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Where To Buy Sardinian Cannonau Wine

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What is Cannonau anyway? : Episdode 383

Dans ce secteur ouest de la Sardaigne, les routes colorées de jaune de la carte Michelin sont souvent bordées de vert. Indiscutablement, les paysages valent le détour! En fait, depuis la Costa Verde, un peu plus au sud, jusquà Bosa et lembouchure du fleuve Temo, sétend une côte propice aux séjours estivaux, mais protégée de toute construction et station balnéaire dédiée au tourisme de masse. Nous ne sommes pas très en avance, mais Pietro Marchi prend le chemin des éco

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Cannonau is the Grenache of Italy. It thrives in Sardinia. The Pala family are winemaking royalty here, and theyve created this from 40-year-old vines. Its intense and full, with notes of summer berries and pepper. Pair this with cold-cut meats.

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Dolia Cannonau Di Sardegna Total Wine & More
    As in Sicily, in Sardinia a quest for quality wine is happily overtaking the traditional emphasis on quantity. Until 1708, Sardinia was a colony of Spain, so hints of classic Spanish style are apparent in some of the islands wines. Cannonau, Sardinias best-known red grape, is descended from Garnacha brought from Spain centuries ago.Brand: Dolia

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Introduction To Sardinian Wine

Get to know Sardinias top wines and where they come from on this exotic Mediterranean island.

Sardinia is one of the best deals Europe has to offer. It has white sandy beaches, turquoise clear waters and rugged, quintessential island landscape. Actually, Sardinia is even better than that: theres a treasure of wines to discover as well! Lets discover the primary wines youll get to drink from Sardinia. Its time to start planning your next winecation

Picture this. Off the coast at Capo SantElia and Sella del Diavolo in Cagliari, Sardinia Cagliari Cristiano Cani

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Cardedu Cannonau Caladu
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What Is Cannonau Wine

Cannonau wine is a red wine made on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Its made from the Grenache grape, and the wine is typically dry and high in tannins. These tannins are thought to be the source of powerful antioxidant properties, which help prevent disease and aging. Because of this, Cannonau is regarded as being healthier than most red wines and potentially contributing to longevity. In addition to the wine, the Sardinian diet and lifestyle are also being studied to learn how we can model it and live longer.

A glass of red wine is a great way to end a long day, and it turns out that its good for you, as well. 4 Red Wine Health Benefits Worthy of a Toast

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Final Thoughts On Sardinian Wine

For a prize winning Sardinian wine, make sure to invest on a bottle of Turriga. Produced by the Argiolas winery of Serdiana , this wonderful wine is a blend of 85% Cannonau and 5% each of Bovale Sardo, Malvasia Nera and Carignano. Expect to pay $40 a bottle as a minimum but I promise you wont regret it.

Get your bottle of Turriga here.

While the idyllic Sardinia might often be regarded as a beach vacation spot, it really is quite the haven for delectable Italian wine. With so many native varieties carefully cultivated and kept in existence with a rare level of earnestness, Sardinia is truly a magical place for wine.

Whether you are planning a trip to Sardinia or planning on ordering your next case of wine, I hope this article illuminated you on the best Sardinian wines out there. I have a certain level of reverence for them, and I hope that it has shown through and perhaps, that it lit a little spark in you.

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How Do I Buy Cannonau Wine

Dolia Cannonau di Sardegna Wine

Although the size of Sardinia keeps its wine production limited, you can purchase Cannonau wine around the world. Some of our top picks are below. Youll notice that the prices are reasonable for a wine of this quality, but that may change as the popularity increases. Be sure to get in on these great prices while they last!

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Organoleptic Characteristics Of Cannonau Wine

The bouquet of the Canonau is intense, enveloping, and ample with red fruits such as cherries, red flowers, sweet spices, oregano and other aromatic herbs, myrtle, Mediterranean scrub, and balsamic traits. There are various interpretations: the young drinkable and non-spicy ones, and then the full-bodied, refined wines that spend years in cask to carve the concentration.

Winemaking And Wines By The Wagner Family

Caymus Vineyards currently produces two Cabernet Sauvignon wines, the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon. To achieve the flavors and aromas desired in both of these wines, the grapes are left to hang on the vine for longer than those of neighboring properties. During this hang time, the fruit develops a higher maturity of tannins and deeper, more concentrated colors. Although this technique risks losing the fruit if winter comes early and frost destroys the crop, it results in a greater suppleness in the finished wines and an abundance of tannins, which are nevertheless velvet-soft. The vineyard team also practices crop thinning as a way to allow more sunlight to reach the fruit and help ripen them. The Caymus Napa Valley has become known for its signature dark color, along with rich and ripe cassis fruit aromas and soft tannins. The blend includes fruit from eight of Napas 16 sub-appellations: Howell Mountain, Atlas Peak, Oak Knoll, Yountville, Rutherford, St. Helena, Wooden Valley and Calistoga.

Besides Caymus Vineyards and Conundrum, the Wagner Family Wines portfolio also includes brands Meiomi, Mer Soleil and Belle Glos.

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Vintage Sweet Wines That Adults Drank When They Were Teenagers

Pala Cannonau I Fiore, Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

First off before I get into this article, I want to make it clear that I DO NOT CONDONE UNDERAGE DRINKING. The purpose of this article is for those adults who remember what is was like to be a teenager, sneaking around drinking inexpensive wines.We were wrong, we did it, but lets move on

Okay, for those of you who remember drinking wine when you were a teenager, raise your hand

For those of you who didnt raise your hand, you:A: May be lying B: Didnt wanna raise your hand C: Really didnt drink D: Thought raising your hand is a stupid thing to do since I cant see you anyway.

If I were you, I woulda chose D.

But for the large number of you who at least silently admitted to yourself that you did drink wine when you were a teenager, this article is for you.

There were a good selection of cheap wines to choose from, some going as low as 49 cents a bottle. So how did we acquire these long-necked glass jugs of illegal fermented grapes?

Some kids resorted to stealing their wine this was in the day when there were no alarms to go off if you were sneaking something out the door under your coat.

Gilbert was in his 50s and didnt drive, so we gave him the necessary cash and drove him into town. Stopping at the local small grocery, we waited in the car while Gilbert went in. Some time later, out he comes with exactly what we needed. We drove him back to his muck field shack, slipped him a buck, and off we went.

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Lastly The #1 Wine Of Sardinia: Cannonau

Of course, no overview of Sardinia would be complete without mentioning Cannonau the most planted variety by far and concentrated in the center of the island. It gives its best on warm, gravely/pebbly soils that limit its natural productivity. The wines are generally high in alcohol and lower in acidity providing for nice round flavors. The intense scents of dark red berries, plum and tobacco are reflected in the taste where notes of chocolate and coffee from oak casks make their appearance. Its a wine worth aging and does extremely well in blends such as the Mandrolisai .

The Founding Of Joseph Swan Vineyards

Are you Mr. Swan?Is there/was there a Joe Swan?How did the winery get its name? The winery was named by Joe Swan when he founded it forty eight years ago. Joe came to winemaking from an unlikely background. He grew up the son of teetotaler parents in the farm country of North Dakota. He was an avid reader , and he happened to read about wine. Not lacking for imagination but definitely lacking for grapes, he nonetheless set out to make wine. Using his mothers ringer washing machine, he squeezed the juice from some rhubarb from the garden, and, in a crock he had secreted in the attic, proceeded to produce his first wine. History doesnt record the score this first effort received from the critics, but one can safely assume that it didnt rival his later efforts! Nonetheless, the beginning of a quest to become a winemaker was born.

Joel Peterson, Joe Swan & André Tchelistcheff

In 1968 Joe made wine from the few remaining Zinfandel vines. Then, at the urging of his friend and mentor André Tchelistcheff, began replanting with the cool climate varietals Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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Caymus Vineyards Wines: Key Points

The Wagner family is proud to showcase a collection of wines that have earned a reputation for quality and consistency, sourced from premier winegrowing regions of California and beyond. Its been over 45 years since Chuck Wagner, along with his parents, Charlie and Lorna Wagner, founded Caymus Vineyards in Rutherford, Napa Valley. Chuck continues to make two world-renowned Cabernet Sauvignon under the Caymus label from Napa Valley. His older son, Charlie, is Director of Winemaking for Conundrum, which has been a leader in the white blend category since its launch in 1989.

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Cannonau: Wine Grape Variety History And Organoleptic Characteristics Of The The Oldest Wine In Europe

Cannonau, what is it? : Episode 475

Cannonau is the most widespread native red grape variety in Sardinia, indeed it is the oenological symbol of Sardinia.

Until 2002 it was thought that the Cannonau vine was a mutation of the Grenache, arrived on the island with the Aragonese, but then a group of archeologists found Cannonau seeds in 2002 in Borore, in the archaeological site of Duos Nuraghes. And so the hypothesis of the Spanish descent went into smoke. In one fell swoop, from a clone of a Spanish grape, Cannonau becomes the oldest grape of the Mediterranean. Not that these medals have importance, but now we understand the strong bond between this wine and Sardinia.

According to the latest hypotheses, the Cannonau comes from the East and was imported to the island by the Phoenicians, true colonizers, and propellers of wine-growing in the Mediterranean.

But lets get to the wine! Cannonau is a powerful, structured wine, with powerful tannins, low acidity, warmth, spicy tones, and a round fruit made of plums and cherries. Certainly keeping the alcohol and the vigor of Cannonau at bay is difficult, Sardinia is beaten by breezes and this helps to make the wines savory and rich in iodine suggestions, but the warm climate tends to ripen the grapes bringing them to a strong sugar concentration.

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What Are Some Tj Swan Wine Flavors
    No one knows why the manufacturer of T.J. Swan wine stopped producing it. However, there is a great variety of wine available at various price points to satisfy a variety of tastes and budgets. Current popular brands valued by collectors include Domaine de la Ramanee-Conti and Chateau Margaux.

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What Is The Sardinian Diet And Lifestyle

The Sardinian diet is also enjoying the spotlight because of the Sardinian peoples longevity. The Sardinian diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet, but it includes foods that are considered to be especially healthful. Sheeps milk and goats milk, barley, fennel, fava beans, chickpeas, and of course Cannonau wine, are all thought to be very helpful to longevity. The Sardinians plant-based diets, combined with habits of regular exercise, are thought to be key to their long lives.

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Cannonau Di Sardegna Doc Riserva Wine

Image for Cannonau Di Sardegna DOC 2015 from LCBO


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Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

Cannonau grapes are the very symbol of Sardinia. It is a proud, generous wine, which matures during ageing in centuries-old oak barrels, developing a complex, elegant nose. The warm, dry palate is nicely balanced with slight hints of plums and oak. It goes well with all red meat dishes and is excellent with game.

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  • Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

    Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

    Cannonau grapes are the very symbol of Sardinia. It is a proud, generous wine, which matures during ageing in centuries-old oak barrels, developing a complex, elegant nose. The warm, dry palate is nicely balanced with slight hints of plums and oak. It goes well with all red meat dishes and is excellent with game.

    Vol 13.5

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Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

VARIETY: Cannonau, Sardinias best-known red variety, as proud and wild as inland Sardinians themselves. The grape is known in France as Grenache and in Spain as Alicante.

PRODUCTION AREA: The Cannonau vine thrives both on the warm, sandy soils of the Sardinian coastline and on the harsh, rocky terrain of the islands mountainous interior. At Sella& Mosca, Cannonau is grown in the southeastern part of the estate, where it is exposed to the Grecale wind.

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