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Where To Buy Wine Crates

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We Pick Up Pack And Ship Wines

D.I.Y. You can build these cool wooden wine crates. Make money selling this real wood craft project.

For two decades, Cartons and Crates has been Napa Valley and Sonomas Shipper of Choice. We pick up wine in commercial or temperature-controlled vehicles bring the wine shipment to our 10,500 square foot fulfillment facility, securely pack the wine in specially designed wine shippers, and safely ship your product. This Direct to Consumer Service can take the burden off your internal business process, increase your efficiency, reduce labor costs and increase your return on investment. By shipping your wine through us, you can focus on what you do best, making and selling wine. Our team will take over for you in the shipping department and handle all your wine shipments. Its what we do best! Shipping with Cartons and Crates is a good investment and a good business decision.

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Our Wine Shipping Boxes Are The Best In The Industry

We were the first, we are the best, and we have the only wine shipping boxes you need.

Here at the Spirited Shipper, weve always had the best product and always will. For more than 32 years, our products have been the highest-quality and most reliable wine shipping boxes on the market. We have served thousands of wine and spirit makers, sellers, and lovers across the country. Spirited Shipper designed the first cardboard shipping containers with glass bottles in mind. As a result, weve been leading the wine shipping industry ever since. Let us meet your wine shipping needs.

Servicing North American Vintners

Old world boxes made with modern day craftsmanship. Quintessential Canada offers a sophisticated collection of wine box styles which are crafted exclusively using box joint construction. We invite you to explore why our wine boxes are the Quintessential choice to partner with your good taste.

For several years Quintessential Canada has provided us with customized wood boxes for our wine products. The quality of their product is excellent but more importantly, it enhances the presentation of our products and makes our customers feel that we care enough to provide the best. A special thanks to Dan OShea and his staff for their ongoing commitment to AboutFace. Anna Pileggi AboutFace International

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Boxes For Wine Bottle Shipping

Keep your bottles of wine safe with our durable shippers specialized for wine transport.

Corrugated Bottle Carriers

The only shipping method for wine is with refrigerated trucks. Our boxes are double walled and of uniform size, making them the perfect carriers for your delicate wines.

  • Safely transport 1 to 12 bottles of wine
  • Boxes come with large hand holes, so they are easy to carry.
  • Boxes ship flat, saving shipping cost and storage space.
  • Grooved inserts accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.
  • Extra cushioning and protection.
  • Lightweight and tough, our wine shipping boxes are environmentally safe, and fully recyclable.

Choose your box:

  • Capacity 12 x 750ML Bottles
  • Capacity 12 x 1.0L Bottles
  • Capacity is 6 x 1.5 L Magnum Bottles
Large Format available

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List Of Possible Sources Of Cheap Wood Crates & Wine Crates

Wood Wine Crates from Various Wineries
  • Craigslist :
  • be prepared to pounce as free crates & pallets go quickly
  • Sellers wont typically hold free items
  • Phone community sales apps may have free stuff:
  • Offerup
  • Varage sale
  • Liquor stores but think smaller, mom & pop places first
  • Wineries & Vineyards -dont be afraid to ask for damaged ones, you can piece them together
  • Gift shops
  • Grocery stores, especially those with a liquor department
  • Construction sites
  • Hardware stores & home improvement stores, dont forget smaller, mom & pop places first!
  • Motorcycle dealerships
  • Glass companies
  • Garden stores & nurseries
  • Pet supply stores
  • Look at all those small shops around you that receive in a lot of breakables. Some shipped in crates
  • Costco & Sams Club both receive a substantial amount of wine and high-end liquors
  • This shipping crate is listed for free on a southern California craigslist search. It holds helicopter parts, but look at the cool stamps and labels that could be incorporated into a bitchin man cave!

    This oversized wooden crate is for sale on a southern California Offerup search. It sells for 10 dollars. That is a coffee table or bookshelf in the making!

    If you have a favorite adult beverage, chances are youll find a corresponding shipping crate on Etsy.

    Find vintage vineyard crates on Etsy.

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    Where Can I Buy Wooden Wine Crates

    4.7/5If you can’t find free wood crates & wine crates, you can buy them for a few dollars each

    • Hobby Lobby has a variety of wooden crates beginning at $8.
    • Home Depot has a variety of wood crates ranging from $9.
    • Lowe’s has several wood crates, and the price starts at $13.
    • Michael’s has several wood crates beginning at $6.

    Shop or, both of which sell wine crates for storage, as well as for the label on the box. Search often. If you’re really desperate, we have written before about the IVAR box at IKEA.

    One may also ask, does Home Depot sell wooden crates? Wooden Crates – $10 – $20 – The Home Depot. To see what’s in stock near you, please enter you zip code or local store number.

    Beside this, where can I get free wooden crates?

    Short Answer: You can find free wooden crates and pallets at many local grocery stores, hardware stores, garden centers, and other small businesses if you simply ask. Some businesses may charge a small fee for used crates and pallets for example, one Ace Hardware store we spoke with charged $1 per pallet.

    What type of wood is used for wine boxes?

    Wooden wine boxes come with various options in terms of the type of wood used to make the box. This means, depending on your price range, you are able to buy boxes made out of cedar, pine, maple, or oak.

    Here are ten sources for free, clean pallets:

  • Bars and craft beer locations.
  • Pet food stores.
  • Does Home Depot Sell Pallets

    Home Depot doespalletsHome Depot doespalletspalletsHome Depot

    Rocky Shalimo

  • Prepare Your Space. Start by laying down drop cloths and preparing the area.
  • Sand and Clean the Piece. Sand the surface of the piece.
  • Paint the Piece.
  • Apply Wax and Top Layer of Paint
  • Distress the Piece with Sandpaper and Steel Wool.
  • Apply a Stain
  • Protect the Finished Piece with Polyurethane.
  • Saif Hoppenrath

    Crates andWood CrateWalmartcom


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    Why Wine Crates Aren’t Free

    First the challenge….The reasons:FactThings wine store owners say when asked for free wine crates:

    • Wineries stopped making wooden crates and boxes. Everythings in cardboard now
    • We use the crates for display
    • Let me check in the back.Sorry, we dont have any
    • We dont. Check back in a few months
    • 40% are unusable and need to be re-purposed altogether
    • 40% are in decent condition but need a lot of repair
    • 15% are in good shape but need some repair
    • 5% are in excellent condition and need little repair

    Case in pointThe solution:

    Where To Find Wine Crates

    How to Turn a Wine Crate into a Planter

    Wooden wine crates are a stylish accessory for any modern home. Check our guide on where to find wine crates for free, or for a low cost.

    If you usually spend more time contemplating the contents of wine crates than looking at the exterior, youre not on your own.

    It may therefore come as somewhat of a surprise to discover theres a huge market for wine crates as a type of urban decoration.

    Vintage crates in particular are typically highly decorative and offer an interesting option for upcycling.

    These wooden crates can be used for all kinds of purposes in the home but tracking them down isnt as simple as you might imagine.

    Here are a few ideas about how to be a wine crate detective – and what you can do if you really cant find any.

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    About Our Shipping Boxes

    • Our original and patented wine, beer and spirits shipping boxes are UPS and FedEx tested and approved.
    • An independent, outside laboratory tests and certifies them to ensure that we supply consistent, reliable, durable and safe packaging materials.
    • The Spirited ShipperTM is manufactured in the US to meet and exceed the ISTA 3A standards required by UPS and FedEx.
    • The Spirited ShipperTM is tough: drop, crush, shake and exposure to humidity are just some of the tests performed.
    • ISTA, the International Safe Transit Association, has a fact sheet detailing all requirements and testing procedures for Series 3A.

    Wooden Wine Boxes & Wine Crates

    We are all about wine crates!From the original wine crates to the personalized wooden wine boxes we will share our knowledge of wine crates with you. The variety of topics we will discuss: wine-themed interior decorating ideas, unique wine accents for the home, wine storage options, wine paneling for wine cellars, enhancing your corporate brand with personalized wine boxes and much more!

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    Who Should Buy It

    The Storvino Bottle Storage System is the best wine crate for those looking for a robust, quality product that can store many bottles. It can also be used as storage for other items such as home decorations. In addition, a wine-loving person in your life will greatly appreciate receiving this as a gift.

    Wine Of The Month Club

    The Green Bungalow: DIY Wine Crate Baskets

    Delivering wine since 1972, Wine of the Month Club is one of the originals, a tried and true platform with a variety of subscription options and spanning the worlds great wine regions. This club is ideal for the casual wine drinker interested in getting to know wines approachably.

    Choose from two-bottle options, large-format boxes, mystery selections and more: Two-bottle deliveries start at approximately $38 and go up to $95, and the larger offerings begin at $98 and go up from there. One of the benefits of this club is its guarantee: If you dont like one of the bottles youve received, theyll send you something new, no questions asked. You can also shop plenty of peripherals and wines outside of membership options. Each order comes with a breadth of information from second-generation owner Paul Kalemkiarian, who says that he personally tastes every single wine offered across the site.

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    If You Cant Find Free Wood Crates & Wine Crates You Can Buy Them For A Few Dollars Each

    Cant find free wood crates or wine crates? Watch for bargains and check sites frequently, you could find some cheap wood crates on those sites. If you want ornate crates or panels, youll pay a premium. Used and upcycling stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. Were you aware that Goodwill has an online bidding site?

    Swap meets flea markets & garage/yard sales. Ikea has wooden fruit & wine baskets starting at $10.

    Hobby Lobby has a variety of wooden crates beginning at $8.

    • has a broad array of containers
    • has a vast assortment of crates in many styles/colors/sizes for your home
    • Offerup search for items you want on the go.
    • Letgo search for items you want on the go.

    If you have other sources for free wood crates or wine crates, please let us know! Are you searching for raw wood pallets for your next DIY project? Do not hesitate to check our classified ads section where you can find some free pallets in your area! More tips on where to find pallets for sale?

    Why We Think Its Great

    This wine crate is the best overall due to its multiple benefits and positive reviews. It is sturdy and impervious to humid conditions. You can even travel with more wine by stacking the crates, saving you space in your vehicle.

    Storvino is also helping the environment by recycling used HDPE to create this wine storage system. Another excellent thing about this product is its 10-year warranty.

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    Buy Wine & Spirits Online In Canada

    My Wine Canada is an online wine and spirits store that enables Canadian consumers to shop for and buy products online from Canadas top wineries and distilleries. This means you get to learn about and buy the very best Canadian wine and spirits online, anytime, without going anywhere. Our process is very simple: just pick it, ship it and sip it.

    Delivery Notice: All orders are shipped directly to you from each participating producer by their preferred carrier. Many of our BC winery partners use a courier to ship to you and these couriers will make contactless delivery to your door. In cases where Canada Post is the preferred carrier, please note that Canada Post is safely resuming door delivery to homes with their own outdoor entrance and a verbal signature will be captured. For deliveries to apartments, condos and businesses with a common entrance, Canada Post is delivering all packages to the nearest Canada Post outlet and you will be notified where to pick up your order. For more information, please visit the Product Delivery page. To inquire about delivery options, please email us at or call us toll-free at 1 236-5036 and we will be happy to help you.

    Pay For A Courier To Ship Your Bottles

    How to Buy Wine Online

    If you are risk averse and looking for a full-service shipping option, several couriers exist that will handle all of the logistics of mailing bottles to your home address.

    These services will handle all of the logistics from packaging, insurance, to arranging to ship in temperature controlled vehicles from FedEx / UPS as needed, but naturally comes at a cost.

    It is hard for us to say what shipping rates are as it will vary considerably based on the number of bottles, your shipping choices, destination, and insurance options. Generally, you should expect a full case to run between $50-$150 as a reasonable estimate. It is also worth noting that not all states allow mail deliveries of alcohol, so you should confirm this for your own state prior to traveling .

    Some options for shipping include Crown Wine Shipping and Rabbit Hole Post in Santa Rosa. These would also be places we would consider checking for wine shippers if you cannot find any at a vineyard however, availability is questionable and we recommend calling in advance to confirm availability.

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    Dont Forget Your Labeling

    Its also important to remember to label your wine properly. One of the simplest but most important tips that some shippers forget? Use Fragile labels on your wine to ensure that handlers know to treat it with extra care, temperature labels to indicate whether it needs to be refrigerated or directional labels to show the correct way to store it. Meanwhile, many carriers, such as UPS, require a special label to be affixed to any package containing alcoholic beverages.

    Its easier than ever to enjoy and sell an amazing variety of wines from around the U.S. and the worldbut you have to know how to ship them properly to preserve their integrity and character. To find out more about our wine shipping options, call Air Sea Containers at 596-9448 or contact us online for a free quote.

    Wine Shipping Options When Visiting Napa And Sonoma

    Disclaimers: We use demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links to operate this site. Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information. This website is intended for those of legal drinking age in your jurisdiction.

    During our trip to California, we made it our mission to visit a number of wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley. Naturally, this led us to purchase many bottles and a need to figure out how to get them safely to our home on the east coast. As information for this is rather limited, we thought it would be helpful to publish a detailed guide for wine shipping options for your visit!

    Based on our experiences, there are five popular ways to ship wine from Sonoma and Napa wineries in order to enjoy some delicious bottles at home. But, as with all things with moving bottles of wine, there are some risks and costs involved.

    As such, the following is organized from cheapest / most risky to most expensive / least risky as you proceed down. This assessment is based on our experience only.

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    What Types Of Wine Shipping Boxes And Supplies Do We Offer

    It might be faster to ask what we dont offer.

    Wine carriers, wooden wine boxes, gift bags, and our signature corrugated shipping boxes are just a few of the products we sell.

    Spirited Shipper has the largest selection of wine and spirit shipping boxes in the shipping industry. So whatever your needs are, youll find what youre looking for here. We manufacture and carry 750ml and liter bottle shippers for anywhere from one to twelve bottles, magnum shippers for 1 to 6 bottles, and 375 ml bottle and beer bottle shippers for 1 to 8 bottles.

    Our patented wine shipping boxes are utilized for olive oil, coffee and other beverages, decorative bottles, and more. In short, anything fragile or glass. What will you ship first?

    And dont forget to have your boxes customized using our in-house screen-printing services. More than just a fun way to spice up a delivery to a friend, this optional feature adds value to whatever youre shipping. Imprint your packaging with a custom logo or company name to impress clients and close deals. The applications for this are virtually endless. Wineries and corporate gifting programs often take advantage of this add-on.

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