authentic Vinturi product. This device is ideal for parties and entertaining because it looks as good as it works, and it comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • Affordably priced two-pack of wine pourer/aerators
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Can be used for gifting with gift box included

The unique design features an aeration chamber and tapered pour spout, giving you the perfect pour with great flavors and a smoother finish. Plus, the compact design is easy to take on the go, and cleaning is easy with soap and water.

What Should You Consider When Buying Wine Aerators

If you are in a pickle when deciding to buy a wine aerator, you can look up these factors:

Ease of Use

If you want an aerator that is easy to use and works as effectively as possible, an electric aerator is your best shot. As mentioned earlier, it works perfectly just by the touch of one button. Not only this, the addition of oxygen to the wine is perfectly proportionate, giving the best results.


Multiple brands are producing various wine aerators. However, to choose the best wine aerator, you should go with a well-known and revered brand. The advantage of selecting an esteemed brand is that you will get quality assurance for the product’s durability.

Included Extras/Accessories

If you are looking for a package deal, you can choose a wine aerator with accessories. It can help you maximize the usage of your aerator. Extras can include storage cases, stands, cleaning brushes, and much more. These additional accessories can also help you maintain your aerator and increase its durability.

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, premium quality wine aerators are the top pick. Aerators that are dishware safe and have detachable parts are the easiest to maintain. Take a note that you would want an aerator that can be easily assembled as well after cleaning.

Selecting A Wine Aerator

There are countless options on the market for aerating wine. Some cost just a few dollars. Other, more elaborate options simulate the function of a and exceed £100. But the cost of an aerator will not put off a wine connoisseur who spends £100 for a bottle of aged red wine, as the aeration maximises the desired flavours.

With a dizzying array to select from, there are some key features to look for in your own wine aerator.

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Jifar Electric One Touch

Style:Added Value:

Electric models are abundant and should be easy. Our test of the JIFAR One Touch aerator confirmed some initial button control concerns. For this model, touch the button to start the flow of wine, and then touch it again to turn it off. However, our testers preferred the button on the Aervana, which dispenses wine as you hold the button, allowing a more precise pour. We really like that this unit is charged via USB and comes with assorted accouterments of an opener, a travel pouch, and a stopper . Another option could be rigging this atop a bottle of custom-flavored beverages in a wine bottle. Overall, the drips were minimal, and it enhanced the wine’s aromas and flavor in our tests.

On the downside, the JIFAR unit sits tall on the bottle and creates a little extra concern for getting high-sided and toppling over. We did like the light and the window into the device but didn’t find them to affect the overall performance. Overall, we felt the JIFAR was over-designed and overdone, especially compared to the simple and balanced Aervana electric model.

The Traditional Wine Aerator

Best Wine Aerators Reviews


Simply put, Vinturi is the Godfather of wine aeration. They were one of the first companies to make their mark in the aeration space and have created a high quality product. The sheer number of copycat replicas on the market can create some uncertainty , but rest assured: If the product is on their official website, its genuine. Their core base is built up of three aerators: Red wine, reserve red wine , and white wine .


Much like Vinturi, Rabbit was one of the first wine aerator brands on the scene and is one of the most recognized in the space. In total, they boast a selection of five premium wine aerators . Each one is slick, sexy, and modern in design, making for the perfect device if youre looking to save the pennies but go with a well-respected brand.

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Understanding Basic Terms In Describing Wines

Here are some words you might want to get familiar with to understand the ways of the wine.

  • Nose – Describes the complex aroma of a wine perceived by the nose.
  • Aroma – The smell of a wine imparted by the grapes from which it is made.
  • Bouquet – Complex aromas that are perceived in the wine after it has been bottled and aged.
  • Flavor – The blend of taste and smell sensation evoked by the substance in the mouth.
  • Palate – The sense of taste developed over time that makes one detect subtle flavors in the wine.
  • Finish – The aftertaste of the wine that lingers on your tongue after drinking wine. You dont want a sulfury or bitter aftertaste on your mouth.

Why Aerate Your Wine

As I alluded to earlier, before I started getting into wine I used to always be a little bit skeptical when people spoke about “letting wine breathe”, or “using a wine aerator” prior to drinking the wine.

I would generally never have the patience for it. I’d basically want to drink the wine as soon as I poured it into the glass and for me “letting the wine breathe” was something that only wine snobs were concerned about.

However, over the years, and as I’ve started to get more into wine, I have started to see the benefit of letting wines breathe.

It can really make a huge difference in the overall experience of the wine that you’re drinking. In fact, the difference can be so great at times, that you’d think you’re drinking an entirely bottle of wine.

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The concept of “aerating wine” or “letting wine breathe” is simply the process of maximizing the wine’s exposure to the surrounding air, thereby oxidizing your wine.

So why should you aerate or let your wines breathe?

  • Oxygenation of the wine opens up the wine aromas
  • Flavor profile softens and mellows out a bit
  • Overall characteristics of the wine will improve

For more information on the importance of letting your wines breathe, please see the video below.

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Best Splurge: Coravin Aerator

If youre serious about your wine, chances are you already own one of Coravin’s acclaimed wine preservation systems. This aerator attachment is designed for use with any Coravin system: to use, attach the aerator to the devices spout, then quickly push the trigger for a burst of air to clear the system. Then, clamp the Coravin to the bottle and insert the needle into the cork by pushing down firmly. From there, tip the bottle so that the aerator is directly above your glass, then push the trigger again to start pouring through the aerators 24 strategically-placed holesthis is designed to create small streams of liquid using the pressure of the device, thus increasing the surface area and air exposure of the wine. Best of all, this reduces a 60 to 90-minute decantation period to mere seconds. Simply rinse the aerator attachment and air dry after each use.

Some Other Important Features

10 Best Wine Aerators

There are some other small yet important features to look for in an aerator:

Flow Regulator: Some of the best wine aerators also have the feature of controlling the aeration process and flow rate. No Drip Stand: If you don’t want to leave a mess around, then the anti-drip feature is a must-have.Easy Grip: Another feature of the top wine aerators is their comfortable and tight grip. Most of the aerators have a silicon grip. While the fit on the wine bottle should be snug, the use of the aerator should be easy.

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V1071 Deluxe Essential Red Wine Aerator By Vinturi

Product Highlight

Aerating SystemThe aeration process works in the amount of time needed to pour a glass of wine. You wont have to spend time waiting like traditional decanters.All Vinturi aerators produce a unique sound vs. an imitation product.The system works by placing a wine glass underneath the Tower Set and pouring wine into the opening. The internal design then boosts the wines velocity and decreasing the pressure.The drop in pressure draws in the right amount of air, which blends with the wine for the right amount of time and provides better flavor, bouquet, and finish.Design/AestheticsThis aerator is made with acrylic and silicone body thats easy to grip. Theres also a curved tower and no-splash grate where the aerator is held at the ideal height for pouring into the wine glass.You can operate this aerator with one hand for convenience and ergonomics.The unit features a stylish/classic aesthetic.Applications/PortabilityVinluxe PRO is designed for red wines. You also can use this unit for aerating one glass or a whole bottle of wine.CleaningThe 3-piece tower containing the arm, base, and no-splash grate disassembles easily when youre not using the aerator and is dishwasher-safe.

ExtrasBesides the 3-piece tower, you also get a no-drip stand for displaying the unit prominently. This also helps to keep red wine off various surfaces when the unit isnt in use.The filter screen safeguards wine from bits of sediment and cork.

What We Like

  • Might cause a mess

The Best Wine Aerator For A Smoother And Tastier Wine

A wine aerator is used to expose the wine to more air than it would be exposed to through the normal process of opening a wine bottle. People leave their wine to ‘breathe’ or use wine decanters for the same purpose.

Aerators are, however, more efficient than decanters. A wine aerator helps filter air into the wine, which improves its taste and makes it match up to its price. By allowing the wine to breathe for a few minutes, you ensure it gets a smoother taste.

Although wine can aerate itself if you leave it in a wine decanter for 1-2 hours, wine aerators accelerate the process, and this saves time, especially if you want to take your wine immediately.

Only red wines are aerated. For your white wines, you can decant them if you want, but aeration is usually just for the reds. We will discuss some of the best wine aerators that will improve your dining experience.

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Llo Wine Purifier Llo Wine Purifier

While purifying a wine isnt generally practiced by the pros, Üllos purifier is a useful tool for the home wine drinker, especially those allergic or sensitive to sulfites. This attachment pulls double duty: When switched off, it uses a proprietary sulfite-capturing technology to remove sulfites from any wine thats poured through it. And, when switched on, the Üllo purifier also aerates the wine in the process. This tool is designed to fit atop a variety of wine glasses and decanters, and in its compact form makes for a mobile wine decanting solution.

Why Should You Trust Us

Top 10 Best Wine Aerator Pourer in 2021 Reviews

All our recommendations on The Good Choice are the result of many weeks or months of research, comparisons, analyses of users ratings and if need be, interviews with experts and scientists. You will quickly notice that the products we suggest here are not the most expensive or the most trendy: they are those that will best perform their daily tasks, passing all security, reliability and efficiency tests while having an appealing price-quality ratio for everyone.

In the end, the products we recommend are those we would have wanted to buy, or those we will choose for our friends and family.

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Who Should Buy It

If mechanical aeration doesnt work enough for you, try this battery-operated wine aerator. Powered by 6 AAA batteries, your bottle of wine is aerated with just a push of the button. No need to worry about spilling, falling over, or broken. It sits nicely on the counter, so unless you decide to create a big mess in your home bar, your decanter and wine are perfectly safe.

  • More expensive than similar products

Best Overall: Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator

The best aerators accomplish two important tasks: Opening up the wines bouquet by exposing it to oxygen and straining any sediment or pieces of cork. This aerator set from Vinturi achieves both effectively to give you a more aromatic wine with softer tannins.

For the 6-inch tall aerator to work, it does need to be held above your glass as the wine is poured. After going through the removable mesh sediment filter, the wine whooshes through the aerator chamber while making the unique sound of aerating. Since a few drops of wine tend to stay in the chamber, Vinturi includes a no-drip rubber stand to avoid messes and store the model between pours.

Since the aerator does not come apart, its best to clean the chamber as soon as possible. Our reviewer found that placing it directly under a running faucet did the trick.

Material: Acrylic | Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 6 inches | Weight: 7 ounces

“I found to be much smoother than my non-aerated glass, and the tart bite that the wine originally had was gone.” Joline Buscemi, Product Tester

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Best Overall: Vinturi Wine Aerator

The Vinturi handheld aerator could not be more simple or straightforward to use: instead of pouring your wine directly from bottle to glass, youll pour through the aerator while holding it above the glass with your free hand, much like a funnel. This acrylic aerator increases a wines oxygen exposure and enhances its bouquet without the use of a battery, charcoal or filter. By pouring wine through an aerator like this, youll get the benefits of an hour and a half of decanting in just a few seconds, give or take. Plus, it comes with its very own display stand and is dishwasher safe.

A budget-friendly, no-frills aerator, the Summit Aerating Pour Spout from Viski uses an air-blending helix to maximize a wines contact with oxygen as it passes through the spout and into your glass. Perfect for younger reds, this simple yet effective system offers approximately the same level of aeration as an hour to an hour and a half of decantation . The polished copper finish also makes this aerating wine pourer feel and look much more expensive than youd expect for the price. It’s worth noting that if youre planning on drinking any unfiltered wines or older wines that might have some sediment, youll want to consider a decanter set, a dispenser-style aerator or another option with a filter feature.

Aroma & Taste Enhancement

Best Wine Aerator Review (2022 Buyers Guide)

As this is the most sought-after effect of a wine aerator, we went to great lengths to test this aspect of each product. Extensive blind tasting was conducted with a panel of four to six judges to determine which version the testers preferred . We looked at a rough to smooth taste scale overall and compared tasting notes on the nose and palate. To create a controlled experiment, we tested each aerator out on each bottle of wine we purchased. We were sure to pour a fresh non-aerated control glass to sip alongside their aerated counterparts to provide true comparisons. We provided bread and plain water to cleanse the palate between tastings.

We found handheld models like the Vinluxe Pro, Zazzol, and Vinturi to all function well in terms of aerating wine. These three models significantly enhanced the taste and aroma of red wines immediately after popping the corks. The Aervana Essential Electric proved in our tests to be the most flavor-enhancing of the electric models, creating similar results in taste and aroma as the handheld models.

Models like the TenTen provide some aeration, but the effects on aroma and taste were barely noticeable if at all by our judges. This model seems to focus more on pouring than aerating, based on our assessments. Stopper-style aerators overall also fell short without much actual enhanced aroma or taste.

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Does White Wine Need To Aerate

Most white wines rarely need aeration because they dont contain as much pigment molecules as red wines, which are responsible for the changes in flavour when oxygen is introduced. Some white wines that could use some aeration include Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, and Burgundies, which often pack the same depth and complexity as your favourite reds.

Other whites that might need aeration include wines with earthy flavour profiles. However, you might want to give your wine a sip before putting it through an aerator.

Ideally, you should be using an electric aerator to let your white wines breathe. Its a good way to enhance the flavours of wine while keeping them cool.

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