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What Food Goes Well With Wine

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What Wine Goes Well With Indian Food? | Food & Wine Pairings

Many resources will break down each type of food and tell you what you should and shouldnt enjoy Champagne with, but ultimately, it comes down to you and your tastebuds.

You should pair whatever foods you enjoy with your bubbly. Its a good idea to veer more towards salty foods, like seafood, cheese, and fried foods, but dont let that stop you from branching out and exploring new flavors.

Find new recipes that you and your guests can make and enjoy together. Dont be afraid to try different flavors and textures you never know what you will come up with. No matter the flavor profile you end up with, its never the wrong time to open a bottle of bubbly .

Find ways to celebrate your life today. It doesn’t need to be a fancy occasion to drink some Champagnejust make sure you pair it with something delicious.

Wine And Food Pairing: Your Ultimate Guide

Wine and food pairing can feel intimidating. However, it doesnt have to be. It helps if you think of wine as an additional condiment. As any other condiment, the purpose of wine is to complement or contrast, and in so doing, to highlight some special aspect of the dish, whilst perhaps toning down other characteristics.

Embedded in the page below you will find some WineScribble video page links that go to transcripts of the WineScribble YouTube videos. Click through to watch the videos of the wine and food pairings. Enjoy!


Pair Brut Prosecco With Salmon:

  • salmon and cream cheese bites
  • smoked salmon & scrambled eggs on toast
  • grilled salmon

One for us Brits Prosecco with fish and chips.

Yes, you did hear that correctly.

As we mentioned previously, the acidity and subtly sweet notes of brut prosecco pair well with fatty and salty flavours. Meaning a glass of prosecco alongside deep-fried fish and a portion of salty chips is an absolute winning combination.

The ultimate way to upgrade your Friday night takeaway.

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Food Pairing With Malbec

Malbec is a medium to , and thus, it begs to be paired with more full-flavored foods. However, unlike Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec doesnt have a super long finish , which means it will pair extremely well with leaner red meats, and even lighter cuts like dark meat turkey or roasted pork. The pairing secret of Malbec is that it works well with pepper, sage, creamy mushroom sauces, melted cheese, and in particular, blue cheese. YUM!

Food And Wine Pairing With Squid

Have you ever wondered what food would go well with your ...

A simple well cooked squid meal should be buttery soft, melt-in-the-mouth delicious all on its own, and is typically paired with something fun and bubbly like a Prosecco or Cava. However, squid is one of those seafood meals that lends itself so well to mix and match seasonings and rich flavours, and these awesome flavours may overwhelm a light, fresh bubbly wine.

When pairing a squid meal, generally we will consider both the method of cooking, and any rich accompanying sauces that are to be served alongside the dish. Garlic is a favourite. Cayenne and Chilli flakes another. For these kinds of kicks we recommend a more fuller bodied white wine such as a Gewürztraminer or a Riesling. Allow the chart below to guide you.

Wine and Squid

Wine and squid pairing basics:

  • Simple squid dishes work well with sparkling wines such as prosecco or cava.
  • Squid meals usually require an acidic white wine to offset that natural seafood saltiness
  • Squid meals with rich seasoning such as chilli or garlic will appreciate a medium or full bodied aromatic white wine.
Squid Dish

Best resources for pairing wine and squid

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What Foods Go With Wine

To throw an impromptu party, you wont want to spend time preparing food. Think simple foods that dont require any cooking or baking. I like to build a cheese board to serve everything from. You can even build on different cheese boards to go with different types of red wines, sparkling wines, and white wines!

Here are a few ideas:

Snacks and Apps that pair well with both a light RED WINE or a WHITE WINE like a caramel-y Chardonnay!

And, of course, a variety of cheeses that go with wine. I should also note, that light berry fragrant Rosé and Sparkling White wine are just about good with ALL THE THINGS. In my my humble opinion. Either way, they are ARE A MUST at wine and cheese parties. Why? Because these lightly sweet wines are the perfect intro wine to those who may not be frequent wine connoisseurs. Aka wine newbies. I say that with no snobby wine face. Mmm k?

Cabernet Sauvignon: Molten Chocolate Cake

The key with pairing wine and chocolate is to consider the level of sugar and dairy fatwhat goes nicely with milk or white chocolate simply wouldn’t work for a darker, semi-sweet version. This decadent molten chocolate cake, which incorporates bittersweet chocolate, calls for a dry Cabits fruit-forward flavors enhance the richness of the dessert without overpowering it. If your sweet tooth is especially strong, you can also pair this cake with a dessert wine, like vintage or tawny port.

Get our recipe for Molten Chocolate Cake.

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Pizza And Wine Pairing

Two Italian favourites, pizza and Prosecco. What more could you want!?

Prosecco and pizza are an unexpected yet unbeatable wine pairing, and a particular favourite in the Veneto region of Italy where the highest quality Prosecco is produced. There are several amazing pizzerias in the region to prove it.

So why is Prosecco such an excellent pizza wine pairing?

The crisp acidity of the prosseco offsets the twang of the tomato sauce while cutting through the chewy dough and softening the fats of creamy mozzarella cheese. Plus Prosecco works well with plenty of other pizza toppings too.

Some of the best pizza toppings to pair with Prosecco include a classic margarita, goats cheese and spinach, fresh parma ham and rocket, and seafood. You also cant go wrong with a pizza bianco .

Pizza Capricciosa, which consists of a tomato base topped with cooked ham, mushrooms, artichokes and olives, is also a great pizza to pair with a brut Prosecco. Really not that surprising given that all of these toppings could also be served on an antipasto platter that pairs perfectly with Prosecco.

Identify The Basics Tastes

What Wine Goes Well With Chinese Food? | Food & Wine Pairings

In this day and age, weve learned that there are over 20 different tastes found in food from the basic, including sweet, sour and fat, to the extreme, including spicy, umami and electric. Fortunately you only need to focus on 6 tastes when pairing food and wine: Salt, Acid, Sweet, Bitter, Fat and Spice .

Basic Taste Components in Wine

For the most part, wine lacks the 3 tastes of fatness, spiciness and saltiness but does contain acidity, sweetness and bitterness in varying degrees. Generally speaking, you can group wines into 3 different categories:

  • Red wines have more bitterness.
  • White, rosé and sparkling wines have more acidity.
  • Sweet wines have more sweetness.
  • Basic Taste Components in Food

    Simplify a dish down to its basic dominant tastes. For example, baked macaroni has 2 primary components: fat and salt. Southern barbecue is a bit more complex and includes fat, salt, sweet and spice . Even dishes without meat can be simplified. For example, a green salad offers acidity and bitterness creamed corn offers fatness and sweetness.

    Consider the Intensity

    FOOD: Is the food super light or super rich? A salad may seem lighter, but perhaps the dressing is balsamic vinaigrette with high acidity. If the intensity of the dish isnt obvious at first, just focus on the power of each taste component .

    WINE: Is the wine light or bold? Here are a few examples:

    Need more examples? 8 Common Wines and Their Taste Profiles

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    Pb& j Sandwich And Fizzy Crisp White

    For those of you who put effort into snack time I commend you a PB& J doesnt have to be left alone, especially when its flavors go AWESOME with our Fizzy Crisp White. The sweetness of this wine goes well with the fruity/sugary-ness of the jelly, while the crispness helps to put a spotlight on that delicious peanut butter. What could be better than this pairing? A PB& J flipflop flavor! Jklolz, April Fools!

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    Pairing Meat And Wine

    Choosing the perfect wine to complement your main dish can make the meal that much more enjoyable. Pairings of wine and meat can depend on what sauces are being used or how lean the cut is. A little confused as to which wines to pair with your meal?

    Here is a look at what kinds of wine go best with meats from poultry to pork!

    When in doubt, a good Sauvignon Blanc goes with most light meals while Pinot Noir goes well with a lot of red meat dishes, as well as chicken and salmon dishes.

    What To Eat With Wine: 11 Fantastic Options

    6 Tips on Pairing Wine and Cheese

    Did you know that humans have been making wine for over 8,000 years?

    Since weve had such a long time to perfect the craft, its no wonder why so many people love treating themselves to a nice glass of wine.

    Do you want to learn what to eat with wine to make your leisure time even more luxurious? Keep reading for 11 delicious food and wine pairings.

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    Of Our Ongoing Series On Pairing Wine With Food

    Rosé is an often-overlooked category of wine. That’s a shame, we think, because it’s perfect for warm summer days, paired with virtually any warm-climate cuisine. There is a huge difference between American “blush” wines and true rosés, and the difference is like night and day. If you’ve tried just a glass or two and think rosé is just not for you, we strongly suggest you give it another look.

    What Food Goes With Meritage Wine

    4.8/5Pairing Wine with Food

    • Grilled Salmon: A rich, sweet fish goes well with both Pinot Noir or Chardonnay with good acidity.
    • Shellfish: These can be briny and very rich.
    • Grilled Fish: The smokiness of grilled fish tends to do better with a white with great citrus and richness.

    Thereof, what kind of wine is Meritage?

    A Red Meritage is a blend of two or more of the red “noble” Bordeaux varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot and the rarer St. Macaire, Gros Verdot and Carmenère. If the blend includes any other grape variety, it is, by definition, not a Meritage.

    Secondly, what does Meritage wine taste like? A meritage tastes just like Bordeaux, since it’s made with the same grapes!! There’s a rich, full aroma to it. Depending on the particular blend, it can be blackberry, black cherry, spices, chocolate, and vanilla. Most Meritages have the Bordeaux signature flavors – cigar box, rich fruits, with a hefty feel.

    Considering this, what food goes with red blend wine?

    Perfect BBQ & Wine Pairings:A full-bodied red blend is a great choice too. Portabella Mushroom Burgers: Juicy Syrah will show off this veggie favorite. Grilled Salmon or Tuna: Pair these rich fish with a Pinot Noir. BBQ Pork Ribs: Rich Syrah or fruity Zinfandel will stand up to the meaty goodness.

    Is Meritage wine sweet?

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    Pairing Snacks And Wine

    Moving Moment/Adobe

    A good deal of thought and experimentation on the part of sommeliers and wine experts have gone into finding suggestions for pairing food with wineâfrom cheese or steak and chicken to fish and spicy food. But itâs not always a steak-and-potato dinner or celebratory meal that calls for wine. Sometimes you just want to kick back on the couch and watch a movie or have a few friends over and pull out the chips or pretzels and a bottle of your favorite vino. But what goes with savory, crunchy âjunk foodâ?

    Whether you prefer red or whiteâor even Champagneâthereâs a bottle to uncork that will play just as nice with your snacks as it might with a steak. Following are a few suggestions to make pleasing pairingsâplus itâs always fun to experiment.

    Cheese CurlsCabernet Sauvignon: Cheddar cheese pairs well with the wineâs cherry and black currant flavors so could crunchy or puffy cheese curl snacks.

    Hummus DipPinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc for whites and Pinot Noir and Chianti for reds, suggest Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page in their book, What to Drink with What You Eat.

    PopcornChardonnayâs buttery qualities go great with buttery popcorn. Also try Champagne and other sparkling wines, especially with plain popcorn. More ideas: Pairing Cheesy Popcorn and Wine

    PretzelsWhite Zinfandelâs fruit with a little sweetness is a nice counterpoint to salty pretzels and also complements a tangy mustard dip.

    Read More:

    What Fruit Goes Well With White Wine

    What Goes Well with Rosé Wine?

    White wines range from very sweet to very dry, so there is almost always a good fruit pairing for any type of white wine. Sparkling whites with light sweetness and sweet wines like Muscat pair well with berries, while fruits like apples and pears go good with whites in the mid-sweetness range such as Pinot Grigio.

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    Cheeses That Go With Wine:

    Salty, hard cheeses pair well with wine, and so do soft cheeses. Again, an improptu wine and cheese party should be easy to prepare, so dont feel like you need to serve all of these.

    • Gouda the perfect pairing with Cabernet
    • Aged cheddar lovely with Malbec
    • Manchego try this one with a sparkly wine. Also, this is a sheep milk based cheese.
    • Ricotta goes well with Riesling
    • Parmesan delicious with a bubbly Prosecco
    • Gruyere a love fest with Chardonnay
    • Brie goes well with many wines, but my favorite is Merlot
    • Bleu cheese pairs well with a Pinot Noir or a sweet Port
    • Feta a bright red or dry Rose, slightly sweet wine is perfect with salty feta

    If youre looking for beautiful round block cheeses to fancy it up, I highly recommend Emmi Cheese!

    VEGAN or DAIRY FREE OPTIONS Can we Say YAY for real food based vegan cheese?! Yes we can! These are my favorite vegan cheese to serve on cheese boards.

    • Daiya Block Cheese
    • Or if youre looking for a more cheddar like Vegan/Paleo cheese dip, try my vegan queso. You can definitely fancy it up to make it wine and cheese party worthy. .

    Tip for BUILDING A CHARCUTERIE or CHEESE BOARD Focus on colors and combos. Ex: Orange and red . Greens and yellows . Throw it all together now and garnish with a herbs and flowers.

    Need to gave this all organized for you?! I gotcha covered. Printable FESTIVE CHEESE BOARD RECIPE and INGREDIENTS BELOW! Yeaaas!

    Keywords: cheese boards, appetizers, cheese and wine, healthy, holiday entertaining

    Food And Wine Pairing Basics

    Learn food and wine pairing basics so you can create your own pairings. This guide will show you the steps on how to pair. Youll also learn what to look for in a recipe in order to make great wine matches.

    A great food and wine pairing creates a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine.

    As much as pairing food and wine is complex, the basics are simple to grasp.

    9 Tips For Pairing Wine & Food

    If youre just getting started, youll find these tried-and-true methodologies to produce consistently great pairings. That said, as you get more familiar with different wines, youll become confident and can experiment breaking the rules!

  • The wine should be more acidic than the food.
  • The wine should be sweeter than the food.
  • The wine should have the same flavor intensity as the food.
  • Red wines pair best with bold flavored meats .
  • White wines pair best with light-intensity meats .
  • Bitter wines are best balanced with fat.
  • It is better to match the wine with the sauce than with the meat.
  • More often than not, White, Sparkling and Rosé wines create contrasting pairings.
  • More often than not, Red wines will create congruent pairings.
  • Congruent Pairings vs Contrasting Pairings

    A contrasting pairing creates balance by contrasting tastes and flavors.

    A congruent pairing creates balance by amplifying shared flavor compounds.

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    Specific German Riesling Food

    Depending on the specific region, German Rieslings tend to show more apple, pear or citrus and even tropical fruit notes along with lower alcohol levels, oftentimes with a sweet touch and always good acidity. German Rieslings are known for pairing well with the likes of Chinese food, Cajun cuisine, Tex-Mex , roasted pork, roasted duck or goose, seafood, Thai food, and even salad dressings with hard-to-pair ingredients like vinegar.

    German Rieslings are categorized by how ripe they are when picked . The higher the sugar level, the sweeter the wine and more potential for alcohol depending on the winemaker’s vinification methods. Below are six of the most common grape ripeness classifications used on German bottles and what foods tend to work well with each.

  • KabinettThis is Germany’s driest Riesling, with a fairly light body. Kabinett works well with seafood, Asian, Thai, sushi, veggies, garlic and lighter poultry or pork entrees.
  • SpatleseThis is often an off-dry wine with a medium body. Spatlese works well with spicy fare, fruit dishes, lobster, scallops and fish, pork, BLT sandwiches, and smoked meat.
  • AusleseA fantastic pick for avocados, rich cheese, crab, goat cheese, foie gras, and rich textured dishes.
  • BeerenausleseThis is where Riesling wines take a decided turn into the “sweet” category. This category of Riesling is amazing with caramel, apple, peaches and cream, sweet desserts and pies.
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