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It’s The Catalina Wine Mixer

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Listen To Concerts On The Beach In Catalina For 2nd Annual Mixer On Sept 23 Santa Catalina Wine Mixer

Step Brothers – Catalina Wine Mixer Clip

Is the wildly insane, Catalina Wine Mixer scene from the Will Ferrell madcap classic comedy, Step Brothers anything at all like the real-life Catalina Wine Mixer at Descanso Beach Club? If you are curious about the possibility, the second annual real-life mixer happens September 23-25. Santa Catalina Wine Mixer

The Wine Mixer title is a bit deceiving for this is a weekend-long experience highlighting live music, which is far more than wine. Although there certainly will be wine available everywhere to purchase and wine tasting will occur , it is the concerts that are the real attraction. Santa Catalina Wine Mixer

The proceedings begin on Friday, Sept. 23 at 7:30 p.m. with a screening of Step Brothers at the historic Casino Theatre. Two men in their 30s still live with their parents, one with his father, the other with his mother. The parents meet, fall in love and marry, making the two men step brothers. Santa Catalina Wine Mixer

Saturdays outdoor entertainment begins on the beach at 6:30 p.m. at Descanso Beach Club. The show starts with DJ Ayla. Then the three member Welsh electric band, The Joy Formidable opens the live show. At 8:30 p.m. the featured act, KONGOS take the stage. This is a hard-driving rock band that creates a unique, signature sound combining electric slide guitar and an acoustic accordion.

This Year Will Be The Catalina Wine Mixers Sixth Annual Taking Place On Friday And Saturday September 10th

Just a short stroll from Avalons center, The Catalina Wine Mixer features dancing, food, music, helicopters, and naturally a screening of the iconic movie that started it all at Catalinas equally iconic Avalon Theatre in the Catalina Casino.

For those who are making a weekend of it, Catalina Island Company is offering a VIP package at $369 which includes a Friday evening VIP reception at Island Spa Catalina featuring Laguna Beachs own 2019/2020 Artist of the Year Jason Feddy, followed by the Step Brothers screening, which are also both open to the public. On Saturday, September 11th, ,VIP guests get private lounge access at Catherines Terrace, and five wine tasting tickets.

General admission tickets are $79 and include two wine tasting tickets and access to the Saturday event which will feature eight bands and DJs throughout the day .

VisitCatalinaIsland.com is also offering lodging packages at two of the most popular hotels in the center of Avalon, the Pavilion Hotel and Hotel Atwater.

The most popular way to get to Catalina is to board the Catalina Express from Dana Point, Downtown Long Beach, or San Pedro, or take the Catalina Flyer from Newport Beach . If youd rather come by private boat, contact Avalon Harbor Department for a mooring assignment ASAP as they fill up!

Or, if youre really trying to get the full Catalina Wine Mixer experience, fly into Catalinas Airport in the Sky by private plane or helicopter.

See you at the Mixer!

Catalina Wine Mixer Faq

Did we just become best friends?

Yes, of course!

Is the Catalina Wine Mixer the biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western Hemisphere?

Not exactly, but there will be helicopters. The Catalina Wine Mixer is a fun Step Brothers-inspired weekend of music, food, fun, and of course wine. But there will be helicopters.

Is there a late boat returning to the mainland on Saturday, September 11?

There will likely be an 11:58 pm departure from Avalon to Long Beach on Saturday, June 4. Or you could book one of our Catalina Wine Mixer Lodging Packages and enjoy an extra day of island fun on Sunday, June 5.

Will there be wine at the Original Catalina Wine Mixer?

Yes, of course. More than 15 wineries from up and down the West Coast bring their best vintages for you to sample and purchase. VIP tickets include complimentary tastings.

Can I buy a ticket for the movie in the Catalina Casino Theatre Friday?

Yes, individual tickets to Step Brothers will be available on Friday. They can be purchased at the box office at the entrance to the Avalon Theatre in Catalina Casino. They are also available online in advance.

Do you have to have a VIP Pass to attend the Friday night DJ at Descanso Beach Club?

No, this event is open to the public.

Do you have to be 21 to attend the Catalina Wine Mixer?

Yes. We welcome all guests 21 and over.

Can I bring outside food and beverage into Descanso Beach Club?

Can I bring a lawn chair or blanket?

How do I get to Catalina Island?

Can I bring my pet?

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Its The Catalina Wine Mixer

CATALINA Join fellow wine lovers, foodies, and Step Brothers fanatics on June 3-4 at the Annual Catalina Wine Mixer at Descanso Beach in Avalon. The Catalina Wine Mixer is presented by The Catalina Island Company and is one of SoCals most unique and entertaining wine and music events. Events include a screening of the movie Step Brothers at 8 p.m. on June 3, VIP reception, wine tasting, live concerts, DJs, and more.

You can opt for the General Admission Package and add on specific upgrades based on your interests, or get the works with the VIP package.

General Admission is $79 and is valid for the Catalina Wine Mixers main event on June 4 at Descanso Beach Club from 4 p.m. 10 p.m. General Admission includes a wine tasting punch card for two wine tastings.

VIP includes early access to wine tasting booths, a wine tasting punch card for five wine tastings, an up-close with Winemakers by Melier, and whiskey and spirits tasting. The VIP parties get underway from 5 p.m., with an exclusive reception at Island Spa Catalina.

Also, enjoy the June 3 Opening Bash in front of the Casino with tacos, beer, wine for purchase, live entertainment, and a Friday night Beach Party at Descanso Beach Club.

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TikTok video from Bill Dees : “Step Brothers #movie #favorite #comedy #00s #willferrell #viral #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fyp”. The Catalina Wine Mixer. original sound.



TikTok video from X_xRPJx_X : “”It’s The F*cken Catalina Wine Mixer!” #willferrell #brennanhuff #johncreilly #daledoback #stepbrothers #thecatalinawinemixer #prestigeworldwide”. Rock The F*ck Outta Those Drums Dale!. original sound.


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Now What About The Wine

Take heed: this is not a fancy wine-tasting event. This is a wine drinking event, as evidenced by the hearty pours from the vendors lined up and down the lawn of the beach club. The vendors included mostly California wineries, adding to the very-specific California feeling.

Image Source: Santa Catalina Island Company

Catalina Wine Mixer Everything You Need To Know

The Catalina Wine Mixer was established as an annual event in 2015 after the wildly popular Catalina Wine Mixer scene from Will Ferrells movie, Step Brothers . Offering live bands, DJs, entertainment, gourmet food and wine at one of southern Californias most coveted beachside destinations, the Catalina Wine Mixer has become a must-do experience for young people.

One thing thats important to note about the Catalina Wine Mixer is its distinctions from traditional wine festivals on Catalina Island. Traditional wine festivals, like the ones hosted on Two Harbors and Avalon, feature:

  • Tasting extravaganzas featuring the finest local and imported wines
  • Unlimited tastings of all participating wineries
  • Silent auctions
  • Guides explaining the history of the wine
  • Excellent entrees and desserts
  • Family friendly environment

On the other hand, the Catalina Wine Mixer is a unique experience which attracts an abundance of millennials who drink on the beach, dance, and relish life together. Its less of a proper wine tasting event and more of a fun beach party. This event is best suited for young adults looking to enjoy themselves.

Young singles and couples from all over the world flock to the Catalina Wine Mixer to experience this unique phenomenon. And, why wouldnt they? The weather is perfect, the food is fantastic, the music is phenomenal, and the location is gorgeous. Many leave feeling like theyve experienced the best time of their lives.

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The Funniest Part Of The Film

While it may be up for debate, the Catalina Wine Mixer scene in the movie is basically everything. Dale and Brennan are on the outs, plus Brennan is working the event for his jerky brother, Derek, played brilliantly by Adam Scott.

The entire event is on Brennans shoulders. But, he is pleased he hired Dales catering company. T hings turn sour when the 80s only Billy Joel cover band gets heckled so hard, the band storms off the stage. Suddenly, Dale is inspired to save the day and takes to the drum set. Finally, Brennan joins and the two unleash a musical performance designed to make angels weep.

In fact, the entire crowd is moved as people are embracing. The line Its the f**king Catalina Wine Mixer is hysterically delivered by several cast members with such conviction. It becomes a signature stamp for the film.

How Old Is The Catalina Wine Mixer

“It’s the f**kin’ Catalina Wine Mixer!!!” – Step Brothers

The catalina wine mixer was established as an annual event in 2015 after the popular catalina wine mixer scene from the film anchorman: the legend of ron burgundy. This years event will take place on Saturday, September 29th from 10 a.m. to 4 p. m. at the San Diego Convention Center. The event is free and open to the public.

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The Catalina Wine Mixer Is Coming

Catalina Wine Mixer details are firming up for 2019. Dates are currently September 6 7, 2019. The Catalina Island Company continues to host the shindig and promises a highly entertaining lineup.

According to the companys event page, event goers can expect a fun-packed weekend. Live music, DJs, dancing, great food, fine wine, fantastic cocktails and a special screening of Step Brothers at historic Avalon Theatre. Theres even a Step Brothers theme party and costume contest.

What It’s Really Like To Go To The Step Brothers

Image Source: Santa Catalina Island Company

Before 2015, Step Brothers was just another funny R-rated comedy from the aughts, a boon to the film résumés of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly along with talent who would go on to bigger things, like director Adam McKay, who broke out of the genre last year and earned an Oscar nomination for The Big Short. Like The Hangover and Old School, Step Brothers was filed away as a quotable, fun movie, but not much more beyond that. Then, the first Catalina Wine Mixer happened in September 2015, and suddenly, Step Brothers achieved cult classic status. Because of one climactic scene at the end of the movie set at a fictional event on the Southern California island tourism inspiration was born.

Image Source: Everett Collection

I remember how social media exploded in 2015 at the event’s first announcement, how Santa Catalina island was embracing an opportunity for a novelty event , and perhaps attract a younger, hipper demographic. The “official” Catalina Wine Mixer was born, then came and went. If it had been a one-time thing, it could have just been one of those fun trivia bullets on the movie’s IMDb page. But when it was announced this year for the second annual event, it was clear that Catalina had more than just a novelty on its hands. I was invited to check out this year’s event, and being a big fan of the movie Step Brothers, and also, emphatically, wine, I had to check it out.

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The Catalina Wine Mixer Is A Real Thing And Were Going

The 2008 Will Farrell movie, Step Brothers, is based around Wills character, Brennan, putting together the crème de la crème of all events:


Its a seriously BIG deal as you can see in this scene. But despite any doubt, Will somehow pulls it off in perfect Farrell-movie magic, ending with him belting out Andrea Bocelli’s classic ballad, Por ti Volare with his step-brother John C. Reilly on drums, casually peppering the phrase, Boats n Hoes, into each hook because why not?

The menagerie of obscure happenings worked, and the outdoor gala on Catalina Island was officially a success.

Start Your Day With Laist


It may have been seven years since Step Brothers was released in theaters, but the memory of the “F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer” from the comedy is still alive and kicking. A real-life festival inspired by the events that unfolded in the movie is taking place on Catalina Island on September 13.

Over at the Descanso Beach Club in Avalon, the Original Catalina Wine Mixer will have a wine tasting, gourmet food, live bands and DJs. And yes, there will be helicopter rides to and from the event if you just so happen to be a baller.

In case you don’t remember, the “F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer”as the event is referred to many times in the movieis the “biggest helicopter leasing event in the western hemisphere since 1997,” as Brennan’s pompous and more successful younger brother Derek tells him in the film. Brennan tells his brother why he wants to throw the mixer: “‘Cause I want to make bank, bro. I want to get ass. I want to drive a Range Rover.”

Also to refresh your memory, after Uptown Girl, the strictly ’80s-only Billy Joel cover band performing at the mixer gets thrown off the stage, Brennan and his step brother take the stage and perform the “Por Ti Volare” opera in an epic way.

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What Is The Step Brothers Company Called

Dale and brennan founded a company called prestige worldwide. At the end of the episode, they present their first music video, Boats \N Hoes, which they filmed on Robert\s boat. The episode ends with a montage of scenes from the show, including a scene with Dale and Dales wife, Diane, and a shot of Dale on the beach with his family.

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Please Let It Be Real

Pretty much any Step Brothers fan wished the Catalina Wine Mixer could be real. The event itself seems glorious. P lus being set on Catalina Island sounds heavenly.

Ben Villalobos, who moved to Catalina from England thought the same thing. He took a job as Corporate Director of Special Events at the Catalina Island Company and asked, So, when is this event? Los Angeles Magazine reports.

At the time the event did not exist, but Villalobos wasnt going to take no for an answer. He launched the first Catalina Wine Mixer and the party continues today. The first event was just a day-long festival. However, now the festival has exploded with far more than an 80s Billy Joel cover band providing entertainment.

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What Is The Catalina Wine Mixer From Step Brothers

On september 13 at descanso beach club, the catalina wine mixer will feature live bands, djs, gourmet food and fine wine. Its likely that this will be the last time youll see Island Express Helicopters on the island, because they are one of the event sponsors.

First of all, you cant bring your own food or drink. Youll have to order it at the bar. And third, dont expect to see anyone from the band. Theyre on tour right now.

How Much Does The Catalina Wine Mixer Cost

Its the Catalina Wine Mixer!

Admission $79 The General Admission ticket is valid for the SATURDAY, JUNE 4 event at Descanso Beach Club. This ticket includes admission to the event, a commemorative t-shirt, and a souvenir glass.

For more information, please visit www.descansobayclub.com or call . $119 The general admission ticket for Saturday, June 4, 2018, is a limited-time offer and is only available for purchase at the Descendants of the American Revolution ticket booth.

For more information, please visit www.descansobayclub.com or call . $119 The general admission ticket for Saturday, June 4, 2018, is a limited-time offer and is only available for purchase at the Descendants of the American Revolution ticket booth. Tickets are limited to one per person and must be purchased in advance.

The ticket will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be sure to arrive early to secure your spot! Tickets will not be sold on-site.

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