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Where To Buy Wine Tumbler

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Best Value: Libbey Stemless Wine Glass Party Set

Primula S/4 Wine Tumbler Handle & Straw Accessory Sets on QVC

At just $31 for 12 pieces, this stemless wine glass set from Libbey is an affordable way to stock a first apartment or prepare for having guests over. Just order the inexpensive set before hosting dinners or parties so that you don’t have to worry about your go-to wine glasses accidentally breaking. The set includes six stemless glasses with wider bowls for red wine and six slightly narrower glasses for white wine. Even though it comes out to just over $2.50 per glass, customers are still impressed by their “solid quality.” One wrote: “These Libbey perform great and come at such a great price, so you won’t cringe when someone breaks one.”

To buy: $31 for 12 at

Best For Red Wine: Schott Zwiesel Stemless Wine Glass

If you want a set of dedicated stemless wine glasses for your red wines, opt for these Schott Zwiesel tumblers with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. There’s one set designed for Bordeaux reds and another that’s meant for Burgundy redsboth will accentuate the features of your favorite red wines because they have wide bowls for optimal air exposure. “They clean very easily and dry without water spots. I have been getting compliments on them every time I use to serve guests,” wrote one shopper, while another added, “These are well worth the premium over ordinary glasses.”

To buy: $60 for 6 at

How Long Does Corkcicle Take To Ship

Currently,the brand only delivers within the United States. This Corkcicle tumbler review will break down the shipping options for you below:

  • Standard FedEx: 69 business daysfor $7
  • FedEx ground shipping: 57 business days for $9
  • FedEx Overnight: $30

According to the website, orders placed after 1 PM EST will be processed on the next business day. Corkcicle does not ship on weekends.

Once your order has been placed, you can track it at the following link:

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Crate And Barrel Bodega Mixed Glasses Set Of 18

In formal settings, such as winery tastings or events, Eric Kohler, the technical director of the Bordeaux Châteaux at Domaines Barons de Rothschild will usually go for a range of varietal-specific glasses.

But for a kitchen cabinet, he recommends something a little more casual: some nice tumbler glasses. Recently, we have been sipping our fresh, citrus-forward Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes over ice with lemon zest in a simple glass tumbler, he shares. This is a refreshing alternative to a summer cocktail, and easy to prepare, since you don’t need to go out and buy lots of ingredients or a high-priced set of stemware. Kohler points out that you can certainly make use of whats already on your shelves, of course. But if youre looking to treat yourself to something new, this set of 18 tumblers in various sizes from Crate and Barrel is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can be used for practically any wine or other drink of choice plus, they stack nicely, saving you precious storage space.

Is Corkcicle Worth It

Buy Treebridge 12 Oz. Stemless Double Wall Stainless Steel ...

This Corkcicle tumbler review has carefully considered customer reviews and product features to determine that yes, their drinkware and accessories are worth a purchase.

An overwhelming number of customers praised the brand for canteens and tumblers that are thoughtfully designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind.

The metal is BPA-free, the exterior finishes are unique, and reviewers particularly approve of the temperature control ability. Perfect for cold water enthusiasts and slow-sipping morning coffee drinkers!

Like any product that youre taking on the go, Corkcicle bottles are not 100% leakproof and yours may be subjected to scratches and chips when coming into contact with other surfaces.

This Corkcicle tumbler review recommends taking advantage of their frequent sales and Afterpay plans if trying out products for the first time, and gauging the size before using anything, so you can return it for free within 30 days.

As the brand grows, hopefully, they will also offer international shipping and refine their customer service.

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Best Overall: Schott Zwiesel Universal Stemless Wine Glasses

Whether you prefer red, white, or rosé, you can reach for these Schott Zwiesel stemless wine glasses. They have a universal shape that accommodates most types of wine, and they’re made of tough crystal glass that’s actually dishwasher-safe. Even people who don’t usually drink out of stemless wine glasses call these their “go-to” glasses. Customers especially love how versatile they arethe stemless wine glasses can be used for everyday beverages as well as cocktails. “These are now my favorite all-purpose glasses,” one wrote. “I use them for wine, water, soda, tea, and just about everything else. They appear fragile but they are surprisingly durable. Other fine glasses are always hand-washed, but I feel comfortable putting these in the dishwasher.”

To buy: $48 for 6 at

What Customers Have To Say

One Amazon customer loves the gorgeous colors and the removable lid of this wine tumbler, so there are no awkward dribbles. It keeps her wine at the perfect temperature. She also found the silicone base great for outdoor use, and it doesn’t slide around so that the bottom won’t get scratched up.

Another shopper said that this keeps his evening wine cold the entire time and lets him enjoy it more at a slower pace winding down for the evening.

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Ecovessel Aspen Trimax Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water & Wine Bottle

Chances are if you’re having a picnic or an outdoor dinner party, you’ll be taking the whole bottle of wine along with you. It makes sense to protect the whole wine bottle in the same way you are protecting the individual cups. This wine thermos has TriMax Triple Insulation and is vacuum insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 80 hours and hot for up to 16 hours. That means if you are on a camping trip, that wine will be good to go all weekend long. The thermos protects wine via a double layer of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, a copper inner, and a soft silicone base that means there’s a whole lot of insulation keeping that Chianti ready to enjoy.

Buy It: $32

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BrMate Uncork’d 14 oz. Insulated Wine Glass

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Manna Stainless-Steel Insulated Tumblers, 4-Pack

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Nude Terroir White Wine Glass Set Of 2

For whites, I prefer a slightly larger glass than the standard white glasses, so I look to brands that make them, says Mowery. I always use a white wine glass for Champagne because the flutes although pretty for gazing at bubbles don’t allow for much aromatic release.

Turkish glassware brand NUDE is a personal go-to for Mowery, and the Terroir white wine glass fits the bill. Not many Americans know about this brand yet most think Riedel is the best since they’ve done a lot of marketing here, but that’s like saying Dom is the best Champagne. They’re good brands but they have great competitors, she said. NUDEs wine glasses are made of lead-free crystal, are strikingly thin and relatively affordable in comparison to Riedel .

Best Splurge: Corkcicle Double

Courtesy of Shop Bop

These Corkcicle Double-Walled Glass Tumblers are perfect for outdoor use. They work well for any wine and hot drinks, too. Made from super lightweight glass, the insulated tumblers maintain temperatures well and have flat, easy-grip sides. Though the glasses are dishwasher safe, its recommended that you hand wash most Corkcicle products. Choose from a clear or iridescent finish.

With the insulation of stainless steel minus the feel of metal on your lips, this 9-ounce, dishwasher safe wine tumbler features a ceramic-coated interior, lip and rim. The space between the steel and ceramic-coated layers is vacuum-sealed for ultimate temperature preservation both stainless steel and ceramic are non-reactive, so there won’t be any unwanted flavors imparted by the tumbler’s interior. Note that the lid is not included and must be purchased separately.

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No More Broken Wine Glasses

Made from sturdy, stainless steel, our wine tumblers are virtually shatter-proof. How many times have you or a friend accidently knocked a wine glass over during a dinner party? With our wine tumblers, this problem is completely eliminated. Now, you can keep your fancy glasses for special occasions and use the tumbler to keep your drink cold and avoid unnecessary clean-up. At tailgates and barbecues, you can skip the plastic cups and enjoy your wine from a tumbler designed to look and feel just like a stemless wine glass without the fear of breaking a glass.

Corkcicle Promotions & Discounts


This Corkcicle tumbler review found a few ways for customers to save some money. For example, you can receive 10% off your first order when you sign up for the email newsletter.

On the standard Corkcicle sale page, there are plenty of reduced Tumblers and bottles. Certain products are discounted up to 60% off.

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Best For Champagne: Riedel O Stemless Champagne Glasses

Traditional stemmed Champagne flutes can tip over pretty easily, but these Riedel stemless Champagne glasses are elegant enough for toasts with much less of a chance of being knocked over. As one person puts it, “They still ‘clink’ just like stemmed flutes.” Customers really appreciate how stable and sturdy the glasses are and praise their narrow shape that’s “ideal for concentrating the delightful scents of a dry bubbly.” One thing to keep in mind is that the glasses might feel like they’re on the smaller side if you’re used to stemmed flutes, but a handful of shoppers say they’re still the perfect size for their drinks. “After receiving them and using them for several weeks now, they’ve become one of my favorite glasses for sparkling wine,” one wrote.

To buy: $31 for 2 at

Schott Zwiesel Pure Mixed Cabernet & Sauvignon Blanc Set Of 8

When in doubt, experiment. Winemaker Gérard Bertrand, a leader in Frances biodynamic wine scene, recommends taking a personal approach to determining what kind of stemware works best for you and your preferred wines you can easily achieve this by purchasing a quality variety pack of glasses, as long as theyre fine-lipped and durable. Then, the fun begins.

For each of our wines that we hold dear, we choose the perfect glass according to the style and the color of the wine, and the moment of consumption for which it is intended, says Bertrand, who explains:

We identify the ideal glass, taking into account the depth, the fineness, the height, et cetera to do so, we organize comparative tastings in groups, during which we all taste the same wine in several glasses. Each one gives an opinion and we eliminate successively the glasses to end up with the one ultimate glass for the wine. It is a very interesting and fun experience that awakens all the senses. A very nice idea of an activity for an evening between friends or for future spouses that want to have fun while choosing the perfect wine and glass match.

Schott Zweisel is a trusted name in glassware, and a set like this should do the trick you can pad the experience with a handful of other glasses you already own.

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Corkcicle Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Corkcicle products are reviewed plenty on the company website, but we also looked at some external sources to get an accurate sense of the brand as a whole. Most customers seemed awed by the tumblers and canteens, receiving them as gifts from loved ones.

Many agree on the accessories being able to preserve drinks to an optimal temperature, and convenient mug sizes. But, a few negative reviewers point to poor customer service, leaking lids, and paint scratching off.

On, the brands Travel Coffee Mug is the most reviewed item, rated 5/5 stars out of 844 testimonials.

Customers frequently mention that thesize of the mug is perfect, and it keeps their coffee hot for hours. They also approve of the handle as well, deeming it comfortable.

First up, the Origins Canteen is rated 5/5 stars by 129 reviewers on the website. Customers mention that the shape is easy to hold on to, and that its great for a typical carry bag. One satisfied buyer wrote:

Love it! Its great for taking on a picnic, handing out in the backyard or bedside full of water. Dont have to worry about spilling anythingIts surprising that you can fit a full bottle of champagne in there. Trust us, it fits!

On Trustpilot, Corkcicle is rated with 3.5/5 stars overall, but with only 4 reviews. But, there are a couple of concerning reviews from customers around customer service and quality. A customer contacted twice but they ignored both emails.

Just One Glass Please

Extra Fine Glitter VS Glitter Spray Paint For A Glitter Wine Glass – Which Works Better?

Now, you wouldnt expect a glassware company to co-sign my approach, but Austrian crystal brand Gabriel-Glas is all about the one-for-all method. I spoke with Tempe Reichardt, CEO of Gabriel-Glas North America, who wholeheartedly agreed that the concept of selling varietal-specific glasses is an antiquated one. Life is simpler with a universal glass, she tells me, which is why her brand only offers one style of wine glass, available in two different quality levels . Instead of investing a ton of money in a broad selection of different glass styles, Reichardt recommends spending more on your wine collection. Of course, buying less things is, in general, also better for the environment.

I personally own both versions of the Gabriel-Glas all-purpose glass, and the Gold Edition is quite possibly the most exquisite vessel Ive ever sipped wine from. It is impossibly thin Reichardt says that lead-free crystal can be spun very finely, resulting in a finer lip than what regular glass can yield.

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How To Buy The Best Wine Glasses For You

Wine Enthusiast Contributing Travel Editor Lauren Mowery, a self-proclaimed glassware nerd, is actually a fan of stocking different glassware styles, but not in order to formulaically pair each style with its intended wine. Many varietal-specific glasses are much more versatile than they might let on, she says. I simply enjoy swapping out different glasses as a fun, affordable luxury cheaper than flying to France, Mowery says, sharing advice to anyone new to the glassware shopping game.

Don’t get bogged down in the crisp whites, bold reds, full-bodied whites, light-bodied reds glass distinctions that some lines like Riedel and NUDE have. Like a set of knives, you can get away with a few basics, she says.

Glass quality namely, the thinness of the lip and lightness of the wine glass is the most important factor to consider about your new wine glasses, says Mowery. Don’t mistake this trait for fragility, she advised. Many of the best glasses these days can bounce off the ground when dropped, like NUDE. But a razor-thin lip will change your mind forever on drinking out of clunky glasses.

With that in mind, Mowery and other experts recommended some of their favorite glasses to look out for while glassware shopping.

For each of our wines that we hold dear, we choose the perfect glass according to the style and the color of the wine, and the moment of consumption for which it is intended.

Gérard Bertrand, Winemaker

Can You Wash Your Wine Tumblers In A Dishwasher

Yes, wine tumblers are dishwasher-safe as long as they are made with durable materials such as stainless steel or hard plastic. You can wash a wine tumbler in the dishwasher together with its lid, but you need to clean its straw by hand.

After multiple washes in a dishwasher, you may find your wine tumblers insulation to be not as efficient. Some brands recommend hand washing them to preserve their coating or paints longer.

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What Is Corkcicles Return Policy

Corkcicle offers free returns within 30 days of purchase. All items must be in new, unused condition, and in their original packaging. The company does not offer exchanges.

To start a return:

  • Navigate to the Corkcicle Returns page
  • Key in your order number and zip code, and print out the prepaid shipping label
  • Bundle up your order in its original packaging, and attach the label to your order, with a copy of the initial receipt inside the box
  • Drop it off at any UPS Shipping Centre
  • Keep an eye on your email for a refund
  • The company asks that you allow up to 14 days for your return request to be processed.

    Best Set: Brmate Winesulator + Uncorkd Xl Wine Tumblers

    Dye Sublimation Blanks Wine Tumbler Double Wall 18/8 ...


    The bottle from this BrüMate set keeps wine at temperature for over 24 hours, so you can enjoy a chilled drink all day at the beach or park. The brand’s products feature a layer of copper for insulation, which has earned countless top ratings, along with the lifetime warranty. To use, transfer up to one full bottle of wine to the 25-ounce Winesulator at your desired temperature and take it to wherever you’re headed . There is also a personalized version of this set available.

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